RS: Chapter 120

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Chapter 120

The German psychologist Ebbinghaus discovered a phenomenon that he called the ‘Forgotten Curve.’

When going to memorize something, the initial impression was certainly very deep. But after a short period of time, this impression would suddenly fall to a very low level and would slowly be forgotten.

In order to prevent this process from happening, the solution was to choose a certain time period to immediately enhance the memory.

The time chosen by Nidelan was seven months later.

In the past six months, the sales of the Nidelan Smoke fragrances changed from the explosive boom at the beginning to normal sales. It became familiar to the general public but also started to be forgotten.

Consumers knew the Nidelan Smoke fragrance but it had no more freshness in their mind. Together with the other fragrances available, it was just a ‘buy if necessary’ existence.

Nidelan naturally didn’t want to see such a result. Therefore, in the middle of July, they placed four advertisements on Huaxia’s major TV stations and video sites, attracting the audience’s attention.

Lu Lele was watching a variety show only to suddenly be plagued with advertisements ╮(╯_╰)╭. One second it was a variety, the next second it was an advertisement! Wasn’t the advertising too arrogant these days?

After a few seconds, Lu Lele started looking for the remote control in order to change the channel. However, the remote control was hidden and she couldn’t find it for a few minutes.

Lu Lele rummaged around! Finally, she found the remote control hidden in the quilt. Lu Lele held it and looked up, only to see a familiar face!

“What a surprise! Ming Xiaoyu?!!”

The youth who suddenly appeared on the TV screen was Ming Yu. Who else could it be?

As low music played, the handsome youth in white tights slowly walked towards the glass treasure chest in the centre of the room. His look was calm and his eyes relaxed. He wasn’t worried at all, but the background music made people worry about him.

Do you know what it felt like to suddenly see this face on the 46-inch TV?

For Lu Lele, it felt like her whole body was burning!

Oh my godd!!!  Not a single pore could be found on Ming Xiaoyu’s face. How could he be so beautiful? She wanted to lick and kiss it without any delay =3= The temperament of her husband was too good! Cold, cool and most importantly, like a prince! Where was the advertisement? This was a high end fashion show! …No, don’t waste time. Just lick it o(*≧▽≦)ツ.

At the same time, similar situations took place in various cities in Huaxia. Many Ming Xiaoyu fans were unprepared for the face advertisements!

In the past, watching advertisements was the saddest thing in life! It couldn’t be denied that it was too horrible to endure!

What was the ‘We don’t produce oil, we are nature’s porters’, ‘Your xylitol, no, your xylitol,’ ‘Who am I? Ah, I’m just your coffee?’… These types of advertisements might seem new when watching it for the first time, but later…oh my god, change the words!!

However, this time Nidelan’s advertisement didn’t have any words. There was only the youth’s mighty aura and cool style that attracted everyone’s attention. There were some people who got the impression that it was a trailer.

The quality was sufficient to be a trailer for a movie!

Soon, many fans discovered the advertisement. On the Internet, many people started to publish their own screenshots of the advertisement and shared their feelings.

【 I wiped it! I almost forgot about the Nidelan advertisement only for it to suddenly launch! Ahhh! I was so unprepared. It is truly overwhelming! No, I’ll take the time to lick the small mushroom… 】

【 Hey hey hey hey, there is a dynamic video of Small Mushroom after a long time~】

【 The above is right! Kneel and beg for the great editing god! Kneel and beg for the great editing god! ← The important words are repeated three times. P.S: I am a ‘nameless’ party (:з」∠)_】

【 Nameless can read the future! Above sister, join our ‘virtuous husband’ party 2333】……

The Nidelan advertisement might’ve caught some people off guard but several people already knew Nidelan’s intentions. On the first day that the advertisement was released, Ming Xiaoyu took a photo with his own advertisement and published a message: 【 I suddenly saw this person on the hotel’s TV. This person is very handsome! You see, don’t I look like him? ~ [/picture] 】

After a moment, there was a flurry of replies.

