GL: Chapter 164

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Examiner Jiang

Jiang Xie also saw this and raised an eyebrow, his voice colder. “There is a swimming event? This garbage Central, coveting my child.”

Yan Zhe gloated. “What can you do? We might be examiners but we don’t have permission to change the exam contents.”

He paused before adding happily, “In any case, he will be wearing swimming trunks. What are you panicking about? People won’t care about Little Rose.”

Jiang Xie glanced at him. “Do you think I can casually let you single dogs see his exposed body?”

Yan Zhe belatedly understood. “Oh my god, you old beast.”

Jiang Xie replied seriously, “This is the normal nightlife between husbands.”

The lonely male gods, “…” It was time to kick this person out of the group!

Yan Zhe knew Xie Xi a bit more and knew that Xie Xi’s face was a bit thin. He thought about the small strawberries planted on Xie Xi’s body by the old beast and felt urgent. “The examiners’ list has been published and due to our names, many people will come to watch the live broadcast. Little Rose…”

Jiang Xie interrupted. “I’m going out for a moment.”

The others were relaxed compared to the worries of Milk God Yan.

Nan Yi crossed his legs and said, “You don’t know Old Jiang. His nickname is BUG King and he has a bad luck brain but his lewdness isn’t too high.”

Yan Zhe nodded. “That’s true.”

He knew how much Jiang Xie loved Little Rose and he definitely wouldn’t let Little Rose be wronged. Jiang Xie soon came back with a calm expression.

Nan Yi was quite curious. “What did you do?”

“You will know when it is time.”

Nan Yi grunted, “You are still trying to raise the climax.” He wanted to see what Jiang Xie could do with the limited examiner’s ability.

Xie Xi was also stunned when he saw the swimming event. He could certainly swim and there were no worries about failing. He just didn’t want to take off his clothes because a big dog had covered him in red dots.

He was currently dressed in a uniform with a high collar that protected his neck. However, he would have to change to shorts when swimming and then…

It was normal for adults to have a s*x life but it was too embarrassing if this was exposed! In addition, there was a live broadcast and the zombie squad would be watching. This body… he would be a dead man!

If Xie Xi had known about this event, he wouldn’t have allowed Jiang Xie’s nonsense. Now it was too late to regret!

What should he do? Did he want to gain a high score in the other events and give up on this swimming event?

Xie Xi calculated it in his heart and felt that even if he got full marks in the other events, there was no way he could get a 0 in this one.

Forget it. Xie Xi gritted his teeth and decided that in the next quasi-world, he would never let Jiang Xie touch him!

The first event was running 800 metres. The requirements weren’t too high. They just needed to reach the finish line within the specified time.

The specified time also wasn’t harsh. Two minutes meant a player was qualified and the shorter the time, the more points were added.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary humans could barely meet the standards, let alone players who had been strengthened using the qualifications. Now Xie Xi’s beginner qualifications were almost full and he could achieve the highest speed.

Please know that humanity’s record was 1 minute and 40 seconds and after countless training, only one in a billion people could achieve it.

Of course, it wasn’t just humans who came to Central. Some special races were born with higher physical qualities and found it easier to run.

Xie Xi felt it wouldn’t be so simple. It might be the first event but it was too easy to qualify in two minutes. This wasn’t a problem of being unqualified but getting the full score.

Would the Central World make it this easy? Xie Xi felt hesitant.

Once he arrived at the venue, Xie Xi understood easier. The venue was small and there were many people.

There was only one lane. If this event wasn’t carried out in batches, he would have to snatch the lead from the beginning.

If he was squeezed to the back, the time would be delayed. This was a question of avoiding obstacles, not speed.

Yes, the players being assessed together were the biggest obstacles.

In the examiner’s room, the people present were also staring at the screen. As soon as the players appeared, lines of words showed up on their screen. A few people glanced at Jiang Xie and Yan Zhe asked, “Would you like to read it?”

Jiang Xie replied, “As soon as I open my mouth, he will know about my presence and become inspired. This will be too hard for the other players.”

Yan Zhe rolled his eyes and dismantled Jiang Xie. “You are afraid that if Little Rose knows about you, he will give up the test to beat you up!”

Jiang Xie touched his nose. “Hitting and scolding are because of love.”

The other four people listening wanted to tell Old Jiang that this was domestic violence!

