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Collapsed God 27

He saw the cooldown was coming to an end and Xie Xi hurriedly withdrew from the dream.

It was really admirable. He gave this person a piece of candy, only for Jiang Xie to think it was fake candy and spit it out. Sure enough, this person was eating… Xie Xi thought about it. Since the knife was too hard and the melon too bitter, he should feed this person durian!

After eating, Xie Xi could use the durian skin to smash Jiang Xie’s head and let him sober down.

Xie Xi was afraid he would be seen by Big Jiang. The moment he left the dream, he went outside and waited or a while.

Thanks to the sleeping agent, Jiang Xie woke up and soon fell asleep again.

Xie Xi had Roast Pork Bun go to check first. The kitty reported, “Reporting to Daddy! Father is asleep!”

Xie Xi rubbed his head and rewarded him with a bottle of physical medicine.

He had brought many things with him but unfortunately, this world wasn’t difficult. So far, nothing had been used and he only gave the kitten snacks.

Roast Pork Bun meowed, held the physical medicine and drank it.

The use of Dreaming mainly consumed Roast Pork Bun’s energy and it was better to supplement this as much as possible. In any case, Xie Xi wasn’t lacking in items.

He once again entered the room and observed for a while. Jiang Xie had fallen asleep again but he still wasn’t steady. Xie Xi’s heart was as soft as cotton candy.

Big Jiang felt a huge amount of guilt and remorse and refused to let go on his own. He felt that everything good was a false dream.

It seemed that the erased memories brought him more stimuli than Xie Xi imagined. This person was really unable to let go of the lost past.

Xie Xi thought about it and placed himself in this position.

It was like winning the first prize but unfortunately, the winning lottery ticket was treated as waste paper and was thrown away.

Even if the lottery ticket was retrieved, it was beyond recognition and he could no longer receive the jackpot.

It was strange when thinking about it.

Xie Xi waited until he saw Jiang Xie’s eyes moving. He was sure this person was dreaming and launched Dreaming. Fortunately, the launch was successful and Xie Xi once again entered Big Jiang’s dream.

Xie Xi opened his eys and felt the same pain and tiredness.

…It seemed to be the same dream.

Was this Big Jiang’s nightmare? Being trapped in the most painful moment and never being able to leave.

This only made Xie Xi more determined to take Jiang Xie out of this nightmare. It was too hard to be caught up in the nightmare.

Thanks to the last experience, Xie Xi didn’t dare do anything strange and continued to act out his own rational identity to appease Big Jiang.

Xie Xi was ready to get out of bed when Jiang Xie came him. He looked the same as before. He had just left the shower and his chest was revealed.

This time, Xie Xi was lucky and came in afterwards. He didn’t accompany Jiang Xie all night in the dream but after seeing Jiang Xie like this…

Xie Xi told himself seriously, ‘I am a rational.’

Cough, a rational shouldn’t… brain, stop it!

Jiang Xie told him, “Breakfast is ready.”

The line was the same but Xie Xi’s answer was different. He didn’t say anything and tried to get out of bed on his own. He endured his sore legs and tried to walk to the dining room.

They were unable to eat together in bed and he didn’t dare let this person carry him. He could only drag his poor legs to find food.

Xie Xi couldn’t help thinking, ‘You dug a pit for yourself. Why do you have to drag me in and make me suffer together?!’

Xie Xi didn’t ask for help and the rational Jiang Xie didn’t help him. Fortunately, he only had to walk a few steps or Xie Xi would be furious.

He had to do these things because Jiang Xie wouldn’t eat the good sugar!

The two men sat down face to face and were very quiet.

This also fit the situation where they were about to break up. One was keeping their distance while the other was grumpy after being treated coldly.

Two people with different minds, they sat at the table to eat but it was like chewing wax. Fortunately, Xie Xi wasn’t hungry. He only ate a few mouthfuls before stopping.

Jiang Xie glanced at him and asked, “It isn’t delicious?”

“I’m not very hungry.”

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else. Xie Xi also didn’t dare say anything. This dream was too awkward and he couldn’t embarrass himself.

He thought for a long time and couldn’t come up with a suitable entry point that wouldn’t scare Jiang Xie.

It was Jiang Xie who opened his mouth first. He seemed to hesitate, wanting to ask something but not knowing how to ask. Eventually, he wondered, “Where did you go the night before?”

How could Xie Xi know where he went in the dream?!

Jiang Xie saw he was silent and added, “I’m just asking casually.”

There was a thick taste of covering something up and Xie Xi didn’t dare be careless. He gave a reasonable answer based on a rational’s preferences. “I was at work.”

A rational was absolutely loyal to their partner and wouldn’t cheat under normal circumstances. Of course, this also applied to their partner.

Combined with Xie Xi’s state in his memories, it should be that he ‘loved’ work.

Jiang Xie’s demeanour wasn’t soothed and he could only slowly retreat. “Pay attention to your body and don’t be too tired.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

There were no more topics. In fact, Xie Xi had 100 ways to make Jiang Xie happy but conventional means would only scare this guy. Xie Xi had to act with caution.

After a while, Jiang Xie said, “Today after work, I will wait for you to go home together.”

Xie Xi glanced at him, unsure if he should agree to this request or not.

