RS: Chapter 199

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Chapter 199

For a full two months after the end of the Muse fashion show, Cheng Su realized what it to be hidden away.

The opportunities he got since three or four years ago started getting further and further away from him. At first, some ordinary employees of the company didn’t find anything strange. They thought that Cheng Su recently wanted to take a break and took the initiative to push away so many jobs.

But as more and more rumours spread in the Muse Modelling Agency and the Huaxia fashion industry, many people started to look at Cheng Su with strange eyes.

“I heard that Cheng Su often suppress small models and loves to play with the big ones. Is this true?”

“It must be true! Don’t just talk about peers. Let me tell you, Xiao An is Cheng Su’s second assistant. Cheng Su’s first assistant was when he entered the company and accidentally offended Cheng Su. The company seemed to value him very much and the little girl was scolded and sent somewhere else.”

“He was so arrogant after just entering the company?”

“How can it stop here? I have a relative who works at Z Province’s TV Station. He say that when Cheng Su participated in a very famous reality show last year, he always stole the camera and provoked a small star.”


In the beginning, these words were only talked about behind Cheng Su’s back. But once they discovered that even Zeng Shu was too lazy to manage Cheng Su, there was more unscrupulous talk about the rights and wrongs behind the scenes.

This type of person who liked to gossip about the people falling down was quite common in society.

In the past, they taunted Ming Yu and also sneered that Zhao Rui couldn’t hold onto models. Now they secretly started speaking about Cheng Su.

This type of behavior was indeed very shameful. But once Ming Yu learned from Luo Ru that Cheng Su was very angry with these people but helpless (there were too many people to grasp), Ming Xiaoyu didn’t show much reaction. He just continued to watch the development.

Originally, Luo Ru was very surprised about Ming Xiaoyu being so against Cheng Su. Later, Zhao Rui told her some of the incidents from the past and Ming Yu secretly told her about the ‘buying Jiang Kaiyang’ incident. Luo Ru had little affection for Cheng Su and now her heart beat faster at seeing him so miserable.

“I’ve always disliked people who gossip but it is very refreshing to see Cheng Su being ridiculed by them.”

If Cheng Su’s life was like this, what about on the Internet?

After all, Cheng Su was a somewhat famous supermodel and still had a lot of fans in Huaxia. The fans discovered that their male god hadn’t appeared in public for a long time and no announcements were made. They thought he just wanted to rest.

But after a two month break, how could they not find it a bit strange?

【 What happened to Ah Cheng? Why hasn’t he shown up lately? 】

【 I haven’t seen Ah Cheng since his variety show one and a half months ago. What is going on? Why did Ah Cheng suddenly disappear? 】

【 He will step down from the world supermodels list. @Muse Modelling Agency, what are you doing? If Ah Cheng doesn’t appear on the list because you haven’t arranged resources for him, can you afford to take responsibility! 】……

Surprisingly, many sunspots came out at this time to engage in conspiracy theories. They said ‘someone is targeting Cheng Su’ and ‘there is definitely a reason for this. Perhaps someone is doing bad things in the back.’ But no matter how the fans jumped and cursed the staff of Muse, Cheng Su still didn’t get any jobs!

It had been two months.

Cheng Su was pushed to the brink.

If it continued like this, he wouldn’t be able to maintain his position as a supermodel, let alone rise up into the rankings!

In this desperate time, Cheng Su’s assistant Xiao An advised him to temporarily bow to Ming Yu. After all, Ming Yu was now a top 20 supermodel in the world. Perhaps after one month, he could really climb into the top 1- and then Cheng Su wouldn’t be a match for his influence.

Xiao An persuaded him for a long time. Cheng Su gritted his teeth and decided to go to Ming Yu.

He had just walked to the door of Ming Yu’s lounge when he saw Zhao Rui and Luo Ru coming.

When they saw Cheng Su, Zhao Rui sneered while Luo Ru asked with a smile, “The 25 million yuan silencing fee. Mr. Cheng, you must’ve borrowed money right? How much is it now?”

The mocking in these words completely flowed out.

Cheng Su was already under pressure from the heavy debt. His eyes reddened and he almost turned to leave. However, his assistant Xiao An advised him to come back. He whispered, “Ah Cheng, we are still too insufficient. We must first take a soft approach. We aren’t afraid of Ming Yu. This is just temporarily bowing our heads.”

Thanks to this comfort, Cheng Su dragged his feet into Ming Yu’s lounge like he was a grandfather. He didn’t expect that after his second step into the door, Ming Yu raised his head with surprise and laughed. “Sister Luo, who could you let this person enter? It would be bad if he sees the information on the table.”

Luo Ru was stunned by the words before smiling.

Then Cheng Su was mercilessly swept out!

The door slammed in front of him, almost smashing his face!

