GL: Chapter 226

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Collapsing 10 Boundaries 2

Xie Xi vowed that this was definitely his most embarrassing moment. He had stepped on six boats in Atlantis yet didn’t feel as embarrassed as he did now!

Why was a G movie playing on his laptop? Why was he so open that he didn’t turn it off even at school?

In addition, how should he explain it now? How did he explain his situation to Gemini who was obviously his roommate?

He really wasn’t watching a G movie in the daytime, he wasn’t this hungry in broad daylight…

What damn explanation?! He was so miserable because of this guy. After being dazed for five seconds, Jiang Xie whispered, “It is very noisy.”

Xie Xi was so shocked that he forgot to turn this thing off! He hurried to press the key to close it. The background sound was gone but the player wasn’t completely closed…

Originally, there was a movie behind this movie. Xie Xi’s mouth twitched as he turned it off, only to find there was another below it. He turned it off and found…

Oh, this laptop’s performance was really good. There were unexpectedly seven or eight movies opened at the same time!

In the end, Xie Xi gave up and was completely indifferent when he saw the bright muscles of the men on the laptop’s desktop.

Many videos might be opened but only the first one was playing. The others were paused and there was no sound.

He also didn’t know if Jiang Xie saw it. By the time Xie Xi turned away, Jiang Xie was already unpacking his luggage.

Xie Xi turned off his laptop and wished to turn this junk laptop to dust.

They were both adults and there was nothing wrong with watching a movie. It was just that watching a G movie in a double bedroom during the day, it was too… sick!

Xie Xi wasn’t sick. This world was sick!

Jiang Xie finished tidying up and the atmosphere eased a lot. He didn’t look at Xie Xi and introduced himself, “My name is Jiang Xie.”

Xie Xi also introduced himself. By all accounts, they should shake hands. However, their first encounter was so fatal that he didn’t dare to shake the other person’s hand.

After introducing themselves, they didn’t say a word. Jiang Xie sat down at his desk and took out his laptop.

Xie Xi now had a psychological shadow towards this thing and he watched with a numb scalp…

Jiang Xie opened his laptop and intently tapped on the keys.

Xie Xi didn’t see what he was doing but it was certain there weren’t people moaning in the background.

It was only two or three in the afternoon. According to the usual practice, there was nothing on the first day apart from the freshman reporting in. It should be free time after settling in the dormitory.

Xie Xi wanted to look at his own situation using his laptop but now he didn’t dare to touch it.

He thought about it and remembered there was something similar to a phone.

He should also be able to check his information from this. Xie Xi looked through his shoulder bag to find the phone.

The phone was quite ordinary but the phone case was strange. It was an angel with an arrow in the back and bright red blood covered the entire phone case. A heart-shaped ring was embedded in the angel’s chest, as if the heart had been pulled out.

Xie Xi frowned and couldn’t understand what he was like.

A famous person, a master of G movies and a chuuni?

The collapsed world might be full of malice but the malice this time was too undisguised! It was a setting that didn’t match Xie Xi!

Forget repairing this small world, Xie Xi was almost killed by this setting. Was the world’s will biased against him? There was such an eccentric method? Or…

Xie Xi thought that he was still 80% out of the context. Perhaps in Jiang Xie’s memories, the proportion of him stepping on N boats was too large…

Being famous and a master of G movies were quite in line with the ‘octopus.’

Thinking about this was useless. He should become familiar with Gemini as soon as possible, understand the key points and repair it quickly!

Thus, there was the question. After such an awkward encounter, how should he become familiar with Gemini?

It was fine if he was watching adult movies but he was watching G adult movies. Normal men would stay 800 metres away from him!

Xie Xi examined his phone for a long time but didn’t find anything. At dinner time, Jiang Xie closed his laptop, picked up his phone and left.

He was probably going to find something to eat.

If there weren’t the G movies, Xie Xi would go to the cafeteria with him and experience a wonderful university life together. Now…

What damn eating together? He had to clean up the filth first?

Xie Xi hurriedly opened his laptop. He didn’t care about the appearance and was startled when he looked through it.

There were hundreds of G stuff, nothing else! That was all! Movies, images, novels…

Oh my god! Xie Xi’s eyes widened. He really didn’t know there were so many tricks!

Of course, Xie Xi didn’t open them to check. He just looked at the different names and was shocked by the countless brain holes of the enthusiasts.

He took two hours to delete all of them. After the deletion, the laptop was empty.

There weren’t even social network software. What type of laptop was this?

Xie Xi felt very sorry. If he could, he really wanted to clear Gemini’s head and make him forget the encounter at noon…

However, there was a certain risk in erasing memories and it wasn’t easy.

In addition, the world giving him this setting meant there were certain problems in this regard. He wouldn’t be able to solve it if he didn’t touch the roots.

Xie Xi drew himself a loaf of bread to eat. He was too lazy to go out and grab anything.

Gemini left but his laptop was still on his desk. Xie Xi had countless ways to crack his password and peek at his information.

However… Xie Xi was steady. He had just entered and shouldn’t act rashly when he wasn’t familiar with anything.

This might seem like an ordinary world but it was always good to be careful when sailing a ship. He should know more about it before starting.

It was estimated that the stimulation during the day was too much It was 8 o’clock and Jiang Xie still hadn’t returned.

Xie Xi was somewhat sleepy and planned to sleep. He took his toiletries and went to the bathroom.

When rummaging for a change of clothes, Xie Xi found that he unexpectedly didn’t bring any underwear.

What the hell was he? If there wasn’t the computer full of G movies, he would just think he had forgotten to bring them.

Now… well, he was a pervert.

Fortunately, Xie Xi had the god’s wisdom and sketch pen. He didn’t have to worry about the embarrassment of borrowing underwear.

