GL: Chapter 77

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Open World 2

The open world disabled all skills and the ability to view goodwill naturally couldn’t be used.

The thing Jiang Xie saw now was the value the moment he entered the open world.

He couldn’t continue to use it after entering so the goodwill stopped at -365. It wouldn’t refresh if the value increased or dropped after entering the world.

Jiang Xie had never seen such a low score since he obtained this trash skill.

It turned out that it could still be a negative number and it was actually -365. If he decreased this score by one point every day, it would take him a whole year to get a score of 0.

Why did he do to make this child dislike him so much?

Jiang Xie didn’t believe Xie Xi’s words about them being master and apprentice. He couldn’t accept a person with such low goodwill as an apprentice.

What was he doing? Waiting to be deceived?

Unfortunately, he forgot things and couldn’t figure out what he was doing in such an open world.

However, since he teamed up with this child, he should take a look.

The bonfire was lit and Xie Xi’s side task refreshed. He said, “Master, the fourth task came out.”

Jiang Xie was even more certain that this person wasn’t his apprentice. Otherwise, how could his ears itch when he heard the word ‘Master.’

He thought this but his face was steady and he didn’t show anything. “What is it?”

Xie Xi knew the twists and turns in his heart and frowned as he said, ”Hold on for 10 minutes.”

What was this mission? Hold on for 10 minutes? Hold on against what?

Xie Xi didn’t quite understand but Jiang Xie suddenly got up and pulled Xie Xi behind him. “Be careful.”

Xie Xi had strengthened himself using a collector’s qualifications but it was still the beginner level. It was limited and he wasn’t aware of the changes.

Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi behind him and picked up a branch. He slammed it forward and there was the sound of it hitting something.

Xie Xi vaguely saw it!

He didn’t know when but it had become dark outside the cave. It was a darkness without moonlight or starlight, as if covered with a heavy black cloth.

Now a shadow on the black cloth was shaking. It was human but dull and clumsy, like… like…

A zombie!

The shadow pierced by Jiang Xie’s branch fell to the ground and green liquid poured from its neck. The terrible shape of the rotten head was revealed by the swaying bonfire.

Xie Xi had seen this!

Jiang Xie glanced at the child’s pale face and whispered, “Stay here.”

Xie Xi nodded and leaned against the wall in the innermost part of the cave. Jiang Xie picked up the branches and confronted the zombies constantly pouring into the hole.

Xie Xi watched this thrilling scene with wide eyes. The open world had disabled skills and props. Jiang Xie had no weapons yet he wielded the branch with such power!

The branches had been collected by Xie Xi and he was well aware that they were just ordinary branches. They were even dried out because it had been too long.

Now it wasn’t an exaggeration to call the branch a divine weapon!

He heard other people say that X was powerful but Xie Xi hadn’t felt it. Now he saw the gap between a beginner player and a real designer.

You know, X didn’t use any skills and props!

Xie Xi held his breath against the wall and didn’t go forward. He couldn’t help and would just be a hindrance.

He knew the meaning of the fourth side task. Hold on for 10 minutes against the attack of the zombies!

Could he hold on if there wasn’t Jiang Xie?

Xie Xi’s palm was sweaty as he held a branch.

Don’t mention 10 minutes. He couldn’t hold on for even 10 seconds! Normal players wouldn’t be able to last against so many zombies constantly pouring.

Besides, what about after 10 minutes? Would this sea of corpses retreat? Impossible! What should he do?

He couldn’t help thinking that if Jiang Xie wasn’t here, wouldn’t this task not be completed?

No, Xie Xi calmed down. Jiang Xie said that the difficulty of the guidance tasks gradually increased. This was the fourth task and the difficulty shouldn’t have increased by so much.

The third task was just making a bonfire. How could the fourth task be fatal Bonfire…

Xie Xi had a thought as he looked at the festering zombies. The grass and stones in the open world were designed roughly while the zombies were so lifelike that they were disgusting.

Rancid pus, blue skin, crooked five senses and twisted limbs…

Xie Xi endured his nausea and watched for a moment before crying out, “Master, it is the bonfire that brought them here!”

