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Open World 17

Jiang Xie faced the dull crowd and wondered, “What’s wrong?”

The four half zombies smiled awkwardly. After all, this was the boss and they had to hold it in.

Xie Xi didn’t want to curse at him because X really had too many skills.

This time Jiang Xie didn’t say anything bad. He was stating facts but not everyone believed it!

There was also a countdown for the skill selection. Jiang Xie stared at the goodwill skill before eventually giving it up.

He couldn’t use this because it was too hard to explain. What if later the child asked him, “What skill did you open?”

Jiang Xie told him, “I can see how much you like me.”

The child, “Oh, you can see how much I like you!

The hard work to increase it to 365 would return to minus on one second.

Um… Jiang Xie thought calmly, ‘A mature man doesn’t need to see goodwill.’ Thus, he changed it.

Xie Xi curiously asked him, “What did you choose?”

Jiang Xie didn’t reply and reached out to grab the air.

His fingers were straight and slender and his hands were good-looking. The movements were handsome enough. The group had seen his strength and wanted to know what type of heaven defying skill he had chosen. In particular, the four people had stars in their eyes.

The next moment, Jiang Xie spread open his hand and a white rose appeared out of thin air.

Everyone, “…………………………”

Xie Xi was actually quite calm. Jiang Xie handed the rose to him. “This skill can turn any object and even the air into a rose. However, it only lasts for one minute.”

The disabled group of four screamed in their hearts, ‘You took so long to pick yet you chose such a trash skill!’

Jiang Xie asked Xie Xi, “Is it good?”

Xie Xi had no expression on his face while he inwardly wanted to beat up his master!

It was lucky that Old Jiang hadn’t chosen the goodwill skill or he would’ve seen a red wave fill his view.

“What about this?”

He drew a circle in the air and countless white roses burst out, falling to the ground like rain. This empty room was instantly covered with roses. The glittering treasure chest was a backdrop and made it look as dreamy as a fairy tale.

Zhu Li, Cao Yan and Zhuo Liu were shocked by the fancy show of love and silently walked away.

The only one different was Zhuang Yi who turned into a beautiful woman. He held his face and cried out, “Ah, so romantic!”

Xie Xi, “…”

He didn’t even have the strength to vomit. He couldn’t beat them so what could he do? He could only turn around and walk away.

Jiang Xie immediately followed and whispered an explanation, “I might have a lot of skills but many of them are trash. This one is useful.”

In fact, Xie Xi didn’t care what skill Jiang Xie chose. His appearance in this open world was already the biggest bug. Still, the skill of changing to rose flowers was… really… really hard to say!

Jiang Xie spoke again, “There are many zombies here and you feel disgusted when you see them. I can turn them all into roses.”

Xie Xi was stunned.

“I can even use it when you gave people arms and legs. This skill just blinds the eye. The nature of the item remains the same and it will change back after one minute.”

The nauseous feeling in Xie Xi’s stomach turned to warmth at Jiang Xie’s words.

His chest seemed to have never been so warm and even his voice changed. “I… don’t feel disgusted.”

Jiang Xie smiled, “You just don’t like to look.”

Xie Xi, “…”

This throat seemed blocked and he didn’t know what to say. Jiang Xie reached out again and a pale blue rose appeared in his hand.

Xie Xi glanced at it and took it with trembling fingers. He carefully looked at the beautiful flower and asked softly, “Why do you like roses?” His garden was also full of this flower.

Jiang Xie answered, “I don’t know, I just feel comfortable when I see them. It seems that a long time ago, I was in a place full of roses.”

Xie Xi glanced at him. “Your garden?”

Jiang Xie cocked his head. “The garden in Central is a reflection of my spirit. It isn’t real.” Thus, the roses would wither when he was injured.

Xie Xi stared at the rose for a while before whispering, “Very good.”

This voice was too low but Jiang Xie heard it. He deliberately asked, “What?” A god level player was pretending to be deaf.

Xie Xi’s ears were red as he cried out, “Nothing!”

Jiang Xie pretended to be deaf. “The rooster was too loud before and I have some tinnitus. My hearing might not be as good as before.”

Xie Xi really believed it and stared at his ears. “Is it serious?”

“It is okay as long as you speak louder.”

Did he really not hear it? Xie Xi felt uncertain.

Jiang Xie spared no effort to gain some sugar. “What did you just say?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie sighed. “Fine, if you don’t want to say it then forget it.”

Xie Xi still wanted him to hear it. He paused before raising the volume slightly. “I said… it looks good.”

Jiang Xie pushed him. “What looks good?”

