RS: Chapter 227

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Chapter 227

This announcement from Ji and Ya caused a great wave in the world.

Everyone knew that since Xi Ze’s debut with a Ji and Ya high-end show, he became the global spokesperson of the world’s top luxury brand for… um, eight years!

Eight years had passed and now they suddenly said: 『 Our contract has expired 』……

It was simply lying!

Wasn’t there no contract in the first place? No, even if there was a contract, would there even be a time limit? Had you ever seen a person who wrote in the contract, ‘I will hire a certain person as a global spokesperson for eight years?’ Who had heard of such a thing?

On the surface, this announcement was to change Ji and Ya’s global spokesperson. From another angle, it also gave many fashion lovers a hint of something else. This type of hunch was proven the next day without a need for them to discuss it for a long time. Xi Ze personally released a long post on his muse fan forum.

Since becoming a model of Muse, it was rare for Xi Ze to post on the forum.

The fan forum was mainly for fans to communicate with each other. Sometimes Xi Ze’s agent team would also post about his latest news to let fans know. Xi Ze kept the frequency of posting on the fan forum to every three or four months. In the past two years, this frequency became lower and lower.

But today, the first thing fans felt when opening the long red stickied note wasn’t surprise that the god finally posted, it was a silent grief.

Xi Ze’s first words were:

【 Today I will end my modelling career. 】

The topic of this long post was directly announced, causing the fans  who saw it to be red-eyed.

【 Life is short and eight years have passed in the blink of an eye. Eight years ago, I never wanted to be a model. My teacher pushed me to that position and I also felt that standing on the runway felt good.

The clothes that I designed can be expressed by myself. This type of thing is probably what every designer wants to pursue.

I have seen too many landscapes while in the spotlight. You pushed me step by step to the top position and it is a great honour to stay here for eight years. It was very cold and lonely. There was no path to retreat but this made me happier.

There is no retreat in life, every fork is a fateful choice. Please let me arrogantly say that before meeting my lover, I was very lonely. I walked alone surrounded by darkness and no one could help me.

I liked interpreting the feeling of an outfit, making me feel that I have caught their souls. But I prefer to personally design and make an outfit. I am an arrogant person so this makes me feel that I am the creator of the world.

Every time an outfit appeared, I felt like I was creating life. They are my children and become the most beautiful and dazzling beings in the world in my eyes. They receive the brilliance and glory they deserve.

But am I really the only one who can show off their beauty?

I am 27 years old this year and I increasingly feel that my strength isn’t enough. I don’t have the energy to invest my time and left into two equally exciting careers. Then I have to make a choice.


Eight years is short but you and I still have a long time ahead。

If you are willing to still follow me, I will be waiting for you at Ji and Ya’s runway shows.

If you don’t want to follow me, my lover is also very good. He is the only muse in my life. [Laugh] 】 Once they saw his last laugh, countless fans directly held their phones or sat in front of a computer and cried.

Many fans had said this before but they hoped that Xi Ze wouldn’t be too tired and that he would pursue his favourite things. He wasn’t a god and didn’t have too much energy. He should take care of his body.

They knew that Xi Ze would be ready to retire soon but once this moment came, they found that their self-righteousness was like a bubble that completely popped when they touched it.

However, they also knew that Xi Ze’s choice was correct. He was no longer an energetic teenage or youth in his early 20s. He was faced with the dual psychological pressure of being a designer and supermodel. Eventually, he would have to give up one of them.

The sound of crying was heard from every corner of the world once they found out that they couldn’t see this man’s interpretation on the runway any longer. If he appeared, it would be as a designer to thank all the guests, rather than showing off a beautiful outfit.

But this result was also quite good.

【 I want to be with God Xi QAQ I will always support God Xi! 】

【 I will never leave God Xi! I particularly like Ji and Ya’s design style, especially God Xi! 】

【 I will always support you and your wife!!! 】…

Within three days, there were countless fan posts on Xi Ze’s fan forum.

There were more than 40 million fans. It was natural for most of them to almost never talk. At this moment, they all went online to express their gratitude and well wishes. They were grateful for Xi Ze’s eight years and wished for a better future for him.

For a time, the highest daily visits to the Muse official website broke through 70 million!

Due to the number of posts in one day, the official website’s server crashed.

