RS: Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

The two parties were blocking the front door.

One side was still swearing while the other side fought back angrily. However, both sides paused at the suddenly question and couldn’t help turning their heads.

The fat man was the first to respond when he saw the man. He originally wanted to curse and say, “Blocking, what blocking? Don’t you know about detours?” However, all the anger magically disappeared from his face as he discovered the other person’s identity. He smiled and spoke with pleasant surprise, “Sir! You are really here!”

Xi Ze was wearing a monochrome black coat with a classy cut and simple design. He looked down at Wang Zhu, not seeming to perceive the other person’s attentions as he asked bluntly, “Did you want something?”

Wang Zhu didn’t give up at such at cold attitude. He stuck at it. “Sir, last month I spoke to your agent. Do you remember?”

In this industry, Wang Zhu was indeed a well-known photographer and he often worked for first-tier magazines. He was a veteran compared to Brother Luo and had more seniority, but there were more than 100 photographers like him in the industry, more if they looked globally.

Xi Ze heard Wang Zhu’s words and glanced at him, before turning to look at his agent. “He called you before?”

The gentle man wearing glasses carefully thought for a moment before asking, “You are… Wang Zhu?”

Wang Zhu immediately nodded excitedly, “Yes yes, I am Wang Zhu. Previous, Mr. Wei introduced us but our exchange last time didn’t seem that good. I heard that Mr. Xi would be at Ruoshang today and specifically came here to meet you…”

Wang Zhu’s voice faded as Xi Ze stared at him with extremely cold eyes, as if he was looking into Wang Zhu’s bones. Wang Zhu’s heart couldn’t help feeling cold. The next second, he could only listen as Xi Ze spoke coldly. “Mr. Wang. I have no interest in the unspoken rules.”

Xi Ze deliberately placed emphasis on ‘unspoken rules,’ causing everyone present to freeze in place.

Apart from Ding Bo, Xi Ze’s agent who was laughing, Wang Zhu, Wu Yuzhen, Liu Qian, Zhu Wei, Brother Luo… they couldn’t quite understand what Xi Ze meant. Only Ming Yu’s lips curved quietly as his eyes moved between Xi Ze and Wang Zhu several times.

Xi Ze looked up at him, as if he seemed to be aware of Ming Yu’s gaze. Ming Yu coughed lightly and withdrew his ggaze.

After a long time, Wang Zhu recovered and said with slight difficulty, “I just want to talk to you about cooperating next quarter. I don’t know what you mean…”

Xi Ze replied calmly, “I meant it literally.”

Wang Zhu: “…”

After a while, as if feeling everyone’s eys focused on him, Wang Zhu turned red and couldn’t help speaking again, “If it is the unspoken rules, I…”

“Wait a minute,” Ding Bo suddenly laughed and interrupted. “Mr. Wang, didn’t he just say that he didn’t want the unspoken rules with you?” Ding Bo saw Wang Zhu’s grim expression, so he smiled and explained. “Didn’t you previously shout that as long as they followed the unspoken rules, you would give opportunities to these youths? It came from your own mouth that unspoken rules are mutual benefits!”

The other confused people finally realized the meaning of the horrifying words.

Wang Zhu had tried to flirt and once he was pulled away, he had started shouting. There was no need to mention all the filthy words, but he had definitely emphasized, “Small models like you. As long you follow me and let me eat your delicious food, there will be mutual benefits!”

Wang Zhu paled as he thought of this. A trace of a sneer appeared on Ding Bo’s face, but he pretended to speak in a good manner. “Mr. Wang, should I help you talk with Xi Ze?  Your photographer standards are quiete good and you can take photos. Cooperation is possible…”

“No cooperation.”

The man’s indifferent voice interrupted Ding Bo. Under the moonlight, Xi Ze’s face seemed to glow as he looked at Wang Zhu with dislike. “He is too ugly, I won’t do the unspoken rules with him.”

Ming Yu, “…”

Ding Bo, “…”

Everyone, “…”

Then he would really do the unspoken rules if Wang Zhu looked good? Pay attention to your image! There is a crowd!!

Xi Ze naturally ignored the public’s sentiments. After dropping these words, he didn’t look at the red and ashamed Wang Zhu.

If the person wasn’t in front of him wasn’t Xi Ze, Wang Zhu would certainly rush forward and use force to let the other person know who was ‘too ugly.’

However, this person was Xi Ze.

Wang Zhu could easily use his name to oppress Ming Yu’s group and humiliate them. But now that he was being humiliated, he couldn’t move. Xi Ze just needed to stand there and it was enough to make Wang Zhu afraid to speak.

