GL: Chapter 43

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Lost Atlantis 14

Evolution? Roast Pork Bun had evolved?

Xie Xi didn’t expect it at all.

Roast Pork Bun also hadn’t expected to evolve because the training course stated that his usefulness was to sell meng and relieve depression.

Sure enough, the training course wasn’t reliable!

The little kitten couldn’t help feeling smug. He turned around in the air and cried out, “Daddy, aren’t I good?”

Xie Xi grabbed him and rubbed his fur. Xie Xi had been scared to death since he thought Roast Pork Bun was sick.

Although Xie Xi didn’t say this, Roast Pork Bun felt his worry and let himself be rubbed, his heart warm. Mother was very gentle.

Xie Xi let go of his worries and asked about Roast Pork Bun’s physical condition.

Roast Pork Bun answered, “I’m not hungry and I feel full of energy.”

Then it was fine. Xie Xi started looking at the added skill. Roast Pork Bun was his elf and he could see all the properties after the hatching.

Beginner Elf.

Gold quality.

New skill: Dreaming.

Xie Xi poked the word Dreaming and saw the detailed information.

Dreaming: It is an ability of the night. It can also be used during the day? After all, who doesn’t daydream?

Conditions of Use: 1. The user must be in the dream of the target person.

  1. The target must be within sight of the user.

  2. Available only in a quasi-world (No world rating required)

  3. The user can’t wake up the target in the dream.

  4. The user can only enter the dream of the same person once every three days.

There were many usage conditions, especially the first one. This greatly limited the ability so that he couldn’t freely enter dreams.

However, this was an extremely convenient ability for Xie Xi! It could even be called rain falling from the sky!

With this Dreaming skill, he could go into the dreams of the princes and collect their love. This way, he could avoid conflict with other princes and the chances of being exposed were greatly reduced!

Of course, he had to do preparation work like contacting the princes in advance and collecting some love, so that they could dream of him. Still, this was cute compared to the previous hell mode.

Xie Xi rubbed Roast Pork Bun and his thin lips curved. He finally got something back. He didn’t know what Jiang Xie had done but he was grateful to X for giving him this elf egg.

Roast Pork Bun might be a piece of pork but he was the cutest under the sky. Jiang Xie finally earned 3 points on his own merits.

He closed the water curtain and sent a message to Yan Zhe.

Yan Zhe replied to him: [What are you going now? Aren’t you looking at Little Rose?] He yelled this but he came quickly.

Once he arrived at the garden, he saw a large area of dead roses. Blue veins bulged on Yan Zhe’s forehead as he shouted, “Old Jiang, what the hell did you do?”

He walked over and saw Jiang Xie leaning against the pavilion.

The man’s face was as white as the jade under his feet. There was no blood in his face and the corner of his mouth had lightened. He looked miserable.

This terrible bastard wasn’t afraid of death!

Yan Zhe was swearing but his heart felt anxious. He raised a hand, his brow furrowed. “What the hell did you do?” Jiang Xie replied lazily, “I added a skill to the elf egg.”

Yan Zhe, “…”

“You fu*king added a skill to the elf egg in the quasi-world?”

Jiang Xie was silent.

Yan Zhe exploded. “Why don’t you die!”

Jiang Xie only said a simple sentence but Yan Zhe understood everything.

The gold elf eff was obtained by them when they were clearing land together.

An SS-grade team world and a golden core task, the instance clearance reward was definitely a gold quality thing. Yan Zhe got a gold skill that went against the sky, Qin Ge got a golden quality body and Jiang Xie got the well-known useless gold egg.

Don’t look at the fact that it was golden. Even the Zone had labelled it as a ‘waste’. This egg was worthless apart from its self-awareness and empathy. The three lives it came with was simple trash for a gold quality reward.

At the time, Yan Zhe had laughed at Jiang Xie. “Keep it and use it to coax your wife!”

The result was that Jiang Xie really used it to coax his wife.

Once hatched, it was only used for relieving boredom. Why add a skill to it?

The egg had a 0 qualification. In order to add skills to it, he needed to give it a pure body first. The highest the skill rating, the purer the body. Based on the nature of Old Jiang, this skill definitely wouldn’t be lower than a purple grade skill.

What was the damn point of this? He just had to look at Old Jiang’s weak appearance to know. Yan Zhe treated him while raising an eyebrow, “Did you add the skill privately?”

The summoned body couldn’t do anything that was against the owner’s wishes. If Little Rose didn’t order Jiang Xie to add a skill to the elf egg, he couldn’t do it. This was a violation of the contract.

Jiang Xie looked at him like he was a fool. “Why do you think I am like this?” He couldn’t stand up just from smelting an egg?

Yan Zhe, “…”

Die! This trash would kill himself sooner or later!

It was hard to help Jiang Xie repair the broken ‘bones’. Yan Zhe’s forehead was covered in sweat as he asked Jiang Xie, “Is your world that difficult?”

He was angry but he also understood Jiang Xie.

The quasi-world was probably too difficult and Old Jiang was afraid that Little Rose would be trapped inside.

Jiang Xie didn’t mention the bad task and only said, “He is still young and lacking experience.”

Yan Zhe had almost been trapped inside the first time he challenged a single player S-grade quasi-world.  Most S-grade quasi-worlds were complete and didn’t feel like a fictional world. Reality always made people confused and many people were willing to be trapped inside.

