RS: Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

Surprise wasn’t sufficient to express the feelings of the An Li crew.

From Director Xu and Xiao Biqing to the make up assistants and logistics staff. When they saw the tall and handsome man next to Ming Yu, everyone’s chins dropped as their mouths opened in horror.

Perhaps only Fang Liangxiu and a certain informant weren’t surprised when they saw Xi Ze. After all, they knew that Xi Ze had been secretly watching all of Ming Yu’s movements and interpreted this as:

The body is working (Ji and Ya) while the heart was elsewhere (An Li).

Of course, Xi Ze wasn’t exaggerating. He really clung to Ming Xiaoyu and didn’t give him freedom. Most of the time, he only talked to Ming Yu. Once the latter was shooting, he communicated with Fang Liangxiu and sometimes left the crew to deal with his own business.

Director Xu and some cast members kenw that Xi Ze once went to explore Ming Yu’s work site for three days.

This incident had sparked a heated debate among people in the industry a year ago. However, Xi Ze didn’t make any other moves and they thought that Xi Ze might’ve just done it on a whim, feeling that this small model had good talent.

Why did Xi Ze stop looking at Ming Yu? They thought, ‘Talented new people emerge every year but how many become successful and climb to the top? Perhaps Xi Ze observed and found that Ming Yu wasn’t the right person and gave up. There are many reasons.’

However, they didn’t know that Xi Ze hadn’t given up on Ming Xiaoyu. It was that Ming Xiaoyu firmly refused him!

Some people were very curious about the relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze, such as the second female Wang Yueyao.

Once she saw that Xi Ze gave Ming Yu a bottle of water after a scene, her curiosity and instinct for gossip rose to the peak. In the end, Wang Yueyao could only look at Ming Xiaoyu and Xi Ze with a gaze of ‘I don’t exist and I’m not looking at you.’

Ming Yu was accustomed to the attention of others but Wang Yueyao’s eyes were really too sharp. After a filming section, Ming Yu helplessly sighed and said with a smile, “Sister Yao, if you have something to say then say it directly.”

Wang Yueyao unexpectedly didn’t say anything. She just waved her hand and replied, “It is nothing. I was just thinking that you have a good relationship with Mr. Xi. I once met Mr. Xi at a party. At the time, I thought he was very good but didn’t seem to get along with anyone. But in the past few days, I think that Mr. Xi is quite good.”

It really was the case! At the beginning, the majority of the An Li crew members were awkward when interacting with Xi Ze.

Xi Ze was different from Fang Liangxiu and Xiao Biqing. Setting aside his identity as a supermodel, Xi Ze was also a majority shareholder in Muse and Ji and Ya, as well as having a good relationship with the president of CX Entertainment. This feeling was similar to going on an outing with coworkers only for the leader to suddenly come for an inspection, or chatting with some friends only for your mother to come over and listen…

Anyway, it was really uncomfortable.

Moreover, many people felt that a person like Xi Ze was very difficult to get along with. This wasn’t because they understood Xi Ze. It was because Xi Ze’s aura was too strong and his temperament very cold. He gave off an impression of an ‘unapproachable person.’

This feeling was normal, just as many cast members thought that Ming Xiaoyu was easy to get along with when they saw him. Most models and celebrities had outstanding looks, but the former had a type of calm temperament that was often more prominent.

Many cast members couldn’t help liking Ming Xiaoyu after getting to know him.

In Zhao Rui’s words, “Your sister skills are becoming more advanced every day! (╬▔皿▔)”

Therefore, the first impression wasn’t necessarily accurate. After getting to know each other, the cast of An Li found that while Xi Ze might not be a person easy to communicate with, he was definitely qualified to be a gentleman.  He was always polite and courteous, regardless of whether the person was the director, screenwriter or cleaner. His attitude was appropriate and he never made anyone feel inferior. He also took the person seriously.

Once Wang Yueyao learned of the true relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze in the future, she would be so astonished that her eyeballs bugged out. Did Wang Yueyao think that Ming Yu and Xi Ze were lovers and she didn’t dare ask Ming Yu?


Wang Yueyao never thought in this direction. She always believed that in the fashion or entertainment industry, normal homos*xual people would show obvious closeness. The two of them were so close that they wore a sign ‘we don’t have a normal relationship’ above their heads. How could they be a couple?

Xi Ze stayed with the An Li crew for three or four days. He would occasionally go out to deal with his own work. He usually only spent half days with the crew and took care of Ming Xiaoyu under the guise of being a friend.

During this period of time when Ming Yu wasn’t present, most of the plot of An Li had been filmed.

