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GL: Chapter 160

Unlucky Chief Meets the Emperor of Luck

Xie Xi didn’t know what the next world would be like but he could be sure that the souls with sweet memories wouldn’t act crazy towards him.

If he still met them in the next world, the initial setting wouldn’t be escaping marriage, getting married and then escaping marriage!

Xie Xi was in a really good mood.

He didn’t check the mission rewards and first looked at the quasi-world interface.

Under the open world, the clearance of Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas appeared.

Xie Xi looked at the button to search for the new world. His hand was itchy and he pressed it.

He would search first to see what the next world was like.

The last world’s ‘play’ was very happy so he was looking forward to the next world.

Xie Xi’s change in heart was big enough. First, he wanted to stab the person when he saw the name Designer X. Now he looked forward to it. Sure enough… people had to grow.

The little rose was reborn as a slag flower!

To Xie Xi’s surprise, a new world didn’t appear after it finished searching. Instead, a line appeared: [Please change your occupation first. The current quasi-world needs a specific occupation.]

Change occupations? Xie Xi was currently a collector and could change to a recorder or explorer.

Even so, Xie Xi always felt that this particular occupation wasn’t a simple low-level occupation.

Most players only promoted themselves to intermediate level instead of changing occupations because they were poor. However, Xie Xi didn’t have this problem. He had too much money to spend that getting qualifications for other occupations wasn’t a problem.

He wanted to know the identity of the next world. Thus, he changed to an explorer and searched for a new world. The result was the same and he was still asked to switch occupations.

Xie Xi frowned and changed to recorder. He searched against and still got the prompt to change occupation.

It seemed he was right when he thought this particular occupation wasn’t a low-grade occupation.

However, the current Central World only had four occupations.

Collectors, reporters, explorers and designers.

Did he have to change occupation to a designer?

He couldn’t do that either!

Xie Xi felt helpless and had to set aside the new world to see the rewards for this task.

After passing through Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas, his beginner experience was full and he could be promoted to an intermediate player.

However, this promotion wasn’t instant. He also had to complete a promotion test.

Xie Xi didn’t care much about the gold reward. Then he heard a loud sound and looked at the number of figures with a weary face.

Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas didn’t have a low level. Lost Atlantis was S+ while this quasi-world was S++.

Any quasi-world above the S grade gave a special reward. Xie Xi accepted the reward.

[Ding dong, congratulations on getting the Golden Items Box. After equipping it, the items bar will be expanded to nine slots.]

Xie Xi, “…” This seemed pretty good?

Gold, it should be decent.

The emperor of luck didn’t understand the market. If other people knew this, they would probably scream with a red face!

Let’s just say that in the past, Jiang Xie cleared 30 S-grade worlds in order to expand his items bar. Finally… well, he used the gold coins from the S-grade worlds to buy it for a high price at the black market.

It was the same Golden Items Box but they had different lives.

Xie Xi equipped the box, saw the expanded squares and was quite satisfied.

Originally, there were many items and few slots. Every time he went to a quasi-world, there was too little room. This time, he didn’t need to be afraid. Even if he brought nine uniforms, this was nine lives and was halfway to being immortal!

He also had the skill that allowed him to bring back something random from the quasi-world.

Last time, he accidentally brought back the Repair skill. This time…

Xie Xi opened the skills list and was…stupified.

Who would’ve thought that there would be a day when the emperor of luck was scared by himself!

Jiang Xie returned to Central and lay half-dead in his garden.

Yan Zhe hurriedly came. “Why are you trying to die?”

He scolded. “Do you fu*king like the S & M play?”

Good fellow, this body was disabled and there was no room for that!

The scene was so bloody but Jiang Xie was still in the mood to joke around. “What are you talking about? My little baby doesn’t want me injured at all.”

Doctor Yan had a toothache.

Jiang Xie’s fingers couldn’t move but his mouth was very sharp. “Quickly give me treatment. He will surely be sad if he sees me like this when he comes later.”

Yan Zhe saved people but he wanted to save this person twice more!

“I think you only have a light pain.” While scolding him, Yan Zhe’s white light fell on Jiang Xie’s body, helping him recover at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

He was worthy of being a famous god-level nurse in the Central World. This healing ability was comparable to resurrection.

He habitually gave Jiang Xie pain relief first then regretted it when he finished. This guy talked so much when he was dead from pain. Now that it didn’t hurt anymore…

“I’m telling you,” Comrade Old Jiang was physically and mentally ill. “In the quasi-world, Xiao Xie really became a little rose. You can’t imagine how cute…”

Yan Zhe, “…”

He was here to treat Jiang Xie, not eat dog food! He would fu*king choke this damn person!

Jiang Xie was also helpless about his body’s injuries.

The thing he exchanged this time was his body. It was reasonable that he should always stay within the soul and not have any interaction with Xie Xi.

What caused his injuries? He forced himself to take control of the souls’ bodies and also used the names of the souls to attract them back to him.

If the souls were considered as his body, he wouldn’t be able to leave Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas.

As an unlucky person, it was terrible. He ended up splitting himself into five and squeezed into five bodies to avoid the rules.

They were still the souls’ bodies so he might pay some price but he wouldn’t lose his body.

It was just that after leaving the quasi-world, his body was a broken rag on the verge of death.

Qin Ge was stunned and hurriedly called Yan Zhe over.

Only a divine nurse could restore Jiang Xie’s body in such a short period of time.

By all accounts, players could purchase items to restore their body as long as they returned to Central.

Unfortunately, Jiang Xie couldn’t do this. The higher the level of the players, the stronger their resistance to the drugs in the mall, not to mention that their bodies were highly advanced. Ordinary drugs were worse than a cup of boiled water to high level players.

Once Jiang Xie’s treatment finished, Yan Zhe got up and staggered a bit.

Jiang Xie frowned. “You have taken a big step backwards. You are tired from such a simple healing?

Think about the year when Yan Zhe was the milk god of the team. He used them as zombies, dying, resurrection, dying, resurrecting again and again yet they didn’t see him unsteady at all.

Yan Zhe’s ears were buzzing, “I’m tired of you!”

He was choking on Jiang Xie’s dog food!

The healing took half an hour and Jiang Xie never stopped talking, fu*king dictating a 500,000 word love novel!

Jiang Xie wasn’t conscious of it but still spoke intimate words. “If you are tired then you are tired. Admit it and sit down to rest. I will tell you how Flower God Xie Xi created a new world for love…”

Yan Zhe frowned. He regretted, he really regretted it! He shouldn’t have come to the garden and healed this guy!

Fortunately, Jiang Xie didn’t continue because he received a message from Xie Xi.

Xie Xi said, “Guess what I brought back.”

Jiang Xie joked, “It shouldn’t be the god’s wisdom.”

“It really is.”

Jiang Xie, “……..”



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