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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 1

In the last half of the Taurus world, Xie Xi almost forgot the purpose of his trip.

He was here to fix the small worlds but in the end, it seemed to be done without him doing anything.

Jiang Xie took him to climb mountains to watch the sunrise, funded a children’s aid agency together and did many interesting things together.

Xie Xi didn’t do anything but Jiang Xie did many things.

In the end, the two people almost died on the snowy mountain and Jiang Xie saved Xie Xi’s life, causing him heartache.

At the time, Jiang Xie had asked him, “Are you afraid of me dying?”

Xie Xi was afraid, really afraid. This answer ended the Taurus world. Why? It was because a world-weary person who wasn’t afraid of anything actually felt fear. This ‘rehabilitation’ of Xie Xi was the end point.

Xie Xi was concerned about him. Even if this wasn’t love, Jiang Xie was already satisfied.

During the last six months of care, Jiang Xie’s only request was for Xie Xi to experience the beauty of life and feel an attachment to life.

It took a while for Xie Xi’s senses to return.

In fact, he understood that although he didn’t do anything in the world, Jiang Xie was constantly working hard.

It wasn’t so much that Xie Xi repaired the world. It was better to say that Jiang Xie repaired his own world.

Of course, Xie Xi was an important primer. He guided Jiang Xie to do the right thing and saved the world facing collapse.

Xie Xi thought this and couldn’t help continuing to explore.

When repairing the world of the collapsed god, Xie Xi brought back the hard drive which was the key to the repair. The so-called repair didn’t mean the quasi-world could immediately enter the cycle. It just meant he got rid of the collapsed state and it could continue to be designed.

He really let that world ‘live’ because Jiang Xie took him to redesign it, making it a new quasi-world that entered the cycle.

According to this line of thinking, what was the key to repairing the 12 broken small worlds?

In the Aries world, he helped Aries with his hatred for the world and the repair was a success.

In the Taurus world, he guided Taurus to find a new meaning of survival, thus stopping the collapse.

Was this the case?

Xie Xi didn’t take anything away from these two small worlds, perhaps because he didn’t have any skills and props and he couldn’t take out an item at a random.

Wrong! Xie Xi glanced at the sleeping Aries and Taurus. Didn’t he directly bring out the souls?

He looked at the remaining 10 light groups and realized the root of the problem. Did he need to bring all these souls out to repair these worlds?

After that…

Once he returned to Central and redesigned the quasi-worlds, what should he use as the core of the world? Did he have to put the souls back in?

Xie Xi frowned and felt faintly uneasy about his thoughts. He would never allow Jiang Xie to split his soul and be in danger again!

Xie Xi sighed and stopped his thoughts.

It was too early to think about all this. It was first imperative to bring the souls out of the small worlds.

As for how to redesign the quasi-worlds after returning to Central? He would surely find a better method.

He believed that the current Jiang Xie definitely wouldn’t split his soul.

It was because Jiang Xie was no longer a lone person. His soul also belonged to Xie Xi!

After suppressing these thoughts, Xie Xi looked at the countdown over Aries’ head.


Fortunately, the world after entering the light group was relatively static. Otherwise, he would now be dead.

The thing that made Xie Xi worried was that the countdowns over Taurus and Aries’ heads were synchronized and not counting down from three hours.

The numbers above the heads of the two Jiang Xies lying side to side were 2:55:55.

This was one minute!

Xie Xi was afraid to stay in the garden for too long. He had to hurry to the next light group and strive to bring all the souls back within three hours.

The next one was the yellow Gemini.

Xie Xi reached out and touched it. A Jiang Xie in a hooded sweater and jeans appeared in front of him. This Jiang Xie was older than Aries but younger than Taurus. He seemed to be a university student as he asked, “Is it me?”

Xie Xi watched him for a moment in a puzzled manner.

Shouldn’t this person be getting older if it followed the order?

In particular, it was related to Jiang Xie’s past so shouldn’t Gemini’s age should be more than Taurus?

In fact, Taurus wasn’t too old. He was only 24 years old but his temperament was much more mature than Gemini.

Gemini looked 19 or 20 and was a university student. He was definitely younger than Taurus.

Um… Xie Xi didn’t become too tangled up in this matter. Perhaps it was only the different stages of Jiang Xie and the order was nothing.

Xie Xi glanced at the countdown and didn’t dare to waste time. He directly replied, “Yes.”

There was a pulling feeling and Xie Xi entered the world of Gemini.

The slightly hot wind showed that it was late summer or early autumn. This made Xie Xi feel somewhat surprised. Wasn’t Gemini in May and June? How did it become September or October?

He heard a loud noise the moment he opened his eyes.

“Classmate, don’t block the road!”

Xie Xi immediately moved to the side.

“What about your suitcase?”

