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Collapsed God 26

Sure enough, it was a dream. Something that couldn’t be done in reality was real here.

It was understandable. After watching Xie Xi’s erased memories, forget J and Little Jiang, even Big Jiang wanted to kill himself.

Therefore, in J’s dream, he would no longer let Xie Xi encounter this ‘slag man’ in order to prevent Xie Xi from being hurt.

In the dream, J probably still wasn’t willing to accept it and also felt a bit uneasy, so he had Big Jiang disappear forever.

Even if there was the next reincarnation, he had to wait until he grew old enough to do things. J and Xie Xi were already locked to death. Forget an iron shovel, he didn’t want to make a gap for even a diamond to drill in.

Jiang Xie saw the news and said, “It is unfortunate. He was such a young general.”

Xie Xi, “…” If it was unfortunate then don’t kill people!

Jiang Xie leaned over and kissed him. “Why do you keep staring at him?”

Xie Xi followed his thoughts. “He looks so much like you.”

Jiang Xie immediately became full of smiles and his voice was very gentle. “Don’t worry, that isn’t me.”

Xie Xi also smiled and grabbed the hand on his shoulder. “It was right to leave the army. If I had to go to the battlefield now, I will definitely become a deserter.”

Stars twinkled in Jiang Xie’s black eyes. “Because of me?”

Xie Xi looked up at him. “If the heart is worried then it is inevitable to be timid.”

Jiang Xie kissed him and whispered, “You aren’t a deserter. By leaving the army, you can do more for this country.”

Love and righteousness weren’t mutually exclusive but could be complementary. It was just like big love and little love. They could love a person and their country. The heart was big but it would become as vast as the universe because of a person.

J’s last part of the dream was like this. Xie Xi was once again sitting on the sofa while watching the news. The contents that emerged was that the e981 rebels were recruited and the leader X was admitted to the underage protection facility due to being a minor.

That’s fine… Little Jiang’s treatment was much better than Big Jiang but he was still locked up, which wasn’t much different from reality. Unfortunately, Xie Xi wasn’t the president int he dream and he didn’t enter the presidential palace, let alone meet Little Jiang.

Jiang Xie started to pretend again. “This X is really young.”

Xie Xi muffled the laugh in his heart. “He looks exactly the same as you.”

Jiang Xie questioned, “Isn’t my face very auspicious?”

Xie Xi glared at him. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Jiang Xie liked his anxious appearance and joked, “Do you like my face?”

How could Xie Xi not know what this person wanted to hear? “I like you.”

Jiang Xie’s heart jumped and he looked solemn. “Again… say it again.”

Xie Xi spoke earnestly, “I don’t know if this is love but I want to see you all the time, I want to be with you all the time, I want to keep this life forever… I hope I can always see you when I open my eyes.”

Jiang Xie’s eyelashes slightly trembled and he smiled like he was embracing all the beauty of the world.

“This is love.”

He filled his regrets by recounting the most beautiful vows to Xie Xi. “This time, I won’t leave you alone.”

Living together and dying together was the greatest fortune for two people who loved each other.

After leaving J’s dream, Xie Xi was still in a bit of a trance.

The time in the dream was trivial. It felt like a long time but in fact, it was only a few hours. However, the concept of time was never constant in the central government. Whether it was long or short was based on the individual.

J was still asleep and Xie Xi couldn’t help touching his forehead.

The souls were different but the essence was the same. They might be different because of different experiences in life but the inside was always the same person.

This was the person that Xie Xi was familiar with and loved.

The process of collecting the souls allowed Xie Xi to gain a slow understanding of Jiang Xie. His understanding was comprehensive and the variety of situations couldn’t hide his own Jiang Xie.

He might always complain about the souls doing things but this was an opportunity to understand his lover in all aspects, which was crucial for Xie Xi.

He wasn’t good at understanding others but now he had learnt a lot.

Communication, tolerance and trust.

The experience of the quasi-world was like an exercise, eliminating future dangers and obstacles and covering them with beautiful romantic flowers.

Xie Xi left J’s room and went to Big Jiang.

This was too miserable. At least J had the sweetness of the first 200 years. It was true that he had nine rounds of abuse but once a person had a sweet memory, the pain would be washed away and they wouldn’t feel bitter when thinking about it.

Big J wasn’t the same. Before seeing the memories that Xie Xi erased, he always felt that he had fallen in love with a rational who didn’t understand love. His brain abused himself. Then he saw Xie Xi’s memories and realized that Xie Xi loved him but they missed each other. This made him feel even more abused.

In particular, he felt that he had hurt Xie Xi and felt guilt and remorse. It was unknown how uncomfortable he was feeling.

He might be given a sleeping agent but Big Jiang slept in a very restless manner.

Xie Xi entered and saw this person’s furrowed brow and clenched fists. His mood was too bad and his sleep wasn’t steady. Xie Xi stood by and waited for a while. Once this person slightly calmed down, he used Dreaming.

There was a slight dizziness and Xie Xi opened his eyes to a stimulation that shot from his waist to his brain.

