GL: Chapter 80

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Open World 5

Now Xie Xi understood why Jiang Xie called this a guiding task. The one tasks after another seemed to lead him towards a certain route.

First, collect the branches, find the cave, raise the bonfire to meet the zombies and then hold on until he encountered the injured Chen Qing.

The next step was to save him. If this option was chosen, Xie Xi would get the Beginner Repair skill.

If he chose to kill them? Would he miss out on repair and directly open the mission of the underground game field?

Then what follow-up tasks would this underground game field lead to?

Xie Xi was full of questions as he asked Jiang Xie, “Is there another entrance to the underground labyrinth?”

Jiang Xie replied, “There should be.”

“Let’s open it.”

Jiang Xie’s main task was to explore the underground labyrinth. If they couldn’t break through the forest then they had to find another way.

Xie Xi thought that there were many pits in this underground game field but he had come to this open world. It was useless to shrink back and he had to stride forward. He had to adopt measures appropriate for the actual situation!

Jiang Xie looked at the black forest and said, “Open it.”

Xie Xi noticed his gaze and asked, “Master, do you want to kill all the way…”

He was correct.

There were two paths into the underground labyrinth. One was to rush into the black forest, defeating countless zombies and killing all the way. The other method was to follow the side mission tips. First, go to the game field and then the underground labyrinth.

With Jiang Xie’s personal temper, he preferred to put the zombies together on a string and then directly enter the underground labyrinth.

However, now he wasn’t alone. There was a child around.

He was confident that he could protect Xie Xi and easily take him through the tasks. Even so, this would eliminate their original intention of entering the open world.

Xie Xi needed to sharpen and grow, not be protected. Jiang Xie had stayed in the Central World for a long time and was clearer about this than anyone else.

Only those who were strong could protect themselves and go beyond the reach of others.

Jiang Xie smiled and asked, “Do you think I can kill all the way?”

Xie Xi half-sincerely told him, “Master can do this very well but I can’t. I will drag down Master.”

This mouth was really sweet. Jiang Xie was dizzy by the child’s sweet words and would accompany him without caring about the negative goodwill.

The truth was that all of Xie Xi’s ‘sweet words’ were taught by his souls!

Jiang Xie’s tone was very modest. “Even if I want to kill all the zombies, it will take some time. Let’s go to the game field.”

Xie Xi, “???”  Just to save time?

Jiang Xie became even more modest. “Besides, there are the side tasks and it will be a pity to miss out on them.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie was shameless. “How about it? My apprentice, do you believe in your master’s abilities?”

Xie Xi was blank because he had never seen such a shameless person. Then he pasted on a smile and looked ‘worshipful’. “How can I not? Master is powerful enough to kill a god and Buddha. How can you worry about small zombies?”

Jiang Xie shielded himself and gathered all of the insincere ‘sweet words.’ The more he listened, the better he felt.

The task was simple and Xie Xi didn’t need to do anything else. He just had to open it.

A dialogue box popped up on the interface. [Do you want to open the underground game field?]

Xie Xi inwardly replied, “Yes.”

The box disappeared and the side task refreshed…

However, Xie Xi didn’t get a chance to see what the new task was. It was like a switch was pressed and the world turned upside down.

There was a rigid mechanical sound. It seemed to be ringing in the sky but it fell directly into the human mind.

“The underground game field has started. All surviving players are invited to experience it.”

“The playground is open for free and all items can be enjoyed.”

“The game field is open for 72 hours and it will be permanently closed once the time is over.”

“Players who enter must experience at least three events within 72 hours. Less than three events and you will be left in the game field forever.”

“After experiencing three events, you can gain priority access to the underground labyrinth.”

“The two players who opened the game field will receive a privilege.”

“Kill them and other players can inherit this privilege.”

“The underground game field is ready. I wish you all a good time.”

The voice finished and Xie Xi felt an empty, weightlessness sensation that made him panic. Then a hot hand held his wrist.

Jiang Xie’s voice was heard. “Don’t be separated.”

Xie Xi also grabbed his wrist and the two men fell straight down. The panicked Xie Xi calmed down and used the spare time to observe. The ground under their feet had been taken away and became a dark cave with no bottom.

