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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 20

“Look at me… I’m crying at such a happy event. It is too bad.”  The red fox smiled, his emotions changing quickly. It was really amazing.

Red Two glanced at Xie Xi and Xie Xi nodded, motioning for him to hold on.

The red fox said, “Come quickly, Lord Rose. Our ancestor is waiting for you.”

Xie Xi knew that he couldn’t conceal it this time from Red Two. It couldn’t be hidden and in any case, he was a slag flower. He had to get used to others knowing it sooner or later.

Who would’ve expected the red fox to say, “The Nine Tailed Fox Palace is cold and I only have on Warm Pill here. I’m afraid not everyone can enter.

He was very tactful but the rose family heard his unfinished words.

The ice palace was made of thousands of years old ice. It was truly very cold. Those with a natural protection around their bodies weren’t afraid of this cold but the roses could even be bullied by worms. It was likely that they couldn’t stand this cold.

Xie Xi immediately seized the opportunity. “Let me go meet Lord Nine Tails.”

Red Two was worried and Xie Xi deliberately said, “There is no need to worry. We are here to deliver the betrothal gifts. How could the lord embarrass us?”

Red Two received the hint and nodded. “Yes! There is such a thing!” In any case, it was unknown where they could hide from the trouble. They insisted on returning the betrothal gifts so they had to return it!

Xie Xi followed the red fox into the palace. Xie Xi was very familiar with this palace. After all, it was a place where he died for seven days. How could he not have an impression of it?

However, this castle made of ice and snow didn’t have a magnificent beauty. It seemed abandoned and was covered with fog, like they were walking on clouds. The ice palace was similar to the fairy palace in the highest heavens.

The red fox lowered his voice. “Your Excellency, the situation of the ancestor isn’t very good so I have deliberately sent away outsiders.”

Xie Xi was most afraid of hearing that the ‘situation isn’t good!’

Why didn’t the souls want to live one by one!

The red fox’s eyes were red. “He is very weak. The other day, the ancestor went to Rose Mountain to see you and when he came back…”

Xie Xi demanded, “Take me to see him.” His words were sincere and the fear inside him wasn’t false.

The red fox nodded and told him into a cold and foggy room.

Xie Xi didn’t feel the cold because he was carrying the Warm Pill. He just thought this room was like an ice cave.

Through the thin fog, he saw the silver-haired man leaning against the couch.

He seemed to be napping, his silver hair scattered against the ice jade-like couch. The white shirt on his body moved freely, revealing a large chest. His arm was hanging to one side and the white sleeves dragged on the ground, making him look decadent and powerless.

He had to say…

There was nothing to be said about the seductive temperament of the second child. He was elegant and charming in the past and became more breathtaking now that he was sick.

Xie Xi hadn’t felt much previously but now he was shocked. In particular, once the silver fox opened his eyes, the slightly confused silver eyes made his heart tremble.

“99.” Nine Tails was stunned and sat up. “How did you come?”

The red fox was replied and told him, “Ancestor, move slowly!”

Nine Tails frowned. He looked paler but he gritted his teeth and moved close to Xie Xi as he asked, “Are you cold?”

Xie Xi sighed in his heart and shook his head. “I’m not cold.”

Nine Tails said, “We will go outside the cold palace…”

The red fox couldn’t help interrupting, “Ancestor, your body needs to rest. If you move away from this cold palace, you will…”

Nine Tails’ eyes narrowed and his voice was cold. “Go!”

The red fox’s lips tightened and he glanced at Xie Xi.

It was impossible for Xie Xi to not understand. “I am warm with this pill and don’t feel cold. Let’s stay here?”

His gentle voice eased Nine Tails’ expression. “Don’t listen to their nonsense. How can I be so fragile?”

Xie Xi told him, “I’m not weak, not to mention that your palace is very beautiful. I want to see more of it.”

Nine Tails’ eyes lit up. “Where do you think looks good? I will ask them to move it to Rose Mountain.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He reluctantly said, “Everywhere looks good so you will have to dismantle the whole thing.”

Nine Tails paused. “I will build a cold palace for you…”

“It’s fine. Can’t I just stay here?”

