RS: Chapter 162

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Chapter 162

Once Xiao Biqing opened the Weibo of ‘Zyu’, she first noticed that the other person was only a single-digit fan.

“Che, the number of followers is much less than me.”

Xiao Biqing’s enthusiasm was gone. She thought that this was a fan who wanted to challenge her position as ‘first mushroom fan,’ They really weren’t a match! Look at this page. The Weibo was only created today.

Hey, what was the photo? What type of photo could it be? Did they buy 1,000 magazines?

Xiao Biqing casually opened this image. She intended to just take a look before ignoring it. After all, who cares if the fan bought 1,000? Xiao Biqing only bought 1,000 becase she was worried she would have no place to put the magazines. With Xiao Biqing’s status and net worth in the industry, she could buy 10,000… well, this amount was a bit much. Buying 5,000 was no problem!

Xiao Biqing casually glanced at it, planning to close the page and do her own thing. However! Once she saw the photo, Xiao Biqing squinted and stared with aghast eyes for a long time!

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

Xiao Biqing stared for a long time, refreshing the page because she couldn’t believe it.

But as soon as it was refreshed, she was horrified! This Weibo, which had just one comment, now had more than 200 comments in just one minute! By the way, the original single digit followers increased to more than 500!

…What was going on?

Xiao Biqing took a closer look at the photo and saw that her eyes weren’t wrong. Her expression changed from “╮(╯▽╰)╭” to “(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

【 I counted it. There are around 20 books in each pile, for a total of 10,000 books! 】

 【 Isn’t this too exaggerated? This is simply a defeat! 】

【 I finally understand why the Suyi sales on the second day in Huaxia was actually 18W. This Zyu bought 1W… crazy! 】

【 QAQ If i have money then I will buy! I also want to buy a Mushroom life-sized pillow. I will hold it every hold, hold Mushroom every day!!! 】……

This was basically amazing.

Some people this was a way to show off wealth. But Xiao Biqing never showed off her other things. She only showed the Ming Xiaoyu goods that she bought. From magazines to posters, from Nidelan perfumes to Feilu watches, as long as it was something related to Ming Xiaoyu, Xiao Biqing would buy them.

She was capable so she would support the model she liked.

As you know, with any model or celebrities’ fans, there had to be one or two leaders.

When a model or celebrity endorsed something, the leader’s job was to appeal as the spokesperson. If the fans didn’t make contributions to the people they liked, it would only make the public think that the appeal of this model was too weak. From then on, there would be fewer and fewer endorsers willing to cooperate with this model.

A few years ago, there was a very popular and fresh meat in the entertainment industry. This person was very handsome and his acting skills were okay. Thus, after he became popular with an idol drama, many brands came to him for his endorsements. However, most of the fans attracted by this fresh actor were young fans. These fans supported him online, saying he was very handsome, but they never took action. They didn’t even buy a bottle of water worth a few dollars.

Since then, there were fewer and fewer endorsers looking to cooperate with this fresh actor. The status of this actor in the industry gradually decreased.

In this world, one couldn’t survive on only love.

Therefore, Xiao Biqing’s act wasn’t just dazzling the fans and expressing her love for Ming Xiaoyu. It was also calling on the fans. She couldn’t be a young fan. She must support her favourite person within the limits of her ability and give him motivation.

Fans outside the industry might not know this but Xiao Biqing knew one thing. Suyi rarely invited male models to be their cover person. This time, they invited the male model Ming Xiaoyu who hadn’t yet reached the world’s supermodel rankings. It really overturned many people’s glasses.

Suyi showed off Ming Yu’s appeal.

His fans were very united and supportive of the people they liked.

This time, Suyi’s gamble was right. In the past, Suyi had sold less than Muse. But in terms of just this September issue, Suyi surpassed Muse!

Of course, Ming Xiaoyu repeatedly emphasized this fact on his fan forum and Weibo: I hope that fans won’t save money and hurt themselves in order to buy my various merchandise. For example, going hungry and only eating instant noodles for a month in order to buy a Feilu watch. This type of behaviour wasn’t acceptable!

And now there was someone… He bought 10,000 copies of Suyi!!

10,000 magazines.

What concept was this?

For many second-tier magazines with poor sales, 10,000 copies was their first day sales!

This was the first day sales!!

One person buying 10,000 copies, wasn’t this too much of a tyrant?