Jiang Xie was surprised.

Xie Xi gritted his teeth, picked up a lit branch and threw it at a zombie. The zombies saw the flames and instantly fluttered around it like moths.

He guessed right. These zombies were attracted by the flames in the cave! The branch went out and the zombies turned back.

Xie Xi rushed towards the bonfire only for Jiang Xie to call out, “Wait.”

Xie Xi glanced at him. Jiang Xie told him, “Don’t let the bonfire go out.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “But…” If he didn’t extinguish the bonfire, it would attract more zombies and even Jiang Xie couldn’t hold on.

Jiang Xie picked up a burning branch and threw it out like a javelin. The zombies didn’t seem to have much thinking ability. They were attracted by the bonfire but they rushed over as soon as they saw a closer flame.

This was also temporary. The branches thrown would soon be extinguished.

Xie Xi didn’t know why Jiang Xie stopped him from extinguishing the bonfire but he instinctively trusted Jiang Xie. Thus, he didn’t rush into action.

Jiang Xie took advantage of the zombies’ distraction and quickly explained, “Many of them have no eyes and can’t see the flames. If the bonfire goes out, the two of us will become the new targets because our temperature will attract them.”

Xie Xi was surprised and understood that the zombies were attracted to heat, not light.

If he had just extinguished the bonfire, there would only be the two of them left as heat sources in the cave and they would be finished!

Jiang Xie picked up some branches that were still burning.

Xie Xi realized what he was going to do and his pupils contracted. “You…”

His heart was in a hurry and he forgot to call this person ‘Master.’

Jiang Xie unexpectedly smiled. “Such a clever little apprentice, your master naturally has to protect you well.”

Xie Xi was stunned while Jiang Xie rushed out with the burning branches. The zombies crazily chased after him and none were left.

Xie Xi closed his eyes and told himself, ‘”Nothing will happen to Jiang Xie. He can’t have an accident in such a low-level world!”

Despite this, his lips trembled uncontrollably while his palms and back were sweaty. Even so, he didn’t shrink back. He stepped on the newly extinguished branches, dispersing their residual temperature onto the hard stone.

It was a pity there wasn’t any soil in this cave or he would definitely use it to bury these dark branches.

Jiang Xie was naturally fine. How could such slow-moving zombies hurt him?

He was just afraid that the child would be worried. Well, he didn’t know if the -365 child would be worried about him…

In short, he didn’t go too far because he was afraid that zombies would go to the cave to bully the child.

Jiang Xie returned to the cave and saw Xie Xi quietly hiding against the wall.

There was no light outside and the cave was dark. Jiang Xie’s eyesight was very high and he also had the night vision ability so he could see clearly. Xie Xi couldn’t see anything but he did his best in such a dark and dangerous environment.

Jiang Xie saw that the trampled on ash didn’t have any temperature left. He also saw the child trying hard to be motionless and his breathing was very light. The child tried his best to look around despite not being able to see anything.

“It’s me.” Jiang Xie opened his mouth. “It is safe for the time being.”

As soon as he spoke, he saw Xie Xi’s tight body relax and the wide open eyes curved… it was like a small cat putting away his claws.

So cute…

Jiang Xie had to look at the -365 goodwill to calm himself down.

Xie Xi saw the vague outline of Jiang Xie approached and felt relieved. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Jiang Xie’s clothes. Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi approached him and whispered, “Master, thank you. Fortunately, you are here or I would be dead.”

The ‘master’ was fake but the rest was sincere.

If it hadn’t been for the -365 goodwill, Jiang Xie would stretch out his arms and hug this person.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “I am too reckless. It would’ve been awful if I actually extinguished the bonfire.”

Jiang Xie wasn’t happy to hear this. “It is you who discovered that the bonfire attracted the zombies.” He found it in such a short time despite the dangerous and tense situation.

Xie Xi was shamed. “I thought it was light and didn’t think about the temperature at all.”

Jiang Xie explained, “It is because you can’t see the zombies.” If Xie Xi had night vision, he would’ve known that the zombies were drawn by temperature.

