GL: Chapter 187

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Collapsed God 21

J had been holding an iron box in his hand and the moment it hit the ground, the paintings inside fell out. The big movement caused the two people below to look up.

Big Jiang was surprised when he saw the same face as himself while Little Jiang greeted the other person. “Mr. J.”

They knew each other previously and Xie Xi got the clue about J from Little Jiang.

Big Jiang watched J in an alert manner but his expression naturally didn’t change. He also got up and greeted this person. “Hello.”

Xie Xi was sandwiched in the middle and wanted to hold the mother universe tightly. He shrank back from these ‘sinister evils.’

J bent over to pick up the iron box and walked down the stairs. There was an unexpected incident that caused him to have a taut face. After greeting the two people, he glanced over at Little Jiang. “I didn’t expect to meet you here.” The implication was how could the rebel leader currently be in the presidential palace?

Little Jiang was clever but he didn’t think that Mr. J’s unforgettable lover was Xie Xi! After all, according to conventional brain circuits, an emotional could only fall in love with an emotional. How could J’s lover be a rational? Therefore, Little Jiang didn’t have any doubts.

He said, “In the face of a disaster, nothing else matters.”

Xie Xi inwardly thought, ‘Yet you still care about confessing!’

J wasn’t too surprised and asked another question, “Are you an emotional?” He heard it all and there was nothing to hide.

Little Jiang was young and felt a bit embarrassed about his confession being heard by an acquaintance. He nodded. “Sorry, I lied to you before.”

He was speaking to both J and Xie Xi.

J and Xie Xi both had complicated expressions! He didn’t confess early or late, he did it right at the critical point of the universe rescue operation. What if Jiang Xie went on strike?

Fortunately, J was calmer than Xie Xi’s imagination. After all, this was Jiang Xie. Apart from the young and slightly immature Little Jiang, the other two were old foxes!

J kindly cautioned, “The president is a rational. If you confess to a ration, it is impossible to get a response.”

His words cleared a path for Xie Xi. Who knew that Little Jiang would be fearless and seriously reply, “I know but I don’t care.”

He turned to look at Xie Xi. “I just want to tell you that I like you.” The pair of indigo eyes wrapped around Xie Xi like the sea.

Xie Xi’s fake rational heart trembled.

After all, the person he loved confessed in such a straightforward and blunt manner. How could he stand it?

On the side, Big Jiang chuckled. His voice was very low and contained a hint of coolness, but it was surprisingly good. It was like beautiful snow falling lightly on the tip of the ear.

Xie Xi suddenly came to his senses. Why was Big Jiang so calm, confident and not taking it seriously? It was because…

Xie Xi’s mouth was dry. “You are still young.”

Yes, the Little Jiang in front of him was taller than President Xie but he was only 15 or 16 years old, a minor.

This was without mentioning Xie Xi’s gender. Even if he was emotional, it would be impossible for him to fall in love with a minor. It was thanks to this age problem that Big Jiang was so indifferent.

Little Jiang was young but clever. His next sentence was, “Once I am an adult, you…”

Xie Xi’s heart jumped and he was afraid of the next words. Fortunately, someone else was more afraid than him.

Big Jiang frowned and interrupted. “Don’t embarrass him. Or do you want to threaten him?”

Xie Xi couldn’t help praising in his heart, ‘Good Big Jiang!’

Little Jiang immediately cried out, “I’m not!”

Big Jiang wondered, “Then why do you want to confess now? We are going on a mission soon and how do you want him to reply to you? If he refuses, will you be angry and refuse to do the mission? If he doesn’t refuse, how can he like a child like you?”

Xie Xi understood. It was no wonder why Big Jiang had Little Jiang look at the movie. He expected that Little Jiang would ‘absorb’ the movie experience and directly confess. Unfortunately, the timing, age of Little Jiang and Xie Xi’s gender meant this confession wouldn’t have any results.

His move not only made Little Jiang frustrated but also dismissed the trick of sleepwalking while letting Xie Xi know Little Jiang’s gender. According to the rules of rational and emotional people, Xie Xi would definitely stay away from Little Jiang.

The point was that if Xie Xi had the idea of going to bed previously, he wouldn’t have it now!

Such an arrow made Xie Xi feel admiration… too sly! Was this person so happy to calculate against himself?

Who wanted to see them dig their own pits, jump into it themselves and then gloat!

In contrast, the calm J didn’t expose anything and stayed out of it.

Even if Big Jiang was like Holmes, it was impossible to guess that J and Xie Xi had such a relationship.

If Big Jiang knew, he would probably change his strategy and join forces with Little Jiang to deal with J first. After all, in every way, the threat of J was greater. The ‘old and weak’ group of Big Jiang and Little Jiang should be consistent outwardly while slowly fighting inwardly.

Xie Xi thought this and couldn’t help rolling his eyes at himself. He was now really experienced and could guess 10 moves ahead in the chess game!

Thanks to Big  Jiang, things barely calmed down.

Little Jiang opened his mouth, “Mr. President, rest assured that I will finish the task well.”

He didn’t mention anything else about the confession.

Xie Xi was relieved. “Good.”

He didn’t dare say anything else because he was afraid of causing a terrible chain reaction.

Big Jiang told them, “Dinner is ready. We should go eat.”

He was like the head of the household. There was no other way. He had been president and was more familiar with the presidential palace than Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn’t forget about J. “Let’s go eat.”

J glanced at Big Jiang with obvious doubts in his heart.

Young man, there was no need to look or doubt. This person was indeed an emotional.

J couldn’t help smiling when he entered the dining room and saw the beautiful landscape painting.

This was his work. He remembered that when he created this painting, Xie Xi had accompanied him to stay in the forest for one month. They had lived in the tree house for a while.

