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Chapter 62

After this, they naturally couldn’t continue the act.

In fact, Xi Ze’s acting of this scene wasn’t wrong. The original script had the teenager bow his head, letting the female teacher give him a comforting kiss. The script wanted to express that the youth fell in love with the female teacher, letting her live.

But this plot was revised a few days ago after Ming Yu had a discussion with the director. Ming Yu and Zhu Kejia’s analysis was the same. Such an indifferent and antisocial teenager, how could he fall in love at first glance with the female teacher?

He didn’t kill her, but he couldn’t fall in love with her.

Thus, after talking with the director, the script was changed and everyone got a new script. However, Ming Yu’s script had a lot of important notes written on it. Rather than replacing it with a new script, he used a black pen to make the contents of the new script onto a blank space.

Having said that, even in the original script, the youth shouldn’t be the one kissing the female teacher!!!

Ming Yu pushed the man away, wiping at his forehead while seriously saying, “Your acting is really bad. The whole scene collapsed.” He paused before continuing. “Fortunately, you are a model and not an actor.”

Xi Ze watched the youth wiping his forehead and raised an eyebrow. This sentence was a little familiar?

The person who got NGs 20 times was actually criticizing him for poor acting. Xi Ze didn’t get angry. He just raised his hands and asked, “Did I do something wrong?”

Ming Yu righteously said, “Of course, you made a mistake! I had a few lines of this scene crossed out, with the new plot marked next to it. The previous plot wasn’t in the script at all. The teenager just hugged the female teacher and there was no comforting kiss.”

Xi Ze was surprised when he heard this and exclaimed, “Your marking isn’t good. I didn’t see this story at all!”

“…You didn’t see that big scratch?”

Xi Ze replied sincerely. “I think it was an emphasis mark.”

Ming Yu, “… (/=_=)/~┴┴”

Who would put an emphasis in the middle of the world!!

Out of consideration, Ming Yu didn’t go deeper into the problem. He was vaguely aware of something, but when he looked up at Xi Ze, the latter was looking at him indifferently. There was no sweating or agitation at all, like he was really telling the truth.

…No matter how Ming Yu ignored it, he knew that when the other person’s lips touched him, his heartbeat became rapid and his ears somewhat hot. If someone was to carefully observe his ears right now, they would find that it was still a bright red, the heat not subsiding at all.

Ming Yu lightly coughed twice and suppressed this strange feeling in his heart. He temporarily decided not to think about it. On the other hand, he didn’t notice Xi Ze looking down at him for a long time. Due to their height, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t see Xi Ze’s eyes, but the latter could completely see him.

Xi Ze chose not to point out the slight shyness that was visible under Ming Yu’s calm appearance. His lips just curved in a meaningful manner before pretending he didn’t know anything.

Boiling a frog in warm water, even if it was heated once a day, it should be cooked at least 60~70% right?

It was also time to make some moves other than ‘often send text messages’ and ‘occasionally meet.’

As a result, the two people were ‘ghostly’ silent. After a while, Ming Yu took the initiative to cook Xi Ze a bowl of noodles (yes, not instant noodles! A real bowl of noodles!). In this period of time, Ming Xiaoyu’s cooking had greatly improved. His fans had long been unable to stand their god ‘can’t even make tomato scrambled eggs.’ Thus, in one part of his Muse official forum, there was a red post that was never allowed to sink—

[365 days, I call Ming Xiaoyu to eat this!]

Every day, there were caring fans who would post their cooking recipes, including details of what to pay attention to. At first, they just wanted Ming Xiaoyu to stop eating nonsense like his tomato scrambled eggs. But slowly, more fans who loved to cook came together and threw Ming Xiaoyu to the side… cough, it became a group to exchange their cooking experience.

Even so, Ming Yu learned something from it. He couldn’t cook braised lion head (stewed meatballs) or boiled meat, but wasn’t a bowl of noodles okay? Just sprinkle some green onion and pepper, pour the sesame oil and pull out a bow of fragrant yang chun noodles.

Xi Ze was surprised when he saw this bowl of noodles. It was a world of difference compared to the instant noodles from New Year’s Eve!

As if he sensed the other person’s surprise, Ming Xiaoyu put on a calm demeanor and said, “It is too bad I am busy today. Otherwise, I could cook braised lion’s head, boiled meat, crystal shrimp or sweet and sour pork.”

Xi Ze calmly replied, “Oh?” I remember that you still owe a favour?”

Ming Yu was surprised at the words. A hint of a bad feeling flashed through his head.