【 I have never seen such a brazen person…LX 】

【 I have never seen such a brazen person +1 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu, I didn’t expect you to be such a mushroom! 】

【 Hahaha, I want the narcissistic small mushroom! Where is this small mushroom sold? Give me a dozen! 】

【 Shameless small mushroom, it is really delicious! I also want a dozen 23333 】…

The Nidelan advertisement was actually too fast. It was released on all mainstream platforms at the same time and everyone was caught off guard. While the fans were shouting with amazed surprised, the sunspots became active.

According to the fans, they completely didn’t understand: 【 This mushroom is tall, high in value and high in activity. He is all three! He is also very polite, is especially cute, can play games and is quite cute. P.S. The narcissism is also meng meng~ What are you dissatisfied with? 】

However, every place needed to have an underworld! Since there were fans, the sunspots were absolutely indispensable!

The sunspots favourite point was: 【 Oh, 187cm, it is really tall in the industry. Hehe. 】

The fans: Hehe what?  (/= _ =)/~┴┴
This time, the black spot that the sunspots captured was Ming Xiaoyu’s height. It was because in one of the advertisements, the female model playing opposite Ming Xiaoyu was 185cm tall. This was almost the height of the sky in the industry. Ming Xiaoyu’s aura might be very strong but in front of her, he had to look a bit short…

The fans’ attitude was surprisingly consistent with these sunspots who were caught on an insignificant thing.

【 I like that he is 187cm tall~ My family’s Ming Xiaoyu is barely 187cm~ Come compare ~ 】

【 Small Asian raises his head in disdain: I might be only 187cm but I am the world’s second ranked supermodel!  You come to bite me! 】

【 Small mushroom’s height is over 180cm. This is good enough! Thinking about it, if I want to kiss small mushroom then I will have to step on a stool QAQ…A short mushroom is good for a 151cm sister… 】

【 Above person, fighting! 】

【 Both of you are talking nonsense. Small mushroom is God Xi’s! ——” ‘Virtuous husband party’~】…

The occasional scratching from the sunspots wasn’t lethal. After a short while, they were flooded by the fans’ saliva and didn’t make a splash.

At the same time, Nidelan officials carried out some PR measures. Soon, praise drowned out the network with some neutral and sarcastic remarks, making this scene look less fake.

It was relatively easy for a perfume advertisement to appear on the Internet hot searches of the day. As long as the advertisement was of good quality and the character was big enough, it could enter the hot searches and make people look for it.

However, it was very difficult for an advertisement to become the top three in the hot searches. The last ad to reach this target…well, it was the McDonald’s advertisement!

The advertisement told the love story between a god level fallback guy and a shameless green tea type woman. This dog blood story caused the netizens to unleash an outpouring of criticisms and McDonald’s almost sued the advertisers!

Thus, it was very easy for black spots to appear on the hot searches. But a luxury brand advertisement without a plot wanted to enter the top three purely relying on beauty? It wasn’t easy!

Once the fans discovered that their small mushroom’s advertisement became that day’s headlines, the excited fans said, “I’m going downstairs to run five laps,” or “I’m going to drink a cup of perfume”…
Admittedly, some of the hot searches were from the navy bought by Nidelan, but most of them were real fans.

Xu Yizhong’s directing level coupled with Ming Xiaoyu’s extraordinary sister skills bent men as well!

Within three days, Nidelan’s Smoke fragrance sales doubled in Huaxia!

Five days later, this craze wasn’t extinguished and the sales rushed higher with a fierce momentum! This time, it wasn’t just netizens but women who had few contact with the Internet who bought this fragrance. After all, TV advertising was still an important way to promote major products in today’s society.

On the seventh day, this heat slowly cooled down and the perfume sales became more stable. But at this time! CX Entertainment suddenly posted a message on its official web site that caught everyone’s eye.

【 The 2018 Lunar New Year movie ‘An Li’, shot by CX Entertainment Investment, has been filming for a few days. Thank you to the following members for joining us. In the next Spring Festival, let’s harvest more abundant fruit.

Director: Xu Yizong.

Male Lead: Fang Liangxiu.

Female Lead: Xiao Biqing.

Male Number 2: Jiang Kaiyang


Male Number 4: Ming Yu

… 】


Who was the fourth male? Say it again to their faces!!!

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