“The rose…” Xie Xi’s voice was low before he remembered Jiang Xie’s hearing loss and raised the volume. “The roses look good.”

Jiang Xie was very happy to hear it again. “I thought you meant that I look good.”

Xie Xi had never seen such a brazen man!

Speaking of which, they came out of the project. The chicken mobilization and I love you VS shameless games were very different. It was hard to say which one was stronger.

Those with high strength felt more inclined towards the chicken mobilization while those with ordinary strength might say I love you VS shameless. After all, the latter didn’t definitely mean death while the former was really deadly. All the group members were good and received the last treasure chest.

The disabled four person team started their exaggerated performance as soon as they came out.

Cao Yan was most like a busker. He strode steadily forward and yelled into the air, “Hah!”

Xie Xi was shocked by him.

There was a loud roar and flames spurted from Cao Yans mouth. The lethality was unknown but the effect was really big!

His actions caused everyone to look over. Their eyes widened at the fire and some people gave a low cry, “This is the privilege from opening the game!”

The second one to appear was Zhu Li. He picked up a stone, threw it and exploded it like a small bomb. This skill was more than the fire breathing technique!

The onlookers were stunned. “Did the two of them open the game?”

Surely the privilege didn’t look like this? It wasn’t very good and was shabby!

At this time, Zhuo Liu launched his floating skill. He flew too low so it couldn’t be clearly seen.

Cao Yan was forced to explain for him. “Brother, this floating is very good. It will be useful for a cliff without a bridge.”

Zhuo Liu fell down and gasped. “Well, I can’t go if the cliff is more than one metre away.”

It was easy to jump towards a cliff one metre away. What was this floating technique?

Zhuang Yi was also ready and his visual impact was the biggest. After all, a man becoming a beautiful woman who was s*xy and charming was too eye-catching.

Zhu Li also came to help him. “Brother, you… this…” He thought for a long time before finally saying, “Your chest is really big!”

Zhuang Yi, “…” He raised his high heels and kicked Zhu Li in the butt.

“Stinky rascal!” The appearance was a beautiful woman but it was still Zhuang Yi’s rough male voice!

Their performance shocked the people around them.

“What’s going on? Why do all four people have privileges?”

“It is impossible. The announcement said that only two people have a privilege.”

“You are silly. How could the privilege be such low level skills?”

“But the world has disabled skills. How can they…”

Someone reacted with shock. “Is it from opening the treasure chest?”

“Oh my god, impossible! There was such a thing in the treasure chest?”

“I only obtained a pistol.”

“We had all our injuries healed.”

“We only got one meat bun…”

This man succeeded in gaining everyone’s attention. “An ordinary meat bun?”

The person took out the steamed bun and took a bit before saying with no expression, “The taste isn’t as good as ordinary meat buns. I always feel there is a zombie flavour.”

Everyone instantly balanced their hearts. This unlucky person was too miserable!

The disabled group of four didn’t have to expose their skills. They did it all for Xie Xi. Xie Xi’s heart was hot as he whispered, “Thank you.”

They replied softly, “Boss, what are you talking about? We would be dead if it wasn’t for you.”

Xie Xi smiled and didn’t say anything more. The purpose of his rescue wasn’t so noble. It was more for him to clear the game. Still, he felt comfortable that he could save four people.

At this time, Xie Xi hadn’t made progress on his follow-up side task.

(10). Repair 100 people.

Xie Xi shared the new side task with Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie whispered in his ear, “It is fortunate that you were the one to open the treasure chest.”

If they hadn’t managed to open one skill from the treasure chest, Xie Xi’s side task would be really bad. Repairing 100 people wasn’t difficult but so many people meant it was hard to make sure there wasn’t anyone as greedy and ruthless as Yun Die. Saving people would become a shackle.

Now he wasn’t afraid. The four people had put on a show and they came out together. Everyone would think that this Repair skill came from the treasure chest.

As long as there was the premise that killing wouldn’t give the skill, no one would hurt Xie Xi. Such a unique nanny, who would be stupid enough to break their own survival path?

Jiang Xie told him, “Wait for me.” He had a strong nose and could smell everything, including corpses.

After a while, Jiang Xie came back with a bouquet of roses. Xie Xi knew what it was and the corners of his lips raised. “I’m not that delicate.”

Jiang Xie replied, “If I have the skill, why not use it?”

Xie Xi’s eyes curved. “Thank you.”

“There is no need to say thanks.”

Xie Xi’s heart had just warmed when Jiang Xie deducted points from himself. “You can just kiss me.”

Xie Xi’s smile froze. Then he took the white roses and went to repair people. There were many who were disabled from the chicken mobilization game. After all, it was a game that required fighting the whole time.

