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Collapsed God 7

All of them stared at Jiang Xie.

They knew Jiang Xie’s identity and the reason they let him stand here was because they respected Xie Xi’s decision. The second reason was that this was a life or death situation. One more power was useful.

They all knew that Jiang Xie had an SSS-grade physique but they didn’t dare entrust such an important task to him.

After all, this was the leader of a rebel army. Even if he reincarnated and lost his former memories, he was still a rebel.

The Secretary of Defense directly ignored his words and wondered, “An SS-grade physique isn’t good?”

The Third Institute’s president answered, “The SS-grade physique will take at least half a year. The timeliness of the data is difficult to guarantee.”

“Use the maximum speed.”

“The SS-grade physique will explode and die! Even if the soldiers are willing to sacrifice themselves, the person is dead and the accuracy of the data can’t be guaranteed!”

Xie Xi felt doubtful hearing this. It was reasonable to say that machines were better than people. Why was it the opposite here and the data collected by people was more accurate and efficient than a machine?

Of course, now wasn’t the time to consider this. Xie Xi made a decision. “Let him go.”

He was naturally referring to Jiang Xie.

The Intelligence Minister immediately opened his mouth. “Mr. President, his identity…”

Xie Xi interrupted him. “I believe in him.”

“This is too important. If he returns false news, our entire United States…”

Xie Xi refuted it. “Their ideal is to survive, not to destroy.”

The rebels opposed the US government but the fundamental reason why they hadn’t been completely annihilated was because their ideas were positive.

They advocated a purer freedom, a more humane rule and a more harmonious social system, rather than torching all of civilization.

In the face of a common disaster, they were on the same side. They all wanted to live, to survive and to protect the United States.

Xie Xi persuaded the cabinet. In fact, he didn’t need to say too much because they had no choice.

An SSS-grade physique was too rare and only appeared once or twice every few decades. Then after reincarnation, the physique would change.

There was only Mr. Jiang, the former president, Mr. Xie Xi, the current president and the boy in front of them.

Mr. Jiang was difficult to contact, Mr. Xie Xi couldn’t leave the Capital Star and the only remaining choice was X.

The head of the rebels, a teenager who had just turned 16 and was childish and sharp. The hope of all civilization was entrusted to him? Unfortunately, there was no choice.

Things were finalized. In order to save time, Jiang Xie would depart tomorrow.

His physical fitness was up to standards but other aspects had to be carefully taught to him.

Jiang Xie was taken away by the president of the Third Institute and Xie Xi handled some matters that occurred afterwards.

The Third Institute’s president was still in a state of high excitement and spoke very fast. Regardless of whether the person understood or not, he personally explained how to use the collector and what data to collect. Xie Xi had a headache just hearing it.

“Can he remember it?” Xie Xi couldn’t help asking.

The Third Institute’s president was startled to see the president and hurriedly greeted Xie Xi.

Jiang Xie told him, “There is no problem.”

Xie Xi, “…” Okay, the young man’s brain was good.

After teaching and practicing a few times, Jiang Xie only got a few things wrong and the Third Institute’s president sighed. “Worthy of an SSS-grade physique, truly worthy…”

Xie Xi was afraid of this big brother and led Jiang Xie away from the research institute.

Jiang Xie asked him, “Is there anything else?”

Xie Xi replied, “Go home for dinner.”

His words were simple but Jiang Xie’s heart jumped when he heard ‘go home.’

Xie Xi was still very nervous. Letting Jiang Xie explore the pole might be an important part of the repair task and it was Jiang Xie, so there was a high probability there would be no problem. Still, this so-called concern was chaotic. Once separated, Xie Xi couldn’t help worrying.

Xie Xi’s heart rejected the worlds of the Third Institute’s presidents and he said, “Pay attention to safety first. The data collection failure doesn’t matter. It is important to save fuel to return. You can’t…”

He hadn’t finished nagging when Jiang Xie asked him, “Why?”

“Why? Paying attention to safety is the most important thing!”

“Why are you so good to me?”

Xie Xi was stunned. He gazed at Jiang Xie and saw the teenager’s indigo eyes.

Such deep and cold eyes were filled with expectations, tension and fire. Jiang Xie had mustered up his courage to ask this.

Xie Xi smiled, his voice gentle and tender. “I’ll tell you when you come back.”

Jiang Xie’s eyes brightened.

Xie Xi took his hand and spoke warmly, “Be well and pay attention to safety.”

Jiang Xie was very stiff as he held Xie Xi’s hands. His grip was very tight, as if there were invisible handcuffs. “I will definitely come back.”

“Good.” Xie Xi’s lips curved. “I’ll wait for you.”

After bidding farewell to Little Jiang, Xie Xi’s heart unexpectedly felt empty. Habits were really terrible. He had adapted to the life of the two people and once separated, it felt like he lost half of himself.

Fortunately, this didn’t affect his handling of presidential matters. After a long time, Xie Xi found a chance to look up the enigmatic former president.

The former president surnamed Jiang…

Xie Xi searched and screened 10 people. The surname of Jiang was very common and there were inevitably many presidents who had the same surname.

He took a long time to eliminate names and finally had three candidates left.

The so-called former president wasn’t the one before Xie Xi. Rather, it was someone who had been a president.

In the end, Xie Xi had to sort through the surnames one by one.

He was still thinking about how to lock onto the target when he saw the name and facial features. There was no mistaking it.

Name: Jiang Xie.

Age: 6 rounds, 46 years old.