It might be a big problem. Xie Xi replied, “I…” might be late. He hadn’t managed to say these words when Jiang Xie interrupted, “If you are busy, just forget it.”

Xie Xi, “…” Okay, if this person thought he was busy then he could only be busy.

The two people went to the Ministry of Defense and threw themselves into their busy work.

In general, if the dreamer wasn’t present then Xie Xi’s side would flash forward. For this type of work, it would normally be over quickly.

However, this dream was unusual. Xie Xi had been working for eight hours and he didn’t fast forward at all!

Why was this? Jiang Xie obviously wasn’t here. Xie Xi thought for a while before concluding that someone must be observing him in secret.

Couldn’t this person allow some progress? Why watch in secret? Did he have to stare at people like this? Too innocent!

Jiang Xie secretly watched him for one day and Xie Xi had to pretend to love work.

Who would’ve thought? In reality, he had to work and now he still had to work in the dream. Xie Xi was quite certain that he wasn’t a rational person.

He, didn’t, love, work, at, all! He even wanted to kill this big bastard who forced him to work!

It was hard to get off work but Xie Xi found there were no signs of fast forwarding, indicating that someone was staring at him.

Xie Xi had a dark face and he felt that not only did he have to work hard, he also needed to work overtime!

Oh, he wanted to leave this stupid dream! Jiang Xie couldn’t stand it first and looked like he saw Xie Xi by chance. “Are you finished yet?” He sounded like an ordinary colleague.

If this person hadn’t been watching for a day, Xie Xi would’ve seriously believed it!

Xie Xi got up and said, “Yes.”

Jiang Xie cautiously asked, “Go home together?”

Xie Xi was about to agree when a real colleague called out to him. “Xiao Xie, there is a document here. Can you help me?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie’s attitude was calm. “You are busy. I will go back first.”

With that, he left and went away…

Xie Xi almost wanted to pull this person back to beat him up. ‘Busy, you big ghost. Working overtime for so long and also making me work overtime! Is this your nightmare or my nightmare?’

Even worse, Xie Xi didn’t fast forward which showed that the dreamer was still watching him silently. He pretended to leave but was still secretly observing.

What could Xie Xi do?

His psychotic lover, couldn’t he coax himself?

Xie Xi patiently endured it and got up once he finished. He headed to the aircraft without turning his head (for fear there was work).

There was still no fast forward during this time on the road, showing that Jiang Xie was watching him from a place that couldn’t be seen.

Xie Xi cooled down by drinking a mouthful of black tea.

He couldn’t help wondering if this was the same in reality.

During the time when Xie Xi tried to distance himself from Jiang Xie, this person was watching him every day. He didn’t dare bother or be too close to Xie Xi. The coldness of rationality eroded his hot heart and he finally couldn’t stand it anymore and woke up.

This was only one day in the dream. In reality, Jiang Xie had experienced it for two months. Was this how he tortured himself for two months? Xie Xi’s heart burned with pain again.

After returning home, it was already 2 o’clock in the morning and Xie Xi was so tired he fell asleep straight away.

Jiang Xie carefully protected this person in his arms and slept unsteadily.

Xie Xi felt it but couldn’t do anything. The place that shouldn’t be skipped was mercilessly fast forwarded. By the time Xie Xi opened his eyes, it was already a new day.

This continued for a full two days and Xie Xi didn’t find a suitable breakthrough point.

How could he open Jiang Xie’s heart? Taking the initiative to honestly confess his love would directly wake up this person…

Was there any way to change this bad dream?

Finally, there was a turnaround in the afternoon.

A bell man was needed to ring the so-called bell. Xie Xi saw Comrade J and knew the bell man was in place!

Hey, wasn’t the bell man and the bell the same person? The bell was Big Jiang, the bell man was J and they were all Jiang Xie. There was no problem.

Xie Xi came out and J hurried up to him. In J’s dream, Big Jiang had died. In Big Jiang’s dream, J was crazy. When it came to blackening himself, Jiang Xie spared no effort.

J cried out emotionally, “Xiao Xie, I finally found you.”

Xie Xi, “…” The man was set to fall too much. This was too dramatic!

Since Big Jiang must be watching, Xie Xi calmed down and asked, “You are?”

J asked, “Have you forgotten? I’m your first round partner.”

Xie Xi’s goosebumps were uncontrollable and he hurriedly pulled out the main point. “Aren’t you an emotional? I am a rational. How can we be partners?”

“Why not? Even if you are a rational, you still love me.”

This was too embarrassing! At least J saw Big Jiang’s desire to ‘die for the country’ and allowed him a glorious death!

Xie Xi choked back a laugh and said, “Please don’t say this. A new round is a new life, not to mention that I already have a partner.”

J froze, his face shocked. Xie Xi couldn’t help wanting to ask Big Jiang, ‘You must be working really hard. How can you make him have such an ugly expression?’

J explained, “Xiao Xie, you were the Chief Justice in your first round. You can go see your memories and you will find that you love me.”

Xie Xi’s eyes were bright. He knew what an important clue this was and muttered, “I am a rational, I…”

Then Jiang Xie appeared with a cold expression. “This gentleman, reincarnation is a new life. Please don’t bother my lover.”

For a moment, there was a strong presence in the air.

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Yu yu
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