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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 14

Xie Xi was shocked.

He had been waiting for this lion to confess for a few months. Leo was still sullen in the village. Why was he so bold when he came to the palace?

Sure enough, a bit of stimulation was needed?

This was a frustrating bold, spicy chicken character!

Leo had to muster up great courage to say this sentence.

He wanted to hide these words in his heart for a lifetime, he wanted to leave Xie Xi and never disturb this person’s life.

However, he wavered once he knew that males and males could be together.

Since Xie Xi could accept it, why not confess?

Even if he was rejected, at least he wouldn’t be hated!

Xie Xi’s brain was thinking about things but his mouth had his own idea. “Is this right? I was good enough to raise you to adulthood. How can you hate me?” There was still plenty of room to talk.

However, Leo didn’t give him any room. “The liking I’m talking about isn’t the admiration for a senior.” He didn’t use the word elder because the distance between them was big enough.

Xie Xi had to understand but the national teacher was right beside him. He had to pretend to be stupid. “Is it a friend’s feeling?”

In fact, this wasn’t appropriate but Xie Xi could only try to delay things for a while. He couldn’t open up with Leo in front of the national teacher. It was like with the previous Big, Middle and Little Jiang where Little Jiang’s confession was interrupted.

Unfortunately, the national teacher’s mind was very different from Big Jiang. He didn’t say a word and stood there like white smoke that would be blown away at any time. There was no sense of existence.

Seeing that Leo was about to throw a heavy bomb, Xie Xi glanced at the national teacher. ‘You should act!’

The national teacher stared and still didn’t move.

Leo sent a straight ball straight at Xie Xi, “Not as a friend or a relative. It is like getting married.”

Xie Xi, “…” This was almost like love.

Such a straight ball had nowhere else to go. The national teacher didn’t say anything. He just stood respectfully behind Xie Xi, the words that weren’t spoken written on his face.

Xie Xi didn’t have any help and could only go out on his own.

“You are young…” He could only come up with such an excuse.

The young person couldn’t hear this sentence and Leo raised his eyebrows. “I’m not young, I have grown up!”

Xie Xi glanced at the round ears that were upright because of the mood swings.

Leo was exasperated. “Once my estrus period passes, I will be completely human!”

Xie Xi sighed. “You said this but you haven’t reached estrus yet. Thus, you’re not really an adult.”

If he was really a decent man, he should either rebuff or make a promise to the little lion.

Unfortunately, Xie Xi was forced to be a slag male in these worlds with several Jiang Xies.

Leo was clever and asked with a deep stare, “You don’t like me?”

Xie Xi, “…” I like you to death.

Leo was reluctant to give up. “I am already an adult. The estrus period doesn’t matter to me.”

Xie Xi hastily cried out, “Don’t make trouble. This is very important for you. Do you want to destroy yourself?”

There was a clear hook in the words and the little Leo was caught by the hook. “In any case… in any case, I don’t want anyone apart from you during my estrus!”

Having said this, he left angrily.

Xie Xi certainly wouldn’t chase him. He just sighed like an old father and glanced at the national teacher.

The national teacher was steady and there were no waves of alarm in his pale grey eyes. It was as if he hadn’t heard the conversation just now.

Xie Xi’s heart was beating quickly. He didn’t believe that this person didn’t care.

This appearance was more dangerous than any anger!

Either the national teacher had mourned and given up on him completely or he was calculating something in the bottom of his heart.

Based on Xie Xi’s understanding of Jiang Xie, the former was impossible and the latter was 100%!

What to do?

It was easy to dodge a spear in the open but hard to avoid an arrow fired in the dark!

Xie Xi wasn’t worried about himself. He was worried about the little lion…

Xie Xi spoke carefully to appear the national teacher. “The little lion is too lacking in love and confused family and love.”

The national teacher lowered his eyelashes slightly as he spoke. “You have no reservations with your kindness. It is normal for him to misunderstand.”

Xie Xi knew he had stepped on a mine as soon as he heard this.

Was he too kind to the national teacher previously? Then the national teacher became confused? He raised the courage to confess and scared away the beast king?

Xie Xi had no way of knowing the previous summary and could only guess. Fortunately, there were several benchmark principles to refer to. First, Jiang Xie would always love him. Second, he was always a scum male.

With these two things as coordinates, how could it not become a dog blood drama? It was basically Designer Jiang’s script.

Xie Xi couldn’t help sighing. ‘Professor Jiang, what designer are you? You are clearly a screenwriter!’

The Central Government might consider creating a special occupation.

Xie Xi suppressed these thoughts and continued, “How can I have the strength to be good to people. I picked him up accidentally and gave him a meal.”

“You saved his life and gave him a new life. This was the greatest gift.”

Xie Xi tried to downplay his relationship with Leo but the national teacher’s words punctured through it. Xie Xi felt his IQ being suppressed.

Jiang Xie was very clever but this cleverness was rarely used against Xie Xi. Thus, Xie Xi often coaxed him.

He didn’t know what the present national teacher had experienced to be so vigilant.

Xie Xi racked his brains. “Since I saved him, I can’t let him be in danger. Help me see if there are any lions of the right age and let him…”

He didn’t finish his words when the national teacher interrupted. “He said he didn’t need anyone.”

Xie Xi wondered why things were going wrong. National teacher, which side were you on?

A gust of wind blew and caused Xie Xi’s chest to itch. He couldn’t help coughing twice.

The national teacher’s eyes narrowed and he immediately blocked Xie Xi’s side. “Your Majesty, go back to your room first.”

Xie Xi had stayed outside for a while and it was time to go back.

He nodded and walked with sore knees.

The national teacher immediately held him up. “Be careful.”

Xie Xi simply leaned on him. “I am really becoming increasingly useless.”