Nine Tails smiled, his pale lips curved with a breathtaking beauty. “Yes, your words are good.”

Xie Xi was inevitably distressed.

He didn’t know what setting Nine Tails gave himself but in short, it was life-threatening. Xie Xi couldn’t stand him pretending to be pitiful but the worse thing was him refusing to pretend to be pitiful.

Jiang Xie was very contradictory. He could do anything shameless. Pretending to be weak to get a hug or kiss… he had done it all.

However, once he was really in poor health, he refused to show weakness. He pretended that nothing was going on so that other people were unaware.

In Dream Come True, Jiang Xie once had a fever of nearly 40 degrees. He was confused but still pretended to be normal. If Xie Xi hadn’t felt his hot hands, Xie Xi would’ve been tricked by him.

Xie Xi asked why Jiang Xie hadn’t told him. At that time, Jiang Xie had replied, “Your husband is strong. He won’t feel sick from a cold.”

In fact, Xie Xi knew that Jiang Xie was afraid of worrying him. Maybe he was afraid that Xie Xi wouldn’t feel worried.

Jiang Xie was such a contradiction. He had excessive overconfidence as well as an excessive lack of confidence.

Xie Xi’s heart was mixed while Nine Tails gave him all this strange stuff to try and make him happy.

Xie Xi whispered, “If you are physically uncomfortable then rest now.”

Nine Tails hesitated.

“I will stay here and accompany you, okay?”

His voice was soft but Nine Tails was clearly aware of his own situation and could rest well.

Xie Xi spoke again, “I just want to be alone with you for a while.”

Nine Tails immediately agreed. “Okay.”

The waiting foxes were sent away and Xie Xi stared at Nine Tails.

Nine Tails’ eyes slowly became a different colour. Jiang Xie smiled and asked, “Are you fascinated by your husband?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie didn’t have Nine Tails’ cautious attitude. He took Xie Xi into his arms and kissed him. “How is it?

Xie Xi wanted to push him away but saw the pale lips and his heart softened. He let Jiang Xie kiss him for a while until a bit of blood returned.

Jiang Xie sighed beautifully and praised his soul.

Xie Xi  couldn’t not know what he was thinking and snapped out, “Why are all of you dying?”

Jiang Xie spoke a half truth. “We don’t want to live without you.”

“What nonsense!”

Jiang Xie laughed. “It really is nonsense. In fact, it is a bitter trick. How can you feel distressed if I’m not miserable?”

Xie Xi exposed him. “How do the souls know that I feel bad?”

According to the final ending of Atlantis, the souls wouldn’t believe that he loved them. If he didn’t love them, how could he feel distressed for them?

Then he thought about the sentence that Jiang Xie just spoke and really doubted the souls…

Jiang Xie couldn’t bear to see him feel bad and changed the topic. “What is happening these days?” Nine Tails hadn’t met Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird and didn’t know these memories.

Xie Xi gave him a brief explanation. Jiang Xie couldn’t help laughing again. “It is really dancing on a wire rope.”

Xie Xi, “…” Whose fault was it?

Jiang Xie opened his mouth, “According to this point of view, you should’ve met Houqing first and then Nine Tails pried you away. Something happened that you made seriously injured and Azure Dragon rescued you…”

Xie Xi thought the same thing and asked, “What about White Tiger and Vermilion Bird?”

“Vermilion Bird is definitely after Azure Dragon. As for White Tiger, it is hard to say. Maybe he is earlier or maybe he is the latest.”

Hearing words about cheating from Jiang Xie’s mouth… Xie Xi felt weird.

Then he asked about the little tiger.

Jiang Xie explained, “You don’t have to worry about this. It is probably something like the white tiger’s baby spirit and isn’t really his son.”

“Baby spirit?”

Jiang Xie nodded. “The white tiger has the highest combat power and cultivation. It is normal for him to develop a baby spirit. This low-level spirit is stupid and only follows instincts.”

Xie Xi was curious. “His instinct is to recognize me as a parent?”

