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Open World 15

What was he talking about?

It wasn’t just Xie Xi’s ears that were hot as his face started burning as well. He wondered, “Master, what are you talking about?”

Jiang Xie stared at him.

Xie Xi tried to escape. Jiang Xie looked like he wasn’t exerting any strength but his hands were as strong as handcuffs.

What to do? Jiang Xie wasn’t just suspicious and directly asked.

He didn’t believe they was master and apprentice. Then how should Xie Xi explain why they came to the open world together?

It was obvious that under normal circumstances, Jiang Xie wouldn’t come here. Now he had entered the open world.

If they weren’t master and apprentice, why come with Xie Xi?

“Is it…” Jiang Xie spoke slowly. “We…”

Xie Xi suddenly approached and touched him on the ear.

Jiang Xie, “!”

Xie Xi broke free and his eyes trembled. “Don’t feel pain.”

The child kissed him, kissed him on the ear…

It was almost like a light skim but it was indeed a kiss.

By the time Jiang Xie recovered, Xie Xi had run back to the other four. Jiang Xie wanted to ask but he couldn’t open his mouth.

He didn’t care that there were other people but Xie Xi was shy. What if Xie Xi turned around and angrily ignored him?

Jiang Xie saw the -365 goodwill and held back!

After doing something crazy, Xie Xi felt it was highly likely he was infected by this group of psychos.

Even if he couldn’t find an excuse, even if he was afraid that Jiang Xie would think too much, going such a thing…

Xie Xi also couldn’t hide forever. Once the game ended, what should he do if Jiang Xie asked him again?

Xie Xi’s head was a mess.

Cao Yan called out to him, “Boss, are chicken wings really impossible?”

Xie Xi glanced at him. “Why do you want chicken wings? Do you want to be a one-winged angel?”

Cao Yan explained, “If I have a large wing then I can slap away all the monsters!”

Xie Xi was speechless. ‘With this wing, you are the biggest monster!’

Fortunately, Zhu Li gave up on the chicken legs. He lamented, “I will have to jump around on this leg and it will be too tiring.”

Just tiring? It wasn’t because it was ugly and crazy?

Jiang Xie was coming over when an announcement was heard. “Thank you for killing the annoying big chicken. The last round is a competition mode. The track leading to the treasure can only accommodate one car. Please prepare the two vehicles for battle. Four wins out of six matches will allow you to qualify for the treasure. If it is three wins and three losses, no one is qualified for the treasure!”

The last round turned out to be a one on one fight with the players of both cars. There were 12 people and six games, with four victories required. Xie Xi listened carefully to the announcement. “If you lose, you can’t gain the treasure but you won’t be trapped here.”

Those who weren’t greedy would have no problems living.

The four half zombies spoke in unison, “Lose?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Zhu Li was very passionate. “Boss, just watch! We are enough!” The four of them would gain four points and Jiang Xie and Xie Xi wouldn’t have to act.

Cao Yan added, “Boss, rest assured that if I lose, I will… cut off my own arm!”

Couldn’t he show a bit of sincerity? His arm was more worthless than his clothes!

Zhuo Liu laughed. “I’m not the same. If I lose, I will cut off Cao Yan’s arm!”

Cao Yan shouted, “Stop fu*king around. Why do you want to cut off my arm?”

Zhuo Liu shifted his gaze. “I like your arm. Occasionally, another person’s life experience is also a fresh experience.”

If this had happened before, Xie Xi would’ve ignored them and move towards Jiang Xie. Now… he was afraid to approach Jiang Xie and had to listen to this group.

They were really relaxed. What was there to be afraid of? The first car might’ve made it through the last round but they could easily smash the first car.

As for the status of the first car? They were a mess and several of them already had less air intake.

In the second round, the big rooster was mercilessly crushed by Xie Xi’s group but it was actually very arrogant. The hill-like body, the proud chicken wings and the healthy chicken thighs, it was a strong boss and normally the abused players would be crying and shouting!

The second car had all types of weapons and it was easy to fight, but the first car only had the long knives. These knives were good for cutting zombies but against the big rooster, it was the same as cutting stone. Zhou Wuwei rushed up and slashed at it, only for the chicken foot to…

Slam out.

There was nothing wrong with the chicken leg and the knife was broken!

Zhou Wuwei froze and was hit by the rooster’s wing. He slammed into the wall and coughed up blood.

Zhou Wuwei was fairly good and all his qualifications were placed in strength. He desperately swung the knife but the rooster was unexpectedly unscathed. It showed how thick the skin of the rooster was!

Fortunately, they had an ‘attack strategy.’ Yun Die cried out, “Don’t worry. Stand in a good position and try to attack its lower abdomen!”

There was a piece of soft flesh covered by feathers. Aiming at it could deal a fatal injury.

Zhou Wuwei’s face was ugly. “This rooster’s skin is to thick. They probably can’t beat it even with weapons!”

Yun Die added, “Defeating it is useless. Without anyone blocking the position, it will soon come back to life. Upgrading only gives limited weapons and ammunition. That man can’t win alone.” It really was a pity. It was the first time she had seen such a handsome man in her life.

Zhou Wuwei cheered up, organized his teammates to stand in the right position and started to attack the big rooster.

All of them had good fighting power apart from the man with no hand. However, after the first round baptism, they were exhausted and the big rooster was really strong. They might have an attack strategy and know its weakness but it took half an hour to defeat.

The big rooster died and they were a mess.

Yun Die’s shoulder was injured and her whole arm couldn’t be broken. Zhou Wuwei’s left leg was broken and he could barely walk. The other four were no better. The worst one was a black man whose back was pecked by the big rooster and he was bleeding. It was unknown if he could leave this game alive.

