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Collapsing 11 Boundaries 1

Countdown? The moment Xie Xi was shocked, the number moved and became 2:59:58.

Xie Xi’s heart thumped. What was this? It meant three hours but would Aries wake up in three hours? What would happen after he woke up?

Xie Xi looked at his task.

[Find the true spirit and repair him.]

There were no changes and no prompt in the lower right corner.

The only change was that the Aries light group was gone. The sleeping Aries appeared in the place of the light group and had a countdown on top of their head.

Xie Xi thought for a moment. He was able to leave the Aries world because he untied Aries’ heart knot.

The world of the light group didn’t show obvious signs like the collapsing universe of the collapsed god but it was gradually collapsing.

It was deadly for Aries to resent his own world. After all, the soul was the designer of the world and also represented the will of the world. Perhaps it was his subconscious hatred of everything that made the people close to him suffer misfortune.

The cause that Xie Xi couldn’t find might be derived from Jiang Xie.

If Xie Xi hadn’t appeared and silently did those things to protect him, Jiang Xie wouldn’t be able to face his own heart and would imprison himself on an isolated island. This would eventually make the world fall.

The world showed no obvious signs of collapse but it was destined to collapse because of the soul’s self-banishment.

Then Xie Xi finding the cause and sweeping away the darkness in Aries’ heart caused the world to recover?

If this was the case…

Xie Xi swept an eye over the rest of the light groups. Perhaps every light group was a collapsed world?

The so-called Collapsing 12 Boundaries was the collapse of 12 quasi-worlds? The Central Government mixed these quasi-worlds together and let Xie Xi repair them in one go?

If this was the case, Xie Xi was very happy. Jiang Xie didn’t have an unlimited number of souls and this should be the limit.

He would be able to recover all the broken souls at once and then he would have no worries!

Xie Xi was always worried that someone would receive the task of erasing Jiang Xie’s worlds. It was best to kill them as soon as possible.

Just… Xie Xi watched the sleeping Aries and felt a bit of guilt. If the souls sleeping in the garden woke up together… or woke up in batches…

No matter which option, the Octopus Xie would also be upset!

No! Don’t freak out! It was fullness for the bold, famine for the timid. Being able to recover all souls in one breath was only a profit, with no losses.

As for whether he really would be divided into 12 pieces, Xie Xi didn’t care. Since it was like this, fear was useless!

Xie Xi took a deep breath and looked at the remaining 11 light groups. Xie Xi hadn’t left any marks when he entered Aries’ world. Thus, he didn’t know the time flow rate of this rose garden.

It should be relatively static. Otherwise, once he finished coming out of the next small world, wouldn’t the Aries who already woke up be crazy?

He had encountered many of these pits but Xie Xi didn’t believe it would happen this time.

It was already hell mode. If the time flow rate was the same, wasn’t this a damn bug?

Fixing it only to beat yourself to death, this was a waste of effort!

Xie Xi looked at the countdown over Aries’ head and no longer delayed the time. He was ready to enter the next light group.

There was no need to set up a clock to monitor the time. Aries was the best timer.

Xie Xi took a deep breath and chose Taurus. He would trust his instincts and continue following the order.

The Taurus light group was pink and the Jiang Xie standing inside had the appearance of an adult. He was handsome in a suit and looked like an elite worker.

Aries was cute but this serious appearance was really…

Cough, it was in the eyes of a lover. Xie Xi now watched Jiang Xie with a filter of 20,000 metres.

Taurus’ voice sounded peaceful and he had an adult’s temperament and calmness. “Is it me?”

Xie Xi couldn’t help nodding. “Yes.”

There was a sudden strong pulling force, which was much stronger than when entering Aries’ world. Xie Xi’s heart beat fast like a drum and he wasn’t naive enough to think that Taurus had a calm and gentle temper.

This man didn’t match the temperament of a Taurus and it was a collapsed world. The soul in collapsed mode was enough to cause worry.

The enthusiastic Aries ended up being cold and gloomy. It was unknown what Taurus would end up like.

After some mental preparations, Xie Xi entered the world of Taurus.

The destination was extremely impactful.

He was in front of a huge floor to ceiling window. The whole wall was made of glass and it was polished and bright, with no signs of connection. He seemed to be standing on a hollowed floor and it felt like he could reach out and touch the magnificent sunset outside.

This was obviously a very tall building and Xie Xi had a position close to the top floor, which was why the view would be so wide.

The scenery was spectacular and the falling sunset seemed to trod on his feet. He felt like a person standing in the highest position in the sky.

Looking at such a scene gave him a sense of confidence that everything was under control.

Xie Xi wasn’t clear about his identity but fortunately, this time he wasn’t a cat. He was a real person and also an adult.

He tried to summon the god’s wisdom and sketch pen. Well… there were no problems.

He put them away and looked around again. The furnishings in this house were quite strange. It was obviously an office but it was also full of life.