In the end, it was Gong Rui who went forward to announce the rules. Gong Rui was relatively low-key. People didn’t know anything about him apart from him being in the God Team. They didn’t even know what he looked like.

The candidates couldn’t see the list of examiners and didn’t know who was talking to them.

However, those watching the live broadcast saw the name in the lower right corner and were excited.

Gong Rui spoke slowly, “I will now announce the test rules. The event name is 800 metres run. You have two minutes to reach the end. Every second less is one point. Everyone, work hard. The time will start when the bell rings.”

His voice was lazy and contained no enthusiasm but the players watching the live broadcast thought about how this was Gong Rui and couldn’t suppress their excitement.

Some people even spoke nonsense with wide eyes. “Originally, the sharp god can sound so cold and s*xual!”

Okay, the mosquito noise can also be filtered into a heavenly sound.

On the field, the players participating in the test felt reluctant. The examiner’s voice was too perfunctory and the phrase ‘work hard’ was stretched out and there seemed to be a sigh after it.

Xie Xi had no idea about this. He was focused and once the bell rang, he rushed out first.

Old Jiang’s commentary, “You see? This reaction speed and the explosive power, too handsome!”

Everyone, “…”

Was it too late to go out and buy earplugs?

Xie Xi had no reservations at all. He didn’t like the limelight but this test was too important to him. Others could do it casually but Xie Xi had to pass it at once!

Xie Xi’s physical fitness was excellent and his reaction speed was very fast. While the group of players was still stunned, he had left them far behind.

He had to pull away or else he wouldn’t be able to reach the end in the fastest time!

Commentator Jiang started bragging again. “Look at the judgment and focus in this small head. Too powerful!”

The group raised their hands and shoved their fingers into their ears. There might be no earplugs but they expressed their ruthless contempt for Old Jiang.

Commentator Jiang didn’t see and raised his voice as he became more impassioned. “Very good, Xiao Xie is ahead of second place by 20 seconds, 21 seconds, 22 seconds… Xiao Xie won!”

The group of gods were full of curses. If it wasn’t for the fact that the couldn’t beat up this fu*king person, they would’ve long jumped up to hammer at him!

Xie Xi ended the game with 1 minute and 30 seconds while the second place person behind him was 1 minute and 53 seconds.

People could run fast but after being squeezed into the group, there were stumbling blocks and their speed was greatly reduced.

Xie Xi had chosen the best position and rushed out at the fastest speed when the bell rang. This speed was actually quite bad for middle and long distance running but Xie Xi’s physical strength was enough. As long as he could open a gap with the players behind him and not be crowded, he could play at the fastest speed.

The most frightening thing about this game was players fighting because they were crowded. Don’t mention two minutes, they couldn’t even reach the destination in 20 minutes.

In front of the live broadcast, the zombie squad was cheering for Xie Xi while other players didn’t take it seriously. This test was too small. So what if he was first? They could run 800 metres in three seconds.

The reason they watched the live broadcast wasn’t because of the candidates. They were curious about why the God Team would go to be examiners!

The second event was long jump. There was nothing else to say. It was just jumping from a line. The only difference from ordinary sporting events was that there was only one chance and the distance they jumped.

The candidates were very calm, the players watching the broadcast were calm, only the examiners…

Commentator Jiang directly used a transmission skill and blocking their ears didn’t work. “Running, stepping, jumping, landing, what a beautiful arc! That light figure! The glory of victory is in front of him!”

Very good. His commentary made it sound like a middle school sports meeting!

Xie Xi got two perfect scores continuously and Old Jiang blew himself up to the universe. “How is it, isn’t he strong?”

Yan Zhe and Old Qin, “Strong…”

Nan Yi and Gong Rui, “Very strong…”

Zong Xia summed it up. “His strength can be improved.”

The satisfied Jiang Xie patted Zong Xia on the shoulder. “I understand Old Zong. Whenever us husbands are together, our strength improves.”

The male gods rolled their eyes and endured it. This perpetually single dog, it was normal to be crazy after being taken off the list.

The last basic event was swimming. It was impossible to hide and Xie Xi had long been ready.

Let them look. Once he went back… he would ban any desires.

Yan Zhe, who had been poisoned by the previous events, finally saw the dawn. After waiting a long time, he wanted to see how Jiang Xie would handle this swimming event.

He said, “It can’t be cancelled.”

Nan Yi wondered, “Will he give an exclusive mosaic to Little Rose?”

