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Chapter 215

The capital’s sky in June didn’t have any of the yellow sand. It was a rare good weather. In the evening, the sky was red and purple, filled with fiery clouds.

When Xi Ze suddenly kissed him, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t stop it but he also knew there were paparazzi closely watching them. Since the relationship between the two of them were exposed, Ming Yu had reporters stalking him everyone, even when he was on break.

This type of material, it wasn’t a big deal if the reporters exposed it. At most, they were just showing love in another place. In any case, they were feeling good and wouldn’t give the reporters the explosive news they wanted.

However, it was a bit uncomfortable to have reporters staring, Therefore, Xi Ze first drove the car and left the parking lot. After turning down a few streets, he lost the paparazzi following them.

“I have spent half a month filming so I haven’t paid attention to the rankings.” Ming Yu leaned against the window, feeling the cool evening breeze that blew through the gap. “However, I can guess the result of the rankings without you saying anything.”

“What can you guess?”

“I guess that I’m not first.”

Ming Yu said this in a quick and straightforward manner. Xi Ze didn’t show much reaction, instead nodding very seriously. “Yes, the first is your husband.”

Ming Xiaoyu was already completely immune to this type of flirting. He just licked his lips and said, “You are so bad. Who is it that is flirting every day on Weibo? I want to break his legs.”

Who wouldn’t turn it s*xual? Mr. Xi smiled calmly and said, “Which leg of mine do you want to touch?”

The still slightly thin-skinned Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

The two people flirted for a bit. Xi Ze wanted to play around with his mushroom and asked Ming Yu to guess the rankings. However, Mushroom was too lazy to care about this boring person and directly opened his phone to look at the World Supermodels Organization’s website.

【 QAQ why do I always feel so unreal in recent months? 】

【 Ahhh, my Ming Xiaoyu is really amazing! I want to marry Ming Xiaoyu! 】

【 My son is really great! I thought I was wrong when I opened the rankings but he really is second place! He suppressed Kelson and is only behind God Xi! Well… God Xi is still hanging on, let’s ignore him ╮(╯_╰)╭ Ming Xiaoyu is really amazing ahhhh!! 】

Second place.

This was the fourth time MIng Yu appeared on the world supermodel rankings. Yet he directly rose to second place at the speed of light.

Before the rankings were released, most people considered the box office results of An Li, the high-profile shows that Ming Yu participated in recently, the magazine shoots and the sale volumes of Yizhi. Then they all thought:

Ming Yu will probably improve.

But the meaning of the word ‘improve’ was too broad. Rising two steps was also improving, rising three steps was improving and suddenly reaching the first in the world… well, it was unlikely but it was also called improving!

Many people thought that Luo Cheng had long been surpassed. The value of a Rosalind spokesperson was higher than that of Yizhi, but Luo Cheng didn’t have a movie that made 20 billion at the box office. By the way, the box office was still increasing.

Even so, they only guessed that Ming Yu would probably advance to third in the world.

There were even some fashion critics who wrote on their Twitter and Weibo: 【 Ming Xiaoyu is the most popular newcomer in recent years. The speed of his progress is quite fast. However, it is impossible for him to be in the top three in the world in just a year with a non-top brand. This is the gap of birth. If he wants to surpass this, he has to wait another year! 】 These people were mercilessly hit in the face by the list that the World Supermodels Organization released today~

In fact, there were a lot of these types of people. Many people might’ve joined Ming Yu’s fan circle but the number of sunspots also multiplied.

Huaxia had an old saying: Mediocrity won’t invoke jealousy.

Ming Yu’s progress was so fast that wouldn’t the fans of other supermodels be jealous? After all, not everyone was so big. They saw that a newcomer was rising about their god at the speed of light, causing some of the brainless fans to be jealous.

Once these people were put together, their number was simply too much!

Let’s talk about the five supermodels who became supermodels at the same time as Ming Yu. Andrew Wallen was already rejected by the world. In some forums that advocated for democracy, equality and anti-racism, Andrew Wallen’s name would occasionally appear.

There was no need to mention Cheng Su. This guy had a relationship with drugs and even suppressed so many small stars and models. Forget the global fashion enthusiasts, even the Huaxia people were ashamed to mention him.

As for the two other supermodels apart from Ming Yu, the male model hadn’t done much and hadn’t appeared on the world supermodels list for a year. The possibility of him appearing on the list in the future was very low. The other female supermodel appeared on the rankings six months ago and was now ranked 87th on the female list. The gap with Ming Yu was really too big.

