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Lost Atlantis 20

Xie Xi was distressed by his souls. Once Jiang Xie recovered a few of his souls, wouldn’t this little fellow be in love with him?

Jiang Xie glanced a the steady -250 and hopes his souls wouldn’t die.

Xie Xi didn’t say anything. He just entered the fifth prince’s dream as a ghost and the orange progress bar reached 16.666…% and turned green.

It was full. The fifth prince gave him all of the prince’s love.

They had only known each other for a few days, saw each other several times and spent some muddled time together in the dreams.

Even if Dreaming could make the dream come true, the fifth prince was really too good. If there hadn’t been the progress bar, Xie Xi would probably think the fifth prince was pretending. Now…

These feelings were really wonderful. It turned out the prince had fallen in love at first sight and his emotions were deep.

Xie Xi was very confused. The fifth prince, sixth prince and third prince were X’s souls. However, their temperament and idea of love were completely different from the three psychopaths in Love to the Left or Right.

Randy, Aix-en and Gars killed him without speaking. They were so sick that Xie Xi was always on the verge of collapse because of them.

Wait, Xie Xi suddenly understood a bit. Was it because of Sein Hall’s betrayal?

The more love they poured in, the more intolerable it was after being betrayed. The truer the love, the easier it was to be blackened.

Imagine if the true identity of Sein Hall was exposed. In other words, the fifth prince and sixth prince would know that not only was Sein Hall alive, he also collected the love of their brothers.

Xie Xi, “…”

Randall and Sirius would surely cut him into sashimi! If he thought about it, Randy, Gars and Aix-en didn’t seem that bad?

Jiang Xie didn’t expect to see this magic number of +30 today.

Then Xie Xi’s lips thinned. The souls weren’t bad but X must be very bad. If X wasn’t a psychopath, how could he set such a perverted task?

It was just +30 and it instantly became -30.

Jiang Xie, “…” Okay, this -250 number was very good and neat (heart dripping blood).

Xie Xi no longer wanted to think about the fifth prince. He didn’t have much time left. He had to collect love and leave this world.

Once he left here, he could find X and learn more about the souls.

Xie Xi returned to the training hall. Sirius had left and the third prince was talking to someone.

From Xie Xi’s perspective, the man was blocked by the third prince and only long silver hair could be seen.

The silver…

Wasn’t this Second Prince Aix-en?

Xie Xi was afraid that the two brothers would fight and hurried forward. As he got closer, he could hear their dialogue.

Gars, “…It is just rhetoric. Don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking!”

Aix-en refuted, “You have a wooden head. What do you know?”

Gars told him, “I can see through your human face and beast’s heart (two-faced) to the trash.”

Aix-en ridiculed, “You are staring at me with a pair of dog’s eyes. Don’t even think about…”

He hadn’t finished speaking yet when he saw Xie Xi coming over. The third prince had his back to Xie Xi and only realized after turning around at the second prince’s gaze.

Xie Xi hurriedly bowed. “I have seen the second prince and third prince.”

The third prince pulled him over, placing an arm around Xie Xi’s shoulder and showing him off to the second prince. “My little follower.”

Xie Xi, who was being treated like a chick, “…” Wait until I grow tall and then watch out for your dog legs!

The second prince stared at Xie Xi for a while and finally remembered. “Is this…” This 1% progress slag fish, he couldn’t even remember Xie Xi’s name.

The third prince said, “You don’t need to know his name or to know him.”

He didn’t say it well and caused Aix-en to become interested His eyes narrowed and he laughed in an ambiguous manner, “Little Colin, you have become whiter.” As he spoke, he reached out and tried to pinch Xie Xi’s face.

Gars knocked away the dog’s hand. “Don’t touch him.”

Aix-en wasn’t angry. He kept smiling at Xie Xi, his voice soft and pleasant. “Aren’t you suffering following Third Brother? If you come to me, I will make sure you sleep well and that you no longer have to get up early.”

From this, it was clear that he knew his brother well. The third prince lived in the military camp all year round. He was disciplined and woke up early in the morning. Once he woke up, he would find someone to do morning exercises with him (beating up). Saul’s greatest wish in life was to sleep well.

Like a big dog looking after its food, Gars directly pulled Xie Xi into his arms. “Go to your palace? Won’t you eat him until he has no bones left?”

His words were actually quite simple but Aix-en was clearly an old hand at this and he spoke ambiguously, “It won’t be that fast. Little Colin is delicious and I’ll take it slow.”

