GL: Chapter 159

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas End

This was Xie Xi’s bold idea but he felt it was right.

He wrote his name on the god’s wisdom and then entered the god’s wisdom. This shouldn’t be automatically generated on the roster. Thus, he hadn’t completed the task yet and wouldn’t leave this quasi-world.

The reason for entering the god’s wisdom was the unique romance he prepared for the souls. This was the moment he would tell if it could be done or not.

Xie Xi opened his eyes and found himself sleeping in a sea of flowers. The flowers circled around him. “Lord Flower God, you are awake!”

Xie Xi nodded and asked, “What’s the time?”

No one replied to his question. Then a little flower called out, “Lord Azure Dragon is back!”

Xie Xi turned his head and saw Azure Dragon approaching through the sea of flowers.

Xie Xi’s lips curved as he smiled. Azure Dragon kissed him on the forehead. “What’s going on?”

“What do you think?”

“A new world?”

Xie Xi didn’t answer. Instead, he pulled Azure Dragon by the collar and kissed him on the lips.

Azure Dragon still had questions but he couldn’t stand the sweet kiss. He simply bent over and returned a lingering kiss.

The flowers covered their eyes and hummed shyly. Xie Xi remembered that there were others present and wanted to push away Azure Dragon. Then Azure Dragon picked him up and carried him back to the house.

No one else was present and the different coloured eyes returned. Nevertheless, he pressed Xie Xi to the bed and kept going. Xie Xi was trying to refuse and really pushed hard. However…

“Oh… okay!”

Jiang Xie told him, “You have seduced me like this. How can I not live up to your expectations?”

Xie Xi cried out, “We’re not here to be alone!”

“A lone man will do these things when alone.”

What a wrong idea! Xie Xi’s reason was completely ruined by the hands that heated him up everywhere. Once the fire was put out, Jiang Xie was finally willing to speak.

Xie Xi told him, “We’re in the god’s wisdom.”

Jiang Xie retorted, “Are you sure?”

“Of course, I sealed the souls in it.”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “I mean, are you sure this is the god’s wisdom?”

Xie Xi was stunned. Jiang Xie added, “This might be outside the god’s wisdom.”

“But…” Xie Xi’s eyes were wide. “I clearly…” He suddenly stopped and couldn’t say it.

If he held the god’s wisdom, did it mean he was outside the god’s wisdom? Must he be in the god’s wisdom if he entered the god’s wisdom?

If he thought of the god’s wisdom as a door that allowed him to travel back and forth, how could he distinguish between the inside and the outside?

Jiang Xie opened his mouth. “It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we’re together.”

He knew Xie Xi’s thoughts and was sweetened by them. It made no difference if they were inside or outside the god’s wisdom.

The flower god drew the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea but did he really draw them?

Perhaps when he picked up the pen, he entered the flower world of the drawing and met Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Nine Tails. Giving them names and recognizing their existence was bringing them out of the painting. Those ‘sealed’ in the god’s wisdom might also come out of the painting.

Of course, this was just a guess. It was as Jiang Xie told him: there are no boundaries between reality and falsehood.

Xie Xi was still thinking. “Then… are we in the world outside the painting?”

“It is our world.”

Investigating the inside and outside of the painting was like pursuing the past and the future. There was no point. It was because there was no painting at all. There was only this time.

Xie Xi smiled and looked at him. “What type of core task would’ve triggered if I hadn’t been the one to enter this quasi-world?”

Jiang Xie replied, “Nothing.”

Xie Xi knew what he meant and told him, “Make a guess.”

“I can’t make a guess.” Jiang Xie pecked Xie Xi on the lips. “Only you can enter my world so there is no other possibility.”

Indeed, no matter what the heart of the world was, there was only one core after Xie Xi entered.

It was Xie Xi.

Xie Xi smiled and scolded him. “A love brain.” He knew that the worlds actually bored many of Jiang Xie’s ideas. Nonlinear time, superimposed space, the so-called real and illusory…

More importantly, Xie Xi felt the uneasiness and longing of Jiang Xie. He was almost enlightening Xie Xi, helping him through the door of a designer and touching some of the most basic but core things.