In this circle, strength and opportunities couldn’t be missed. In many cases, opportunities were often linked to personal attitudes, social conversations and performance. Therefore, people said that opportunities were also a sign of strength.

It was because strength would give better opportunities.

Under the combined effect of the two, the 19 year old Ming Yu became the second ranked male supermodel in the world.

【 I used to think that this Huaxia model is so popular right now but how much strength can he have? But I watched the high-end Yizhi show today. It was really beautiful! Out of the 40 models at this high-end show, I remember this Ming Yu the most! 】

【 When my friend recommended this high-end show to me, she made me guess who Ming Yu was. I don’t pay much attention to Huaxia brands so I didn’t know that Ming Yu was the finale model. Then I saw it and my friend asked me who performed best and who Ming Yu was. The result really made me surprised! Ming Yu is absolutely at a level to get the second place! 】

【 I recently found a lot of resources related to Ming Yu. IN particular, I went to see the movie An Li today and found that Huaxia culture is really too beautiful. Their type of “chivalrous” spirit is something I have never seen before. I couldn’t understand some complicated words but their music is good. Finally, I was going to cry when Ming Yu wore white clothes. 】

【 I cried too! What is West Lake QAQ? It seems to be a famous place in Huaxia? I must go to see it this year! Go to West Lake to see the moon! 】

【 I’m going to see the moon as well! 】

【 Add me! 】


Once he had the strength and achievements to shut everyone up, the sunspots could only be made out of nothing. This meant that Ming Yu’s roots couldn’t be shaken.

After the release of the world supermodel rankings, a reporter from Huaxia Fashion Daily interviewed a member of Garcia who was also part of the World Supermodels Organization and asked why the rankings were released 10 days after the supposed date.

The member said very generously, “There is no reason. We were just hesitating about Ming Yu’s rank. According to our usual points calculation method, there wasn’t much difference between the scores of Ming Yu and Kelson. However, a popular movie like An Li hasn’t appeared in the fashion industry before and there were some differences of opinion. That’s why we published the results nine days late.”

The reporter heard the words and felt that he had grabbed big news. He asked, “Several times before, the World Supermodels Organization also postponed the release of the rankings. I don’t know if it is because…”

“Yes, it’s basically because of Ming Yu.” The member smiled and spoke helplessly, “HIs progress is too fast and his origin isn’t a luxury brand. Therefore, it was very difficult for us when he first appeared on the rankings.  But the level of the present Ming Yu is still a lot worse than Xi Ze.”

Where was the big news?

This was headline news!

The next day, Huaxia Fashion Daily quickly released the news and wrote:

[Collision between the first in the world and the strongest newcomer! Will he choose love or choose his career?] In the article, the reporter wrote the words of the World Supermodels Organization member. Fans had long expected it but after seeing the news that Ming Yu continuously caused the postponement of the rankings, they couldn’t help but feel: 【 This is using a person. The world supermodel rankings should do the right thing! Then after copying the interview, the article continued by saying, “After Xi Ze and Ming Yu announced their relationship, the photos that some people took show that their feelings are very good. Now the two people are at the top of the rankings. Will Xi Ze choose love or his career? Will Ming Yu choose love or his career?”

Xi Ze and Ming Xiaoyu’s fans said in unison:

【 Don’t you see that a certain man has already chosen his career!  ̄︿ ̄### 】 At the beginning of July 2018, several first-tier fashion brands held fashion show, making it the prelude to Huaxia Fashion Week. At the same time, Ji and Ya held a high-end menswear show after two years and the man who chose his career was personally acting as the finale model in the fashion show.

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Aerilistarylia Sae
Aerilistarylia Sae
4 years ago

Hmph, if Ming Yu ever asked Xi Ze to step down from being the first he will gladly do so. But he won’t and always welcomed challenges so this pair of husband’s gonna collide for the 1st place for quite a while.
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Ahhhh finally I’ll see my ship on the same runway!!!! Been waiting for this!
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shit the sudden realisation of the fact that we are close to the end hit me hard. QAQ gonna miss this.
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter! Thank you for the hard word ^_^

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Xize knew that his wifey wouldn’t want it if he handed his position that easily…
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Mike pergel
Mike pergel
4 years ago

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Idle Bones
Idle Bones
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Why are you questioning love and career? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
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> [His] progress is too fast and his origin isn’t a luxury brand.

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