RS: Chapter 207

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Chapter 207

What was this terrible thing?

Can’t you talk well?

Ming Xiaoyu naturally had no reply to this extreme dog’s flesh and blood. At the same time, he quickly returned home and had a real life PK with a shameless man.

There was an old saying in Huaxia that can’t be more accurate. The wife argued and it always ended in the bed.

The good night started with a real PK in the living room and ended in the soft and comfortable bed.

In the middle of the night, Xi Ze calmly held his small mushroom while taking the other person’s mobile phone from the bedside, opened it with the youth’s fingerprint and then secretly forwarded his Weibo.

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: Okay, if you love me so much, let’s be together. //@ Zyu: As long as I have you, what do other people matter… 】

Everyone was asleep and even the night owls were about to close their eyes!

God Z suddenly unleashed a deep water bomb that woke up a group of people!

【 What a surprise! Do you really want to show love? My dog’s eyes are gone! 】

【 Previously God Z shouted for a month and the Good Legs sister didn’t pay attention to him. She just ignored him. How is it that the relationship between these two became better in the middle of the night? I feel it is strange. Is it my illusion… 】
【 Above, it definitely isn’t your illusion! I think that God Z’s love story is too nauseating that Good Legs hadn’t replied until now. Now the Good Legs sister was slowed down by the god and agreed to it? 】

【 …Is is okay as long as you two are good? What is good?!!! 】  

【 How is it a good name? Think about it? Beating? Breaking? I? Wife? A woman? Really? Legs? …Good Legs sister really has a good name! _(:з」∠)_ 】……

After all, it was the middle of the might. When Xi Ze posted this, only a few dozen people replied or forwarded it. There was suddenly a CP related to God Z. On this night, Zyu probably lost thousands of fans and had less than 15W follows.

He was obviously the leader of the pink circle but God Z’s fans really couldn’t compare to Xiao Xiao Yu Yu! Of course, Xiao Biqing was a three awards actress. Who was Zyu? He was a local tyrant!

Between fans and a sneaky show of love, Xi Ze’s lips curved and he immediately chose the latter.

He carefully put the phone back on the bedside table and placed his arm around his lover’s waist again. His hand had just touched the youth’s delicate skin when a low voice was heard in the quiet bedroom.

“Hey, are you good?”

Xi Ze was stunned. “What?”

Ming Xiaoyu slowly opened his eyes and said coldly, “What did you send? You know, our great God Z.”

The handsome man just made a confused expression and asked with surprise, “What are you talking about, my dear?”

Ming Yu scolded, “Shut up and good sleep. I will look at your account tomorrow!” Then the youth muttered, “I don’t know how you came up with so many disgusting words. It really made me have goosebumps.”

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t conceal the meaning of these words and they were completely heard by Xi Ze.

The listening Xi Ze suddenly raised a hand, brushing back the hair over the youth’s forehead to reveal and smooth and full brow. As Ming Yu raised his head with surprise, a gentle kiss silently fell on the youth’s brow, followed by a kiss to the slightly trembling eyelashes.

The bright moonlight sprinkled brilliant light on the carpet of the bedroom, while the white bed swayed. The naked shoulders of the youth trembled slightly as he raised startled eyes. In the moonlight that was like a diamond, the man’s deep and cold facial features seemed more indifferent.

The thin lips twitched gently and he whispered, “Those weren’t disgusting words or something I would say casually. You are Ming Yu, as long as you are well, you must be my person. No matter where you are, no matter what your identity, you are the one I chose.”

The man’s voice was low and mellow, like a cello.

The youth’s clear eyes flashed in the moonlight and his pupils trembled. After a long time, Ming Yu didn’t say anything. He just clung to this man, gently pressing his face against the other’s chest. There wasn’t any clothes blocking him as he clearly listened to the man’s heart beating in his chest.

The hot temperature seemed to burn him to pieces.

In the end, Ming Yu smiled. “You say this as if you aren’t the person that I chose.”

The two people hugged each other tightly and quietly fell asleep. The hug was quite tight and there was no gap between their bodies. It was as if the whole world couldn’t separate them, there was only each other in heaven and earth.

Of course, the beautiful atmosphere of the night was exposed by the glaring sun. The sweet atmosphere completely disappeared.