He wanted to pressure others? Then prepare to be suppressed! This was returning evil with evil, a tooth for a tooth.

Wang Zhu didn’t dare say a word despite being shamed like this. He just obediently moved to the side. His fat pig face was so lowered, as if he was trying to fit into his clothing.

Xi Ze chose to walk in front of him, too lazy to even give Wang Zhu any more attention. He only paused slightly when passing by Ming Yu, turning to look at him and gently nodded. Then he left before anyone could react.

Ding Bo was walking past Wang Zhu when he suddenly stopped and whispered, “We will never cooperate with those who think about the unspoken rules. Mr. Wang, do you understand?”
Then he left.

The two people came silently and left too fast, leaving behind the ashamed Wang Zhu, the confused people and the thoughtful Ming Yu.

It was already like this and Wang Zhu didn’t dare say anything more. He grabbed his people and hurried away. Zhu Wei looked resentfully at Wang Zhu’s back, heart filled with hate. Ming Yu had kept a distance from Wang Zhu, so the paparazzi couldn’t take any useful photos! This opportunity had been destroyed!

In addition to Zhu Wei, the others talked about the shameless Wang Zhu as they walked towards the parking lot. While they were walking, Ming Yu gradually slowed down until he was walking beside Zhu Wei at the rear of the group.

“Zhu Wei.”

Zhu Wei was surprised as he suddenly heard his name. He lifted his gaze to see the deep and clear eyes. Somehow, his heart jumped and Zhu Wei got a bad feeling.

The delicate young man’s eyes curved as he spoke in a mild tone. “I have a joke. There was a butcher who killed someone in the middle of the night and he thought he would blame it on his neighbour. So, he moved the body to the yard next door. But the conclusion of the autopsy was ‘The butcher killed him!’  This butcher is clearly stupid. There were so many gaps that exposed his sin. He didn’t think about protecting himself but wanted to frame others?”

Zhu Wei’s face paled and he didn’t know how to answer.

Ming Yu continued as if he didn’t see Zhu Wei’s gloomy face. “It isn’t easy to live in this circle. There are many bright and beautiful people hovering on the line. I have seen many things and don’t want want to expose some of the methods of abuse. My guideline is that as long as you don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.” Ming Yu paused and his smile became more brilliant. “What do you think, Zhu Wei?”

Zhu Wei nodded and stammered, “Ah, ah…”

“Cherish what you have at the moment.”

With this remark, Ming Yu sped up until he was next to Zhao Rui, leaving behind the pale Zhu Wei.

Zhu Wei looked at Ming Yu, who was listening to Zhao Rui, and reluctantly chuckled. The beautiful face made him look like a pure and harmless flower, but at this moment, Zhu Wei completely understood—

This youth was definitely not a white lotus!

Just then, he was threatening Zhu Wei by saying he knew about how Zhu Wei climbed into the deputy editor’s bed. As long as Ming Yu wanted, he could grasp the evidence.

This was a threat! A clear threat!

Zhu Wei pinched his fingers and looked down at the bumpy gravel road. He slowly relaxed his fist and clearly saw the boy he had tried to suppress. As the other person said, don’t touch him and he wouldn’t touch you…

Zhu Wei became fully aware of someone’s ‘true face’ and no longer thought about bullying him.

On the other side, a person was sitting in the back seat of a car, looking at the scenery passing by outside the window with dark eyes that didn’t show what he was thinking.

Ding Bo looked at Xi Ze in the rearview mirrow and laughed. “Today, why did you think about helping those rookies?  You aren’t that kind, Xi Ze.”

There was a long pause and Ding Bo thought he wouldn’t get a response from the other person. But then Xi Ze spoke calmly, “I helped people?”

Ding Bo raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t?”

Xi Ze calmly looked over at his agent. “That pig was too ugly and eye-catching.”

Ding Bo, “…He is called Wang Zhu.”

“Oh, King Pig.” (TL: Wang means King)

Ding Bo, “…”

After another long pause, Ding Bo couldn’t help asking, “You are speaking like this but didn’t you see the small rookie that you helped? That young model looks good and seems slightly familiar.”


“Haha, you didn’t notice the young model in that group? What a loss! He really looks good. No worse than He Chaoman!”

“Shut up and drive.”

“Are you blaming me because you didn’t see the little beauty? … Xi Ze, tell me why you wanted to help them. Hey… Xi Ze, are you going to talk? Xi Ze?”

“I’m sleeping.”

Ding Bo, “…”

Then why are you talking in your sleep!!!

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