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GL: Chapter 91

Open World 16

Yun Die suddenly attacked but Xie Xi was prepared for it. Her acting skills were so lame that Xie Xi had seen through them early on.

Confusion, shock, being overwhelmed, Xie Xi didn’t know how many times he had made these expressions. He saw other people acting and felt slightly embarrassed for them.

Xie Xi was very clear that once the four people lacking limbs appeared on the high platform in a good condition, it would definitely raise suspicions on the other side.

Skills couldn’t be used in this world but only a skill could cause players to ‘grow’ arms and legs in such a short amount of time.

Everyone had no skills while one person could use a skill. Then this person must be using the privilege from opening the game field.

This privilege could be inherited by killing the person.

This was what Yun Die thought.

Yun Die didn’t know if it was Xie Xi or Jiang Xie who saved the other people but the announcement when the game field opened said that two people had privileges!

Yun Die attacked Xie Xi because she was looking for a soft persimmon. Unfortunately, this ‘persimmon’ wasn’t soft but was very fierce!!

It was obvious which was faster between a knife or a pistol.

Yun Die was frightened. “You can’t kill me. My brother is an elder of Yunge. He won’t let you go if you kill me!”

She didn’t know that her words meant she had to die.

Xie Xi was against killing but since he came to the Central World, he would definitely have to experience this type of thing.

He gave Yun Die a chance. If she just left then Xie Xi wouldn’t do anything.

However, Yun Die was greedy and didn’t hesitate to kill people for the privilege. This stupid and cruel person couldn’t stay alive.

Xie Xi didn’t say a word. He only hesitated for a few seconds before pulling the trigger. There was a bang and the bullet fired.

The close distance meant there was no need to aim at all. Yun Die lowered her head and looked at the blood coming from her chest. She couldn’t believe it even as she died. “You… you…”

The people in her car froze for a moment before reacting, “How dare you attack Yunge’s big lady! You are looking for death!”

They rushed up and Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi behind him,. Zhu Li and the others quickly responded.

The two groups collided while Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi to the side.

The g*n in Xie Xi’s hand had long since fallen and his hands were shaking uncontrollably.

He told himself that he had to kill Yun Die. Her bad personality meant she would be more troublesome in the future. She couldn’t survive if she was really someone from Yunge. Yunge was so powerful that once she returned to Central, she would use the power of Yunge and cause endless consequences. This meant offend Yunge but as long as it was handled properly, no one would know who did it for a while…

“It’s okay.” Jiang Xie was very distressed as he held the trembling hands. “You did a good job, don’t worry. She can’t be an important member even if she is part of Yunge.”

Xie Xi had also thought of those. Those who entered the Central Government were abandoned by their original world and had no family bonds as well. Everyone who went to the Central Government also lost their ability to reproduce so there was no blood kin…

The so-called big miss was just a woman who borrowed Yunge’s name in this low-level world.

“Yes, you’re right.” Jiang Xie kept comforting him.

Xie Xi froze as he realized he had accidentally spoken the words in his heart. Then he found himself in Jiang Xie’s arms as Jiang Xie whispered to him like he was a child.

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie’s heart was pained and he kissed Xie Xi on the forehead. “If I had known, I would’ve…” helped him kill the woman. Xie Xi might have to grow but there was no rush. There would be plenty of opportunities in the future.

Xie Xi pushed him away while stuttering, “M-Master!”

Jiang Xie’s arms felt empty.

Xie Xi cried out loudly, “Please behave!”

His voice was too loud and the group of four who had ended the battle were confused. “???”

Jiang Xie smiled and blocked their view so they couldn’t see the red-faced child. Xie Xi was embarrassed to death and wanted to find a place to dig into.

Jiang Xie came looking for death. “This is returning politeness with politeness.”

Xie Xi kissed him on the ear and he kissed Xie Xi on the forehead, it was really returning politeness with politeness.

Xie Xi was furious. If he hadn’t dropped the g*n to the ground then he would’ve… surely… um… at least cut off one of his arms!

There was an announcement. “The treasure trove is about to clear. Please collect the treasure as soon as possible.”

Jiang Xie didn’t care since he already received the best treasure under the sky. He had no interest in anything else.

The group of four were eager but their bosses were busy and they were too embarrassed to interrupt.

Xie Xi found a reason to get up and said, “Hurry and get the rewards. It will be a pity to miss it.”

Jiang Xie listened and found that Xie Xi didn’t leave out even a single punctuation mark.

Everyone got on the car and it drove to the treasure trove.

