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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 17

Xie Xi waited all night and could no longer delay it. “Can I look at your body first?”

Azure Dragon heard this and his heart was sweet and uneasy.

He felt sweet because Xie Xi always remembered but uneasy because his other shape was too terrible and he was afraid Xie Xi would be scared. Xie Xi insisted, “You will feel easier if I help you fix it.”

In fact, the more he didn’t care about going to Vermilion Bird palace, the more at ease Azure Dragon felt. In particular, Xie Xi was thinking about his injuries and this made Azure Dragon feel unparalleled warmth.

Xie Xi really cared about him. Azure Dragon realized this feeling couldn’t be faked.

Azure Dragon held his hand and told him, “Come this way.”

Xie Xi nodded and followed.

There was an empty space outside the palace. Azure Dragon stood in the middle of it and closed his eyes. Mist rose and then a dragon more than 10 metres long appeared in the open space.

Xie Xi stared. The dragon shone with a faint light and his heart turned, eyes like a heavy ocean. Beautiful…

It was an extremely magnificent beauty…

Xie Xi was speechless for a long time.

Azure Dragon’s eyes were very gentle because he was afraid of frightening Xie Xi. He asked in a low voice, “Are you afraid?”

Xie Xi marvelled for a long time before replying, “So beautiful.”

Azure Dragon, “…”

Xie Xi stretched out his arms and asked, “Can I touch?”

The dragon bowed his head and sent himself to the little palm. He was very hard but gave off a warm temperature. Xie Xi smiled, eyes full of love. The body of Azure Dragon was enough to cause a little monster to faint but Xie Xi…

Azure Dragon was in a particularly good mood.

Xie Xi woke up from the ‘beauty.’ “Yes, where are you hurt?”

Azure Dragon was too big and Xie Xi could only see parts of him. The dragon moved his body and Xie Xi saw the bloody tail.

For a moment, Xie Xi’s heart rose in his chest. He ran a few steps and looked at the bloody flesh with a pale and distressed face. There was this much pain from the scales falling off. To endure such pain every day…

Azure Dragon moved back his tail, not wanting Xie Xi to stare at it.

Xie Xi calmed down and declared, “I’ll try to repair it.”

Azure Dragon nodded. “Okay.”

The scales were collected and the doctor quickly sent it over. He watched Xie Xi anxiously.

They all sincerely admired Sage Azure Dragon. If he recovered, they would dedicate their lives to Xie Xi, not to mention he would soon become their master!

Xie Xi used Repair after determining the location.

The moment he did, Xie Xi felt the strength of his body being exhausted.

This wasn’t the first time he used Repair and he had used it countless times to save countless people. It had never been like this. He repaired only one scale and exhausted all his strength.

The doctor shouted, “It worked! Lord Azure Dragon’s scale is really repaired!”

Xie Xi was unsteady and staggered, almost falling. Azure Dragon turned into a human form and hugged him.

Xie Xi leaned into his arms and gasped. Azure Dragon immediately gave him medicine. The moment he ate the medicine, Xie Xi felt his strength rapidly recover.

He was soon able to stand up.

Azure Dragon asked him, “Are you feeling better?”

Xie Xi nodded. “What did you give me?” If there were more of this tonic available, he could repair the dragon’s scales in one go.

The doctor had a big mouth. “Lord Xie Xi, it has gathered the spiritual aura of the world for 500 years before forming a pill. There are only 56 of them in this world!”

Xie Xi, “…” He felt like he had swallowed 500 years!

Don’t give him a rare treasure like it was a jelly bean! Jiang Xie, how could this unlucky person be so wasteful?! Xie Xi thought of the stingy second prince and suddenly felt that he had realized a type of truth.

Azure Dragon told him, “This spell is too big for you. Don’t use it.”

“It’s fine if I can repair all your scales.”

Azure Dragon smiled at him. “Don’t worry.”

Xie Xi stared at him. “You’re always hurting so isn’t it urgent?”

“I don’t feel pain when I’m with you.”

He was in the mood to save words of love… it seemed that his pain was really lighter!

Xie Xi estimated that the power of the soul was too strong and the repair consumed too much, causing him to become physically exhausted. He had to upgrade his own cultivation so he could repair Azure Dragon’s scales as soon as possible.