Gender: Rational

The corners of Xie Xi’s mouth tensed tightened. He didn’t expect the souls in this world to be so ingenious. They were exactly the same as Jiang Xie and didn’t even change their names!

Was it a new friend or an old friend? Xie Xi was uncertain. He could only be sure that this was a pitiful soul left in the collapsed world.

It was probably because Little Jiang was too cute that the pity in Xie Xi’s heart wasn’t extinguished. Thus, he felt distressed even before meeting the new soul.

Other souls got to do what they wanted in their own worlds. This was a miserable soul who couldn’t control the world and was driven out of office.

President Xie wanted to abdicate and let him work… no, let him lead the United States to a new future!

Xie Xi checked for a while. Jiang Xie was a citizen of the United States so the information on him was excellent. His resume was long.

Xie Xi’s eyes became wider the more he looked.

This wasn’t taking advantage of their soul or doing their best to cheat in an online game. This was simply a Daoist immortal descending to the world!

From the first round to the sixth round, Jiang Xie was a complete life winner. Several important cabinet positions had his name and the even more exaggerated was that every round, he was re-elected for three consecutive presidential terms… he was the president with the longest office term.

The rule of the United States was to remove all past after reincarnation. Thus, he could be re-elected after his term expired as long as there were enough votes.

Jiang Xie had lived for six rounds and served a total of 72 years as president…

Xie Xi suspected this soul was the collapsed god!

Of course, this task wouldn’t be so simple. Xie Xi was just venting his frustrations.

After reading everything, Xie Xi thought about how to contact this great god.

Then the communicator on his earring activated, followed by a magnetic voice. “Li Su contacted me using your frequency band. What’s the matter?”

The low voice ringing in his ears unexpectedly made Xie Xi’s eyes ache. He took off the communicator and took deep breaths.

What’s the matter…

This voice…

It wasn’t the first day meeting Jiang Xie and Xie Xi admitted that Jiang Xie’s voice was very nice. But this…

It wasn’t an exaggeration to describe it like an electric current that made Xie Xi’s legs soft. Xie Xi took a while to calm down before he could think of the words.

Li Su was Secretary Li. He had used Xie Xi’s frequency band to contact Jiang Xie?

This was normal. After all, a former president with an SSS-grade physique showing up at the critical moment gave the United States more hope.

Yet the person no one could reach actually contacted him? Listening to the tone, they seemed to know each other?

Don’t blame Xie Xi, he thought that even as president, this wasn’t a worthy soul. There was a nine out of ten chance that Jiang Xie took the opportunity to pre-engage in something.

Was it an old friend? It was reasonable to say that the second and third prince had designed three worlds and were almost full. If it was an old friend, it was likely to be the fifth or sixth prince but he felt their temperaments didn’t match.

Old Five was sentimental and Old Six was gloomy. They weren’t the same as this person.

Xie Xi finally replied, “Can you meet me?”

The man laughed softly, his clear voice making Xie Xi feel numb. “Did you miss me?”

Xie Xi, “……”

This was a former love but his voice was simply a cheat! Xie Xi’s face heated up and he tried to remain calm as he sent his position. It didn’t take Xie Xi long to see this person.

The 46 year old Jiang Xie was strange and familiar. A man of this age had a unique charm. Time had settled on his brow and experience gave him an edge. If he had to descript the temperament, it was a temperament that showed maturity to its fullest.

Looking at the young and tender Jiang Xie and the mature and stable former president was a great shock. They obviously looked exactly the same but were different because of their temperaments.

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking of Professor Jiang and the good times they had in their old age.

Jiang Xie opened his mouth, his voice heavy. “Mr. President, good afternoon.”

Xie Xi jerked and greeted the other person. “Good afternoon, Mr. Jiang.”

Jiang Xie smiled and sat opposite him. He took off the dark grey trench coat and revealed a shirt that suited his body perfect. Age only added a mature charm and hadn’t damaged this perfect body.

Xie Xi felt an indescribable sense of oppression that was invisible. The man opposite him wasn’t deliberately pressuring him. It was a natural sense of oppression.

Xie Xi sighed, stabilized himself and prepared his mind to deal with this unusual Mr. Jiang.

“The difficulties of the United States must be clear to you.” Xie Xi subconsciously didn’t use any honorifics. “We need citizens with an SSS-grade physique to perform tasks. I could only think of you.”

Jiang Xie asked, “DId you find the pole?”

Many of the policies implemented today were set by Jiang Xie and it was normal for him to know.

Xie Xi nodded. “A field trip is required for some data and an SSS-grade physique is needed for the fastest jump.”

Jiang Xie raised his lower lip. “Haven’t you already found a suitable candidate?”

Little Jiang was completing the task but…

Xie Xi replied, “Once the data comes back, there will definitely be more problems. If you can come back…”

He stopped. It wasn’t because he was interrupted but because of Jiang Xie’s stare.

The pair of dark grey eyes were calm but deep, as if looking into the deepest part of his soul.

Xie Xi’s heart beat faster and he couldn’t remember what he was going to say. Jiang Xie walked towards him and Xie Xi couldn’t help standing up.

The two of them didn’t have a large difference in height but this person was so imposing that Xie Xi had the illusion of looking up.

Jiang Xie’s lips curved but it wasn’t like a smile. His finger pointed at Xie Xi’s heart as he slowly declared, “Once you know how to love, I will come back.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help exclaiming, “The United States is facing a huge crisis. All civilization in the universe will disappear!”

“So what?” Jiang Xie replied lightly. “That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

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