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Collapsing 8 Boundaries 4

Xie Xi had never transformed into a beast so people didn’t know what form he had.

The little lion was so small and obediently listened to Xie Xi’s words. Thus, there was nothing wrong with the tigers thinking they were father and son.

It could be seen that the tigers didn’t know much about Xie Xi. They probably only though he was an invalid who would die in the cave.

Xie Xi didn’t deny this matter.

The little lion’s appearance was strange and explaining this was very troublesome. In order to prevent the tigers from thinking too much, Xie Xi reluctantly received this ‘son.’

The little lion could understand and he bared his teeth, implying, ‘He isn’t my father!’

Xie Xi hit his head. “I intend to make him transform as well.”

The moment he said this, the mother of Huyi and Huer enthusiastically cried out, “This matter should be handed to me! Mr Xie is the saviour of my family. I will do my best to make him transform!”

Xie Xi was also eager for this. He didn’t know how to make the little lion transform and it was best to have someone help.

The female who had previously spoken added, “Huer’s mother, you should hurry. The star dyed grass and kuku juice have to be fresh.”

Huer’s mother had raised two children and was very experienced. “That is for certain. I’ll go to the market tomorrow to buy the star dyed juice and the kuku juice! There is also the vine tree fruit. The one in my backyard ripened. I wanted to keep it for my third child but I’ll use it now!”

It could be seen that the transformation of a child was done by females. The discussion between the mothers present was very hot.

Xie Xi also generally understood.

Transforming required many materials and the quality of the materials affected the success rate.

Huer’s mother pinched the lion’s thick paws. “It can’t be dragged out for long. If too much time passes, he might be disabled for life.”

Xie Xi couldn’t help his heart sinking.

The family leader, Wang Dahu scolded his wife, “What are you talking about? I’m sure it will be a success!”

Huer’s mother hastily cried out, “Yes! This little cub was born well and he will surely be a big and chubby boy!”

Xie Xi’s tense heart slightly relaxed because of this sentence.

A big and chubby Evil Jiang…

It was so magical!

The concern of Huer’s mother wasn’t unreasonable. Tigers and lions were similar and had to transform earlier. IF it was too late then it will be difficult for them to transform into human form.

In this world, beastmen who couldn’t become human were permanently disabled. The terrible thing was that their minds wouldn’t develop and they would become a beast with only an animal nature.

Speaking of which, the ambitious Wang Huyi sighed.”I heard that when the beast king was in power, the vine trees were everywhere, there were more star dyed grasses than the stars in the sky and the Kuku juice could pool into rivers…”

Wang Dahu had personally witnessed it and he also said, “Beast King Rose was diligent in his work and loved the people. He especially paid attention to the development of the young. Even wanderer children could get the help of good-hearted people and be transformed in time.”

Huer’s mother said, “Yes, the materials were everywhere, unlike now…”

Wang Dahu stared at her and Huer’s mother shut up.

Xie Xi understood the meaning of Wang Dahu’s look. He didn’t want Huer’s mother to talk about lacking materials. After all, they were going to prepare for the lion’s transformation soon.

Wang Huer was full of yearning. “Beast King Rose was really fierce. He was the most powerful white tiger in the world! He once tore the throat of the tyrant of the Bear Country, injuring his vitality so the was willing to bow down!”

The tiger cubs around him said, “He was even more awesome in the battle against the Wolf Country. One person fought against 10 wolves and completely won!”

“The Leopard Country as well! I heard that the leopard king wasn’t comparable to his speed!”

Xie Xi was embarrassed by the cubs’ boasting.

After all, he was likely to be the domineering Beast King Rose.

Wang Huyi sighed, “Unfortunately, the beast king…”

The crowd sighed and really missed the hero of the tiger tribe.

The current wars and disputes where the countries didn’t give into each other meant that all types of demons and monsters were running rampant. The ones who suffered the most were ordinary people.

It could be seen from how the materials that used to be found everywhere were now a hot commodity.

This was a vicious cycle. The materials were limited and there were bound to be many cubs who couldn’t transform.

If the cubs couldn’t transform, there was a great probability they would become murderous beasts.

This was really bitter for the people at the bottom…

If they didn’t have children, they would lose their labour force and the village would gradually wither away. If they had children and couldn’t buy the materials, they would be burdened by an animal.

Such a vicious circle meant that society was in disorder.

The sharp contrast made them miss the beast king.

They missed the great unified kingdom he was in charge of where the beasts and people lived and worked in peace.

The more Xie Xi knew about the Rose Dynasty, the more doubts he felt. Was it difficult to reunify the eight countries.

There was another stinging sensation from his chest…

He quickly took a painkiller to relieve it.

Based on their words, half the reason for the unification of the eight countries was the beast king’s strength.

Since the tiger family still wanted to give birth to a third child, Xie Xi didn’t want to occupy all their transformation materials.

He thought about going to the market to see these types of materials and then draw them. It wasn’t a cure but it was better than nothing.

Xie Xi asked the little lion, “Do you want to go to the market with me?”

The little lion cried out and took the initiative to carry the basket.

Xie Xi smiled. “You’re so powerful. You can carry such a big basket!”

The little lion snorted and raised his head high.

Xie Xi gave himself a bottle of physical medicine and was barely able to reach the market.

Huer’s mother directly said, “Mr Xie, you can rest. I’ll go back and forth.”

Xie Xi shook his head. “I’ll take Little Xie to see.”’

He was talking about the Xie in Jiang Xie’s name but everyone thought it was the Xie in Xie Xi.

This village liked to use the father’s name to name the son. For example, Wang Dahu’s sons were called Wang Huyi and Wang Huer. If Wang Huer hadn’t been born then Wang Huyi was called Wang Xiaohu (Little Tiger).

