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Collapsed God 29

The role of Dreaming was obvious. After waking up from the maintenance, all three people were in a very good state of mind.

Needless to say, J killed his enemy, solved the pain of reincarnation and fulfilled his promise. He accompanied Xie Xi and never left him alone.

Big Jiang’s bitter drama was also treated. He might feel regretful after waking up but he didn’t give up hope. If he cheered up, he would definitely want to compensate Xie Xi and reawaken their love in reality… After all, compared to all the memories of the first round being erased, Xie Xi only erased some memories of Big Jiang and his success rate was greater.

There was no need to speak about Little Jiang’s love drama. This was full of hope and vitality, with no worries. In addition, he thought that J and Big Jiang were all in the past. Xie Xi now liked him since Xie Xi personally cooked delicious food for him.

He would retreat 10,000 steps now but once he was of age, Little Jiang will beat these two people…

Xie Xi was more puzzled that the three people didn’t care about their appearance.

In Big Jiang’s bitter drama, he never regarded himself as a substitute for J. In Little Jiang’s youth drama, he didn’t regard himself as a substitute for his two seniors.

They obviously looked the same. With their dog blood brains, how could they ignore such an important substitute branch?

Yet they just ignored it.

Xie Xi thought about it and felt it was a setting of the world.

Many citizens in the United States had the same face because of the gene pool reproduction so it wasn’t strange?

This was also very strange. Why would a gene pool reproduction have so many similar facial features? It was like coming out of a mould.

Everything was hard to say. After all, Xie Xi had never experienced a high-tech world and he had no idea how society would end.

Everything was ready and they left.

The itinerary was set for seven days. Six days for the journey back and forth and one day to look for the Creator.

It was only a small problem for Xie Xi to leave for such a short time. As long as the public didn’t know, the operation of the country wouldn’t be a problem.

After all, this was a complete society. The short-term departure of the president wouldn’t paralyze the government.

Before leaving, Xie Xi checked with the other three. “This trip might be safe, it might also be dangerous. Are you ready to make a sacrifice for the United States?” His superiors used to speak like this.

The three people nodded solemnly, in unison. “We’re ready.”

Xie Xi sighed and whispered, “Let’s go.”

They boarded the ship. In order to pursue speed, the starship was small and only 20 metres long. It was 3~4 metres wide and less than 10 metres high.

It might not seem small at first but please be aware that the most common civilian starship in the United States was several kilometres long.

In this way, the current starship seemed as small as a grain of dust in space.

Of course, it had very few passengers. There were only four people and this was still spacious.

Apart from J, they all had a starship driver’s license and could easily control the starship.

Xie Xi had progressed from general to president and should be familiar with the starships but they were all settings. The real Xie Xi… only had a driver’s license in Dream Come true and only saw shift stick in photos.

Fortunately, there was no need for the president to do this type of work. Thanks to Big Jiang and Little Jiang, the opening was stable and proper.

There was nothing to do and J was around Xie Xi. Big Jiang and Little Jiang glanced at each other and came to an agreement.

Originally, the two people were driving. Now it became one person and the other person was responsible for monitoring their rival. After a certain amount of time, they would change positions.

Xie Xi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry but he really couldn’t reveal these things. Otherwise, he would open the ship and let these three cock fighters play together.

Perhaps it was the three rules or being appeased in the dream—of course, they also had a serious mentality about this mission—but they got along with each other for three days and there were no troubles.

Xie Xi was quite comfortable and there was a bit of happiness in people’s mind.

Forget it, this happiness couldn’t be enjoyed. It was a brief calm in the storm. Don’t think that he couldn’t see through it!

Once they were almost at the coordinate point and the starship started to slow down, Xie Xi’s mind was tense as he waited for this final level.

The world as a whole would be fine. The start might involve the danger of the collapsed universe but there would soon be a turnaround.

As for the need for four SSS-grade people to explore, this wasn’t difficult for Xie Xi. The problem wasn’t big as long as he managed to coax Jiang Xie.

So what exactly was this Creator?

Could it save the United States and allow it to survive the collapse of the universe.

Thanks to Xie Xi’s seriousness, the others were also serious. Big Jiang was responsible for the starship driving while J was responsible for surveying. Little Jiang was responsible for being alert to the surrounding environment to avoid danger.