He also followed Yan Zhe by calling Xie Xi Little Rose. This name was interesting and the image was smooth. Who let Jiang Xie like roses so much that his spiritual garden was full of roses?

Gong Rui leaned back in his chair and fell asleep.

Zong Xia stated, “It should be a more noble reason.”

They soon discovered what was going on. Jiang Xie picked up the communicator and personally announced the event’s rules.

His voice rang out and caused an explosion. Those watching the live broadcast howled, “God X, it’s God X!” They could only see his name and not his face but they were already so excited.

“I managed to hear God X’s voice in my lifetime. I have no regrets!”

“It’s worth it. This is a big profit, even if I missed a gathering task!”

“By listening to God X’s voice, will I draw an S-grade quasi-world for my next world?

The zombie squad was shocked and they saw horror in each other’s eyes. Jiang Xie’s voice was so recognizable that they noticed as soon as they heard it.

The big characters on the lower right corner of the screen almost stabbed their eyes: Examiner X.

J-Jiang Xie was God X?

The four people were stunned for a while before Cao Yan dreamily opened his mouth, “My god, I was in a world with the greatest designer of Central…”

Zhuo Liu mentioned, “I forgot to get a signature…”

Zhu Li said, “I actually scolded him…”

Zhuang Yi lamented, “I showed him the dirty image of a man…”

Xie Xi was also stunned. He was familiar with Jiang Xie and could distinguish it clearly no matter the change, let alone when Jiang Xie didn’t bother changing his voice.

Why did this person go to become an examiner? Xie Xi was speechless but his heart was very warm.

This was worrying about him? However, this care was also natural. He thought about it and if he was in this position, he probably wouldn’t be able to resist going to be Jiang Xie’s examiner.

Jiang Xie’s tone was much softer than Gong Rui. “The swimming event has no locker room and the field has many female players. Changing clothes is inconvenient so I’ve prepared a waterproof character for everyone that they can take as their own.”

The waiting gods were disappointed. “That’s it.”

Jiang Xie continued, “The waterproof character is only effective for clothes and won’t impact your swimming.”

Nan Yi whispered, “I thought you were thinking of doing something odd.”

Jiang Xie hung up the communicator and quietly replied, “There is no point in using an odd trick when this is easy and quick.”

It really was easy, noble and reasonable enough, while also making God X look like a gentle person.

The waterproof character was nothing for the high level players but it was expensive for low level players.

The players watching the live broadcast started to scream, “These candidates are too lucky! Not only do they have God X as an examiner, they also earned a waterproof character for free!”

“God X is too gentle. He must be afraid the female players will be embarrassed and paid for so many waterproof characters out of his own pocket.”

“What a gentleman!”

He was truly a gentleman, that is, a person who studied a gentleman’s method.

Xie Xi had no scruples about using the waterproof character. Other players were cheap and reluctant to use it. They directly took off their clothes and rushed in to swim.

This wasn’t a foul and Jiang Xie didn’t care about other people. He was just doing this for Xie Xi.

Xie Xi undoubtedly won first place in the swimming event and ended the first round of tests with a full score.

The second round of testing was a match up and they had to be qualified from the first round to participate.

Xie Xi was ready when…

Examiner Jiang explained, “The second round has 87 candidates. Two people will confront each other and there is an odd number so one person will automatically advance. The random result is as follows.”

His words finished and a list appeared on the big screen. Xie Xi saw his name at the bottom and unsurprisingly, he was the lucky one who automatically advanced.

The examiners really didn’t cheat. Nan Yi marvelled, “He has good luck.”

Jiang Xie smiled. “Luck is also a strength.”

At this time, Nan Yi hadn’t yet learned about the power of the emperor of luck and thought Jiang Xie was just praising his wife.

Xie Xi’s second round was so easy and the third round was a 1v1 against an examiner.

The people watching the live broadcast were excited enough to explode.

“My god! Will God X show his face?”

“Which lucky person can receive the individual guidance of God X?”

“Why can’t I touch the gentle God X?”

Before long, the players saw the gentlemanly and legendary God X flirting with a candidate?

“What’s your name? What’s your communicator number? Where do you live?” Examiner Jiang seriously asked. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Xie Xi, “…” It was time for legal domestic violence!

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UM, 911, reporting some domestic violence?

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Contact 911 only if it’s an emergency. US and territories Hotline: 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224 or (206) 518-9361 (Video Phone Only for Deaf Callers)

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