At the same time, many people weren’t Muse models so they could only express their blessings on Weibo and Twitter.

【 Kruka Wiesen: I will always support you. You have always been my idol! @Xi Ze 】

【 Harriman Owen: When Xi Ze became the fifth ranked supermodel, I was already fourth. At that time, I thought that this teenager with unlimited potential is simply a nightmare for all supermodels. No one has the power to stop him because he is the deserving king. He should stand in the top position. Now you have chosen to retire. Bless you my friend, your future will be even better @Xi Ze 】

【 Adenes Clark: Hey, go well @ Xi Ze 】

【 Cecilia Cote: Actually, I once liked him but it was just once. Good luck @Xi Ze 】

【 Anna Cartman: Cecilia is lying again. How was it just once? Didn’t you cry when Xi Ze announced his relationship? Now you are a CP fan. Xi Ze, I will tell you that Cecilia secretly has an account on the forum for your CP fans. Finally, I wish you good luck @Xi Ze 】

【 Xu Rongrong: The first time I saw @Xi Ze was when I first entered the company. I saw him come down in the elevator and thought about when I could have such a powerful momentum like him. I haven’t achieved it yet but I hope that @Xi Ze can live well in the future. 】

【 Du Ruo: @Xi Ze is an old friend for many years. I won’t reveal your disadvantages in public. Instead I will support you and your wife, wishing you well in the future. 】

【 Luo Cheng: QAQ Why am I crying… @Xi Ze 】

【 Raymond Cote: Focusing on design? Then focus on design! @Xi Ze 】

【 He Chaoman: Big nephew @Xi Ze, since you have retired, can I also retire? 】……

Xi Ze’s retirement simply caused a storm in the fashion industry!

Countless celebrities posted messages. Apart from Ming Yu and Xi Ze, the top 100 male and female supermodels expressed their well wishes on their social media accounts, even if they weren’t high-ranking. IT was the same for first-tier, second-tier and even eighteen-tier non-supermodels.

Some of these people expressed enthusiasm or jealousy, but in the hearts of most people, they really felt very lost.

For the past eight years, all models regarded Xi Ze as the leader of the supermodel industry. It really felt strange now that he was retiring.

Were they happy? No. Were they lost? Yes but consider one point.

Xi Ze really wanted to leave.

Of course, he wasn’t leaving the fashion world, only the supermodel industry.

So many people expressed their stance and the media dug out a lot of big news. For example, Cecilia had a crush on Xi Ze! For example, after Cecilia lost her love, she became Xi Ze and Ming Yu’s CP fan and even mixed in with the fan circle!

Why did so many models and stars like to open side accounts these days. First it was Xiao Biqing and now Cecilia.

There were fans who said: 【 This year, supermodels and stars have started to reveal their fan side accounts. If one day God Xi and mushroom also open a side account, I will live eating dog food! Delicious dog food 2333333 】

This CP fan never thought that in the days to follow, these words would unexpectedly become a prophecy… but this wasn’t something to talk about for the moment.

In addition to models, the world’s four top luxury brands apart from Ji and Ya, Rosalind, Otilla and Garcia blessing Xi Ze on their official social media accounts. Their chief designers, assistant designers and other staff members expressed their wishes on their private accounts.

Under the leadership of several top luxury brands, other brands around the world also made statements about the matter, increasing Xi Ze’s value.

In early December, there was a 10 day frenzy for fashion lovers all over the world.

Ming Yu reaching the top was just the beginning while Xi Ze’s retirement was the climax.

Among so many blessings, He Chaoman’s words were noticed by many people. They cried out with surprise: 【 Oh my god? What big nephew? Who is the big nephew? In addition, you must never retire! You must stay in the industry for years QAQ!! 】  

After that, He Chaoman publicly said: 【 Ah, it was just a joke. Don’t mind it. 】 Her fans were relieved:【 It is just a joke. 】

Who knew that a minute later, He Chaoman would once again say: 【 Oh, my words were ambiguous. Retiring is a joke but the big nephew part is true. Right, big nephew @Xi Ze? 】

The global fans who were suddenly told such explosive news: ….

Designers, photographers, stylists, tailors, magazine editors… models. All of them spoke but they didn’t think the World Supermodels Organization would publicly speak at this time. They posted on their Twitter and Weibo accounts:

【 Congratulations @Xi Ze on your successful departure from the stage.