He came with a hot face to someone’s place of business only to be hit with a cold butt? He wasn’t stupid enough to do such a thankless thing!

Ming Yu had a bit of success now and it was enough to drag him down! Who was it who kept sending text messages to Cheng Su a few years ago, asking to see him every day? Now he was climbing up Xi Ze?

“Xiao An, I can’t stand it! Our materials are enough right now! Put it up!”

The assistant Xiao An was stunned and hurriedly said, “Brother Cheng, I’m worried that these things won’t be enough to break Ming Yu…”

“At the very least! I want him to stop at 16th place and not go any further! A disgusting homos*xual who only knows how to walk through the back door and take a gold master is simply a shame to the industry!”

The next day, Ming Yu and everyone else didn’t expect for a photo to be suddenly posted on Tianya, the largest netizen forum in Huaxia!

[The scandal of the fashion industry! Both of them are disgusting homos*xuals!!!]  

【 1L: Hehe, who are the gays who provoked you? In recent years, gay marriage laws are becoming better. Didn’t you listen to yesterday’s news where it say that gay marriage is likely to be allowed this year? 】

【 2L: I am gay, what about it? Oh, no! This is a scandal? 】

【 3L: Wait, didn’t you notice the photo that LZ posted. The scandal of the fashion industry… Geez, I feel strange. Who are these two people? They look familiar! 】……

【 6L: So surprising! Isn’t this Ming Yu sitting beside the driver? He is Ming Yu! 】  

【 8L: Ah? It really is my Ming Xiao… eh? Wait wait wait, what is going on?!! 】

【 16L: It is Xi Ze! The driver is Xi Ze! It must be Xi Ze ahhhhh!! 】

【 20L: Ahhh, is today my lucky day?!! My two gods are a pair? I have to go downstairs and run away ahhhhhhhh!!!! 】……

【 616L: This photo of a same-s*x couple kissing in the car is too fuzzy. Is it shot from a long distance? It isn’t clear at all. They seem like Xi Ze and Ming Yu but I’m really not sure. Regardless of whether it is like LZ said or two people kissing at home, please calm down for a moment. LZ, do you have a high definition photo? This photo is a little unclear. 】 In just one hour!

This post was pushed to second place in today’s list on Tianya!

At the same time, many netizens reposted this photo to Weibo, Baidu and the Muse fan forum.

The people on the streets who saw this photo were also shocked. Ming Yu’s fans saw this photo and were completely dumbfounded. They didn’t know what to say.

Many of Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were also CP fans. It was like a pie suddenly falling from the sky when they found out that their two male gods might be a pair… what did it feel like?

Some fans used ‘ahhhhhhh’ to express their joy but other fans felt a bit strange. Since Luo Ru didn’t intervene in this matter, several moderators of the Ming Yu fan forum jointly issued an emergency red stickied notice.

[The photo isn’t yet confirmed. Please don’t be too excited so as to not cause a bad reaction.]

Indeed, any fan who saw this photo would definitely become very excited.

The first type were the ordinary CP fans, or rotten fans. The person in the driver’s seat was really vague but they were fans of Ming Xiaoyu for more than a year. They already decided in their hearts that this was absolutely Small Mushroom!

Small Mushroom was actually kissing a man in the car?

Wait, this was wrong?

The point was, Ming Xiaoyu seemed to be kissing Xi Ze in the car?!!

What was this surprise? Was today the end of the world? Or were they dreaming?

The second type were passersby fans who felt quite complicated about this matter. After all, there wasn’t strong opposition to homosxuality in Huaxia but there were still people who discriminated against homosxuality.

These fans were very fond of Ming Yu but they also cared about this matter. Therefore, they had some reservations.

Finally, the third type were the fans who turned black.

‘Why doesn’t Ming Yu marry me?’, ‘If he isn’t with me, I won’t be his fan anymore, ‘I like him so much. Why doesn’t he like me?’ etc.   Cough, this type of brainless fans weren’t a large proportion of Ming Xiaoyu’s fan group but they were certain present.

Fortunately, most fans still support the idea of ‘whatever Ming Yu chooses, we support him.’

Many fans were on the alert. The LZ that sent this photo was obviously a side account and this was likely to be a terrible event! The fans couldn’t be taken advantage of or the consequences would be really unimaginable!

【 7199L: LZ, this photo really isn’t convincing? Maybe it just looks like them? 】

【 LZ to 7199L: I will post more photos on Weibo. Take a look. The name is @Rising Supermodel is Gay. 】

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5 years ago

Sigh. I say, you needed to be beaten black and blue just to get it to your head not to provoke this small mushroom. I can finally
understand Zeng Shu’s frustration to this dumb model 🙄
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Aerilistarylia Sae
5 years ago

Cheng Su now you really have provoked the dragon behind the tiger!!!😈
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