Li Ninghan and An Yucheng experienced several disturbances and finally arrived at the Extreme Fire Palace. They only needed to go up the mountain to find the villainous Bai Xiu and discuss with him. However, An Yucheng suddenly disappeared at this time, making everyone very alarmed.

The crew deliberately chose a beautiful place in Y Province to film the scenes of the Extreme Fire Palace.

Clear and transparent lake water slowly flowed down the flat slope. There was the clear sound of water and blue waves. The bright sun shone through the thin clouds and reflected the light, like the sparkles of diamonds.

The mountains were beautiful and the trees were green.

This type of place didn’t match the name of Extreme Fire Palace. However, the Extreme Fire Palace was precisely situated in such a beautiful place.

The closer they got to the Extreme Fire Palace, the colder Li Ninghan felt. At this time, An Yucheng unexpectedly disappeared. Everything was lost in mystery. It was as if a heavenly net was open in front of them, just waiting for them to enter.

Since the name of this movie was ‘An Li’, the protagonist couldn’t just be the heroine.

An Yucheng was the best person in the martial arts world. How could he acquire such superb martial arts as an orphan? Why did he coincidentally meet the heroine when she descended the mountain and ended up helping her?

An Yucheng’s master was called Bai Xiu.

The genius who shocked the martial arts world more than 20 years ago had only one disciple in his life.

In the end, the cold and covered with bruises Li Ninghan slowly climbed the 999 steps to the Extreme Fire Palace. There, she saw the lover that she had been looking for so desperately for over a month. She saw An Yucheng wearing a dark robe and sitting in the main hall, looking at her coldly.

An Yucheng asked her, “Who are you looking for?”

Li Ninghan spoke coldly. “I came to the Extreme Fire Palace to find its master, Bai Xiu.”

An Yucheng asked again, “Are you looking for the master of the Extreme Fire Palace or Bai Xiu?”

Li Ninghan was shocked and finally murmured, “An Yucheng, you are the master of the Extreme Fire Palace.”

The truth was finally exposed to the world.

Everyone knew that over 20 years ago, Bai Xiu suddenly created the Extreme Fire Palace. Some people suspected that it was he who killed his own master and fellow disciples. This type of nonsense naturally wasn’t believed by everyone. However, Bai Xiu didn’t refute it.

He didn’t refute a single word and lived alone in the Fire Palace. Since the night of a full moon 20 years ago, no one in the martial arts world saw Bai Xiu or An Yucheng.

Li Ninghan suddenly remembered the people she had encountered on the way here. They never mentioned the name Bai Xiu but they talked about a senior who had taken care of them 20 years ago. The name of this senior wasn’t mentioned but he liked wearing white clothing, just like An Yucheng.

What was the truth about what happened 20 years ago?

Li Ninghan was pressed step by step by An Yucheng to the edge of a cliff and hesitated.

In her mother’s diary, it was written that Bai Xiu always liked wearing red clothes. His beauty was beyond any females but he was extremely vicious and had no compassion.

However, An Yucheng spoke differently. The best martial artist she ever met spoke about a young and chivalrous man who liked wearing white clothes. He might be slightly biased in his dealings with others but he had a very good heart and helped a lot of people.

Such a person, even though he didn’t refute the rumour that ‘Bai Xiu destroyed his school,’ no one in the martial arts world believed he would do such a thing. Therefore, the Fire Palace could safely develop to its present state and became a big force.

An Yucheng sat in the high seat with a cold expression. “Do you know why my master hasn’t stepped outside in 20 years?”

Li Ninghan gritted her teeth and cried out, “Let Bai Xiu out. Let him out so I can confront him!”

An Yucheng sneered. “Let Bai Xiu come out? You want to confront him? Dead, Bai Xiu is dead! My master passed away 20 years ago! How can I give him to you?”

Li Ninghan’s body became cold and she could barely stand up.

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4 years ago

Oh wow. And it’s amazing that MY can now portray these emotions well. Thanks so much for the multiple releases!

4 years ago

This plot twist!

4 years ago

I didn’t expect that the film would have an end like this.
Thank you!

4 years ago

dammit! i really want this movie! it’s so good!! wow, can you imagine if they had discarded BX’s character? that would be devastating
the gradual nightmares and alluding to false antagonist is awesome!!!
how did the diary say that he’s heartless? were there conflict between the disciples? or someone else’s plot? I like An YC now simply because he’s a fiery disciple os BX~~ heheh

4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

2 years ago

yo… the way i gasped when the identity of an yucheng was revealed

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