GL: Chapter 64

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Lost Atlantis 35

Xie Xi boldly guessed that the heart must be for the demon to eat.

How could normal people eat this stuff?

It wasn’t clear how Randy resurrected him but it was obvious that he was afraid that he resurrected a fake Sein demon. Thus, he was testing XIe Xi.

Then here was the question. Xie Xi was sure that he wasn’t a human so why did he think of the heart as tasty lamp chops? Moreover, he was becoming hungrier and the impulse to eat was increasing.

If it wasn’t for Roast Pork Bun, he would’ve taken this heart as roast lamp chops and eaten with relish.

Then he would be killed by Randy in the dream and the progress mission reset to 0%. There also might not be another chance to use Dreaming!

As for why he saw the heart as roast lamp chops, it must be because this was Randy’s dream. Everything that happened in the dream was driven by his will.

Randy felt that the person he resurrected was a demon, not Sein. Thus, he thought that Xie Xi wanted to eat this heart. Under his strong will, Xie Xi originally didn’t want to eat and saw this heart as a roast lamb.

Xie Xi felt this was too unfair. He was being wronged!

From another point of view, this meant that ‘past life’ Randy did resurrect a demon. Otherwise, the memories wouldn’t be so entrenched.

When he thought about it, he felt that this damn pervert was really pitiful.

Xie Xi’s mood was quite complicated and he could only scold the stupid X to resolve it.

Faced with the sometimes fragrant and sometimes blood thing, Xie Xi held back and frowned. “Why are you giving me this?”

Randy was slightly startled and his voice trembled. “Don’t you like it?”

Forget liking, who wanted to eat a heart?

He just thought this when it became roast lamp chops. It was roasted just enough, the outside was crisp and tender and the aroma was delicious. He was so hungry…

He pinched Roast Pork Bun and the kitten called out. Xie Xi instantly calmed down and replied, “Isn’t this a human heart? How can I eat this?”

Randy’s pupils shrank and an unbelievable ecstasy entered the depths. “It is my bad. I was confused and actually took out this type of thing for you to eat. I with take it back and make your favourite roast lamp chops.”

Xie Xi, “…” He was so nauseous that he couldn’t eat lamb chops!

Randy took the hot heart and quickly returned. He smiled and his eyes were no longer so cold. “Young Master has been waiting.”

He opened the lid…

Xie Xi was silent.

How was it still a heart? A completely red, still beating heart! Xie Xi had never seen a human heart but he had seen a pig heart. He heard that they were similar so… this was truly a human heart!

What was going on? Did he show something? Was Randy still testing him? It came out twice!

Randy told him, “Eat, you must be hungry.”

‘I will eat your big head, you damn demon.’ Xie Xi looked at this bright heart and almost vomited.

Roast Pork Bun sniffed it and exclaimed, “Good smell. Is this roast lamb chops?”

Xie Xi, “???”

Roast Pork Bun was greedy. “Can a cat eat sheep? It looks so delicious.”

Thanks to Roast Pork Bun, Xie Xi looked at the plate again and the bloody heart had become roast lamb chops.


He didn’t move and Randy’s voice lowered again. “Young Master?”

Xie Xi heard the suspicion in his tone.

If he didn’t eat again, he would be misunderstood! However, he couldn’t move his hand. As long as Roast Pork Bun didn’t make a sound, he would see the lamb chops as a heart that gave off a pungent smell. It was too disgusting. He couldn’t eat it even if he knew that it was really roast lamb chops!

Sure enough, he was a demon in Randy’s heart.

Since Randy was so certain, what was with the test? Just kill him!

Xie Xi couldn’t understand this type of mood. If it wasn’t the verge of despair, who would grab such a broken thing?

The joy that welled up in Randy’s eyes faded again. “Don’t you want to eat it?”

Xie Xi knew that if he ate the lamb chop that looked like a raw heart, he would dispel most of Randy’s suspicions.

But… he couldn’t do it!

He would definitely spit it out if he took a bite of it!

This type of physical resistance wasn’t something that could be changed through willpower.

Randy’s lips curved, revealing a crazy smile. “You really wanted to eat the thing just now…”

“Maybe the smell from the heart just now was too heavy. I don’t want to eat this greasy thing. Randy…” Xie Xi looked up with Sein’s customary dependent expression. “I want to eat snacks and drink black tea. Is it okay?”