Xie Xi found that he still had a suitcase and he had directly left the suitcase behind.

The speechless boy froze after seeing Xie Xi’s face.

Xie Xi hurriedly pulled the suitcase over to him and apologized. “I was distracted.”

The boy had been very annoyed but now he was awkward. “B-Be careful.”

The boy strode away and Xie Xi heard him say to the person next to him, “That is a man, right? How come he looks so good?”

The person next to him whispered, “If he chases me then my eyes would surely bend into mosquito-repellent.”

The boy felt dislike. “How can he like you? Pull down your dic*!”

Xie Xi had full qualifications after all. Ordinary people couldn’t hear them but he could…

What was this situation? Was he a charming person this time?

Xie Xi resisted the urge to look in a mirror at his own appearance.

He dragged his suitcase while looking around. He was at a university and should’ve just started school.

It seemed that this time he really was a university student. Xie Xi was quite looking forward. He realized the university life in Dream Come True but at that time, Jiang Xie was a teacher and they didn’t stay on campus.

This time definitely wasn’t the same. Jiang Xie was also a university student and they should be classmates. This was too interesting.

Xie Xi was in a good mood and noticed more eyes on him when he smiled.

Um… was there something on his face? Xie Xi stopped smiling and raised a hand to his face. The people who peeked at him seemed aware of his unwillingness and took back their gazes.

Xie Xi didn’t know if he just enrolled in school or if he was returning for a new semester.

It was fine if he was a new student and didn’t know his dormitory. However, if he was a returning student and couldn’t find his dormitory, wasn’t it like a donkey kicked his head?

Of course, it was certain he was enrolled in the school. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be dragging such a big suitcase.

What should he do?

Xie Xi was worrying about it when a girl in a white shirt and tight jeans came over. “You… you are a freshman, right?”

Xie Xi, “…” He also wanted to know.

The girl was afraid to look at him and her exposed ears were red. She continued to ask, “What’s your name?”

Xie Xi gave his name. Unexpectedly, the girl suddenly looked up. “You are Xie Xi?”

Xie Xi, “?” Was he famous?

The girl blushed when she saw his face and her voice trembled. “Come over here… sign in. Then take, take your things to your dormitory…”

She was stuttering so much that it was hard for Xie Xi to understand.

It seemed he was a new freshman who just entered school but it was unknown why his name was famous.

Xie Xi was filled with curiosity. What did he look like? Why were so many people blushing?

The girl took him to the registration office. Then she was replaced by a boy who led him to the dormitory.

The sophomore brother also wasn’t good. He didn’t dare look at Xie Xi and couldn’t talk.

Xie Xi obediently followed him to the dormitory building. After receiving his room card, he went up to his bedroom on the fourth floor.

The senior said, “Contact me if you need anything.” He handed over his phone number.

Xie Xi took the piece of paper and said, “Thank you.”

Xie Xi had found that his voice was a bit special from the moment he gave his name. Now he spoke and found that it was indeed special.

There were a natural laziness and carelessness that definitely wasn’t something he could show.

The boy trembled. “Then you clean up first. I have something to do…”

“Then I won’t trouble Senior. I can do it myself.”

The boy was afraid to say anything else and almost fled.

Xie Xi, “…” What was this situation?

He entered the dormitory and took a general look. He knew it was a double room before heading to the bathroom to check his appearance.

The bathroom was more spacious than imagined. The toilet and bathroom were separated. The mirror on the left side of the washbasin was wide enough for everyone to use at the same time.

The size of this dormitory was really good. It was comparable to a standard room at a hotel.

Xie Xi gazed in the mirror and the person reflected made him stunned.

It was his face and his facial features hadn’t changed at all but there was a s*xy air about it.

That’s right… Xie Xi never imagined he would use this word to describe himself.

His eyebrows were the same but the tail of his eyes was longer. His mouth was also the same, except the corners of his mouth were gently raised like he was always smiling.

Xie Xi patted his face…

The even more terrible thing was the thin layer of red on the white skin, just like…

Xie Xi was shocked!

He went out of the bathroom, urgently needing to understand his situation. His suitcase might have a clue. Xie Xi opened it and searched it.

The clothes were properly folded and there was nothing special. There was just a deep gray laptop.

Xie Xi took it out and tried to open it, wanting to see if there was any information on it.

He opened the laptop and found it was already turned on. The login method was a fingerprint lock. This was good. Xie Xi used his index finger and easily unlocked it. There was a loud noise from the laptop’s stereo.

Xie Xi, “!”

He saw two men wrapped around each other on the screen.

A G movie?

Xie Xi had great doubts about himself.

At this time, the door of the dormitory opened. There was the sound of the wheel turning, Xie Xi saw Classmate Jiang enter.

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie, “…”

The background noises were ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’.

This was the wonderful first encounter between Xie Xi and Gemini.

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