Xie Xi, “…”

Fortunately, the kitten was left out of the dream or it would be too unsuitable for children!

If he knew then he would’ve entered earlier. This person took a long time to calm down and who knew he was dreaming about this?

Xie Xi got through it with great difficulty until the sky had brightened. His SSS-grade physique wasn’t useless and Jiang Xie had handled him carefully, so there was no discomfort.

Jiang Xie came in while wearing a loose bathrobe. “Breakfast is ready.”

Xie Xi got up, only to find his legs were a bit soft.

Jiang Xie supported him and said, “I’ll go and get your breakfast.” He talked this way and Xie Xi’s ears trembled from itchiness.

Xie was so lazy that he simply said, “Okay.”

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else. He carefully placed Xie Xi on the bed and turned away.

Xie Xi took the opportunity to look and found that Big Jiang was a bit cold.

This dream wasn’t a good dream. If he remembered correctly, this was the two people’s cold period. Xie Xi had been home for three days and it was almost time for the breakup.

If Jiang Xie wanted to have a good dream, the best node should be when they got together or earlier in the army.

However, perhaps Big Jiang’s mood was too grey and his desperation too strong. He couldn’t forgive himself so his dream was about the worst time.

This was the period when Xie Xi deliberately maintained his distance and Jiang Xie thought the young rational was finally tired of s*x. It was just that Xie Xi didn’t break up because of Jiang Xie’s boss identity.

This was the most painful time for Jiang Xie because he got a short sweetness but had to wake up.

Speaking the words ‘break up’ with his own mouth was tantamount to stabbing two knives into his heart.

If Xie Xi didn’t dream then Jiang Xie would be stuck in a repeated nightmare of grief and remorse. How could Xie Xi let this person torture himself again? if Jiang Xie wanted to eat a knife, it should be a knife made of caramel that was sweet when bitten into.

Soon, Jiang Xie came back. He pushed a table to the bedside and personally set the tableware. Xie Xi sat by the bed and asked, “Why is there only one set of cutlery?”

Jiang Xie was stunned. “You…”

Xie Xi asked him, “Have you eaten?”


“Don’t you want to eat with me?”

In the memories he had seen, the two years of being together were quite sticky. Otherwise, Xie Xi wouldn’t say these words.

Jiang Xie didn’t make a sound. Xie Xi hadn’t eaten with him since one month ago but today…

Xie Xi knew what this person was thinking. He didn’t care if it was strange since stranger things were to come.

“Eat together.” Xie Xi pated the spot next to him.”

Jiang Xie stated, “The dining cart is too small for two people.”

Xie Xi thought about it. “Let’s go to the dining room.”

An ordinary lover would probably be afraid of being disgusted. However, Jiang Xie just seemed surprised and overwhelmed.

There were even more startling things. Xie Xi asked again, “I can’t walk. Can you carry me?”

Big Jiang’s head buzzed and he understood what it was like to be a steam train!

Xie Xi found it funny but worked hard to stabilize his expression. “I said that you should stop last night. You…”

Jiang Xie was full of remorse and picked up this person. Xie Xi actually wasn’t used to this. He didn’t like this posture and felt it was shameful. Of course, he couldn’t care now. In any case, it was this person’s dream and it wasn’t a big deal. Making this person happy was the most important thing.

Fortunately, even in the dream, Jiang Xie knew Xie Xi’s temper and there were no outsiders around. Xie Xi sat in the chair and waited for breakfast.

Jiang Xie headed into the kitchen and Xie Xi reminded him, “The dining cart is still in the bedroom.”

“The food is cold. I will do it again…” He realized his words were wrong and changed them. “I will let them do it again.”

Don’t talk about rational people. These days, even emotional people rarely wasted time in the kitchen.

Xie Xi’s lips curved. “But I’m hungry now.”

The soft, spoiled tone made Big Jiang’s heart jump.

Xie Xi continued, “Just eat those dishes. I want porridge.”

Jiang Xie was now like a rational, his arms as stiff as a robot. “I will go and get them.”

Xie Xi didn’t hold back, his eyes full of laughter. “Okay.”

Jiang Xie turned his head and saw these beautiful eyes full of love. The next moment, Jiang Xie froze. Xie Xi blinked and vaguely felt that he should’ve controlled his emotions. Still, he wasn’t an actor and couldn’t control it live.

Jiang Xie stared at him and called out, “Xiao Xie.”

Xie Xi tried to make himself more rational. “Yes?”

Jiang Xie leaned close to Xie Xi, hand touching his face. “This is too unreal.”

Xie Xi’s heart jumped. The corners of Jiang Xie’s lips curved and the smile was full of bitterness. “Am I dreaming?” Otherwise, how could the rational Xie Xi speak to him in such a tone and with this expression in his eyes?

It was too beautiful, just like he dreamt about for countless days and nights.

Unfortunately, a dream was a dream. In reality, Xie Xi was tired of him and already left him.

Xie Xi saw a prompt in the lower right corner. [The dream is coming to an end. Please be ready to leave at any time.]

Other people were awakened by nightmares. Jiang Xie, this person was awakened by a beautiful dream???

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Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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