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Chapter 112

In a six page presentation, a total of five photos were placed. One was a large picture that spanned two sections, while the remaining photos had one page each. It was a beautiful layout and clever design.

In these photos, Ming Yu was no longer wearing the red robe. However, his clothes were still red. Before seeing these photos, a person never imagined that this youth could wear red to such a beautiful effect.

The rich red outlined the white skin, making it look crystal clear. The pale red of his full lips was like a flood of water. The crimson lining the bright and clear eyes was like an innocent temptation.

His waist-length hair was the most eye-catching thing in all the photos.

Although the youth’s face had matured from a year ago, his graceful temperament didn’t make him look different. Instead, he neutralized the beauty of a man and woman, making a unique neutral beauty.

This type of obscure beauty completely penetrated the hearts of every reader thanks to the high and fragile collarbone, the slender fingers, the slightly curved red lips and the cinnabar mole at the corner of his eye.

Even the loyal small mushroom fan, Yao Fei couldn’t help whispering, “Ming Xoaoyu is a really enchanting demon…”

The most terrible thing in the world wasn’t being bent by a man/woman!

It was not understanding if you were straight or bent after thinking you had been bent!

At this moment, countless readers realized Luo Ru’s grief.

The female readers thought: Ming Xiaoyu is a man. I definitely wasn’t bent by him! But Ming Xiaoyu with long hair is so beautiful! I really haven’t been bent _(:з」∠)_ Well, if such a beautiful woman with a good temperament confessed to me then I would definitely hold her thigh!!

But the moods of the male readers were more complicated: I’m not bent! This model is a man but he looks so enchanting. He is even more beautiful than a woman! But…if this male model stood in front of my eyes, would I really not be tempted? ORZ. I would kneel down and beg for intercourse QAQ!

After waiting for Yao Fei to finish licking (?) all the photos, her eyes moved to the interview and she started reading carefully.  While reading, Yao Fei kept touching the photos of Ming Xiaoyu without stopping. The delicate fingers, beautiful face, long hair and then the slender rhights…

No, she couldn’t get a nosebleed!

—Wake up, this was too shameless! Quickly release small mushroom!

Let’s quickly move away from the perverted fans. At this moment, a handsome man on the top floor of the Muse building was holding the latest Muse issue and read it carefully.

On the ground beside him, there was at least 20 piles of books! Every book pile was half his height and the spines with marked with ‘Muse’ in a good-looking font. It was as if they were saying, “Look at us, we are this year’s June issue of Muse. Freshly printed.”

While Ding Bo directed a man to move the 21st pile of magazines to a house, Xi Ze was reading the magazine. He didn’t go through other columns. He just stared at the pages about his own mushroom and repeatedly read each word for a whole hour!

Ding Bo saw this and couldn’t help feeling curious. Therefore, he picked up a Muse issue and looked it up.

Oh, there was an interview. This was good. He would just read it casually.

Hey asking Ming Yu about the future? This was a good and simple answer.

What? This time it is about Nidelan’s fashion show? Yes, a good answer!

There was even a question about the world’s supermodel rankings. Hey, the editor of these questions was very sharp.

Ding Bo started reading again. His eyes swept over the words quickly when he saw a familiar name. Ding Bo was stunned and then horrified. He read it again and couldn’t help whispering, “My most revered idol is Xi Ze? He is an outstanding model…?!!!”

The cold and indifferent man nodded lightly. “Ah, you found it.”

Ding Bo, “……(/=_=)/~┴┴”

What was going on with you husbands!!!

One could calmly show love in a magazine interview while the other could stare at that interview for an hour!

People who showed love should die, die, die!!

Today, the lonely Ding Bo received a serious internal injury.

The praise for this issue of Muse completely exceeded the last five issues.

In the first day of sales, it was 9W volumes. The next day, the sales increased and actually broke through the 10W mark. It made the editors of Muse Magazine feel silly. In the early morning meeting, they looked at Chief Editor Song with admiring expressions.

Wasn’t Editor Song too godly?

These sales were almost heavenly!

It was impossible to support such sales without excellent columns. After all, Ming Yu was only inside the seal and he wasn’t on the cover. Thus, while he had a lot of credit for the sales, it couldn’t be fully attributed to him.