He could only listen as Xi Ze said, “Then you should cook braised lion’s head, boiled meat, crystal shrimp and sweet and sour pork for me. Then I will consider this favour returned.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

Alas, why did he say those words?

He wasn’t an upright person and was hit by thunder!

Ming Xiaoyu, how could you say such narcissitic things?

Things were settled for the moment, so Ming Yu and Xi Ze sat the table eating the noodles. It was slippery but both people didn’t make a sound. Xi Ze was always elegant and calm, so it was impossible for him to make sound when eating. On the other side, Ming Xiaoyu looked at the script and only ate a few handfuls as he occasionally picked up the pend to write something.

The fourth time this happened, Xi Ze gently put down the chopsticks and sighed. “If you use the feelings that I just showed, there should be no problem.”

Ming Yu shook his head because he was very self-aware. “You don’t understand my acting. If I don’t carefully figure out every detail, there might be a problem.”

Xi Ze, “…”

I just want to have a quiet meal with you…

Since the meal couldn’t continue, Xi Ze chose to stand up and go to Ming Yu in order to give some advice. As he walked, he said, “You should pay attention to your eyes and the movement of the corners of your mouth. When saying the lines just now…the…”

Ming Xiaoyu raised his head,  “(⊙?⊙)”  Why wasn’t he saying anything?

Xi Ze, “…!!!”

What is with these words? No… they weren’t words!!

In the clean notebook, seven or eight earthworm-like characters unexpectedly appeared. These characters! It was like a knife. The visual was enough to cause shock!

Even the calm Xi Ze was petrified in place!

A long time passed and Ming Xiaoyu’s face was like “( ̄o ̄)”.
Xi Ze finally recovered from seeing this handwriting. He turned to look at the young man next to him. He wanted to speak, but it was like he couldn’t find an exit or know where to start.

…It was too much, Xi Ze couldn’t understand it, let alone the readers.

Before he saw Ming Yu’s writing, he didn’t think the youth would write…such…earth-shattering characters.

Xi Ze secretly looked at the five year contract signed by Ming Yu and saw the youth’s signature. The signature wasn’t pretty, but it could be considered serious and average.

Later, Ming Yu’s signature became more elegant. Like Fei Sixin said, Ming Xiaoyu’s signature was really good looking, he had certainly received professional training and practiced the signature.

Fei Sixin’s guess was right.

In Ming Yu’s precious life, the industry didn’t pay attention to the models’ manners, but a signature was something that was often required. Ming Xiaoyu thought his words were straight edged and big, but his agent made an unspeakable expression and invited a special calligraphy master to design ‘Ming Yu’s’ signature. Then he was forced to practice it for several months before obtaining such a cloud-like signature.

In other words… the agent thought it was too helpless ╮(╯_╰)╭.
Xi Ze stared at Ming Yu for a long time and suddenly asked, “Your signature doesn’t look like this?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…Ah?”

Xi Ze demanded. “Sign your name for me. It shouldn’t be what I remember.”

Before the Ji and Ya fashion show, Ming Yu had left his name on the signature wall. Many models and actors practiced their signature after their debut, so when Xi Ze saw his signature, it wasn’t strange that he thought ‘Why is it different from the contract three years ago?’

His muse, he was really good in every aspect. Oh, apart from acting.

And now…

Ming Yu placed his pen on top of the notebook and wrote out a fierce and sharp ‘Ming Yu’, looking exactly the same as the signature on the wall.

Xi Ze, “…”

Was this the legendary ‘golden on the outside, shabby on the inside?’….

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>Boiling a frog in warm water, even if it was heated once a day, it should be cooked at least 60~70% right?

It was also time to make some moves other than ‘often send text messages’ and ‘occasionally meet.’<
… God Xi, are you trying to ask him to be your exclusive model or trying to ask him in marriage?

5 years ago

Xi Ze : Both sounds good

5 years ago

Even Xi Ze is affected lol *rolling on bed*

5 years ago

The last sentence is funny and a little mean.
What ‘moves’ will God Xi make next?
Great chapter, thank you!

5 years ago

God Xi is so cunning as a result one day the rice would be cooked without the other realising how it happened. Thanks.

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Thank you for the update and your hard work 😄😄😄. Ming and Xi interaction is always hilarious 😂😂😂.

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Thanks for the chapter!

RenTheWitch (@RenTheWitch1)

is he still just pursuing his muse or he is more into like?

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Xi Ze sure is having fun roasting the little fish. XD

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