Xie Xi drew them as well as more comfortable pyjamas.

He carefully examined his body while taking a bath and found nothing unusual. Xie Xi dried his body and started to wear clothes.

At this time, he was still thinking about the world. According to the situation, it should be a campus life. Gemini hadn’t shown a clear personality because the encounter during the day was too different but they were all Jiang Xie. There shouldn’t be a large difference…

Eh, Xie Xi finally discovered something. He blinked and thought it was an illusion. He clearly put on underwear. Why was it missing?

He might’ve drawn it but he was clearly real fabric. How could it suddenly disappear? Did he forget to bring it in? Then what had he worn just now?

Xie Xi was very puzzled but didn’t want to walk out of the bathroom. Thus, he called out the god’s wisdom and sketch pen and drew another one.

This time, Xie Xi wasn’t distracted. He dressed carefully and was about to relax when he saw the cloth disappearing like ice dissolving into water…

What was this situation? It couldn’t be an illusion. His underwear really disappeared!

Xie Xi didn’t give up and drew another one. This time, he stared at it and the result was the same. The good fabric ‘disappeared.’

What should he do? Xie Xi looked around and was quite sure he was the only one in the bathroom.

Then how could something so strange happen? Was it his physical problem? He couldn’t find any abnormalities and it was impossible to ask others about such a thing.

Sure enough, this small world wasn’t simple…

After thinking for a while, Xie Xi decided to give up on his underwear and put on his pyjamas directly.

In any case, he was going to sleep and it wasn’t a problem if he didn’t wear it.

He would wash the one he wore during the day, dry it and then change into it in the morning.

Xie Xi thought this and started to put on pyjamas.

By the way, what was the situation in this small world? It didn’t seem like a simple campus life…

Eh!!! Xie Xi’s eyes widened as the pyjamas he just put on disappeared. Why was it gone again? It wasn’t just underwear. He couldn’t even wear pyjamas?

Xie Xi wondered if it was a problem with the god’s wisdom. Could the world recognize what the god’s wisdom created? No, he ate bread just now and it hadn’t disappeared.

Fortunately, Gemini hadn’t returned yet. Xie Xi could go out and grab some clothes from his luggage. They were his belongings and surely they wouldn’t disappear?

Xie Xi went out quickly. Fortunately, he didn’t run into Jiang Xie. He took the clothes back to the bathroom. No matter how uncomfortable, Xie Xi quickly wore them.

The result…

They disappeared again! The clothes in his suitcase, which belonged to the world, disappeared less than three seconds after he put them on!

Xie Xi was going crazy.

What type of world was this? Why couldn’t he wear clothes?

The angry Xie Xi went out and took out all the clothes in the suitcase, trying them on. As a result, there were only a few pairs of socks left in the suitcase.

Oh, gloves, socks and hats were fine. The others, hehe, they didn’t work.

Xie Xi left the bathroom with no expression.

In any case, he couldn’t wear clothes and Jiang Xie wasn’t an outsider. If he wanted to see it then he could see it.

However, Jiang Xie still hadn’t returned. Xie Xi looked at the bed, unsure if these fabrics would remain intact.

In any case, he was tired. He went to bed and saw that the sheets were intact.

Xie Xi was relieved and tried to cover himself with the quilt. He held his breath and saw that the quilt didn’t disappear.

He was moved. At least he could wrap himself up in the quilt, even though it was summer and the quilt was very hot…

Jiang Xie came back at 10 o’clock. Xie Xi was already lying in bed and couldn’t kill him.

Jiang Xie didn’t look at Xie Xi or say anything. He just took his toiletries into the bathroom. When he came out, his ears were red. He was probably hot?

Xie Xi only exposed his eyes and was afraid to say anything.

Jiang Xie dried his hair and went to bed. It wasn’t long before he closed his eyes.

The two beds in the double bedroom weren’t close, with two desks in between.

Even so, it was still the same room. They could see each other if they turned around.

Yet Jiang Xie didn’t look at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was very hot but didn’t dare open the quilt. He could only endure it and fell asleep while enduring it. It was already bright when he woke up the next day.

Xie Xi quietly looked around and didn’t see Jiang Xie. He immediately got up and went to the bathroom.

He had almost died!

After resolving the problem, Xie Xi was still worried about his clothes. Did he have to go to school while wrapped in a quilt?

This was a real pervert!

Xie Xi left the bathroom but before he could return to the bed, he heard the door opening.

How could there be such a coincidence? Jiang Xie was back?

He couldn’t return to the bed before Jiang Xie saw him unless he could teleport…

The door opened and four eyes met.

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie, “…”

There was the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. Xie Xi found that his mentality was okay. He wasn’t wearing anything but he could still see what had fallen to the ground.

It was a cup of soy milk. It had fallen to the ground and the pastries were also soaked. It turned out to be breakfast. Had Jiang Xie bought it for him? In the face of a perverted roommate, he still bought breakfast?

Xie Xi thought with a blank expression.

Jiang Xie’s senses returned and he slammed the door shut, his heart beating as if it was going to pop out.

He closed his eyes and couldn’t find his voice for a long time. He had long heard that a succubus was debauched but he didn’t expect…

‘Calm down.’ Jiang Xie told himself. ‘Don’t be tempted by this person.’

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4 years ago

Holy shit! Jiang Xie is too good! Whereas (cough) Xie Xi… um… Let me light a candle for both of you.

4 years ago

“Don’t be tempted”, those were the last words he thought before he fell!

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Lol might be a metaphor, but that would be interesting!

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Don’t be tempted!

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Xie Xi’s character setting in this world is probably a type of person who sleep without clothes , so it always disappeared when he’s going to sleep. But seriously , this arc is so AWKWARD !! Second hand embarrassment so much !!

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