Xie Xi had fast-forwarded through that sweet and greasy memory but his brain could keep up with a speed of light computer. He clearly saw the fast-forward and knew what J was thinking.

Xie Xi was afraid of him exposing something and smashing this barely steady thin ice.

He distracted J by saying, “Sit down.”

Then Xie Xi became aware of a more serious problem. How should he allocate seats for such a long table?

It would be fine if there were three people. Xie Xi sat at the head of the table while Jiang Xie sat on both sides of him. Now there were four people and one person was bound to be far away from Xie Xi.

Xie Xi thought with no expression,

‘Why is it a long table? We need a square table! After dinner, I can arrange a great wall on one of the three vacant places, hehe!’

Big Jiang was still aiming at Little Jiang. “An emotional shouldn’t sit with a rational. It is safer to stay far away.”

This was directly placing Little Jiang and J diagonally, leaving him and Xie Xi to sit on one side. The abacus was noisy but…

Little Jiang broke it. “Aren’t you an emotional?”

At these words, J jerked and his composure somewhat collapsed. Was Jiang Xie emotional? Then Xie Xi’s ex-partner was actually emotional?

This thing… too complicated!

Xie Xi had long known this and his expression didn’t change. Big Jiang didn’t panic and only sarcastically smiled. He felt that Little Jiang was a fool who killed 1,000 people while losing 800 allies, so that no one could benefit.

J continued to be tense as he smiled reluctantly. “How can Mr. Jiang be emotional?”

Little Jiang sneered. “He has been disguised for all his life and probably doesn’t remember that he is emotional.”

Big Jiang was more ruthless. His voice was gentle but his words were astonishing. “I pretended to be rational in order to get together with Xie Xi.”

J, “!”

Xie Xi broke the jar that casually fell and got up. “You are all emotional and should sit together to eat. I will go to that end.” It was reasonable and logical. He would go to the far end of the table to eat alone. It was also quieter.

How could the trio stand to let him go? They spoke in unison, “No.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Big Jiang told them, “We have to be together every day for the mission. We should adapt sooner or later.”

Little Jiang and J both nodded. “Yes.”

Xie Xi wondered, “How are you going to sit?”

Big Jiang suggested, “You sit and I’ll go over there.” He saw on the left side of Little Jiang, separating Xie Xi from Little Jiang.

This was the smartest way to retreat while still monitoring the ‘love enemy.’ As expected of the person who had been president. It was amazing…

What damn thing? Shouldn’t their brains be focused on saving the universe instead of such messy things?

They monitored each other during dinner and miraculously, once it finished they said they were tired and went back to their rooms to rest.

Xie Xi still felt somewhat awkward. He went to the study to deal with the work he had pushed to the side today. An hour later, there was a knock on the door.

Xie Xi put down the work at hand and cried out, “Come in.”

The person who came was J. Xie Xi wasn’t surprised. He guessed this person would have something to say.

The two people sat down and J got straight to the point. “What is going on with them?”

Xie Xi spoke the truth. Not one word was a lie and he made the ins and outs clear.

J slightly frowned. “I didn’t expect them to be emotional.”

Xie Xi told him, “I didn’t know either.”

J gazed at him. “Why did you choose Jiang Xie as a partner?”

Xie Xi, “……”

“He looks exactly the same as me.”

Xie Xi didn’t dare say, ‘I saw you in him.’ He was afraid he couldn’t coax this person and things would blow up. He could only reply vaguely, “…We just met.”

J didn’t force him and spoke warmly, “It’s fine, I know you have forgotten.” Then he took Xie Xi’s hand.

Xie Xi didn’t pull away, even if he was a bit dismayed at the moment and he got goosebumps.

Sure enough… they had gone back to their rooms early for a so-called rest in order to avoid each other and find Xie Xi for a private chat.

J was first and second was Big Jiang.

Big Jiang was the deadliest one because he did a lot of Xie Xi’s work and he had permission to enter the study. He came directly in while saying, “Xiao Xie, take a break and drink some…”

He hadn’t finished his words when he saw the two people sitting on the sofa while holding hands.

Xie Xi felt that it was now too late to pull away and in any case, it was just a pair of hands.

Big Jiang was really stable. He saw such a scene yet he could still be calm. “I thought there was no one else here and came in. Sorry to bother you.”

J held the other person’s hand more tightly and wondered, “Mr. Jiang, weren’t you resting?”

“Mr. J doesn’t seem to be resting either.”

J smiled. “Xiao Xie didn’t sleep so I couldn’t feel reassured.”

This intimate term was tantamount to a declaration of war!

Big Jiang raised his eyebrows. “He followed me since the age of 13. I never knew he was friendly with an emotional painter.”

The smell of g*npowder couldn’t be hidden anymore! The miraculous thing was that Xie Xi was in the centre of the storm and was safe.

J gazed gently at Xie Xi. “We aren’t very familiar in this cycle but in our first reincarnation, we were partners for a lifetime.”

Big Jiang’s eyes sunk as the colour deepened.”

“Oh.” J added like he remembered something. “Many of the works in the presidential palace were created when Xiao Xie was by my side.”

Big Jiang’s lips slightly raised. “Going into reincarnation is starting a new life. Mr. J, why use the long forgotten past to disturb his new life?”

J smiled and didn’t say anything.

Big Jiang didn’t think a rational could know love and added, “Not to mention that you are an emotional. How can you stay together with a rational?” It was just living together, who hadn’t done that?”

J had been waiting for this sentence and slowly spoke, “If two people are in love, aren’t they together?”

Big Jiang’s pupils shrank when he heard this.

J stared at Big Jiang in a certain manner. “In the first round, Xie Xi loved me.”

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