It wasn’t because they couldn’t finish the task, but because they didn’t want to leave.

Their beloved people were there and the result of their hard work… countless temptations tied up the hands and feet.

Yan Zhe glanced at the dead roses and asked Jiang Xie, “Little Rose has cleared one of your worlds. Your soul hasn’t become back yet?”

Jiang Xie replied, “This time, a few of them should come back.” Yan Zhe was relieved and then he snapped, “You are relying on Little Rose, go and die!”

Jiang Xie thought of Xie Xi and his heart was tickled. “Don’t feel envious.”


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In this dream, Xie Xi was steady and there was no need to worry about him becoming trapped in this damn place.

Roast Pork Bun missed the sixth prince and whispered, “Will you enter Sirius’ dream?”

The sixth prince would surely dream of Xie Xi and Xie Xi could easily enter.

Roast Pork Bun’s heart was soft. “He is so pitiful…”

Xie Xi patted him on the head and didn’t say no. The sixth prince hadn’t come back yet but Xie Xi knew he would return. Sein Hall had died but Sirius already regained a new desire for life.

Xie Xi looked at the task progress. Due to loading the file, the fifth prince’s progress had gone back to 11%.

Now Xie Xi’s mood was completely different when he saw this 11%. If 16.66…% was the highest possible value for a single person then 11% held great significance.

Xie Xi remembered that he previously went to a concert with the fifth prince and the progress soared to 15%.  This was almost full.

Xie Xi didn’t do anything at all but the love of the fifth prince was almost full…

It was a bit hard to handle. No, he couldn’t think like this! Xie Xi needed to maintain the cruel heart to complete the task and leave here!

He watched the sky getting darker and moved.

The sixth prince hadn’t come back yet and Sein Hall’s death hadn’t spread. He needed to hurriedly enter the fifth prince’s dream to collect love.

Xie Xi had the reserve faces and it was easy to sneak into the fifth prince’s palace. He became a mermaid maid and swam in.

The fifth prince hadn’t come back yet and Xie Xi found a place to hide.

The light curtain dissipated and the jellyfish lamps rose. The undersea kingdom entered nighttime.

The fifth prince came back and seemed to be in a good mood. Xie Xi didn’t dare go forward and didn’t know what happened. He quietly stayed in the bedroom, waiting for the fifth prince.

After one hour, the fifth prince headed into the bedroom. He drank some wine and sang an extremely pleasant tune.

Xie Xi couldn’t see him but could imagine the uninhibited appearance.

The fifth prince took a shower in the bathroom. Once he came back, he played the piano for a while and sat down at the table, writing something on the desk. Then he went to bed.

Xie Xi had Roast Pork Bun go out to check the situation. Roast Pork Bun yelled, “Wow, wow.”

Xie Xi, “?” He didn’t dare speak.

Roast Pork Bun cleared his throat. “N-No fur…”

Xie Xi, “…” What the hell! Of course a mermaid had no fur!

Roast Pork Bun flew over, watched for a while before coming back with the message, “Asleep!”

Xie Xi quietly moved out. Roast Pork Bun was the one with the skill but the user was Xie Xi. Thus, he needed to come out because the skill could only be used when he saw the target.

Xie Xi gently walked to the bed and gradually saw the outline of the man.

Xie Xi, “!”

Roast Pork Bun whispered, “He doesn’t wear fur when he sleeps.”

What was with the no fur? This was clearly wearing no clothes! Xie Xi looked at the man on the bed and his eyes hurt.

Roast Pork Bun didn’t think it was a big deal. “There is hair here…”

It seemed there was still a big guy hidden.

Xie Xi grabbed the kitten and stuffed him into his clothes. Roast Pork Bun struggled. “Let me see, let me see.”

This damn thing, he didn’t learn well at a young age! Xie Xi didn’t let the kitten go.

Poor Xie Xi had to stare at the fifth prince to use the skill. The fifth prince slept naked and didn’t even cover himself with a quilt!

Xie Xi didn’t dare move the quilt in fear of waking him up. He could only stare at the face and use Dreaming.

Then Xie Xi appeared in another place.

Roast Pork Bun flew beside him. “Where is this place?”

Xie Xi didn’t know but there were words in the lower right corner. [The use of Dreaming is successful. You have entered the dream of Randall Atlantis.]

The situation was unclear but there was no need to worry since he was in the fifth prince’s dream.

Xie Xi wanted to get up from the chair when the door opened and a group of maids walked inside in a line.

These words couldn’t be more apt. The group of mermaids really swam in one by one. Each of them was holding a tray with many things on the tray.

Xie Xi saw them too late and an elderly maid smiled at him. “Master Hall, it is time to prepare.”

Xie Xi blinked, completely confused about what he had to prepare for.

The mermaid maids were beaming as they revealed a pure white dress that flashed brightly. “The gift that His Highness personally designed for you is really beautiful.”

Xie Xi had a bad feeling.

Another mermaid said, “Quickly! The wedding vehicle is coming soon and we can’t delay the time.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Was this the legendary ‘dream wedding’?

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5 years ago

a wedding omg–

Happy Fujoshi
Happy Fujoshi
5 years ago

Did fifth prince plotted against sixth? I mean he seems happy as if he heard some good news. And he saw Xie Xi has paid attention to sixth prince during the meal the other day.

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I already said bye-bye to logic at that point.

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