Xie Xi blinked. “I am reflecting.”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi spoke again, “Master, a famous teacher will train fine students.”

Jiang Xie saw the brightness in Xie Xi’s eyes and could only stare at the -365 goodwill while reflecting on himself.

The fourth task was completed as the two of them talked. Xie Xi sighed silently. He had been afraid that 10 minutes referred to enduring the zombies’ attack for 10 minutes. Fortunately, it seemed that it referred to 10 minutes in the cave.

Jiang Xie was very sharp and knew what he was thinking. He was about to comfort Xie Xi when he suddenly stopped.

“Someone’s coming.” He lowered his voice and told Xie Xi.

Xie Xi opened his eyes as wide as possible but his eyesight was only slightly better than ordinary people. He couldn’t see clearly.

Jiang Xie told him, “There are three people. Two men and one woman.”

He didn’t say anything else because the three people had already run over. Xie Xi heard footsteps, rapid gasping and then some voices.

“There is a cave here. We can enter and hide!” It was a man who talked first.

Another rough male voice was heard, “Let go of me! You don’t care about him. I’ll handle it!”

Someone seemed to slap him and a woman said, “Chen Qing has been bitten by a zombie. Do you want to go back and save a zombie?”

The rough male voice spoke again, “I can’t leave him. It doesn’t matter if he becomes a zombie. As long as he completes the task and returns to the Central World…”

“You’re out of your mind!” The woman exclaimed. “He is dead after becoming a zombie. It is impossible for the dead to return to the centre!”

The rugged male voice was angry. “If he is dead, I will bring his body back! Hey, let me go!” He couldn’t bear it anymore and started to resist.

Xie Xi couldn’t see clearly and could only distinguish by listening. The rough man seemed to be tied up and would soon violently break free. The other man and woman couldn’t hold him.

The woman said, “Kong Rongliang, you are mindless! Go die if you want!” She seemed to release her hand.

The man with the rough voice called Kong Rongliang didn’t say anything and rushed out of the cave.

The woman stomped her feet and cursed before chasing him. The man in the cave hesitated a bit before actually following.

The trio didn’t see Jiang Xie and Xie Xi from beginning to end.

Jiang Xie naturally saw things clearly but he was accompanying Xie Xi in this world so he asked, “Do you want to go out and see?”

Xie Xi looked calm and his voice didn’t fluctuate much. “Go and take a look.”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “Do you want to save them?”

He was really a kind, little cutie.

Xie Xi wondered, “What is Master talking about? Who is going to save them? We can’t stay in the cave forever. The fire outside will soon be extinguished and isn’t it a dead end here?”

Jiang Xie, “…” Oh, this was the -365 little fox.

Xie Xi said this but he couldn’t help looking around for the three people.

This place was really strange. It had just been so dark that he couldn’t see his fingers. Now it was bright again and everything around them could be seen.

Xie Xi looked up and didn’t see the sun.

It seemed that his first main task wasn’t that simple.

Maybe it was because of the dawn but there were a lot less zombies. Even so, the forest in front of them was still dark and creepy.

At this time, a fierce scream was heard. “Go, Old Kong, go and leave me alone!”

Xie Xi saw the two men and one woman. There was also a man lying on the ground near them.

The man’s lower body was bloody and pus was gushing out, exuding a rotten smell.

Xie Xi knew this man must be the Chen Qing who was bitten by a zombie.

Kong Rongliang was rugged and tough. He looked as powerful as his last name. He took big steps and ran straight towards Chen Qing.

Chen Qing endured the severe pain and shouted, “I fu*king told you to go. I have been bitten by a zombie! Both legs are gone! If you come over here, I will bite you too!”

Kong Rongliang stopped. A blue on his forehead bulged and his lips quivered as he seemed to be talking to himself. Unfortunately, he was too far away to be heard clearly.

Xie Xi frowned. He was about to say something when he suddenly stopped.

The side task had refreshed.

(5) Save them.

(5) Kill them.

Why were there two tasks for the number five task and why were they contradictory?

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