RS: Chapter 170

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Chapter 170

When Elder Chen said this, he was deliberately trying to prolong the climax.

Ming Yu curiously waited a long time and didn’t get an answer.

After seeing the youth’s curious look, Elder Chen continued with a smile. “You should know that Xiaozi’s height is more than 190cm, which is taller than Raymond. Previously, Xiaoxi deliberately lowered his momentum so there wasn’t a problem. But once Xiaoxi no longer paid attention to this stinky old man, the poor Raymond couldn’t help being suppressed by Xiaoxi!”

What type of momentum did the first ranked supermodel have?

Raymond Cottel had personally raised several supermodels in the world, including superb men and women with strong momentum. But among these people, no one could compete with Xi Ze!

Once Xi Ze swept a cold and indifferent gaze over Raymond, Raymond felt the blood in his body solidify. He seemed to be a lion gazing at his prey. He didn’t move but there was a sense of lethal threat, not giving Raymond the strength to escape.

“Raymond Cottel, it has been 34 years but you haven’t grown a bit. The invitation letter I just tore up had the location, time and theme of your high-end show. Do you know why I tore it up? It is because everyone in the fashion world knows what you will design.”

“Fur, metal and leather.”

“In my eyes, your innovation is lacking. Your talent is so poor that you can’t have any more new ideas.”

Elder Chen and the other people started sweating when they heard Xi Ze talk to Raymond like this. Raymond was the godfather of fashion in the United States and was one of the world’s top design masters. Xi Ze actually dared to taunt him face to face.

They didn’t think that after Xi Ze finished speaking, the old man from Rosalind didn’t refute one word. He just stared with a stunned expression. Raymond’s face suddenly turned white and he couldn’t even open his mouth.

Elder Chen thought back on this scene and couldn’t help saying sarcastically, “It is because at that time, Xi Ze completely guessed Raymond’s theme—Black Revolution.”

Raymond was famous for a high-end show 30 years ago. At the time, he relied on the three classic elements of fur, metal and leather. In the next few decades, even Elder Chen believed that Raymond wasn’t rigidly attached to these materials and often innovated. But this time, Raymond once again chose his favourite materials.

Did Xi Ze really guess?

Not at all!

Xi Ze knew that Raymond would want to use this opportunity to completely suppress Ji and Ya because he wanted Rosalind to be the world’s best luxury brand. Thus, he would certainly choose what he was good at, the so-called Black Revolution.

Raymond lost face to Xi Ze and had no idea how to deal with it.

The things that Raymond were good at was just a piece of cake for Xi Ze. He could make an outfit with the same elements and convince Raymond! Just ask Raymond, who would dare challenge him?

In the face of this provocation, Raymond was still timid. He didn’t believe that a 21 year old could beat him in the field he was best at, but Xi Ze’s confidence made him afraid.

Then Xi Ze sneered. “In a week, Ji and Ya can beat you in just a week.”

Wanting to make a high-end outfit in a week?

There was no such example in the world!

In addition, making an outfit that could beat Raymond?

It was crazy!

Thus, Raymond took Xi Ze’s challenge and prepared to make him admit defeat.

The things that followed were obvious. Elder Chen couldn’t help shivering as he recalled the horror of those seven days. At that time, they didn’t have any experience with making a high-end outfit in a short time and the outfit needed to surpass Raymond’s level. Naturally, it was better than Ming Xiaoyu’s outfit for the charity party.

In those seven days, the one who worked the hardest was Xi Ze.

He was in charge of all matters of the outfit, from the simplest thread to the overall direction of the lines. He personally looked at everything. If he wasn’t young, he probably would’ve collapsed at the design table.

The ending of this matter was worth Xi Ze’s efforts.

The chief designers of five other high-end studios, including Garcia and Otilla, voted 4 to 1 in Xi Ze’s advantage. Xi Ze’s elegant and beautiful white dress beat Raymond’s tight black leather skirt, mercilessly slapping Raymond’s face.

As Raymond was going to leave Huaxia angrily, Ding stepped out from behind Xi Ze and blocked his way. Raymond turned his head angrily and questioned what Xi Ze was doing.

The handsome and powerful sneered at Raymond, speaking in an extremely dull tone. “In the fashion industry, there is never any undefeated person. The experience of facing the five closed door paid off this time. “Raymond Cottel, you will came to the Ji and Ya fashion show as Rosalind’s chief designer and announce to the world that your Rosalind congratulates Ji and Ya on their high-end fashion show. If you do it then I will pretend nothing has happened.”

How could Raymond promise such a thing?