Gars reacted by exploding. “Don’t even think about it. If you dare touch one of his fingers, I will chop you up!”

Aix-en was accustomed to being scolded by him. “Little Colin is a man, not an object. Why are you bullying him like that instead of asking what he wants?” Gars held Xie Xi’s arm tightly while Xie Xi thought, ‘The explosive fish is the opponent of the slag fish.’

Aix-en spoke again, “If it is yours, you don’t have to protect it or tie it to your side. Third Brother, be sensible and give Colin some space. Your arms are so tight that he can’t breathe.”

Gars’ arms immediately loosened but he didn’t lose his anger. “Don’t talk nonsense. I know my own people!”

Aix-en smiled. “It is getting late. I’m booked a table at Aromen. Let’s eat together.”

Gars opened his mouth. “I won’t go. We already have food to eat.”

Xie Xi needed to increase progress with Aix-en but the main one was still Gars at the moment and he said they wouldn’t go.

How could Aix-en be thrown away so easily? He said, “Third Brother, I told you not to do this. You are too disrespectful. You should’ve at least asked Colin’s opinion.”

He didn’t wait for Gars top open his mouth and just asked Xie Xi, “Little Colin, will you allow me to buy you a meal?”

Xie Xi, “…”

Gars was fired up and pushed him away.”You are the second prince. How could a small guard dare refuse?”

Aix-en smiled and wondered, “Am I a person who holds grudges?” He had his grudges written on his face!

Gars knew Aix-en well and Aix-en knew Gars.

Gars wasn’t a careless person and didn’t want Colin to offend Aix-en. This person was a madman. After all, his hidden arrows were difficult to prevent. Aix-en was sure that Gars would be thinking about protecting Colin and deliberately said this.

The result was…

The strange trio sat together for dinner! Xie Xi was sandwiched between the two princes and was in a real dilemma.

The second prince said enthusiastically, “What do you want to eat? Order anything you want.”

The third prince sneered. “What’s good. Just order the special dishes.”

Xie Xi had no say and just waited patiently.

The second prince disagreed, “There are only the three of us. How can we finish eating it?”

The third prince scoffed mercilessly. “Cheap.”

The second prince didn’t care as he carefully examined the menu, “Little Colin, is there anything you can’t eat?”

Xie Xi replied, “I can do anything.”

The second prince didn’t ask the third prince but he knew what the third prince loved to eat. After all, they were enemies who had grown up together and were very clear about each other’s taste.

The third prince deliberately said, “Add two more screaming crabs.” This wasn’t actually a crab. It was a type of fish but it looked like a crab and it screamed, thus it got this name.

This fish was a famous luxury ingredient, just like truffles on land. It wasn’t necessarily delicious but it was definitely expensive.

The second prince said, “Why do you eat that thing? It’s terrible.”

The third prince replied, “Second Brother doesn’t have to eat it. I will eat with Colin.”

The second prince, “…”

The third prince sent him a look. “What? Second Brother said you would treat us but you are actually reluctant to spend money? Well, forget it. I will take care of this table today. Third Brother…”

“Fine.” The second prince’s gentle and bewitching face showed rare signs of collapse. “What is so good about this broken fish? It hurts people and is costly.”

Xie Xi secretly glanced at the fish. This screaming crab was quite expensive. One alone cost as much as his monthly salary. However, wasn’t he the second prince? How could he be short of money?

Um… Xie Xi hadn’t taken it seriously when Gars said his brother was cheap. Now he felt there was some truth to it.

Still, he was the minister of finance so this didn’t seem to be a bad thing?

Xie Xi soon realized that the second prince’s cheapness was embedded deep into his bone marrow. Regardless of how he acted as a peacock, his essence was a calculating person who would haggle over everything.

As he ate, he scolded the third prince, “This crab leg is full of meat. Why aren’t you eating it?”

In fact, the third prince could peel crab legs. Xie Xi had seen it. The third prince was deliberately angering the second prince.

The second prince of the underwater kingdom picked up the leg discarded by his brother, picked out the remaining meat and placed it on his plate. The third prince knew his faults and threw away the plate.

The second prince angrily yelled while picking up the pieces, “That’s enough! I don’t want to eat dinner with you!”

“Then why did you invite me?”

The second prince looked at the plate and then Xie Xi who was happily eating the cheapest crescent fruit. “I clearly asked Little Colin.”

Xie Xi was stunned but not because he suddenly became the topic of conversation. It was because the purple progress of the second prince rose by 3%.