Jiang Xie smiled. “His instinct is to see you. Arguably, the baby spirit should most want to see his master but White Tiger is full of thoughts about you and the baby will see you first.” Xie Xi, “…” Everything was about love with him!

“The little tiger disappeared and he probably returned to the white tiger. You don’t have to worry.”

Xie Xi had been a bit worried before and now he felt relieved.

Jiang Xie asked him, “Have you seen the roster after returning to Rose Mountain?”

Xie Xi knew what he was thinking and replied, “I haven’t had time to look but I brought it over.”

“Take a look.”

Xie Xi nodded and opened the roster.

He had previously seen Azure Dragon’s body and repaired a scale. It was reasonable to say that…

Sure enough, the first page of the roster wasn’t blank! There was a new task prompt in the lower right corner of his vision.

[Main Task: Found the Azure Dragon illustration, the collection progress is 1%, the name is missing.]

…The name was missing? Xie Xi asked Jiang Xie, “Do you know Azure Dragon’s name?”

“They have no names.”

Xie Xi was startled.

Jiang Xie explained, “Azure Dragon and Nine Tails are just code names. They didn’t know their names and it is presumably the same for White Tiger, Houqing and Vermilion Bird.”

Xie Xi stared at the vague outline of the dragon and thought, “To be honest, many creatures in this world have no name.”

“It should be that only the flower god has a name.”

Xie Xi thought about it and it really seemed true…

The roses only had code names. He didn’t have much contact with other families but Azure Dragon’s attendant was called Black Dragon because his body was a black dragon.

Jiang Xie started to act poor again. “This world is only Xie Xi.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “Yes, you were too lazy to think of names when designing the world!”

Jiang Xie replied, “I wasn’t too lazy. I just couldn’t think of them.”

Xie Xi didn’t understand.

Jiang Xie released his words of love again. “My mind is so full of Xie Xi. How can I think of other names?”

Xie Xi couldn’t believe in this person’s evil!

He asked, “Did you know who Xie Xi was when designing this world?”

Jiang Xie, “…” He had fallen into the pit.

Xie Xi was actually quite puzzled. “The souls don’t know my name…” It was reasonable to say the flower god should be called Sein.

“Maybe I interfered in this quasi-world when I entered.”

He could only think of this. During the time when Jiang Xie knew these worlds, he definitely didn’t know Xie Xi.

Xie Xi might not have even been born!

Jiang Xie asked, “Do you want to look at Nine Tails’ god’s wisdom?”

The god’s wisdom was very important and perhaps the name might be found inside.

Xie Xi nodded. “I’ll go and see.”

Nine Tails had a fragment of the god’s wisdom and it was once again a painting. He asked Jiang Xie, “Can you see it?”

Jiang Xie shook his head. “It is a blank sheet of paper.”

Xie Xi stared at the scroll painting. “The painting is of Nine Tails’ palace.”

Yes, in his eyes, the image depicted Nine Tails’ cold palace. It was a magnificent ice palace that was bleak and lonely.

Jiang Xie told him, “Go and check. This time pay attention to the name.”

Xie Xi nodded and approached the painting. He touched it and was drawn into the painting.

This should be the place where he and Nine Tails first met. Xie Xi thought he would see Nine Tails but who knew that he would actually see Sirius…

In this world, Sirius was Houqing. Why did the god’s wisdom show Houqing?

Xie Xi was wondering this when he saw Nine Tails standing at the entrance of the palace, wearing a silver cloak.

Oh, it seemed that his meeting with Nine Tails began with him being seduced away.

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Can’t he pull the amnesia trick to get the people to stop fighting rather than making this clusterf*** of a stituation?

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if you think about it, this is just a realistic harem pushed to the extremes hahaha… more “we’ll wait for you to choose!” or “we all love you equally!” heartbreak kills! being rejected hurts! the protagonist loves all of them equally but is suffering too!

thank you for the update!

5 years ago

To be fair I was wondering about the amnesia bit as well I mean why does Xie Xi not tell them about the amnesia from the start.. it would be so much easier for him…but then again he didn’t know the proper situation and in what circumstances he was placed in.. oh well… thanks for the chapters…

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