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Chapter 18

From the morning publication to the afternoon supplement, Character was a domestic first-tier magazine and did everything in an orderly manner. 10,000 supplementary copes were printed again and sold out within three days.

Character had experience with supplementary copies in the past. The Huaxia of this world placed great importance on copyrights, so their sales were quite high. No readers would take the liberate to spread the pages only, and there were no pirate manufacturers who would print an inferior produce.

In fact, a supplementary number of 10,000 copies was ordinary. Every year, Character would do two or three such supplements. In most cases, it was due to big models, celebrities or important news stories.

But this time…

This issue looked normal? The British male model on the cover could be considered relatively popular, while the female on the inside of the cover wasn’t that known. Could it be the key news? But this time, Character didn’t release any breaking news in order to focus on next month’s annual release.

Was it because of that?

Huaxia’s fashion magazines held votes for the best section on their official website. Just like in the last Fashion Entertainment poll, the most popular section was the ‘18 years old’ section. This time in Character’s pill, the most popular wasn’t the handsome cover or the s*xy and enchanting girl on the inside cover. It was—

“The Glorious Years.”

As the name suggested, ‘The Glorious Years’ was about the bright and beautiful years of youth. The tall and handsome Wu Yuzhen, feminine and neutral Liu Qian, bright and sunny Zhu Wei (his image) and the handsome and elegant Ming Yu.

Four different types of beautiful men gathered together, the visual impact was too large!
In the forum area of Character’s official website, there were several such voices.

【 Lick lick lick!!!  I will sponsor a month of instant noodles money to see those four again! 】

【 This is great! The photo of Sister Qian coming out of the water is almost erotic! As a straight man, I am typing with both feet to prove my innocence! 】

【 Sir Wu is a prince! 】 

【 Zhu Wei isn’t bad. He still looks good despite standing in front of Sir Wu 】…

Liu Qian’s appearance was more neutral, so he was given the nickname of ‘Sister Qian.’ Wu Yuzhen previously had a role in a small-budget movie where he played a police officer, so fans called him Sir Wu. Zhu Wei’s popularity was behind theirs, but they could only be compared to Ming Yu when the three of them were added together.

【 Ah aha ah ah ah Ming Xiaoyu is too handsome!!!   The photo with the red wine is life!! 】 (TL: Basically, calling him Ming Little Yu. I decided to go with Ming Xiaoyu because it is a nickname they will use a lot)

【 No no, don’t bend over! Someone stop my son! 】

【 The positioning of the four people is really accurate. Liu Qian and Wu Yuzhen’s positions are no different from normal. Zhu Wei’s positioning isn’t bad, but his performance is more ordinary and tepid. The most surprising one if Ming Yu! This melancholy and elegant image really unexpectedly fits him. I originally thought he had the noble and cold image, but he is wearing a wet shirt like Liu Qian and it is really tempting! Ah, I have gone from being indifferent to being a huge fan. get√ 】

【 The emperor’s analysis! Favourite +1. The ‘natural carving of a fresh lotus.’ This is really natural! It is a fairy!! I won’t say that I stared at Ming Xiao Jade’s chest for a long, long time….】

【 Ah, I made a typo. I meant Ming Xiaoyu. 】

【 His nipples were exposed? !!!  I just looked through the magazine and it is true! Ah ah ah ah, white shirt + water. It is simply a big kill!!!  You aren’t allowed to look at my husband! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu is really great ~ the jade skin and handsome face ~ nickname get√ 】……

After the Fasion Entertainment typsetting event, Ming Yu wasn’t an obscure small model. He didn’t have many fans, but it wasn’t to the extent that no one knew him. Therefore, after this issue of Character was published, the readers recognized him and flocked to the Muse website to join the ‘Ming Yu’ personal fan site.

Muse had hundreds of models, each of them with their own official fan site. The highest one had more than 30 million fans and was naturally Xi Ze, while Ming Yu’s fans only just reached 100,000.

Of course, Ming Yu’s weibo had more than 500,000 fans, because not every fan would go to the Muse website.

In this way, Ming Yu’s popularity increased step by step. His momentum was still heating up after the issue of Character, with no signs of reduction, prompting Muse to readjust the level of attention to him.

There was a clean and tidy office, the minimalist design of black and white being the only embellishment. Before a floor to ceiling glass window, a tall and upright man was slightly bent over, his fingers lightly moving the charcoal to sketch on the paper. As he moved, black slowly infiltrated the paper and a simple and elegant skirt was drawn.

He was just drawing the last line when there was a knock on the mahogany door in front of the man. After the whispered “Come in,” a man wearing silver glasses walked in and sat on the swivel chair in front of the desk.

“I just heard from Shenxiang, that kid said that the PR department is raising Ming Yu up two levels.”

Xi Ze continued calmly sketching as he looked down at the paper. He looked at his agent out of the corner of his eye and casually asked, “Ming Yu?” His tone was confused, as if he really didn’t know this person.