Zhou Weiwei panted, “Rest assured, the third round is a one on one confrontation. We will easily win.”

Yun Die nodded. “The treasure must be ours!”

The price they paid for this project wasn’t small but there was a chance to recover if they could get the zombie’s treasure!

At this time, an announcement was heard. “Welcome to the third round. Please submit the list of players and the first game will start later.”

Xie Xi’s side was exuberant when they heard this. Zhu Li cried out, “I’ll go first! Don’t steal my place!”

Cao Yan was next. “Then I’m second.”

Then Zhuo Liu spoke, “I’m third.”

Zhuang Yi added, “Then it is up to me to end the game.” He was the fourth one. If he won, it was indeed possible to announce the end of the game.

Xie Xi had been hiding from Jiang Xie but he couldn’t escape anymore. He asked, “What about you?”

Jiang Xie told him, “I’ll be fifth.” If any of them lost, he would gain another point.

Xie Xi was well aware that he had the lowest combat power out of the six people. There was no way other than placing him at the end.

Xie Xi confirmed the order again. Everyone nodded and said there was no problem. Then he submitted the list.

Jiang Xie didn’t care about these serious matters. “Xiao Xi…”

Xie Xi, “???”

What did he call him? Xie Xi took three scared steps back and nearly hit Zhu Li.

Zhu Li wondered, “Boss, what’s wrong with you? Why are the ears so red? If you are uncomfortable…”

Xie Xi, “…”

Damn, could he apply to withdraw from this team?

The first game also submitted their lineup. The first one was Zhou Wuwei. He had a broken leg but he had to be first. The reason was ready-made, “I don’t know if there is anyone left on the other team. Perhaps we can just walk through the game!”

The big rooster was so dangerous that anyone alive in the second car would only be defeated!

The third round couldn’t use weapons. That man might be strong but if he was still alive after the first and second rounds, he must be unsteady.

Zhou Wuwei’s heart was on fire. He had to personally teach that arrogant and ignorant man!

If he hadn’t been so arrogant to refuse their invitation, they wouldn’t have suffered such losses!

The list was submitted and the cars moved. They passed through an iron door and entered a place similar to an arena.

After two rounds of games, the players from both cars gathered again.

When entering the game, the first car contained elites apart from the man without a hand. In the second car, apart from Jiang Xie and Xie Xi, the others all had missing arms or legs. They were miserable.

Now… it was the other way around.

The people in the first car were stunned. Yun Die and Zhou Wuwei were pale and disbelief filled their faces.

How could this be? How were there still six people in the second car? In addition, the arrogant man was unscathed?

It wasn’t just him. The young man next to him looked too good. The shocking thing was that his clothes weren’t dirty at all…

On the other side, the first car was really miserable. Forget the injured people, even Miss Yun looked like she had rolled around in a pigsty.

Yun Die and Zhou Wuwei suspected that they were hallucinating. Otherwise, how could such an incredible thing happen? This man was strong enough to kill 600 zombies without any injuries? He easily killed the rooster in the second round?

How could it be?!

Zhu Li and Cao Yan couldn’t describe how good it felt when they saw the expressions of the opposite car.

Yun Die and her group had stabbed them before entering the game. It was true that they were physically disabled and they weren’t suitable for clearing the game but did Yun Die’s group have to ridicule them? Why sentence them to death? Why take pleasure in their despair and pain?

The announcement was heard again, “The first game is about to begin. The players should enter the competition field.”

Zhou Wuwei’s soul returned and he stared at Jiang Xie with a horrified expression. This man was going to kill him! Soon he would know… he didn’t deserve to be Jiang Xie’s opponent at all.

A white light flashed and one person disappeared from each of the cars.

Zhou Wuwei of the first car.

Zhu Li of the second car.

They were transmitted to the high platform in the middle. Zhu Li cracked his neck and moved his hands and feet while grinning viciously. Zhou Wuwei was already trembling.

Xie Xi stood far away and thought, ‘Don’t smile! I can’t tell who the villain is!’

There was no suspense in the battle. Zhou Wuwei’s face was swollen and he unwillingly asked, “What happened to your legs? You…”

Zhu Li punched him. “Speak less crap!”

Zhou Wuwei was extremely humiliated and could only shout, “I, I admit defeat!”

The game was over as long as he admitted defeat. There was no suspense in the match. The outcome had been decided the moment both sides first appeared.

After four wins, the second car qualified to inherit the treasure.

The first car might be wounded but they cleared this game as long as they passed the second round. The third round was only for the final reward. It wasn’t fatal if the reward wasn’t obtained.

The announcement rang again, “The second car is favoured by the zombie princess. Please go to the treasury to collect your special reward!”

The zombie princess’ favour? It didn’t feel very good.

Xie Xi glanced at the first car and saw the stunned Yun Die.

Yun Die hadn’t appeared in the four games. She held her shoulder while her face was dazed, as if she hadn’t recovered from the shock.

The first car was leaving the game while the second car was heading to the treasury. They were heading in opposite directions and were next to each other…

A silver light flashed straight towards Xie Xi.

Yun Die’s face was exposed and the thin blade in her hand pointed at Xie Xi’s heart.

She gritted her teeth. “No wonder why you are so fearless. It turns out you have the privilege.”

She just had to kill him and this powerful healing would be hers!

Xie Xi wasn’t terrified at all as he stared at her with no expression.

Yun Die was shocked and found that the dark muzzle in Xie Xi’s hand was already pointed at her!

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