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GL: Chapter 227

Collapsing 10 Boundaries 3

Xie Xi could be considerate towards Jiang Xie’s reaction.

Instead of Jiang Xie losing his breakfast, he should submit a ‘change in dormitory’ application straight away and implement the motto of ‘cherish life and stay away from perverts.’

The door was closed. The sound might be loud but the good thing was that no one else would be alarmed.

Xie Xi looked at Jiang Xie and really didn’t know what to say. If he explained that his clothes disappeared, would Jiang Xie believe him?

Don’t mention Jiang Xie, even Xie Xi didn’t believe it himself!

He was standing there in a daze and didn’t know that someone was meditating on 100 types of calmness, this calmness almost enough to suppress the flames in his heart.

Jiang Xie had seen the same s*x body but he swore that he never felt the male body could be so attractive.

The succubus’ skin in front of him looked like clouds under a holy light. It was beautiful and soft, so that people couldn’t wait to praise him with all types of beautiful words. His body line was excellent. It wasn’t a male’s masculinity or a woman’s charm. It was somewhere in between and was s*xy.

Jiang Xie didn’t look at this person again but the body was imprinted in his mind, so clear that it was frightening.

“Good morning.” Jiang Xie thought for a long time before finally choking out these words.

Xie Xi, “…Morning.”

Jiang Xie asked, “Have you eaten breakfast?”

This awkward chat!

Xie Xi thought of a way to get rid of his perverted title. He could wear clothes in front of Jiang Xie. If Jiang Xie saw his clothes disappearing then he would understand without any need for an explanation.

This way, the two people could get closer and discuss the problem of wearing clothes.

Um… he was serious but why did it sound so naughty?

No matter, just wear clothes first!

Jiang Xie leaned against the door and saw movement in the corner of his eyes. It was Xie Xi wearing clothes.

His movements were natural and gentle, but it was an unconscious seduction that made people want to tear off all the pieces of clothing…

Calm down!

Jiang Xie shifted his gaze away.

In order for Jiang Xie to witness the miracle moment, Xie Xi deliberately spoke to him. “Did you bring me breakfast?”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi feared that this person would miss it and was even more deliberate. “It is a pity about the soy milk… oh, this collar behind me isn’t very comfortable. Can you give me a hand?”

Look over here and see the clothes disappearing!

Jiang Xie looked up and saw the black hair flowing down the white neck. The shirt collar was slightly turned inside and it could be sorted as long as it was gently pulled. Yet Xie Xi asked him for help.

This hint was too obvious. It was a seduction.

Jiang Xie couldn’t go forward. He felt that once he got close, he would end up kissing the white neck and giving this person what he wanted.

No, he had long been informed that he would share a dormitory with Xie Xi. It would be too bad if he fell in one day!

Xie Xi also didn’t want Jiang Xie to help him sort out the collar. This guy used to always do it unsolicited and make it even messier… He just wanted Gemini to look over and see Xie Xi’s clothes disappearing.


Xie Xi dressed neatly and found that his clothes hadn’t disappeared.

What was going on? Had his skin come to an agreement with the fabric? How did it become like this?

Xie Xi pulled at his clothes and found they were very strong and didn’t mean to disappear at all.

Jiang Xie’s Adam’s Apple surged as he calmly said, “The collar is just turned it. Pull it and it will neaten.” He wasn’t going to tidy it for this person. He refused to be tempted!

Xie Xi took a long time to recover. He was sure that his clothes had returned to normal and there was no point trying to make sense of it.

Since his clothes didn’t disappear, didn’t this mean he couldn’t clean himself of being a pervert?

Then the final conclusion was that he was a pervert? Not only was he dressed, he deliberately asked his roommate to fix his collar.

‘Well… Jiang Xie, come over here! I promise not to kill you!’

He didn’t think that he was unable to clear his evil but also increased his evil. Xie Xi had underestimated the pit of this small world.

After seeing that he was finally dressed, Jiang Xie sighed and realized there was a mess. He said, “I will clean this up. You go and eat first.”

Xie Xi must have a good relationship with this person and said, “I’ll help.” After all, Jiang Xie was scared by him.

“It’s fine…”

Xie Xi went to grab the mop and coincidentally grabbed his hand.

The two people, “…”

Xie Xi hadn’t done it deliberately. He didn’t think too much. He just saw the mop. How did it become Jiang Xie’s hand? Could both of them be the same colour?

Xie Xi looked up and saw the stunned Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie pulled back his hand and calmly said, “I will go get a bucket for the rubbish.”

What was a bucket for the rubbish? It was a trash can!

Xie Xi couldn’t help laughing, causing Jiang Xie to feel a current flowing to the top of his head. If he was a computer, he would already be down.

Jiang Xie went to get his ‘bucket of garbage’. Xie Xi unexpectedly found that this was quite interesting. He was used to Jiang Xie teasing him and now he was passively teasing Jiang Xie. It was really interesting!

Well, Xie Xi would’ve been happier if it hadn’t been a passive skill.

The pair cleaned up the soymilk and deep-fried breadsticks on the ground and Xie Xi asked, “Do you have something to do next?”

Jiang Xie replied, “We have class at 9 o’clock and there are some welcome activities in the afternoon.”

Xie Xi didn’t know this at all but decided to lean on Jiang Xie. He would go wherever Jiang Xie went.

