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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 5

This was deliberate, deliberate!

Xie Xi’s machine-like brain took half a day to think these words.

Why did other cubs transform into normal children while Jiang Xie became a beast boy?

This was a foul! The blonde hair was dazzling and the furry round ears were too cute!

Then there were the paws that grew from the white wrists like small gloves. The pink meat pad made people… want to squeeze it!

Xie Xi was sure that he wasn’t a person obsessed with cuteness but he was turned over by this little lion.

Little Jiang disliked himself. He looked down at his hands and asked Xie Xi, “How am I different from others?”

Xie Xi also wanted to ask, ‘How are you different from others?’

The lion’s paws stretched out and the nails were as sharp as a knife, forming a sharp contrast to the furry paws.

Xie Xi was dead. There was no doubt that the cause of death was excessive blood loss.

Little Jiang sensed Xie Xi’s abnormality and asked anxiously, “Is this failing the transformation?”

Xie Xi was once again stunned by this soft voice. He cleared his throat and said, “It was successful.”

Jiang Xie’s golden eyes were full of discontent. “What is this?”

His ears shook and he extended two small paws.

Xie Xi’s eyes silently widened. He might need to get a blood transfusion while taking quick-acting heart-saving pills. This was too lethal!

“Sir?” He followed the villager’s method of calling Xie Xi.

Mr Xie, who had just sighed with relief, was killed again.

Jiang Xie’s eyebrows twisted and his voice was filled with anxiety. “Are you tired? Go to bed and rest.” He spoke while holding up Xie Xi.

Don’t look at this person’s small size. The strength was very big and it was easy for him to support Xie Xi who was taller than him.

Xie Xi’s body couldn’t adapt to too many emotional fluctuations. He slowed down for a while as he suppressed the darkness in front of him.

Was it shameful? He personally experienced what it meant to be dazzled.

“Sir?” Little Jiang Xie called out again.

Xie Xi spoke gently, “I’m fine.”

“I’ll pour you some water.”

He turned and his long tail swept over Xie Xi’s knee. Xie Xi was fortunate enough to be weak or he would’ve reached out to grab them.

This lovely little tail attracted people!

Anyone who saw it would have the urge to grab a handful!

Little Jiang Xie seemed to be six or seven years old but he was very sensible. He poured water for Xie Xi and also started a fire to cook rice. He boiled the rice porridge that Xie Xi usually drank.

Xie Xi stopped him, “No, there is no need to bother.” Unfortunately, he was too weak and could only speak.

Little Jiang Xie didn’t listen and brought over a bowl of rice porridge.

Xie Xi could only say, “Thank you.”

Jiang Xie stared at him. “No need for thanks.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare to look at the child and could only drink porridge to restore his strength. Who knew that this little fellow would promise in an old-sounding voice, “You can rest assured that I am already a qualified beastman. I will take care of you in the future and not let you be cold or hungry, nor will people bully you…”

He hadn’t finished when Xie Xi almost choked on his mouthful of porridge.

He coughed violently, ‘If you take care of me, sooner or later I will be dead from your cuteness!’

Little Jiang Xie hurried to pat him on the back, golden eyes worried. This man was too weak that he couldn’t drink porridge properly. However, Jiang Xie had beast paws and couldn’t feed this man.

Fortunately, he didn’t say these words. Otherwise, Xie Xi would laugh to death!

After coughing for a long time, Xie Xi was almost accustomed to this broken body. Therefore, he was in high spirits from a good mood.

He told Little Jiang Xie, “I will be satisfied if you grow up well.”

Little Jiang Xie leaned down and said, “You saved me and I will repay you. As long as I am there, I won’t let you be wronged.”

This was very manly but with the small face…

Xie Xi’s lips curved and he nodded. “Then can you tell me who you are?”

Little Jiang Xie’s eyes narrowed. “I’ll be Little Xie later.”

Xie Xi’s smile deepened. “As my son?”

“In short, I will take care of you and raise you!”

‘Please don’t casually say that you will raise me or the misunderstanding will be even greater!’

Xie Xi’s eyes curved. “I’m not a lion beast. How can I have such a child?” He couldn’t help touching the little ears.

In the beast form, the little lion didn’t like people touching his ears. It was the same even after becoming a person.

It was because it was Xie Xi that he resisted. Still, he couldn’t help shaking his ears.

He shook and Xie Xi’s palms itched. His heart had bad intentions. Maybe there wouldn’t be these small ears once the child got bigger and he wouldn’t be able to touch even if he wanted to!

Little Jiang Xie leaned back and asked him, “Are you a tiger?”

Xie Xi suspected this but who knows? After all, he didn’t know how to transform.

He didn’t answer this question and asked Little Jiang Xie, “How can I rest assured if you don’t make your situation clear?”

Little Jiang Xie leaned down, his long eyelashes trembling. “I fled from the Lion Country. They killed my family and I have nothing left.”

Xie Xi guessed that the little lion didn’t have it easy but it was still painful to hear.

Xie Xi didn’t tease him and asked, “What happened? Who killed your family?”

Little Jiang Xie shook his head. “I don’t know. When I woke up, my father and sister had fallen down in a pool of blood and the house was burnt.”