Perhaps a lot of people think that your departure isn’t perfect. In order to make up for these regrets, the World Supermodels Organization will announce the latest points calculated: Xi Ze – 3891 points, Ming Yu – 3881 points, Cecilia Cote – 3616 points.

Congratulations, you are the well-deserved first in the world. 】

Once the score was released, everyone was shocked and there was an uproar. A few days ago, Ming Yu’s name was above Xi Ze. How did Xi Ze suddenly surpass Ming Yu?

Then the World Supermodels Organization posted again: 【 10 days ago, Xi Ze’s score was 3887 points while Ming Yu was 3888 points. 】 It was a gap of just one point!

Just one point!

In fact, everyone knew that the World Supermodels Organization published the supermodel rankings every three months. When the rankings list was published, Ming Yu’s score was one point higher than Xi Ze. But after that? The score could change in those three months. How could Ming Yu always press Xi Ze down?

It was only possible to forever pressure a person when the gap between two models was particularly large. However, everyone knew that the difference between the two people was very small. Now that Xi Ze chose to retire, it was possible for his score to surpass Ming Yu.

Once they saw this result, the fashion lovers didn’t go to the World Supermodels Organization and scold them about being early for the first time. Instead, they excitedly expressed their gratitude.

Even Ming Yu’s fans were very supportive of the World Supermodels Organization’s behavior. They knew that Ming Yu’s strength was comparable to Xi Ze. If Xi Ze chose to not retreat, it would really be unknown who would be first the next time.

However, some sunspots expressed dissatisfaction with the World Supermodels Organization’s announcement of Cecilia’s score. They knew that the World Supermodels Organization wanted to publish the first ranked supermodel to show that Xi Ze was the well-deserved first but… the gap was too big!

It just made Cecilia look bad! In any case, it was the organization’s fault!

However, Cecilia stood up at this time: 【 Don’t talk about it again. When I saw how much lower my score was compared to @Xi Ze and @Ming Yu, I knew I should keep trying. But I can finally see my name with the mushroom husbands… ahhhh (*≧▽≦)ツ!!! 】  

Global fans: …Where was their cold angel goddess? The sister they were so obsessed with had fallen!

At the end of the day, there was only one crucial person who hadn’t spoken yet.

Everyone around the world turned their eyes to this person’s Muse fan forum and Weibo, waiting for him to speak.

At this moment, it had been three hours since the announcement of Xi Ze’s retirement.

Then it was four hours, five hours, six hours, seven hours…

Eight hours passed!

Fans were feeling restless and wondering why this person wasn’t saying anything when Xi Ze’s lover finally made a long speech. Everyone immediately poured into his Muse fan forum to read this post.

The agitated fans clicked onto this post and their eyes widened with amazement.

Then tears filled their eyes as they once again sobbed.

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Ri Hikaru
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Why does he have to post on Weibo anyways… He is the lover and they have personal contact info as well as face to face contact. I just wonder why. Anyways, I need the next chapter now!

Ri Hikaru
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Oops, I did not see the next chappy was up. Sorry for the bruises and broken bones translator-sama!

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okay, XZ’s retirement notice really made me cry T_T

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He Chaoman finally admitted she is Lil Aunt of XiZe on one of the most important day in his life. Blessed her.

Fans who said: 【 This year, supermodels and stars have started to reveal their fan side accounts. If one day God Xi and mushroom also open a side account, I will live eating dog food! Delicious dog food 2333333 】- Oh no, you don’t know *smirk*. Hope you will not overeating and choked on it later lol

Cecilia【 When I saw how much lower my score was compared to @Xi Ze and @Ming Yu, I knew I should keep trying. But I can finally see my name with the mushroom husbands… ahhhh (*≧▽≦)ツ!!! 】 – I guess Westerner supermodels are hot and cold people. They appear like cold angels but so excitable with only having their names appear alongside their crush 😉

I am very sad reading XiZe long post. It seems he really felt his time become more pressing (designing, modelling, loving the lover). I think those 8 solitary years is just to find Mingyu. He found him after 6 years (the Muse) and after 2 years he feels the Muse had fully bloomed and ready to show-off his design.

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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Aerilistarylia Sae
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