However, on the ‘Excellent Edition’ poll on the Muse official website, Ming Xiaoyu’s section surpassed second place with a very high number of votes, becoming the well-deserved first for this month.

The influence of Muse was absolute through Huaxia and even the entire world. On the night of the magazine’s release, tens of thousands of fans poured into Ming Xiaoyu’s fan forum. The number of fans on his website and Weibo experienced a sharp increase.

Overnight, the Muse official website added an extra 200,000 fans and he broke through the 4 million mark!

Overnight, the number of Weibo fans exploded by 600,000, breaking the 8 million mark!

Let’s congratulation Xiaoyu, who officially became the 24th ranked model on Muse’s official website. This sense of existence wasn’t at the level of a brush anymore. No matter how many Muse models were secretly biting into their handkerchiefs, a meticulously drawn circle had already been drawn.

Muse decided to use his own photo as the inner seal. Ming Xiaoyu already heard this from Xi Ze, so he wasn’t surprised when the issue came out. He just stared at his photos for a long time before crying out emotionally, “Master Hill’s photography level is very high.”

After returning that evening, Xi Ze hugged his small mushroom washing the dishes and asked, “You never asked why Muse chose to use your photo as the inner seal for this issue. Aren’t you curious if I had something to do with it?”

Ding Bo had asked this question a long time ago. Xi Ze was surprised that his small mushroom calmly accepted this fact without any doubts.

After listening to Xi Ze’s words, Ming Yu patted his salty pig hands on Ming Yu’s waist and replied, “Do you want to know the real answer or the false answer?”

Xi Ze’s hand was patted. This made him knead the youth’s waist before he raised an eyebrow. “There is a true and false answer?”

Ming Xiaoyu calmly said, “I will choose the false answer. The false answer is: what relationship do I have with you? You say you will take care of me, supporting me and taking advantage of me. You have a lot of money but you expect me to be impressed by giving me just the inner seal?”

The answer made Xi Ze startled. After a long moment, he smiled. “Taking advantage of you? Who made you excited and full of praise last night…”

Ming Xiaoyu stepped on the man’s slippers. Then he snorted and put the dishes in the sterilizer. He turned around with a sneer and said sarcastically, “Sir, I have no comparison about your level. Who knows if your skills are actually good or not?”

Xi Ze wouldn’t be provoked by such a simple moment. But at this moment, he deliberately accepted the provocation. It seemed fun.

Thus, Xi Ze took the initiative to give Ming Xiaoyu a kiss. Ming Yu didn’t try to evade the kiss. The two kissed and kissed, moving to the bed and eventually forgetting the first question. However, in the middle, Ming Xiaoyu gasped and had a sudden thought, “Wait! Isn’t it my turn this time?”

Xi Ze’s face didn’t change as he nodded. “Oh, I forgot. Next time.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Damn it! Why was it always next time?

Then Ming Xiaoyu didn’t have the energy to think about it. Small Mushroom said that ‘your level isn’t good.’ But in fact, every time they did this type of them, the small mushroom always felt so much pleasure that he forgot everything, even his thought about ‘switching positions this time.’

Once they finished one round, the two lay in bed and basked in the pleasure. This time, it was Xi Ze who suddenly remembered something. “There was a true answer. What is it?”

Ming Xiaoyu was slightly surprised by the words. After a moment, his lips curved and he revealed a confidence smile. “The real answer is that I believe in my own strength.”

The youth full of hope and confidence was dazzling like the sun, leaving Xi Ze stunned for a long time.

Once he reacted, the two energetic men held each other again and continued to have a long and wonderful night.

This time, XI Ze played with the youth’s slightly shorter hair while they rested. He whispered, “Your long hair was good. Before, your hair spread out on the bed and it was really beautiful.” Compared with the photos in the magazine, Ming Yu’s face was flushed and his wet, making him look more beautiful.

Ming Xiaoyu once again remembered one thing. “I also intend to leave my hair a little longer. But Xi Ze, tomorrow night will be your first time. Well…let’s make it something good to commemorate. Aren’t you good at acting? You will act as a good woman and I will be a villain.”

Xi Ze, “##$[email protected]###$@#$”

Ming Xiaoyu became more excited. “This idea is good! I can use this special feeling to train my acting.”

Xi Ze, “…@#$%$%#$!!!”

—Help. My lover’s brain is strange. It is an emergency!

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