He might be a pervert but Jiang Xie didn’t hate him too much.

Xie Xi decided to let it go.

“I will go with you.” Xie Xi said, “It isn’t too early. I will buy soy milk and drink it on the road.”

Jiang Xie froze.

Xie Xi picked up his one-shoulder bag. “Let’s go.”

Jiang Xie didn’t move.

Xie Xi stared at him. “What is it?”

Jiang Xie hesitated for a moment before finally choosing to say, “You aren’t wearing underwear, right?”

Xie Xi, “???”

“I’m not questioning your habits. It is just a custom here and it is better for you to wear them.”

Xie Xi couldn’t dig a hole in the ground. Otherwise, he would stay underground and never come out.

He wasn’t wearing it. At the time, he just wanted to show the miracle of the clothes disappearing and how could he care about the underwear. Even if he wanted to wear it, he couldn’t. He couldn’t draw a pair of underwear right in front of Jiang Xie’s face.

Jiang Xie spoke again, “I’m just making a suggestion. You….”

Xie Xi had to use an excuse. “I forgot to bring it.” This was better than being a pervert who didn’t like wearing it.

Jiang Xie leaned forward slightly and his voice was lower. “I’ll lend it to you.”

Xie Xi, “…” Fine, what else could he do? It was better to wear it than to not wear underwear.

Soon, Xie Xi found that it really wasn’t good. Jiang Xie wasn’t the same size as him and his waist was twice as larger. It was very awkward after Xie Xi put it on.

Jiang Xie seemed to be aware of his discomfort and unexpectedly comforted him. “Adapt slowly. This is where we do here.”

Xie Xi, “???” It was just that the size didn’t match! He wasn’t a pervert who wasn’t used to wearing underwear!

Xie Xi’s mood was already complicated. After this night and day, what type of person was he in front of Gemini?

Watching G movies in the daytime, sleeping naked in a double bedroom, being seductive in the morning and not wearing underwear…

Xie Xi felt that if he was Gemini, he certainly wouldn’t say a word to himself.

They went to the cafeteria and Xie Xi found himself the centre of a lot of attention.

It seemed there were more gazes this time. Perhaps because Jiang Xie was next to him?

Gemini’s face value was really high and he was brimming with the vitality of young people. It was normal for him to attract people’s attention. In any case, Xie Xi really liked it.

After buying soy milk, there were only seven or eight minutes left until 9 o’clock. Xie Xi wasn’t hungry and followed Jiang Xie to the classroom.

He casually asked, “What class is it today?” It was normal not to look at the class schedule.

“It is the first day so it is just a basic course.”

What class was a basic course? Speaking of which, Xie Xi didn’t even know what major he was in.

Jiang Xie took care of his perverted roommate and asked, “Have you bought all the textbooks?”

Xie Xi, “…” It seemed he didn’t have any books.

Jiang Xie told him, “It’s fine. You can look at my textbook in this class. For the others, I will go with you to buy them in the evening.”

Xie Xi’s heart was warm. “Thank you.”

“We are roommates. Caring for each other is appropriate.”

Xie Xi nodded and felt that Gemini was a really good Jiang Xie.

They walked into the classroom and it was already full. The originally noisy classroom became quiet because of the appearance of Xie Xi and Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi wanted to take advantage of the time before class to drink the soy milk, so he started drinking when he went upstairs. Now he didn’t stop and took a hard sip, only to hear the loud sound of inhalation.

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie grabbed the soy milk.

Xie Xi looked stunned and Jiang Xie saw a bit of white milk around this person’s mouth. Jiang Xie’s head was buzzing as he said, “Your mouth… there is soy milk around it.”

“Oh…” Xie Xi licked his lower lip.

Jiang Xie, “!”

The sound of inhalation became even louder. Xie Xi looked around and saw a group of young people with red faces.

What happened?

Jiang Xie took his hand and pulled him out of the classroom.

The grip hurt but this situation was really bizarre. Thus, Xie Xi thought it was more appropriate for him to come outside.

“What’s wrong?” Xie Xi stood in a cool place and couldn’t help asking.

Jiang Xie calmed his heartbeat and gazed at the innocent succubus in front of him. He said, “Don’t drink anything outside in the future.”

The dazed Xie Xi replied, “Okay.”

After hearing his response and thinking of Xie Xi’s situation today, Jiang Xie sighed. “I will bring breakfast back for you later.”

What could Xie Xi do? He could only be obedient.

By the time he returned to the classroom, the old professor was already present.

He saw that Xie Xi was quite calm and different from the other young ones.

The old professor spoke seriously, “Since there is a succubus exchange student in our class, we will give priority to the demon basics today.”

Xie Xi understood every word but when put together…

What and what?

The old professor wrote powerful words on the blackboard: the succubus.

Xie Xi had a bad hunch.

The old professor lectured, “We must know the different types of demons. A succubus is one of the big demons and they major in desire. They are different from us but we must respect their living habits…”

Xie Xi was stunned by the old professor’s solemn nonsense.

“Resisting the temptation of a succubus is an important course in angel psychology. You have such a good opportunity and don’t miss it. Be sure to recite the mantras of meditation. For example, Student Jiang Xie, you must not change the colour of your face and your heartbeat around Xie Xi!”


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