Jiang Xie’s mind was obvious. He wanted to be with Xie Xi for a long time, rather than overnight.

His will affected the souls but also the world, making Xie Xi the flower god.

Xie Xi opened his mouth. “There isn’t much time left. You sleep well and I will go to the next one.”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi smiled. “Only hold the puppet to sleep. Don’t mess around.”

Old Jiang who didn’t expect this, “I want to hold the real person!”

“It’s really nice.”

Then he released a puppet and pushed it into Jiang Xie’s arms.

Jiang Xie, “……..”

The puppet had long been set up by Xie Xi. Its only function was to sleep. Xie Xi had written many words before entering the god’s wisdom. It was wonderful. No matter the drawing, the flower god could use the pen to dominate the world.

Xie Xi thought of this and his heart was as sweet as honey. He was the flower god and this world was Jiang Xie. His pen dominated Jiang Xie’s heart.

Xie Xi first went to see White Tiger. He coaxed the hot-tempered White Tiger before making Jiang Xie hold a puppet to sleep. Then he coaxed Vermilion Bird, followed by Nine Tails and Houqing.

This was the best solution that Xie Xi could think of. There were five hours in this world.

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Nine Tails and Houqing. The length of an hour was almost 24 hours on Earth.

They represented the change in the sun and the moon. Whenever Azure Dragon woke up, the other four would sleep and so on. They would never meet.

This was Xie Xi’s inspiration when opening this world. Like the sun and moon, they would alternate and support the whole world. The souls were clearly arranged by him in this way.

During the day, they would meet the real Xie Xi and at night, they would sleep with the puppet.

After two rotations, Jiang Xie ordered, “Go back to Central!”

Xie Xi joked, “Aren’t you happy? There are five of me here.”

He was taking care of Jiang Xie by not making six.

Jiang Xie’s teeth were painful. “Ve, ry hap, py.”

He made the souls happy and bullied Jiang Xie. Xie Xi had a very big smile on his face when he returned to the Central World.

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3 years ago

Lol. Best harem ending. At least the souls won’t hold a grudge against him in the next life!

3 years ago
Reply to  sarcena

A harem involving a beautiful slag shou with A++ Film Emperor skills and 5 colorblinded husbands gongs wearing green hats °(ಗдಗ。)°. (๑ơ艸ơ๑)

3 years ago

I am also very happy.
ML deserves to be bullied for this dog blood drama.

yum yum
yum yum
3 years ago

not here for harem, but hey that wasn’t so bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3 years ago

Finally a happy ending 😆 Thank you so much for translating

Unknown Unicorn
Unknown Unicorn
3 years ago

I don’t mind the harem ending cuz in the end they’re all jiang xie

3 years ago

im glad it wasn’t a scum harem mc ending this time 😂

thank you for the update!

3 years ago

finally, ‘they’ have their own shou……..

3 years ago

Whoop whoop no tragic ending!

Thanks for the chapter! 💕

Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
3 years ago

finally poor souls aren’t traumatized

Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
3 years ago

Despite his grumbling, Xie Xi never cuts corners when it comes to his hubby’s souls. Each one is loved and pampered to the extreme.

3 years ago

Ok, that also confuse me a bit whether they’re inside or outside of the painting. But that ending is superb!!

3 years ago

Thank you.
I love these characters, but circular arguments give me a headache 🤕

3 years ago

“He was the flower god and this world was Jiang Xie. His pen dominated Jiang Xie’s heart.”

No one mentions how sweet and romantic this is??

Deedee Bolo
Deedee Bolo
2 years ago

Haha finally that settled the 5 😂

1 year ago

Yay, finally a non-tragic ending.

9 months ago

The way Xie Xi completed this quasi-world hits so differently because he cares for Jiang Xie’s souls now unlike befote where he’s just focused on completing the quests.

2 months ago

interesting ending o: still slightly confused.. so everyone is just in god’s wisdom book and living in this new world right?

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