It sounded creepy to receive the favour of the zombie princess but this was still a serious treasure trove. There were no horror elements. It was just a relatively bright room with a golden treasure chest in the centre. It was easy to tell that something good was hidden inside.

Cao Yan spoke up, “I can’t do it. I have very bad hands and can’t open the box!”

The other people shook their heads and spoke together, “Boss, you go. We are happy no matter what comes up!”

This wasn’t empty flattery. They could regain their limbs and pass the project after meeting Xie Xi.  For them, this was already the biggest fortune. They didn’t dare think too much.

Jiang Xie mentioned, “If I open this box, I might get the zombie princess.”

The four half zombies looked surprised.

Xie Xi stepped forward while thinking curiously, ‘Should I really let Jiang Xie open it to see what he will get?’

Forget it, he always felt his left eye twitching and it was safer to do this thing himself.

In fact, the ‘zombie princess’ actually happened before. At the time, Jiang Xie wasn’t convinced about his bad luck and had to open the treasure chest. As a result, he didn’t gain anything and opened a big boss. This boss tied up Yan Zhe to bring him back as a wife and they finally beat him to death.

From then on, even if Jiang Xie didn’t give up, Yan Zhe would never let him touch the treasure chest. This old comrade’s bad luck was too great and opening the treasure chests would be left to them!

Xie Xi gently lifted the lid and opened the box.

There was a golden light and people didn’t have to get close to know there was definitely something good!

The four half zombies were excited. They were already satisfied but it would be icing on the cake if they received something else.

There was an announcement. “Congratulations, you got a kiss from the zombie princess and each player can choose to open one disabled skill.”

The people present were stunned by the words.

Zhu Li yelled, “This reward is absolutely great!”

Cao Yan’s spirit returned. “Boss, your hand is going against the sky!”

The skinniest Zhuo Liu flopped to his knees. “Emperor of luck, please let this unlucky person worship you!”

Zhuang Yi was the craziest. “I can finally become a woman again!”

Xie Xi really didn’t want to know what skills this guy had!

Jiang Xie was still in honey mode and wasn’t very careful. “Shake my hand and give me some good luck.”

Xie Xi glared as the thief’s hand touched him.

Jiang Xie was shameless. “Don’t be so stingy.”

Xie Xi turned his head to look away but his red ears exposed his mood. Jiang Xie’s heart was tickled but he didn’t dare provoke Xie Xi. He just felt like a cat was scratching at his heart.

This reward was really great. They could open a skill in a world where everyone’s skills were disabled. They might be low in level and their skills were ordinary but it was like the difference between the earth and the sky!

The group of four started to seriously consider which skill to open.

Xie Xi had nothing to think about. He only had a total of two skills and the one to summon X couldn’t be used. He already wanted to kill X. Why would he summon another damn body?!

The only thing that remained was the passive ability to randomly take away one thing from this world. He didn’t think there was anything worth taking in this world but Xie Xi still chose it.

In fact, the biggest benefit to Xie Xi wasn’t opening a skill but rationalizing his Repair skill.

The four half zombies having skills meant people would no longer suspect that Xie Xi’s Repair skill was a privilege. This meant a lot of trouble would be avoided.

The group of four might be tigers when attacking the zombies but they were actually very smart.

Zhu Li declared, “I will choose the explosion technique.”

Cao Yan said, “Mine is breathing fire.” Then he opened his mouth and breathed out fire.

Zhuo Liu was low-key in comparison. “Suspension.”  He floated upwards but unfortunately, the height was a bit low.

Zhuang Yi really lived up to expectations. “Transformation.” The Chinese man became a beauty with red lips.

Xie Xi, “…”

He wanted to vomit but Xie Xi also felt their hearts.

They deliberately chose skills that were more eye-catching and would use the skills immediately after leaving the game. Their only purpose for doing this was to help Xie Xi cover up the privilege.

Xie Xi’s Repair, anyone who saw it would consider it a privilege. As long as they used their skills, there would be confusion and no one would stare at Xie Xi.

Everyone had chosen while only Jiang Xie was still hesitating. Xie Xi didn’t want to talk to him but couldn’t help asking, “Have you chosen?”

Jiang Xie hadn’t chosen. He hesitated for a while as he stared at the goodwill skill.

Xie Xi wondered, “What’s wrong?” Was it that difficult to choose a skill?

Of course, Jiang Xie wouldn’t expose the matter of the goodwill value. He calmly replied, “I have too many skills and don’t know which one to choose.”

Everyone, “……………………”


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