Ding Bi sneered. “Don’t pretend that you don’t know. He is the beauty we saw last time at Ruoshang Hall, where you acted as the hero to save him.”

Xi Ze calmly sketched as he spoke flatly, “Oh, his name is Ming Yu.” He paused before adding, “I didn’t act as a hero to save that beauty. I was just passing by.”

Ding Bo, “…”

After a long time, Ding Bo spoke. “Hey, don’t act in front of me. Do you really not know him? As a lifelong honorary chairman of the Outward Appearance Association, how can you not know the name of the mdoel when Ming Yu looks so good? Aren’t you paying attention to him?”

Xi Ze placed the pen lightly on the table and leaned back in his seat, lifting his eyes to gaze at Ding Bo. The calm and indifferent eyes looked over Ding Bo, then Xi Ze’s lips curved up. “Aren’t you very concerned about that night?”

Ding Bo touched the goose bumps on his arm and replied, “Not really.”

“Oh, you are concerned.”


After a moment, Xi Ze casually asked, “How is the king pig recently?”

Ding Bo frowned. “The person called Wang Zhu… recently, he doesn’t seem very good. Since the last time you scolded him, he hasn’t started on other small models. However, a dog can’t be taught to not eat poo. I don’t know when he will start again.”

A low laugh emerged from Xi Ze as he cupped his chin and grinned at the agent in front of him.

“So, you are concerned about the king pig…”

Ding Bo, “…”

“You are very concerned about him.”

“…I’m not!!!”

“You know his current situation.”

Unable to argue Ding Bo, “…”

“Tut, even being concerned about the king pig, your taste…”

“Xi Ze!  I really lost a lot of blood being your agent!!”

Ding Bo angrily turned to leave. Just before he reached the door, he heard a loud voice behind him, “Oh, I poked at your centre so you are fleeing angrily to cover the up the truth.”

Ding Bo, “…”

This was a really hard day!!  What could he say to that? He could only learn from this mistake! Mr. Ding had been poisoned by someone for so many years and didn’t realize a single truth—
Don’t provoke Xi Ze!

On the other hand, Ming Yu didn’t know anything about what was going on in the Muse building. He didn’t know that Ding Bo was cursing a man for the 100,0001th time, nor did he know that the number of his fans was rising at a rate visible to the naked eye.

At this moment, Ming Yu and Cheng Su saw each other.  Ming Yu recognized Cheng Su instantly. After all, the first thing he saw after being reborn was this man’s poster, so he naturally remembered the face. On the other hand, Cheng Su didn’t even recognize Ming Yu!

The teenager sitting in the chair, speaking humbly and warmly to Wu Mei. The smoky make-up didn’t look heavy on the youth’s face, it only served to emphasize his beauty, making Cheng Su startled.

All designers in the fashion industry were loyal members of the Outward Appearance Association, there were even a lot who felt attached to a face.

Beauty was the highest pursuit of everyone in this circle. For example, the top designers Xi Ze was, according to Ding Bo’s words, a lifelong honorary chairman.
They sought beauty and pursued this intangible thing all over the world. Beauty, no one wanted to degrade it.

Once entering this circle, the ‘paranoid’ Cheng Su gradually began to pay attention to all the beauties around him. He was attracted to this ‘unfamiliar’ boy until he saw Zhao Rui sitting next to Ming Yu.

Zhao Rui currently only had one model: Ming Yu.

Cheng Su thought this and carefully looked at the teenager. He did look like Ming Yu. They hadn’t seen each other for several months and somehow Ming Yu’s temperament had changed. He wasn’t as gloomy and sharp as before.

It was no wonder why Cheng Su didn’t recognize Ming Yu— After all, he never looked carefully at the original.

After recognizing Ming Yu, Cheng Su’s face turned red, then white, then green, until his assistant received the clothing. He sneered at Wu Mei and after Wu Mei greeted him, he didn’t even respond as he turned around to leave.

Wu Mei frowned as she looked at Cheng Su’s back. “Strange, Cheng Su usually isn’t so arrogant. He understands how to be polite. Why isn’t his attitude good this time, do you know Little Yu?”

Ming Yu smiled at the words and deflected, “Maybe he isn’t feeling well.”

Wu Mei made an oh sound and didn’t ask anymore, continuing with the previous topic. Zhao Rui was simmering with anger. He wanted to shake the shoulders of his small model and roar, “How can you still speak up for that bastard? Didn’t you see his attitude towards you?”

However, Zhao Rui didn’t know that because Ming Yu spoke for Cheng Su, he actually made Wu Mei like him more.

『 Not speaking bad words behind a person’s back and even helping, he is such a good child. 』
Pei Feng’s first assistant designer, Wu Mei secretly thought.

And what was Ming Yu thinking?

—Being shaken just because his face was seen? Alas, Cheng Su seemed weaker than he imagined.

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