Why did it go up?

The third prince grabbed Xie Xi’s crescent fruit and pushed the screaming crab towards him. “Why are you eating crescent fruit? Eat this!”

Xie Xi didn’t like the powerful taste of the screaming crab. He picked up the half-gnawed crescent fruit and said, “Don’t waste food. I will finish this first.”

He just finished speaking when he found that the purple progress of the second prince rose by another 1%.

Xie Xi, “…” All these souls were poisonous!

The second child scorned the third child. “Do you see how sensible Little Colin is? You don’t know anything about human misery.”

The third prince definitely knew how to provoke his brother and just said in return, “Give me two Bai Xieqing.”

This was a type of wine on the seabed. The value was similar to the 82 years old Lafite wine.

The second prince raised his eyebrows. “You want to drink wine? No…”

The third prince told him, “It’s fine, I’ll treat you.” He glanced at Xie Xi. “Is two bottles enough?”

Xie Xi hurriedly shook his head. “I don’t drink. I am allergic.”

The third prince regretted. “Then forget it.”

Xie Xi found that after his words, the purple bar rose by 1% again. Was the strategy for this slag fish to focus on ‘stinginess’?

Don’t look at the third prince’s military origins. His alcohol tolerance was actually very ordinary and he started to feel dizzy after three cups. He ordered two bottles of wine and drank less than half a bottle.

The second prince was distressed. “You can’t drink yet you opened all the wine.”

The third prince deliberately poked at him. “How can you not drink? Do you plan to throw it away?”

The second prince said, “Do you know how much manpower and resources were wasted in brewing this bottle of wine? You know how many people these 300,000 pearls…” He paused before continuing, “This is why I hate soldiers. All of you waste money the wrong way!”

He usually wasn’t angry and it was rare for him to be sulking like this. Xie Xi looked at him with much more interest than before.

The second prince looked at the dizzy third prince then at the bottle of wine and poured himself a cup. “I can’t waste this.” Then he drank.

Xie Xi, “…”

Okay, the third child and second child were drunk while he sat to the side and watched the fun.

The meal hadn’t finished when the third prince fell on the table.

The second prince also staggered. Xie Xi glanced at the two remaining crescent fruit and spoke in a warm manner. “Second Prince, these aren’t finished. Can I take them with me?” The two of them were fine. He could peel the skin and have them for breakfast tomorrow.

The second prince’s eyes lit up and he patted Xie Xi’s shoulder. “You are a good boy.”

He picked up the two crescent fruit and placed them in Xie Xi’s hands. “This year, we have increased our funds and we increased the production of the crescent fruit. This is a good thing. Many ordinary people use them to fill their stomachs…”

Xie Xi held the two crescent fruits while muttering in his heart, ‘I didn’t think the slag fish would be like this.

The second prince’s servant took him away while Xie Xi sent the third prince back to his palace.

There were very few people on the third prince’s side. Apart from a few guards, there wasn’t anyone responsible for his lifestyle. Fortunately, the buoyancy of the water was great and Xie Xi placed the third prince on the bed without much trouble.

This person had a bad alcohol tolerance yet he still drank.

Xie Xi saw the blue bruises on his arm and thought that the third prince had been on the training fields all day. It was estimated that he was very tired, which was why he was sleeping so soundly.

Xie Xi looked at the red progress bar and had a thought.

This was a good opportunity to use Dreaming and increase his progress.

He had thought that collecting the love of the six princes was an impossible task. Now thanks to Roast Pork Bun’s sudden evolution, the difficulty had plummeted and Xie Xi’s mood was much better.

He had to complete the main task as soon as possible. Maybe he could try doing the branch task and directly clear the quasi-world.

Xie Xi had a headache as he thought of the side task to collect one million tons of garbage.

Forget it. Let’s take a look at the third prince’s dream first. Xie Xi used Dreaming and entered straight into the third prince’s dream.

This guy was really dreaming about him.

Xie Xi’s vision turned dark and once he opened his eyes, he felt a strong impact.

He was shocked and hurriedly grabbed the person in front of him. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to touch when he heard the third prince’s voice, “You evil dragon, let him go!”

Xie Xi, “???”

Roast Pork Bun broadcasted live, “Daddy, you were captured by the dragon!”

Xie Xi’s face was stunned. What was this messy dream?

He felt his body being clasped by a paw, followed by a low voice that sounded like the second prince. “He’s mine.”

Oh, the dragon was the second prince.

This truly was the third prince’s dream.

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