Wang Huer’s mother replied. “Okay, the cub likes to go to the market. If he is in a good mood, the chances of the transformation succeeding will be much higher.”

Xie Xi nodded.

In fact, there were no rules behind the success of the transformation. It all relied on luck.

Success could save a lot of money while failing more than three times was likely to mean never transforming. Thus, the beastmen were willing to sum up a variety of experiences.

No matter the time and place, people were filled with calculations.

The market was very lively. Xie Xi looked around and was surprised.

The background of this world was ancient but it wasn’t pure ancient. There was a certain degree of technological advancement and some mysterious things as well. It was a rather mixed background.

However, this market was remote and it was likely that the big cities would have different scenes.

Huer’s mother was familiar with the road and soon bought transformation materials.

In order to raise his experience, Xie Xi asked many questions about the materials.

The store employee was very annoyed. “Sir, what do you want to buy?”

Xie Xi, “…” He couldn’t afford anything.

The store owner wasn’t willing to wait for him. “Then look again and call me.” Then he went to another person.

Xie Xi couldn’t do it on his own. The sketch pen was equivalent to his heart and he had to understand the things to draw them well.

Still, he couldn’t eat and become a fat person in one breath. He would look slowly and remember many things today.

On the way back, Huer’s mother was embarrassed. “There is only enough for one attempt…”

Xie Xi told her, “That’s enough.”

Huer’s mother cried out, “If you pick a good time, Little Xie will definitely succeed at once!”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.” He touched the little lion’s head.

Taking into account Xie Xi’s body, they went to the tea stall to rest before continuing their journey.

The weather was hot and quite a few people were resting after visiting the market. Xie Xi sat to one side and heard a lot of gossip.

“I don’t think Beast King Rose will come back.”

“He really made too many enemies while carrying out his decrees.”

“Still, he did it for the good of our people!”

“What is the use? We couldn’t protect him!”

“I don’t understand why the national teacher would betray the beast king…”

“Do you want to stop living?” The man covered the other person’s mouth. “You will be beheaded if you talk about the national teacher!”

The man snorted. “We could say whatever we wanted when the beast king was still here.”

“The beast king is gone!”

“The national teacher was the most trusted person of the king. How…”

“Shut up!”

The man didn’t dare to speak anymore. Xie Xi listened to it and was full of thoughts.

Who was the national teacher? He seemed like an important person.

Xie Xi inexplicably felt a bit uneasy. Then he glanced at the little lion and his heart was steady again. The identity of the national teacher didn’t matter. In any case, Jiang Xie was by his side.

It was already night time when they returned to the village.

Huer’s mother told Xie Xi, “Tomorrow at noon is the best time. You must be sure to cheer Little Xie up. If he is a good mood, the success rate of the transformation would be much higher.”

Xie Xi was familiar with this heart and replied, “I understand.”

“I’ll wait for your good news.”

Xie Xi nodded.

Transformation was best in a familiar environment in front of the most reassuring person. If the cub was physically and mentally relaxed after taking the materials then the success rate would be much higher.

These were the experiences gained over the years and listening to them wouldn’t be wrong.

Xie Xi didn’t sleep well and was very nervous.

Jiang Xie could attempt the transformation at most three times. If he was unsuccessful then it was very dangerous.

It was reasonable to say that the soul should be able to transform into a human but Xie Xi knew about Jiang Xie’s unlucky physique. It was really terrible.

Everything was ready. Xie Xi made sure the little lion had enough to eat and drink before asking him, “How do you feel?”

The little lion cried out loudly.

He sounded good. Xie Xi smoothed the fur on his back and said, “Come on, become a human so you can speak.”

The little lion was very excited. His golden eyes were round and bright.

Xie Xi gave a sigh of relief and followed the steps to feed him the materials.

The materials were all handled well and just needed the cub…


Xie Xi clenched his fists. Did it succeed?

The fog disappeared. It was a little lion or…

Xie Xi frowned. The first attempt had failed.

The little lion squirmed as he looked down at his paws before looking up at Xie Xi.

Xie Xi told him, “It’s fine, I have the materials and try again.”

The little lion got up and carefully ate the materials.

There was a bang again and Xie Xi’s heart tensed.

The fog cleared and it was once again a failure.

The little lion saw his body and the brightness in his golden eyes faded.

Xie Xi cried out, “Try it once again!” Fortunately, he had drawn enough materials in advance.

The little lion wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was last time. He gazed at the materials and hesitated.

He had heard the words of Huer’s mother.

His attempt at transformation was too late. There were only three chances or he would later…

Then a thin hand reached out and touched his face. “Are you afraid?”

The little lion gazed into the pale eyes and was stunned.

Xie Xi reassured him, “Don’t be afraid. There is nothing.”

An unspeakable heat flowed through his blood and the little lion experienced an unprecedented peace of mind.

He raised his head and cried out.

The sound was clear and loud, filled with fearlessness and confidence.

Xie Xi smiled and gently kissed the lion’s eyebrows. “Come on!”

It was a kiss to the hair but the little lion felt an unspeakable touch.

It was very soft and there was a good fragrance, making people feel comfortable.

The little lion completely broke free of the shackles of his heart and ate the materials.

He didn’t believe that he couldn’t transform. He didn’t believe he would lose himself even if he lost everything!

There was another bang.

Xie Xi didn’t dare blink until the fog dispersed. He saw a small Jiang Xie standing there with beast ears.

Blonde hair and skin as white as snow.

The handsome facial features in adulthood were currently so beautiful in childhood.

What’s more, he still retained the cute beast’s paws and tail.

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