RS: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

It might be a bathroom but the environment here was peaceful.

When he opened the door, he was faced with a floor to ceiling window. The glass was wiped clean and the lush bamboo forest could be seen outside the window. For convenience, there were only two stalls surrounded by wooden panels. The design was simple and generous, with even the door handles having a reflective metallic colour.

The lights in the bathroom were hidden inside wall lamps, contrasting with the overall simple and elegant style.

In this bright light, the man didn’t care about the presence of another person. He kept his head bowed and carefully gazed at his fingers, meticulously cleaning every corner, not giving Ming Yu a gap to speak.

It was autumn and there was some cold weather. The hall had heating but standing at the door, Ming Yu couldn’t help feeling a trace of coolness and… embarrassment. He didn’t know what to do. From the moment of his intrusion, the man’s mighty aura had locked tightly around him.

Ming Yu had to carefully consider his own behaviour, in case of a preemptive strike from the other person.

After a minute or so, a low magnetic voice was heard over the gurgling of the water. “Do you want to wash your hands?”

The voice was cold and indifferent, as if he was just casually asking a question. But since the other party took the initiative to break the silence, Ming Yu also calmed down. He smiled and said, “No, thank you.” The youth’s tone was calm and gentle, as he retreated properly.

The man raised his eyes at the voice and looked at Ming Yu through the mirror. However, this glance made him shocked and he actually stared for three seconds, before lowering his gaze back to his fingers.

“The person outside seems to be gone.”

The other person spoke very calmly, but Ming Yu took the hint. “Thank you for the reminder, I will be going first.”

The response to Ming Yu was just the sound of water, as the man said nothing. Ming Yu turned the door handle and half stepped out of the open door when he suddenly paused. He turned and gently bowed. Then he gave a light laugh. “I’m sorry for disturbing you today, Mr. Xi.”

The hand washing action slowed and the man looked up again at the youth in the mirror.

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “You know me?”

Ming Yu’s lips curved in a smile. “Yes, Mr. Xi. I know you.”

Due to drinking wine, the youth’s cheeks were crimson, giving him an attractive appearance in this bright yellow light.

Xi Ze stared for a while before asking, “What is your name?”

“Ming Yu.”

The act of cleaning stopped as Xi Ze’s eyes narrowed, a look of slight surprise flashing through them. At this point, Ming Yu had already said goodbye and closed the door to the bathroom. He deliberately didn’t look at Xi Ze’s expression, so he naturally didn’t see his surprise at ‘Ming Yu.’

Ming Yu walked down the bright and elegant corridor, the cool breeze coming from the window finally dispersing the effects of the alcohol. He didn’t hurry back to the table as he started to think.

Xi Ze.

This name was first known by Ming Yu when he came into contact with the fashion industry of this world.

As the world’s largest supermodel agency, Muse Modelling Agency had a dozen of the world’s top supermodels. There was sister He Chaoman, the world’s 2nd ranked female supermodel and Luo Cheng, the world’s 4th ranked male supermodel. There were more than 20 first-tier models, dozens of second-tier models and so on.

In addition to the models, Muse also worked with a number of top designers and had excellent design studios.

It can be said that Muse was the world’s largest fashion giant, a turmoil in it was enough to cause an earthquake in the fashion industry.

However, Xi Ze was a strange existence.

Although he was a Muse supermodel, he was also a shareholder in Muse. His studio had a relationship with Muse, but his brand had no connection with Muse. So even if everyone thought of Xi Ze as a Muse supermodel, they never compared him to Luo Cheng.

It wasn’t because they didn’t want to compare, but because it wasn’t comparable.

Of course, Ming Yu’s knowledge of this person wasn’t related to Muse. He simply wanted to know who the top male supermodel in the world was.

This well-deserved first place person was naturally Xi Ze.

When he searched for Xi Ze’s information on the Internet, Ming Yu had to admit that he looked at the photos and thought ‘This face is really good.’ But a supermodel wasn’t just about the face. Ming Yu had seen many good looking models, but when they walked a catwalk or were in front of a camera, they were unforgettable.

Today, he finally saw the world’s first supermodel.

Xi Ze was as remarkable as he imagined. Just by standing there, he seemed to be alienating everything around him, forming a unique field. One could imagine that when this person was walking down the T stage, he would be a noble and elegant king.

Ming Yu’s blood boiled as he thought this.

It was a bit exciting to think about beating such a person.


Of course, Ming Yu didn’t think he could defeat the world’s first ranked supermodel right now. He hadn’t officially become a supermodel… No, he wasn’t even a first or second-tier model, he could probably only be considered as third-tier.

Ming Yu returned to the group in an excited mood. At this time, Zhu Wei was already back in his seat. His eyes darkened as he saw Ming Yu. Then he asked with a smile, “Ming Yu, where have you been?”

Ming Yu casually replied to Zhu Wei and no longer bothered with him.

Ming Yu didn’t see that when he turned around, Zhu Wei grinded his teeth together and glared at him.

These past two days could be described as the most painful two days in Zhu Wei’s life. Since hooking up with the deputy editor of Fashion Entertainment, Zhu Wei’s path could be described as smooth. He might only be a second-tier model, but he believed that he would eventually become first-tier or even a supermodel!

However, when Zhu Wei tried to suppress a small model that he disliked as usual, he actually kicked over a piece of iron. Zhu Wei didn’t suppress Muse models, but he believed that Ming Yu was just a small model. Muse had hundreds of similar models so they wouldn’t care.

He never thought that things would develop to the point where Muse became angry. Even his older deputy editor of Fashion Entertainment fiercely scolded him for a long time before cutting off their relationship.