He was about to indignantly refuse when he saw Xi Ze raise his eyebrows like he had seen something interesting. Then Xi Ze smiled, “Do you really think that Ji and Ya can’t be stepped on by Rosalind? Or do you think that my temper is that good?”

Xi Ze’s words were very simple but they made the chill of death creep up Raymond’s body, leaving him stiff and motionless.

For the first time in the fashion world, Raymond was caught by a junior.

Raymond declared that he was always planning to go to the Ji and Ya fashion show for the dead Ms. Ji Heya. But in fact, everyone at the time knew that Raymond had been beaten by a junior.

When he heard this, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t feel that his own man had bullied the old and the weak. Rather, he secretly clapped in his heart. But after thinking about it, he suddenly realized. “Wait, why did Xi Ze give Raymond such face? He crossed half the Earth to give an invitation, only for Raymond to throw it directly into the trash!”

Elder Chen was speechless. Then he smiled and asked, “Xiaoyu, when did I say that we gave him another invitation? Ji and Ya delivers only one invitation letter to their guests. Ji and Ya wouldn’t send him another one in this life!”

As soon as he heard this, Ming Xiaoyu suddenly realized that this type of releasing resentment was too cool!

Raymond had to go to Ji and Ya’s high-end show but he had no invitation. What could he do? He had to hurriedly return to the trash can and pick out the invitation letter!

Raymond tried to restore the invitation as much as possible. But this didn’t mean he could return the invitation paper of Ji and Ya to its original state. Therefore, Raymond had to shabbily enter the venue holding a crumpled invitation!

How cool was this?

Ming Xiaoyu still felt there was something wrong. According to Xi Ze’s personality, how could he let it go to this degree? Shouldn’t he repay it 10 times?

As if he perceived Ming Yu’s thoughts, Elder Chan said emotionally, “Even if he was wrong, Xi Ze had to endure it for the sake of Ji and Ya…”

His tone was long suffering and helpless. It gave Xi Ze a strong image of humiliation!

Ming Xiaoyu noticed something wrong and decided to ask Elder Chen a few more question. But the master suddenly pointed in front and said, “Xi Ze is coming. I will go first.” Then he disappeared without a trace.

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Wait, was there something wrong with this? Didn’t there seem to be a problem? ……

Mr. Xi, who didn’t seem to know anything, walked over slowly and saw the youth’s face full of doubts. His thin lips curved as he asked, “What’s wrong? Why is Uncle Chen taking you around? Didn’t I ask Alice to do that?”

Ming Yu’s thoughts were interrupted and he forgot what he was thinking about. “Alice was a bit busy. Therefore, Elder Chen and I walked a bit, talking a while.

“Oh? Come this way. Now that you’ve been shown around, let’s go to my studio and…”

As they walked, the two men walked forward.

Once they turned a corner, Xi Ze’s hand went to the young man’s face. Ming Xiaoyu removed the salty pig hand and rebuked him. “Mr. Xi, shouldn’t you take some responsibility? We aren’t even in your studio yet. If someone sees, your glorious image…”

“What glorious image should I have when I want to be with you?”

The two people’s voices faded as they gradually disappeared around the corner. Just after they left, Master Chen walked out with a smile. He looked at their backs and laughed. Alice was just passing by. She came over and asked curiously, “Uncle Chen, why did you want me to go back to work? I’m not very busy right now. Aren’t you busier than me?”

Upon hearing this, Elder Chen sighed. “Alice, Alice, you talk too much. If it wasn’t for me, would you have exposed Xiaozi’s foundation? You! You are too young. Fortunately I came to rescue you or who knew what you would’ve told Ming Yu!”

Alice was startled. “Ah? Xiaoyu is very good. Uncle Chen, what are you talking about?”

Elder Chen shook his head. “Oh you, you! In the future, you should pay attention to Ming Yu. His bad thoughts are no less than Xi Ze!”

After saying this, Elder Chen turned and continued to work. Before leaving, he muttered a seemingly casual sentence—

“But Xiaozi is really too bad. Really, it takes constantly vigilance to stave off evil!”

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Twinkle Lulu

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I think it’s something like only the bad could control the bad. In this case, only bad mushroom can control this bad God Xi 😂 PROBABLY!!


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ML is not just black bellied, he is a shiny, moving, obsidian statue. He could have easily become a tyrant. Have you noticed how most high placed people, all those who know more of what goes in the shadows, are afraid of him? He just has to think it to suppress people. I’m pretty sure he showed that Raymond hell. We didn’t hear all the story.
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