They were wary of Xie Xi but became stunned once Xie Xi explained his intentions. They had seen the performance of Zhu Li’s group but they couldn’t fathom growing back arms and legs.

Xie Xi gave a bit of an explanation and they couldn’t help becoming excited. “Thank you!”

Xie Xi shook his head and replied, “No need.” He was just clearing his task and didn’t need their gratitude.

There weren’t many people missing a limb and he only repaired 12 people.

Zhu Li was moved. “Boss is such a good person!”

Cao Yan cried out, “No wonder why your luck is so good!”

Zhuo Liu added, “A living good deeds!”

Zhuang Yi’s angle was more unique. “The people are so beautiful…”

The people who were repaired were about to go down on their knees and shout. If they really lost their arms or legs, they would’ve had to find a master to fix them.

Xie Xi still had 88 people remaining for his task. He wanted to cut off their arms and replace it with a fresh one…

Cough, he was just thinking.

There was no one else to fix here but there was no need to worry. After passing the third project, they would enter the underground labyrinth. The number of people with missing limbs would definitely be much higher and he could casually do his task.

Xie Xi said, “Let’s go.”

The group of four were very sad about being separated. “Boss…”

Xie Xi told them, “Clear the last project and we’ll see each other in the underground labyrinth.”

This made the four people cheer up. “Okay, we’ll see you in the underground labyrinth!”

They went to draw the last project and Jiang Xie honestly said, “You do it.”

Xie Xi also didn’t dare use him and drew a card. The name of the project still wasn’t an ordinary game.

Xie Xi muttered, “Dreams come true?”

What type of game was this?

Jiang Xie came over to look. “It sounds very good.”

Then the zombie teenager in charge of the cards declared, “This is a two person project. The team is allowed and you are about to enter the game.”

A two person project?

Xie Xi was a bit nervous and glanced at Jiang Xie. “Will it be a fighting match?”

Jiang Xie reassured him, “It’ll be fine. We have the privilege.”

The real privilege for opening the game field was a one-time immunity to fatal injuries. In other words, they both had one extra life. It didn’t matter if this was fighting game since Jiang Xie could directly give Xie Xi a life.

Xie Xi said, “Yes, if it is combat then kill me and I will clear another project.” Jiang Xie was stunned before his lips curved. “Impossible, you can only kill me.”

Xie Xi disagreed. “You have bad luck. If I leave you, what if you draw the hardest game?”

Jiang Xie’s heart softened. “Before I met you, the hardest option would appear every time I had to draw something.” It was still like this.

Xie Xi’s heart was pained and he didn’t dare think about what this person had experienced…

Jiang Xie told him, “We are thinking too much. I don’t think the game you drew will be so bad.”

Xie Xi was still worried. After all, the first two games weren’t good.

The transfer began and they entered the game. An announcement was heard. “The game is about to begin. Please enter the sleeping cabin.”

Xie Xi saw two sleeping cabins that were placed next to each other.

Jiang Xie opened his mouth, “It is unreasonable. Shouldn’t we be lying on beds if we are sleeping?”

A double bed would be good.

Xie Xi, “…” He got into the sleeping cabin first.

The hatch closed and the game started. Xie Xi felt a thick drowsiness overcome him.

Dreams come true…

Was this making him dream? If it was his dream, why was it a two person project?

Xie Xi closed his eyes and fell into a deep dream. He was stunned when he opened his eyes again.

He sat in a spacious classroom and his head was a mess. He always felt that something was wrong but he couldn’t figure it out. He was in his university classroom? But he wasn’t…

What happened to him? There didn’t seem to be anything wrong.

Yes, he managed to save enough tuition and entered his favourite course. He had been enrolled for half a year. What could be wrong?

Xie Xi pressed a hand to his temple and calmed down. Then the bell rang and the class became agitated.

“I heard that the new teacher is too handsome!”

“He got the title of professor at such a young age. Really amazing!”

“What is the title of professor? The research projects he presided over can change the world!”

“Is he really handsome? Really handsome?”

“You’ll know when you see him!”

Xie Xi was speechless. He pushed up his glasses and looked down at the textbook.

Then the door opened and someone came in. The noisy classroom became quiet, so quiet that a needle could be heard falling.

What happened?

Xie Xi looked up curiously…

A young man was standing at the podium. He wore a dark grey shirt, his cuffs were raised to his elbows and the hands on the podium were slender and powerful. His low voice rang through the quiet classroom like a cello solo at a concert.

“Students, I am your Professional Software Technology teacher this semester, Jiang Xie.”

Xie Xi looked up into a pair of different coloured eyes.

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