Xie Xi was no longer tired but Azure Dragon didn’t mention the matter of going to Vermilion Bird Palace.

Xie Xi had an idea in his mind. If he didn’t make things clear, no one could feel at ease.

He suggested, “Let’s go to Vermilion Bird Palace.”

Azure Dragon paused.

Xie Xi glanced at him. “What’s wrong?”

He took the initiative but Azure Dragon actually hesitated. “Actually…”

“It must be clarified.” Xie Xi insisted. “The misunderstanding should be cleared. The more things drag out, the deeper the misunderstanding will be. Thus, it is good for everyone to speak as soon as possible.”

Azure Dragon felt ashamed. “I’m sorry.”

Xie Xi, “…”

“I actually doubted you.”

Xie Xi, “………………”

“You don’t have to go. I will go directly to Vermilion Bird and clear things…”

Xie Xi was scared to death!

He quickly interrupted, “What is the point of you going there alone? He won’t believe your words. Let’s just go together to Vermilion Bird Palace.”

Who would thought that the calm and sensible Azure Dragon would suddenly change his mind and blame himself for doubting Xie Xi?

Xie Xi really didn’t know what to say!

However, this was only temporary. In order for the two people to have peace of mind, they needed to talk face to face!

The more Xie Xi was determined to go to Vermilion Bird Palace, the happier Azure Dragon became. On the way, the smile on his face couldn’t be suppressed.

Xie Xi told him, “Don’t say anything after we arrive.”


Xie Xi explained, “In order to leave enough face for Sage Vermilion Bird, we should talk when there are only the three of us left.”

Azure Dragon understood. “It makes sense.”

They both lived on the Holy Mountain and too many things would be involved if there was an incident.

“You are still thoughtful.” Azure Dragon praised and Xie Xi almost couldn’t act anymore!

Fortunately, they finally arrived at Vermilion Bird Palace.

Azure Dragon and Xie Xi came back together, causing the birds to feel surprised.

The man with the colourful tail feathers greeted them. “Hello Sage Azure Dragon and Lord Xie Xi.”

Xie Xi asked, “Has Lord Vermilion Bird woken up yet?”

“He just woke up.”

Xie Xi sighed with relief. “I’ll go see him.”

The man with the colourful tail feathers looked at Sage Azure Dragon.

Xie Xi turned his back to Azure Dragon and spoke to the bird, “We have to meet and talk about business.”

The male bird was stunned and fell into Xie Xi’s pit. Indeed, breaking off an engagement was something they needed to have a good talk about.

Xie Xi saw that the colourful bird was hooked and said, “Don’t come over. It is better if we talk in private.”

Indeed, no one should listen to this type of private matter that involved the sages. Rather, it would be a disaster if they heard it.

As for Vermilion Bird’s safety, they weren’t worried. The sage had been restored and with his physique, he couldn’t be injured.

The people were sent away and Xie Xi went to see Vermilion Bird with Azure Dragon.

Vermilion Bird was stunned when the door opened and they entered together. Xie Xi said nothing and closed the door when he entered the room.

It was a room with only the three of them. As he expected, the eyes of Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird changed.

Xie Xi sighed with relief and opened his mouth. “Do you know what to do?”

Jiang Xie could stimulate the memories depending on the situation. He could give Azure Dragon a set of memories and Vermilion Bird another set of memories, making them think that Xie Xi had rejected the other person.

It was for this reason that Xie Xi didn’t fear them meeting.

How could they have any thoughts after seeing the other person be ‘kicked away?’

Jiang Xie was silent and Xie Xi glanced at him. Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird both came over to hug him!

Xie Xi, “……” He pushed them away!

The dragon and bird’s arms were empty but they weren’t angry. “I forgot that I had two bodies. I just wanted to hold you.”

Xie Xi looked at the Jiang Xie to one side and then the Jiang Xie on the other side. He guessed that Jiang Xie would appear in both bodies and share the memories but it felt strange actually seeing it.

Xie Xi asked him, “What is your situation?”

Jiang Xie used Azure Dragon’s body to speak shameless words. “Your husband can control two bodies and give you double the love. Are you happy?”

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Haruki Natsuyu
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Jiang Xie used Azure Dragon’s body to speak shameless words. “Your husband can control two bodies and give you double the love. Are you happy?”



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