【Z Great God Z is more terrible than Goddess Xiao Xiao! I don’t understand this world of local tyrants! 】

【 I am also very embarrassed. I want to be like Goddess Xiao Xiao and God Z QAQ. Last month, I originally wanted to eat a month of cabbage porridge in order to buy a few bottles of Nidelan perfumes. But Ming Xiaoyu didn’t want us to be hungry so I only bought five issues of Suyi… 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu is fantastic!  Everyone is good at supporting Mushroom. I have to support Mushroom as well! Don’t eat KFC today. Go buy a few issues of Suyi! 】…

Xiao Biqing also felt a lot of emotions when she saw that this Zyu person was so supportive of Ming Xiaoyu. But…

“Don’t think I can’t afford 10,000!  I will be the lead mushroom fan!!”

Five minutes later, many fans of Ming Xiaoyu were surprised to find that Goddess Xiao Xiao Yu Yu actually sent another Weibo message!

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: The leader mushroom is me! Don’t think of taking the position of Ming Xiaoyu’s first leader mushroom [email protected] [/Image] 】

It was the first time that ‘leader mushroom’ was seen by Ming Xiaoyu’s fans. But they understood it after thinking a bit. Goddess Xiao Xiao wanted to be the first fan to lead the other fans to support Ming Xiaoyu. The lead mushroom was actually the leader.

Sometimes a leader fan had a really big effect.

If a fan circle didn’t buy genuine merchandise, other fans would think this way: Why should I buy it? Everyone else didn’t buy it. I just need to take photos and videos.

But suppose there was a leader who lead everyone to support the person they liked. Then the effect would become stronger and stronger. In the end, the entire fan circle would work hard to contribute, whether big or small. The fans supported their own idol to go further and further.

Now Xiao Xiao Yu Yu made a declaration to Zyu: I am the leader!

Xiao Biqing had only distributed a photo on her Weibo but this photo made all of Ming Xiaoyu’s fans stunned. They stared at the photo with eyes wide from disbelief.

In this photo, countless Nidelan perfumes were arranged in a corner of the room! There were four types, each type had at least a few hundred bottles! They were arranged neatly and really seemed to give off a fragrant scent!

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: Oh yes, I basically bought these perfumes for my own use. Sometimes I will give them to my friends. Right now, I have sent a few hundred bottles. Everyone says that it is very good to use~ [/Laugh] 】  Oh my god! She gave away hundreds of bottles and there were still so many left?

Was there a mistake?!!

They could take a bath with these perfumes, wash back and forth!!

They all bowed before the domineering ‘Xiao Xiao Yu Yu.’

【 Goddess Xiao Xiao is absolute true love! 】

【 Looking at so many perfumes, I also want to buy a bottle. Before the bottle is used up, buy it! 】 【 It is really great. No wonder why Nidelan  has been interacting with Ming Xiaoyu on the official website. It is definitely because Ming Xiaoyu’s appeal is particularly strong! No, I have to buy another bottle! Let’s make Ming Xiaoyu stand taller! 】  After seeing so many supportive fans, Ming Xiaoyu laughed.

Who cared about 1W Suyi copies? She completely defeated Zyu with her perfumes!

However, five minutes later, a fan responded under Xiao Biqing’s Weibo.

【 My god!  I just saw that Great God Z has sent another photo! It is terrible! 】

Xiao Biqing, “…(╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸!!!”

What had this Z done again?!!

There was one new photo on Zyu’s Weibo and everyone opened it.

Their expressions suddenly became “∑(っ °Д °;)っ”!!!

What was surprising? Wasn’t this too scary?

How many watches were there? 100? 20? They had to at least be in the three digits!!

They were the Feilu series of watches, the cheapest one about 5K. The most expensive one reached a price of nearly 10W!

The hundreds of watches from God Z were far less than Xiao Biqing’s thousands of bottles, but how expensive were Nidelan perfumes? One bottle cost several hundred. Then what about these watches?

It was a big difference!

As everyone was feeling shocked, the gold king Z finally opened his mouth.

【 Zyu:As the leader of Ming Yu’s mushroom fans, I gave away dozens of watches. My friends said they like it very much. 】

…My god!! A complete defeat! Your wife knows!


Ming Xiaoyu, (/= _ =)/~┴┴ I don’t know!!!

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Amaruna Myu
4 years ago

w refers to 万, which is the Chinese character for 10 000, just in case any readers out there don’t know~

3 years ago
Reply to  Amaruna Myu

Like k means thousand?

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ghost stories
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Iriana Romani
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Aerilistarylia Sae
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