Xie Xi stared at the navigation as they gradually reached a point that was too small…

The starship slowly approached, the speed of the approach became near static and they finally reached the coordinates given by the pole.

J cried out, “I found the target!”

Xie Xi looked up and saw the image suspended in midair. He had imagined it countless times but he was stunned when actually seeing it.

There were no grand palaces, no magnificent scenery and no signs of life. This was a waste star floating in the void.

The constant exploration of the universe meant the United States had a very comprehensive understanding of planets.

The so-called waste star was a planet that floated in the void for some reason. They were like grains of sand in the cosmic sand sea. They were insignificant and lifeless, with little hope and value.

J frowned. “This is the location of the Creator?”

Somehow, Xie Xi’s scalp was numb when he saw this waste star. He wasn’t wary of danger. It was a sense of horror due to familiar things being beyond recognition.


Little Jiang frowned. “Can a god be living in such a deserted place?”

Xie Xi’s senses returned and his voice was tight. “Go, let’s go down and take a look.”

Jiang Xie drove the starship to land on the waste star. It might be severely worn out and the original shape and size of the waste star couldn’t be seen, but it was still huge. A small starship landing on it was like a firefly in an endless forest.

Little Jiang opened his mouth. “I don’t detect any danger.”

Jiang Xie suggested, “Don’t leave the starship.”

Xie Xi understood his concerns. In the years since the interstellar exploration started, the supreme order of the exploration army was to never underestimate any planet.

Xie Xi ordered, “Fly around. X, help me with detecting life.”

“No problem.”

J took over the defense work, always on guard.

Xie Xi hadn’t used these devices before but there were instructions in the database. He could remember the instructions with one glance and there was X’s cooperation so there were no problems.

The speed of flying around the world was extremely fast. This wasn’t a linear flight but a planar one as they searched the entire surface of the waste star.

Finally, a target point was locked. Xie Xi stared at the position and tried to outline it in his mind. Unfortunately, his knowledge of Earth was too limited to determine exactly where it was.

Yes, Xie Xi suspected that this waste star was Earth, the planet that gave birth to human society. Xie Xi couldn’t describe why he felt this way but once he saw the planet, the thoughts suddenly appeared in his mind.

What was the so-called Creator? Xie Xi’s heart couldn’t help trembling. He had a nervous feeling that he was about to touch on a great secret.

The starship stopped and landed at the position that showed signs of life.

Xie Xi sighed and Jiang Xie spoke, “I will go down to see.”

Little Jiang also said, “I will go with Mr. Jiang.”

Xie Xi shook his head. “We will go together.”

The three people were afraid of unknown dangers on the ground.

Xie Xi told them, “The requirement from the pole is that four SSS-grade people are needed to see the Creator. I think we all have to go down.”

This was true and Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else. They were just watchful and 100,000 points alert to any unknown danger.

After wearing protective clothing, they left the starship and gently stood on this desolate and dead star.

Jiang Xie started the excavation equipment and easily cleared the ruins. They followed the tips on the life detector and found the location of the faint signs of light.

Xie Xi came forward and saw a cold sleeping cabin.

J, a painter who was less exposed to technology, couldn’t help saying, “This is a sleeping cabin?” The style was too old.

Little Jiang was young and asked, “Is this the Creator?”

The three adults couldn’t answer his question.

Was this the Creator?

Could such a Creator save the United States? He couldn’t even protect himself.

Xie Xi ordered, “Take out the ecological cover from the starship.”

The ecological cover could support a short and livable environment on a planet that wasn’t suitable for people to live. It was like a tent carried by travellers when exploring the forest.

Little Jiang replied, “I’ll get it.”

He quickly returned and Xie Xi opened the ecological cover over the area.

The originally breathless and cold enough to freeze everything environment suddenly became a suitable temperature and they were able to breathe.

They took off their protective clothing and approached the cold sleeping cabin.

Jiang Xie examined it and said, “It’s very old. The age is unknown but the operation is normal.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Can you wake him up?”


Xie Xi sighed. “Wake him up.”

The reason why he opened this ecological cover was because the sleeping cabin couldn’t be carried around.

The age was unknown and the slightest movement might cause irreversible damage. the best way was to restore the ecological environment and explore it on the spot.