Darkness always brought an unknown fear, especially when nothing could be seen. Even so, Xie Xi felt good because the heat from his wrist always reminded him that Jiang Xie was here.

After a few dozen seconds, Xie Xi felt his falling speed slowing down like an invisible parachute had spread out. Then they steadily landed on the ground.

Xie Xi turned his head and saw Jiang Xie. Jiang Xie’s thin lips moved: observe.

Xie Xi understood.

In a short time, many people fell on this silver-white platform. Men and women, short and tall, old and young, at least a few hundred people gathered together. Were they all the players who entered the open world?

Xie Xi felt this wasn’t the case. After all, the voice mentioned surviving players.

The zombies had low combat power but they had unstoppable numbers. The players who entered this open world also had no skills and items. There would be casualties if they encountered zombies.

So many people gathered together that it was bound to be noisy for a short while.

“What’s going on? What is the underground game field?”

“This was opened by a player? Who are the two players? Come out to get beaten up!”

“Well, if they didn’t trigger this game then you would probably be eaten by the zombies outside!”

“Who knows what will happen in this damn game field?

“Yes! Perhaps this place is more dangerous than outside!”

“If you are afraid of death then shrink back here. I’m going to the underground labyrinth!”

“The open world released by Central shouldn’t be too dangerous…”


Most of the people speaking seemed to be newcomers, as could be seen from their chaotic words and panic.

Xie Xi looked around and couldn’t see any acquaintances. However, he knew that Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing would definitely enter.

The side tasks were the carousel and experience I love you. Now it seemed they were events in the game field.

In order to leave the game field, they had to experience three projects in 72 hours.

Roughly speaking, this didn’t seem harsh. In any ordinary amusement park, people could play 30 events in 72 hours, let alone three.

Still, how could this underground game field be an ordinary amusement park?

Xie Xi wasn’t naive enough to think that the open world released by the Central Government would be kind to players.

If it was kind there wouldn’t be so many zombies eating people!

At this moment, the front became bright and a colourful door appeared out of thin air.

This was similar to the gates of ordinary playgrounds. It was a fairytale style with dreamy neon lights and beautiful flowers on the pure white doorpost.

The doors slowly opened. The inside was dark at first before suddenly lighting up, like fireworks exploding in the sky, beautiful and dazzling.

Xie Xi saw a gorgeous double-decker carousel, a towering ferris wheel, a thrilling roller coaster, a big pendulum…

It seemed to be an ordinary playground but there was a place that seemed weird.

A stiff and young voice was heard, “Welcome to the underground game field. Please line up to select a game event.”

They had to line up? Xie Xi immediately thought that the events of the amusement park were limited. If there were too many people and the queue was too long, there would be a few things that couldn’t be played.

No, Xie Xi quickly reacted. 72 hours was very long. Even if there were limited projects, there was no need to worry about hundreds of players lining up.

He realized this but unfortunately, other players didn’t. They heard they had to line up and rushed forward like crazy to get an earlier position.

It was impossible not to line up. There was a time limit on the game field. If they experienced the events early then they could leave as soon as possible! The so-called staying forward in the playground, it was the same as dying!

There were many people who had this type of thinking, especially in the back. They desperately pushed forward because they didn’t want to fall behind.

Xie Xi’s position was interrupted and the people behind him swarmed. He was instantly squeezed out.

Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi into his arms. “Be careful.”

Xie Xi was younger and thinner than him. Thus, he was squeezed and stuck to Jiang Xie’s body.

Jiang Xie stretched out his arms and kept holding him while saying, “Let’s go over there.”

Xie Xi couldn’t move and could only say, “Yes.” “!”

It sounded like a kitten.

Xie Xi knew this person’s brain was damaged and was grateful. Jiang Xie was very strong and blocked the crowd, making him suffer less. Thus, he said, “Thank you, Master.”

His master couldn’t play this game and was killed by this fake apprentice!

The crowd moved forward and they came out of it.

There were also many people who didn’t blindly come to the front. Most of them were leaning to one side and looking at the front.

Xie Xi didn’t want to attract eyes and ears and mixed with Jiang Xie into the crowd.