Xie Xi remembered that nobles shouldn’t have snacks for his meals but Sein was often a picky eater. Thus, Randy would sometimes ‘spoil’ him.

Xie Xi might have goose bumps at the words but fortunately it worked.

Randy’s atmosphere calmed down a bit and he said, “Okay, I will prepare it.”

Snacks, snacks…

This type of non-meat food should be better!

Xie Xi gambled correctly as Randy brought hot tea and exquisite snacks.

There was no demon in the snacks. They were actual snacks. Xie Xi was cautious this time and poked the kitten. Roast Pork Bun was still missing the lamp chops and turned around, “I hate chocolate the most. It isn’t delicious.”

Xie Xi sighed with relief, knowing that he wasn’t mistaken.

He was really hungry and in order to make Randy feel at ease, he ate a piece of chocolate cake.

This thing that should be sweet in Xie Xi’s mouth was like eating dirt…

Xie Xi, “…” Originally a demon’s taste was like a cat. He couldn’t taste the sweetness!

Randy asked him, “How does it taste?”

Fortunately, Xie Xi was a human. He might not be able to taste the chocolate but he remembered it. “It’s delicious.” He made a contented appearance.

Randy looked at him and said, “Slow down, don’t worry.”

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. Who would be anxious to ‘eat soil’?

Then he considered eating internal organs and the soil instantly became very delicious.

Xie Xi made a look of happiness.

Meanwhile, Jiang Xie harvested a number of -1 that were as red as the heart.

Xie Xi was relieved after finally passing the test of eating.

Randy asked him, “I’ve prepared water. You should take a bath.”

Xie Xi was unsure if there were any traps ahead but… the time skip meant it was time for a bath before getting ready for bed.

A bath!

Xie Xi thought, ‘I should be careful and see if there are any tricks.’

Randy bent over and picked him up. Xie Xi didn’t want to make a fuss and let himself be held.

He was very desperate to fill up the progress!

Once they arrived at the bathroom, Randy put him down and unbuttoned him.

Xie Xi responded naturally. After all, he had experience from the first world and there was nothing to panic about.

His clothes were taken off and Xie Xi was just about to enter the bath…

Roast Pork Bun jumped into the water first. He was a kitten who was very fond of bathing. He had just jumped in when he shouted, “Ice, how is this water so cold?!”

Xie Xi, “…” Sure enough, there was a trap.

Xie Xi quietly put one leg in to test it.

The water temperature wasn’t cold for him. It was very comfortable, like taking a bath on a hot summer’s day.

“Hey..” Xie Xi took a fake breath and frowned. “Why is the water so cold?”

Randy’s black eyes were slightly cold as he asked, “The water temperature isn’t suitable?”

It was suitable, very suitable! If it wasn’t for Roast Pork Bun then his head would’ve probably been removed!

Xie Xi showed the biggest acting of his life. “It’s cold. Randy, didn’t you say that you prepared the water? Why is it so cold?” There was some blame in the words.

Randy wasn’t angry at his tone. His face filled with joy as he hurriedly said, “Wait a moment, I will immediately heat the water!”

Xie Xi wrapped a piece of cloth around his waist. He wasn’t cold but he knew to take the initiative to wrap himself up and make himself look cold.

Randy was remorseful. He blamed himself as he quickly changed to hot water.

Hot steam rose from the bath as Roast Pork Bun jumped in and swam happily. “Daddy, come in. It is now comfortable!”

Xie Xi put on foot in and instantly felt a shock.

Randy asked him, “Is the temperature right?”


Xie Xi looked at the kitten swimming around and gritted his teeth. “It is suitable.”

Damn, it was too hot!

Randy was relived. “Go in. Be careful not to get a cold.”

Xie Xi slowing entered the tub while holding onto the determination that ‘a dead pig doesn’t fear scalding water.’

The body temperature of a demon was very low. Warm water for normal people was very hot for them. Xie Xi had to grit his teeth and also make a comfortable appearance. It was really…

Xi, get lost! Whip your body!

Xie Xi was furious. He was a living human. Why did he have to suffer as a demon?

Roast Pork Bun was doing a backstroke. “It is comfortable, so comfortable. A hot bath is the most comfortable thing.”

Xie Xi, “…” It was too hot that he wanted to jump out QAQ!