In the morning, Ming Xiaoyu got up early and followed Luo Ru’s car to the venue.

Before leaving, he held a croissant to his mouth as he said, “Yes, did you know that Brother Zhao and Sister Wei were actually siblings? I didn’t know about this before. I thought that Sister Wei liked Brother Zhao but he was too silly to notice.”

Xi Ze held a coffee cup and raised his eyebrows. “Since when have they not been siblings?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

After a moment of chewing the pastry, Ming Yu asked with exasperation, “If you knew this, why didn’t you tell me? It made me look ugly in front of Brother Zhao as I encouraged him to chase Sister Wei!”

Xi Ze picked up a wet towel and started slowing wiping his fingers. “One has the father’s surname and the other has the mother’s surname. Isn’t this very normal? Zhao Rui’s emotional quotient is too low. How can he still be in the company today if it wasn’t for Zhou Weizhuo behind him?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…I thought that Brother Zhao’s luck was really good.”

Xi Ze sighed with disappointment. “You actually believe in an illusory thing like luck. Zhao Rui’s EQ and IQ are so bad that strong luck can’t save him.”

Ming Xiaoyu arrived at the venue and turned to tell Zhao Rui about this. Upon hearing this, Zhao Rui was naturally angry and cried out, “Xi Ze is really too much.”

But when Ming Yu asked if he was going to question and criticize Xi Ze, Zhao Rui was stunned before smiling. “Xiaoyu, this isn’t a big deal. You know, I really am not very shrewd in some aspects. Xi Ze’s words aren’t wrong. Haha… he is right?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

You are simply afraid of the bully!!

From the afternoon onwards, the media reporters entered the venue. The invited guests were also present.

At the end of January 2018, the premiere of An Li officially began.

The eyes of the world was focused on this small venue.

The world’s big and small media companies arranged for special reporters to be present at the An Li premiere. Countless reporters held onto their SLRs and took photos. They also constantly revised their questions, intending to wait until the opening ceremony officially began to seize the opportunity to grab headlines.

The An Li was hosted by a well-known top male host in the industry. The host was very funny and first heated things up. Then he started inviting the deputy directing and supporting actors to play.

After the reporters interviewed them for a while, he invited Director Xu Yizong, lead actor Fang Liangxiu, heroine Xiao Biqing and the male number four Ming Yu to appear together.

Ming Xiaoyu might be the male number four but it was common to put the high-profile people together. Not only did it give face to the people before them, letting the reporters concentrate on their interviews, it also acted as the finale to attract everyone’s attention.

Ming Xiaoyu’s status couldn’t compare to Xiao Biqing but he was part of hot news recently.

At the beginning, Director Xu asked Ming Yu to come personally. It was also surprising that Ming Yu was present since he just recently came out of the closet. At this time, all the reporters were focused on him. Ming Xiaoyu’s appearance was an opportunity for the reporters to ask questions and even cause him problems.

However, Ming Yu came here without hesitation.

In his words, this was a movie he participated in and he would naturally go to the premiere to promote it.

Sure enough, these reporters asked Director Xu, Xiao Biqing and Fang Liangxiu several perfunctory questions before shifting their eyes to Ming Yu

It was the premiere so the questions at the beginning were focused on the movie itself and Ming Yu fluently answered these questions. However, later on, the reporters started to eagerly ask about private issues.

“Ming Yu, when did you choose to be with Xi Ze?”

“How do you think this relationship will affect your career?”

“What do you think about someone on the Internet claiming that you aren’t in a normal romantic relationship with Xi Ze?”

“If the same-sex marriage legislation passes, will you marry Xi Ze? Do you think your relationship will last?”

The series of questions felt too sharp to the other actors. But Ming Yu was very calm as he listened to the questions of these reporters.

The youth didn’t show any irritation even when a reporter asked, “You are in a relationship with Xi Ze but what about the rumours of an outside relationship?”

Once almost everyone had asked a question, Ming Yu picked up the microphone and prepared to answer.


Just as he was intending to answer, he heard the host laughingly say, “Everyone today is really too enthusiastic. I think that Ming Yu has probably become dizzy. Therefore, shall we let Ming Yu take a break and welcome another party to the scene to answer these questions!”

“Please clap to welcome Xi Ze!”

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