The national teacher raised his eyebrows. “Please don’t take it to heart. After a few more days of soaking in the medicinal bath, you can recover.”

Xie Xi really wanted to ask what the hell was wrong with himself but he could only endure it.

The two people returned to the palace and the national teacher asked, “There is still some time until lunch. Your Majesty, do you want to rest?”

Xie Xi nodded.

The national teacher took him back to his room. Xie Xi took off his cumbersome clothing and changed into comfortable long robes.

He didn’t go to bed and just leaned against the soft bed for a moment.

In light of the national teacher’s self-abused, Xie Xi wanted to seize every opportunity to coax him. “Are you busy right now?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Xie Xi casually picked up a book. “Then stay with me.”

The national teacher paused for a moment before saying, “Okay.”

Xie Xi leaned on the soft couch and listened to the national teacher’s voice reading political papers written by an unknown person.

It was hypnotic and it wasn’t long before Xie Xi was a bit drowsy.

The voice of the national teacher was becoming lighter. He saw Xie Xi breathing evenly and put down the book.

Xie Xi thought that Jiang Xie would leave. He was still sleepy but still opened his eyes. “You aren’t reading it?”

The national teacher’s calm eyes flashed and there was some helplessness in his tone. “Your Majesty, go to sleep peacefully.”

Xie Xi vaguely felt there was something in this person’s words.

“You can rest assured that I won’t do any more confused things. If you like the little loin, leave him around. I won’t hurt him.”

Xie Xi was startled and was full of question marks and exclamation marks.

What was this situation?!

Was this Jiang Xie?

What was this ‘master of the palace’ accommodating a new ‘concubine’ style?

The national teacher spoke again. “As this subordinate mentioned, I won’t be arrogant.”

His voice was very light but it made people feel endless sorrow, as if forced to the end of the world and having to jump into the abyss.

Xie Xi’s senses returned. He could guess some things from these phrases.

The national teacher’s sense of possession was very strong and he interfered with Beast King Rose’s private affairs. Was the beast king’s leaving related to these aspects?

Confession was one thing, wanting to monopolize the beast king was anything thing.

That’s why he said he didn’t want anything, kept using ‘this subordinate’ and kept serving Xie Xi.

It was to keep Xie Xi here and prevent him from leaving.

Xie Xi had mixed emotions in his heart.

Poor Xie Xi didn’t dare kill himself by saying that he wasn’t interested in the little lion. What if the national teacher clearly told him?

What should he do?

Xie Xi could only be vague.

This type of ambiguity was already acknowledged by the clever and skillful national teacher.

There weren’t many changes in the national teacher. He only spoke in a low voice, “Your Majesty, please rest.”

Xie Xi wanted the national teacher to stay here in order to become closer to him, letting him relax. Xie Xi tried to be clever only to end up with egg on his face. It only made the national teacher mistakenly think he was an obstacle…

Xie Xi’s brain was hurting and he should first sleep to refresh his spirit.

Once he woke up, he heard the sound of a book being put down and the man’s gentle voice. “You can keep sleeping.”

Xie Xi opened his eyes and spoke. “No, I’m a bit hungry.”

The national teacher stated, “Then I’ll arrange lunch now.”

Xie Xi nodded.

Leo was sitting at the dining table. This guy didn’t hide his hostility for the national teacher and set up a flag to declare war!

The national teacher didn’t look at him and only carefully took care of Xie Xi.

Xie Xi didn’t know what to say and could only temporarily drag things out by eating.

Fortunately, the table was big enough and Leo was far away from him. There were many servants and Leo didn’t say anything.

It would be really hard to drag this out for much longer.

Leo could be described as a newborn calf not afraid of tigers. Once he recognized something, he needed an answer.

He got up and opened his mouth. “Your Majesty, I have something to say to you.”

Xie Xi’s chopsticks weren’t stable.

The master glanced at Leo. “Please talk about it after the meal.”

How could Xie Xi keep eating? He ordered, “Let them go out.” He was referring to the servants.

The national teacher glanced at them and the servants left with a bow and lowered eyes.

Leo raised his eyebrows and glanced diagonally at the national master.

The national teacher’s face didn’t change colour. “His Majesty isn’t well and there must always be someone waiting around.” The implication was that he wouldn’t leave.

Leo stated, “I’ll take care of him.”

“You can’t take care of him.”

How could Leo be satisfied? “I have been around him for six months and I know how to take care of him!”

This made sense. Xie Xi thought that Leo was doing well.

The national teacher raised his gaze. “He feels pain night and day and aches all over his joints. His beast spirit’s breath is blocked. This is your care?”

Leo was stunned.

“Do you know what illness he was born with and what his body is like?”

Leo didn’t know and Xie Xi himself didn’t know. He just wanted to know.

However, the national teacher didn’t seem to want to open Xie Xi’s pain and bowed. “This subordinate was rude.”

Xie Xi was anxious. ‘No, no, no, you aren’t rude. Continue to talk about my illness!’

Unfortunately, the national teacher’s mood was stabilized and it was impossible for him to talk about it.

Leo frowned and looked at Xie Xi. “What’s wrong with your body? Why can’t you tell me?”

Xie Xi, “???”

How did the conversation turn around to him?

The national teacher stood by his side silently with eyes lowered.

Xie Xi wanted to say, ‘National teacher, you tell him, what disease do I have?’

It was just that based on the attitude of the national teacher, he wouldn’t open his mouth because he was afraid of Xie Xi…

Leo watched them and his expression was somewhat strange. “I understand.”

Little lion, what do you understand?

Xie Xi hadn’t thought of a good response when Leo continued, “You think I am ridiculous. I dare to say that I like you even though I don’t know anything about you.”

“Sorry,” Leo declared. “If it bothers you, don’t worry. I’ll leave tomorrow.”

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