Then someone at the front shouted, “Why is it a drawing? We can’t choose our project?”

The stiff-faced teenager stood there with no expression on his face. “Players are asked to draw the project. If it isn’t drawn after three seconds, the project will be randomly assigned.”

The man squeezed to the front to pick a relatively safe project. He didn’t realize it was a drawing…

He scolded the ‘operator’ and drew a card.

The youth stated, “Congratulations on the project: roller coaster.”

The man looked pale.

This luck was decent. In a normal project, the roller coaster was a very exciting game and he actually picked it.

Xie Xi took note of it. “Only one is drawn at a time?”

Jiang Xie whispered, “If the first project isn’t passed then drawing others is a waste of time.”

Indeed. The man stiffened and the teenager said, “The roller coaster project has a limit of 12 people. Please wait.”

The people behind him continued to pick projects.

Xie Xi listened attentively, noting the projects drawn and the number of people needed.

In addition to the roller coaster, there were the rapids there was limited to a dozen people, the bumper cars limited to 16 people, the rotating teacups limited to eight people, the pirate ship limited to 30 people, the carousel limited to 20 people, the ferris wheel limited to 20 people…

A third of the people had entered when the boy suddenly said, “The roller coaster project is full. The game is about to begin.”

Once he said this, everyone looked over and saw the 12 people waiting for the roller coaster suddenly disappear.

It was hard to see with Xie Xi’s eyes but Jiang Xie’s vision was better than Xie Xi. He could see it clearly even if he was standing far away.

The roller coaster was an outdoor project. They might still be outside the park but they could see the hovering track.

Xie Xi asked, “Can you see them?”

Jiang Xie told him, “It is an independent space.” He clearly saw that the roller coaster hadn’t started and there weren’t any people sitting on it. Even so, the game had started. Thus, they must be transmitted to an independent space.

Xie Xi hadn’t experienced this before but he could guess from the words.

The first set of people started the game project. Everyone was very perturbed because they didn’t know the result.

The teenager spoke again. “The carousel is full and the game is about to begin.” 20 people disappeared.

The carousel was facing the door and Xie Xi could clearly see that there was no one on the wooden horses. He didn’t know where the people had gone and what type of carousel they experienced.

Jiang Xie opened his mouth. “Let’s go, we should pass as well.” There weren’t many people left and it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to stay.

Xie Xi nodded.

Jiang Xie lowered his voice and said, “Be more careful.”

Xie Xi understood what he meant. They had opened the game field and both received a privilege.

This privilege was placed in his skill bar and allowed him to be immune to a fatal injury. It could only be used once.

In other words, Xie Xi and Jiang Xie had one extra life.

They had this privilege but the previous announcement said that any players who killed them could inherit the privilege.

Since they had an immunity to fatal injuries, how could players kill them? Wasn’t this a contradiction?

Xie Xi understood that this fatal injury immunity was likely to only be for the game field, not the players.

Therefore, players could kill them and inherit the privilege.

They were about to reach the front when Jiang Xie said, “In any case, protecting yourself is the highest priority. Do you know?”

Xie Xi looked up at him.

Jiang Xie asked him, “Do you remember?”

Xie Xi responded seriously. “It is the same for you.”

“Don’t worry about me.”

As long as they didn’t separate, Jiang Xie could naturally protect Xie Xi. He was just afraid that some projects would single projects and he wouldn’t be able to accompany the child.

Xie Xi came closer and found the boy with a stiff voice was a zombie.

No wonder why his voice was so rigid and without any emotions. Still, he was very different from the zombies outside. The colour of his skill wasn’t normal but his facial features were neat and weren’t frightening.

Xie Xi took a light breath and took a card.

The zombie teenager didn’t even look. “Congratulations, you have selected the project: I love you VS shameless.

Xie Xi blinked. What was this project?

Was there such a game?

He seemed to remember that there was a party game called this. The game required people to say ‘I love you’ to people on the left and ‘shameless’ to people on the right?

The zombie boy continued, “The multi-person project supports a team entry. The current number is full and the game is about to begin.”

Jiang Xie hadn’t drawn a card but he was in Xie Xi’s team and followed Xie Xi into the game.

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