There was an office desk on the south side that was neat, as if never used. The leather sofa in the middle had a business style but one or two clothes were thrown randomly on it.

The coffee table also contained a mess of things and the strict decoration style seemed out of place.

The even more absurd thing was that in the place where there some be some artwork, there was actually a dining table…

There were two doors in the back. It should lead to the lounge but now it seemed more like a bedroom.

What was going on with this office? Xie Xi guessed that he was a workaholic who was dedicated to eating and sleeping in the office?

Xie Xi didn’t like this type of person. He preferred to be the black and white cat who eat, slept and teased Jiang Xie.

Then the double wooden doors opened and a tall man in a suit entered.

Xie Xi looked up and couldn’t help his eyes lighting up.

Jiang Xie was very handsome and this type of clothing particularly suited him. Each line was carefully measured and showed off the golden ratio.

As if aware of his sight, Jiang Xie looked over, eyes and voice calm. “Have you eaten?”

Xie Xi had just arrived and how could he be free to eat. He replied, “No.”

Jiang Xie’s lips curved slightly. “Were you waiting for me?”

Somehow, Xie Xi thought he was laughing. Xie Xi didn’t move and observed first.

Jiang Xie took off his coat and pulled at his tie. Xie Xi hesitated if he should go over to help or not. Who knew that Jiang Xie would say, “Come and help me.”

Xie Xi, “…” Okay, this person was the boss in his world.

Xie Xi walked over and carefully undied the tie. He was shorter than Jiang Xie but it wasn’t as exaggerated as the world of Aries. After all, both of them were adults.

Xie Xi was very good at solving this type of tie. In the 60 years of Dream Come True, Xie Xi had helped Jiang Xie.

This person especially liked this time. Every time he came back, he would have Xie Xi help him.

Xie Xi would also take the initiative to assist. It happened so many times that Xie Xi became used to it. His brain was full of thoughts but his hands were methodical.

Jiang Xie looked down at him and something flashed in his calm eyes. Xie Xi was staring at the tie and naturally didn’t see it.

After untying it, Xie Xi helped him loosen the first button of the shirt. Jiang Xie frowned and asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Xie Xi put down his hand and said, “Anything’s fine.”

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else. He rolled up his sleeves and went to the north cubicle.

Xie Xi discovered that there was a small kitchen there. This office… was really chic.

It didn’t take long for Jiang Xie to make three simple dishes and a soup. He didn’t call Xie Xi over. He only glanced at Xie Xi before sitting down to eat. Xie Xi was confused about the situation but he felt Taurus wasn’t too eager to see him…

Not a single word was spoken during the meal. Jiang Xie didn’t clean up the table and Xie Xi took the initiative to do it.

Jiang Xie glanced over and said nothing. He only turned to go to another cubicle.

Oh, there was a bathroom. The magnificent atmosphere of this office was really changed.

Xie Xi washed the dishes and Jiang Xie came out after taking a shower. His upper body was revealed. It was strong with tough lines and s*xy abdominal muscles.

Xie Xi’s face was hot. He had seen it many times but it was still impactful.

Jiang Xie sensed his gaze and looked over. Xie Xi didn’t dare look at this person. Jiang Xie ordered, “Help me blow my hair.”

Xie Xi, “…” Lazy bastard!

He spat inwardly but he was quite happy to do these things for his lover. Xie Xi grabbed a hairdryer and helped blow Jiang Xie’s hair. His hair was very hard, like the stinky temper hiding in his bones.

However, there was always a playful smile towards Xie Xi. Xie Xi’s mouth disliked it but he actually liked it because it belonged to his Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi was smiling. By all accounts, it shouldn’t be visible to Jiang Xie but he suddenly looked up and grabbed Xie Xi’s hand.

Xie Xi wondered, “Hrmm?”

Jiang Xie increased the force and Xie Xi couldn’t hold onto the hairdryer. The hairdryer fell to the ground and Xie Xi was pressed against the sofa by Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. Jiang Xie’s hair was messy. It wasn’t dripping wet anymore but there was still some moisture.

His eyes were unfathomable and his lips weren’t curved at all. He looked peaceful but it was like a storm was brewing.

Xie Xi couldn’t help opening his mouth. “Jiang…”

He hadn’t finished his words when Jiang Xie leaned over to kiss him.

This was a kiss that had nothing to do with gentleness. He seemed to be pouring out the hatred and despair in his heart, a kiss that seemed to destroy others mutually.

Xie Xi tasted some bloody anger but also unspeakable pain. He couldn’t help hugging Jiang Xie to try and appease him. Who knew that this action would irritate Jiang Xie?

He got up, black hair messy and eyes full of gloominess and hatred. “Do you want to try it again?”

Xie Xi, “???” The Xie Xi ‘outside this situation’ couldn’t keep up with this development.

The peace Jiang Xie maintained on the surface disappeared and he sneered. “Do you think I will still like a despicable person like you?”

The despicable Xie Xi, “…”

Um… It appeared, the Mr Soul who liked to have a previous setting.

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