Father and sister…

Hearing this, Xie Xi was certain that Jiang Xie had lost these two relatives in his original world.

Jiang Xie spoke again. “I was small and they weren’t prepared, allowing me to escape.”

Xie Xi thought about the tragic sight when he first saw the lion and couldn’t help lowering his voice. “It’s all right.”

Little Jiang Xie raised his spirits. “I’m fine.”

Once he grew up, he would make them blood-soaked!

He didn’t say it because he was afraid of scaring the sick man in front of him.

Xie Xi patted him on the back of the hand. “I’ll take care of you later.”

Little Jiang Xie’s paws pressed against the back of the hand. “I’ll take care of you.”

Xie Xi, “…” Okay, this person was the beast king and very powerful.

Xie Xi went to consult with the professional Huer’s mother about the transformation of the little lion.

Huer’s mother gazed at the small Jiang Xie and smiled happily. “Oh, I said that this little lion will be a chubby boy. Look at the white face and thick paws. The small legs are also very powerful. He will definitely be tall!”

She wanted to touch the little lion but he flexibly avoided her.

Huer’s mother was even happier. “This is really good! He will definitely be excellent at hunting!”

Xie Xi laughed. The adjectives of Huer’s mother were much richer than him.

Regarding the beast ears and tail, Huer’s mother said, “This is a lucky phase!”

Xie Xi wondered, “Why do you say that?”

Huer’s mother explained, “Only those with a strong power will retain some beast characteristics. I heard that Beast King Rose also retained his beast ears and tails!”

As a senior fan of Beast King Rose, Wang Huyi solemnly spoke, “The reason why the beast king was called Rose was because he had a pattern like a blooming Chinese rose on the back of his left ear.”

Xie Xi, “…”

What was this Mary Sue setting? The pattern was like a rose? Was he serious? What was the difference between a single rose and a Chinese rose?

Wang Huyi spoke seriously, “After the beast king fully became an adult, his left ear had a red rose earring.”

Xie Xi was silent. He wanted to go back to Central and search Jiang Xie’s warehouse to see what messy things this person was hiding!

Huer’s mother added, “Don’t worry. This shows that he will be a brave and fearless soldier!”

This obviously matched the heart of Little Jiang Xie. His face was calm but his golden eyes became brighter.

Xie Xi asked again, “Then once he comes of age, he will completely become human?”

Huer’s mother replied, “Not necessarily. You might have to wait until the estrus period is over.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Huer’s mother covered his mouth and smiled. “Little Xie will definitely be a handsome young man. I don’t know how many females will be confused by him.”

Xie Xi hadn’t yet recovered from the word ‘estrus.’

Huer’s mother asked Little Jiang Xie, “Little Xie, do you want to live and work in Tiger Country? Find a tiger wife and give birth to lion and tiger beasts…”

Lion and tiger beasts?? There was even genetic segregation?

Xie Xi was alarmed and pulled Little Jiang Xie to leave. “No, it isn’t urgent. He is still small.”

Huer’s mother shouted, “He isn’t too small. I will pick a good person for him. If Mr Xie doesn’t leave the village, I will help you…”

Xie Xi couldn’t listen anymore. He exhausted all his strength to bring Little Jiang Xie back to the cave.

Huer’s mother smiled in the distance. “Mr Xie’s skin is really thin.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

He was tired to death and breathless!

Who knew that Little Jiang Xie would add another sentence, “You don’t have to worry. I will take care of you even if I get a wife.”

Xie Xi, “???”

This disease meant he really didn’t have the energy to be angry!

Little Jiang Xie saw his body soften and hurriedly held him. “Okay, it isn’t a big deal. I won’t marry anyone. You don’t have to be afraid.”

Xie Xi was half dead but couldn’t help hitting him on the head. “You are only this big. What are you thinking?”

Little Jiang Xie carefully coaxed him, “Yes, don’t think about it. In any case, I won’t leave you.”

Xie Xi was too lazy to speak.

Speaking of which, this little guy was only six or seven years old. There was still more than 10 years left until adulthood. Even if he would really lose these features after estrus, it was too early to talk about it now. He shouldn’t be anxious.

Xie Xi really underestimated this world.

Huer’s mother wasn’t lying. If Xie Xi wanted a daughter-in-law then he really had to pick now.

A little more time passing was really late for an ordinary male!

The grown cycle of beastmen was actually very short.

Half a year later, Xie Xi’s little lion was taller than him.

Xie Xi had to shamefully tiptoe if he wanted to touch the beast ears.

Today was the day when Wang Huer got married. The Wang family held a big banquet and Huer’s mother sent an early invitation to Xie Xi.

Xie Xi woke up with low blood sugar and gasped on his bed.

Little Jiang Xie… oh, it was just Jiang Xie!

Jiang Xie opened the door while carrying hot water and towels, as well as breakfast and laundry.

As promised, he took care of Xie Xi properly by doing all the housework.

Xie Xi watched him grow up so quickly and felt panicked.

According to such a method, Jiang Xie would be an adult in a month or two.

Adulthood was nothing. The key was the estrus period!

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