His originally great future seemed like it was over!

How could Zhu Wei not feel hate?

Last week, he learned from the deputy editor that a well-known photographer in the industry would be coming to Ruoshang Hall today. The photographer’s level was high and his fame was also good, but it wasn’t a good reputation.

He didn’t just rejoice in beauty, he liked young and beautiful men.

Therefore, Zhu Wei deliberately booked a spot for today and lead everyone here. He spent the whole day of pleasing Ming Yu in order to gain his trust. As long as the lustful photographer had an opportunity to see Ming Yu, he would naturally try to do something with Ming Yu. At this time, the paparazzi hidden in the hall would take photos.

Zhu Wei wasn’t worried that the photographer wouldn’t be interested in Ming Yu. He didn’t want to admit it, but Ming Yu truly had the best appearance among the four of them.

Thus, Zhu Wei counted everything and successfully came here. However, he didn’t count on the fact that Ming Yu still didn’t trust him, and was even on guard against him!

Damn it, the photographer wasn’t far from this place but why didn’t Ming Yu trust him?

These hateful emotions continued until the end of the dinner. The time wasn’t late, but Zhu Wei couldn’t persuade them to stay longer. Everyone decided to return to Beijing instead of staying in the eastern outskirts. At this time, Zhu Wei could only listen ot the opinions of everyone. His ‘plan failed’ as he reluctantly walked with everyone out of the hall.

But at this time, the goddess of luck magically favoured Zhu Wei!

The group was just about to exit the hall when Zhu Wei heard a familiar voice. He looked back with surprise and was amazed to see the lustful photographer!

God was helping him, God was helping him!

Ming Yu was currently talking to Liu Qian, but his attention was always on Zhu Wei. Ming Yu had long believed that Zhu Wei’s actions today were contrived for some reason. Therefore, when he saw Zhu Wei suddenly look surprised and amazed, Ming Yu followed his gaze.

A fat drunk man?

Was there something special about this person?

As Ming Yu was thinking, the fat man suddenly found him. The man’s eyes shone the moment he saw Ming Yu and he gulped with excitement. Naked desire and greed shot out from those little eyes, causing Ming Yu to frown.

The next second, the photographer hurriedly rushed over. “Oh, if it isn’t Little Luo! It has been a long time, why are you here? Taking photos? Who are these people? Introduce me!”

The foul smell of alcohol exuded from the man’s mouth, causing people to feel resistant.

The person in charge of today’s photos, Brother Luo also looked disgusted but he had to endure it. “Ah, if it isn’t Brother Wang! We came here today after shooting for Character. Do you want to see it?”

Brother Luo hurriedly glanced at Liu Qian and Ming Yu, indicated that they should leave early.

Others might not know it, but as a photographer, Brother Luo naturally knew that this fat Wang Zhu was famous for being lustful! His favourite were beautiful male models. In particular, many who looked like Ming Yu and Liu Qian were ruined by him.

This old goat had a little money and background, so he wasn’t afraid of anyone as long as they weren’t a supermodel.

Liu Qiant was still a bit unclear after receiving Brother Luo’s hint, but Ming Yu’s response was very fast. He quickly pulled Liu Qian, intending to leave. He said that “We are in a hurry and will go first.” However, the fat man ran over and blocked their path.

His eyes swept over Ming Yu and Liu Qian’s body. They shone with lust, like the people in front of him had no clothes on. Liu Qian suddenly grabbed Ming Yu’s arm.

Wang Zhu had drunk a lot of alcohol tonight so he wasn’t sober. When he saw the two beauties, his lower body stood up as he imagined a glorious night.

This little beauty… looked good, his favourite type!

As for the one next to him… simply the best!!!

Among the people that Wang Zhu had seen, except for one or two that he couldn’t touch this was the best beauty!

If the three people played together…

Wang Zhu couldn’t help gulping as he thought this. He said, “Little… children, are you models?”

Liu Qian understood exactly what was happening now and he emphatically replied, “No!”

This stubborn look made Wang Zhu’s s*xual desire rise even further. He repeated, “No? Well then, are you interested in becoming models?  I can arrange to shoot a few photos for ‘Moshang’ next week and my friend is also having a fashion show. Are you interested?”

While speaking, the fat man couldn’t help wanting to touch Liu Qian’s hand, but he was stopped by Ming Yu.

Under the bright moonlight, the handsome youth stepped in front of Liu Qian. He smiled but his eyes were cold as he spoke calmly to the fat man. “Mr. Wang, I’m afraid that we don’t have much interest. We have something to do, so we will be going first.”

Wang Zhu’s eyes brightened. A spicy little pepper~! Welcoming him but still refusing!

“Ah, don’t say Little Luo’s friend, we all know each other! Child, what is your name…”

As he spoke, Wang Zhu reached out and tried to grasp Ming Yu’s hand. How could Zhao Rui endure it? Zhao Rui stepped forward to block that king pig’s salty hand!

Once his hand was blocked, an endless stream of curses and dirty words emerged from Wang Zhu’s mouth. It was really unbearable and dirty!

The service staff rushed to persuade him to calm down, but the fat man was drunk and refused to let Ming Yu’s group go.

The scene was so chaotic that it was difficult to mediate.

The fat man kept stretching out to try and touch Ming Yu. Zhao Rui could no longer stand it and was ready to hit this fat pig. At this moment, a low and melodious voice was heard from the side.

His voice was so cold and indifferent that the fiery atmosphere suddenly cooled.

“Blocking the way, aren’t you leaving?”

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