He didn’t know how long he held on when he saw the black progress bar slightly rising. His eyes lit up and he felt the water temperature becoming normal. Had he finally passed the test?

Randy no longer doubted that he was a demon? Randy finally believed he was human?

Could he finally be a human?

Hey, he was a human!

Randy’s doubts were released and Xie Xi was no longer so stiff. He took a bath and felt refreshed.

Randy dressed him in pyjamas and Xie Xi finally took the initiative. “Randy…”

“Um?” Randy gently fastened his buttons. “Young Master, what do you have to tell me?”

Xie Xi looked down. “Was I wrong?”

Randy’s hand paused. “How could Young Master be wrong?”

Xie Xi replied softly, “I took advantage of so many people in order to get revenge, no matter the cost. I even summoned a demon…”

Randy’s head jerked and he stared at Xie Xi with dark eyes.

Xie Xi was sad. “I have lost a lot and have almost nothing left. However, I still have you. Randy… sometimes I think that it would be good with just the two of us. I just want to be with you and not manage anything…”

He stopped, not because he finished talking but because of a prompt that appeared in the lower right corner.

[The dream is coming to an end. Please feel free to leave.]

The countdown was three seconds.

Xie Xi didn’t dare talk nonsense and hurriedly left the dream to return to reality.

What was going on? This was the end of the dream? Had his words woken Randy?

Xie Xi quickly changed to a reserve face and found a place to hide.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

Xie Xi sighed with relief while the eldest prince woke up.

He felt a bit sorry. It wasn’t a good time to wake up from the dream. He had just received Randy’s trust and was going to fill the progress. How did he wake up?

He could only use Dreaming in three days and…

Xie Xi was stunned.

In the lower right corner, the black progress bar that was originally at 9% unexpectedly became full, turning into a green 16.66…%.

It was full? He just said those words and it was full?

Wasn’t this too simple?

Xie Xi thought about it and vaguely understood.

Randy had been waiting too long, struggling for too long in that abyss of despair.

He didn’t ask for much. As long as there was a bit of warmth and hope, he would pay everything.

A bitter taste spread in Xie Xi’s mouth. At this time, a voice recalled Xie Xi’s mind.

A merman with a secretary-like appearance swam in. He saluted and hurriedly reported to the eldest prince, “Your Highness! The sixth prince is great and repelled the Haiqiu people to the abyss of the sea!”

The eldest prince had just woken up and he said, “Great! There is another fierce warrior in our underwater kingdom.”

The secretary continued, “The sixth prince has captured the state teacher of the Haiqiu Kingdom. Haiqiu suffered such a big loss that they shouldn’t launch another attack for a long time!”

The eldest prince frowned. “Haiqiu’s state teacher?”

The secretary lowered his voice. “His Highness seems to want to use the power of this state teacher to resurrect a person.”

Xie Xi, “!”

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5 years ago

Ah there’s Jiang Xie still being shot while lying down 😂

5 years ago

I’m starting to think that the worst possible outcome is about to unfold, that is Sein being “resurrected”, all 6 princes somehow finding out that Sein, Colin and Jesse are the same person and that he is playing them all, the progress bar going down and only a few days reminding.

I hope it doesn’t actually happen, that would be too much for Xie Xi. If it does maybe we’ll see that -999.

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Ahhhh Maybe now Xie Xi will like Randy better~ Randy is too cute~ He made maxing out that love bar such an easy job~!

Hahaha no worries about the charger thing! Hope you have fun with your family!

Sakura Natsume
Sakura Natsume
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Randy, you adorable creature, how can you be so cute and devoted!
You’re absolutely the most devoted lover I could ever imagine…!
A bit of warmth and you succumbed to the illusion of happiness… sigh.
Jiang Xie better be as cute as him or I’m not accept him as Xie Xi’s husband!

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Haruki Natsuyu
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Don’t worry, Xie Xi. All the princess just want only one person – except fourth prince 😂😂😂😂 from 1st prince to third prince, then the fifth and sixth prince… 😂😂😂😂

Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
Pure and Righteous Flower of Evil
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Goodwill meter for Old Jiang: -1,-1,-1,-1,-1… -2,-2,-2,-2… -10… -3,-3,-3,-3,-3….
Goodwill meter for Old Jiang’s souls: +10… +5… +30… +1,+1,+1,+1…

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Ana D.
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