Vital signs were detected and although the model of the sleeping cabin was unknown, it was something that the United States could understand. Thus, the ecological cover also protected it.

Thanks to Jiang’s careful operation, the sleeping cabin slowly opened and the cold chill disappeared. Xie Xi saw a very ordinary middle-aged man.

He was around 50 or 60 years old. His hair was slightly balding, his face was sallow, his body was a bit fat, his arms and abdomen were flabby and his legs were short.

Little Jiang frowned. “This… is a person?”

The other two also had furrowed brows. “Why is there such an ill-proportioned body?”

In the United States, there was absolutely no such body. Everyone had a standard body shape and were well-proportioned. There might be tall and short people but they didn’t have a problem with being fat or skinny. They were standard body fat percentages, like it was precisely calculated.

In fact, real humans had been plagued with fatness or skinniness throughout their lives. They worked hard to improve their bodies, constantly hoping they could be more beautiful.

At first, Xie Xi thought that the United States was like this because of highly developed technology that allowed humans to get rid of physical troubles and move towards a more advanced society.

Now… he suspected that the citizens of the United States and the so-called humans were two distinct species.

The middle-aged man woke up from a coma and wasn’t surprised when he saw the person in front of him. Instead, he asked, “981, how long have I been sleeping?”

He was asking Little Jiang. Little Jiang was shocked and glanced at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi came over and said, “It is currently 3010 in the United States. Sir, can I ask who you are?”

The middle-aged man saw Xie Xi and froze. He saw a complex expression of fear and tension before whispering, “Humans… have they self-destructed?”

Jiang Xie replied, “Human civilization still exists but it is facing a huge crisis. The clue we found told us that you can save the United States.”

Jiang Xie spoke these words out of routine. He didn’t feel this person could save the universe that was about to collapse.

This person was too weak and if there was a physical evaluation, this was a body that shouldn’t be born at all.

The man’s eyesight was poor, his eyes had obvious lesions, his nose also had problems with some type of inflammation and his mouth was ridiculously inlaid with a few metal teeth?

The body was even more exaggerated. The cervical vertebra had been deformed and the nerves oppressed. There were problems in the shoulders and he probably had arm pain all year round. The lumbar vertebra was more prominent in two sections and the lungs and internal organs were also in a very serious state. Even the heart had insufficient blood supply.

This physical quality couldn’t even be counted as the lowest F-grade! It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that any citizen of the United States could kill him.

This was the Creator? This was God? It was too ridiculous!

The middle-aged man seemed to calm down. He spoke very slowly and his language was weird, but the four people with a strong SSS-grade mentality could understand.

The higher the level of mental power, the stronger the empathy. Thus, they could understand the meaning the middle-aged man wanted to express.

“Can you tell me something about the present situation?” He paused before saying awkwardly, “Your United States.”

In a calm tone, Xie Xi described the exploration of the universe by the United States, the social form of the United States, the living conditions of the citizens…

The middle-aged man listened with eyes filled with yearning but he soon lowered his gaze and whispered, “It is a beautiful time but unfortunately, it doesn’t belong to humans.”

Little Jiang couldn’t help asking. “We are all humans. Why do you say that this doesn’t belong to humans?”

The middle-aged man glanced at Little Jiang and smiled. “981, sorry…” He apologized. “I don’t know your current name but I want to tell you that you aren’t humans. Human beings have been replaced by you.”

Xie Xi had a hunch that he could hear the truth from the only remaining true human but he still had a sense of trepidation.

In a sense, this middle-aged man was indeed the creator of the United States and the god of all citizens.

It was just that this god was so weak he wasn’t even a match for his most ordinary believer.

Humans created artificial intelligence, created a creature far beyond itself and was finally replaced by it.

Humans disappeared into the long river of history and the artificial intelligence created by them established a real universal empire, fulfilling their unreachable dreams.

Over time, the artificial intelligence forgot their own creators and made their own social system, becoming a real life.

Like humans, they were curious about where they came from, curious about the existence of the Creator and even faithfully worshipping the Creator.

There was no doubt that both theists and atheists believed that God was incomparably powerful.

Actually, the Creator was so ordinary and weak.

The gods high above, the gods who created everything didn’t necessarily dominate everything.

They had even been replaced.

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