GL: Chapter 52

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Lost Atlantis 23

This was all he could do???

This embarrassed tone… Xie Xi really wanted to kick him out of bed. If he was embarrassed then go sleep on the floor!

The prince was embarrassed and the joy in his eyes wasn’t too obvious. He held Xie Xi and whispered, “Sleep.”

He was warm enough and it felt refreshing. Xie Xi wasn’t annoyed and deliberately teased him, “Is this really okay?”

The third prince was slightly startled and comforted him, “It’s okay, no one will know.”

Xie Xi whispered, “Will you really not be seen? What if we fall asleep?”

The third prince told him, “Saul will be watching from outside.”

Saul was Xie Xi’s attendant and the third prince’s lieutenant in reality. If he knew that he had such an image in his boss’ dream, it was unknown if he would keep following the third prince to the battlefield.

Xie Xi spoke again, “I haven’t slept well these days and he has been accompanying me. What if he can’t endure?” The implication was that Saul might also fall asleep.

The third prince comforted him. “It’s fine. I won’t fall asleep.”

Xie Xi looked up at him. “This…”

“You haven’t slept well for so many days. I will stay up and keep watch for you.”

Xie Xi whispered, “It will be hard for you.”

Probably not. The third prince since, “I will do anything for you.”

Xie Xi was satisfied.

Then he reacted again. What did it matter if Gars stayed awake all night? This was his dream. What was the difference between sleeping and not sleeping? The trick didn’t work at all!

Xie Xi thought that he was an adult. Why should he care about a child-like man’s dream?

The third prince didn’t do anything else. He just carefully held Xie Xi and coaxed him to sleep.

It could be seen that the third prince was very pure. His sweetheart was in his arms yet he was polite and didn’t do anything. It was good that he didn’t do anything to annoy Xie Xi. Jiang Xie relied on the third prince’s foolishness to increase goodwill to -233. He didn’t want it to plummet to -999.

The next day arrived in the blink of an eye and Xie Xi saw the third prince’s dark circles.

It had clearly been one second yet the third prince drew his own panda eyes. His dedication in the dream was truly admirable.

The third prince asked him, “Did you sleep well?”

Xie Xi replied, “I didn’t dream and slept very well.”

“Is there anything else that isn’t comfortable?”

Xie Xi didn’t know if he wanted Xie Xi to be comfortable or not and could only say ambiguous words, “Much better.”

The third prince sighed with relief. “That’s good.”

He got up and his brow furrowed as soon as he moved.

Xie Xi understood. “Are your legs numb?”

The third prince shook his head. “It doesn’t matter.”

His legs were still motionless. It was like they were broken instead of numb!

What was this? Xie Xi made a guess. “Shall I massage them for you?”

The third prince hurriedly said, “It’s fine. I’ll be okay in a minute.” Meanwhile, the ‘broken’ leg silently moved towards Xie Xi.

Xie Xi, “…” Couldn’t you say it straight out? Why beat around the bush in the dream?

Xie Xi said, “Last night you were afraid to wake me up so you didn’t move. It must’ve been very tiring? I’ve had a numb leg before. It would be better to massage them.”

He reached out and touched the leg as he talked.

The third prince told him, “Your Highness doesn’t need to bother with such a little thing.” Yet his leg was moving over again.

If he didn’t want it then don’t come over here!

Xie Xi muffled his smile and carefully helped promote blood flow.

A numb leg was being pressed. This sensation might cause an average person to cry out.

The third prince was a tough person, although he might be pretending and his leg wasn’t numb at all. In any case, he didn’t make a sound and acted like this was a prosthetic leg.

His legs were long and strong, especially the calf. The texture was also clear and it was very hard. Xie Xi’s hands were sore as he pressed against it.

“Are you feeling better?” Xie Xi asked him.

“There is no need to press it anymore. I can get out of bed.” He moved his leg and tried to get out of bed, only to suck in his breath and start sweating.

Xie Xi, “…” Brother, this wasn’t a numb leg, it was a broken leg!

The third prince failed his ‘attempt’ and lamented, “Your Highness, just ignore me. It will be fine after a minute.”

How could Xie Xi not understand? The prince just wanted a leg massage.

Fine. Xie Xi saw the task progress rising to 16% and decided to keep massaging it for him.

Xie Xi bowed his head and pressed hard against the leg with great difficulty.

The third prince’s pants were quite slippery and Xie Xi wasn’t used to it. He didn’t think much as he said, “I will help you pull up your pants. It is too slippery.”

The third prince’s pupils shrank and his eyes turned red.

Xie Xi pulled up the pant leg and placed his slightly cold hands on the calf…

The ‘broken-legged’ third prince jumped up, miraculously healed!

Xie Xi, “???”

The third prince got out of bed with his numb leg unable to be seen at all. He cried out, “I am fine!”

Xie Xi blinked in confusion, “Are you really fine?” Wasn’t there cold sweat on the prince’s forehead? Xie Xi just wanted to give a good massage. How did the prince run away?

The third prince told him, “I, I will go wash. Your Highness should change clothes first!”

He turned and left to throw water on his face, the image from before still filling his mind.

Colin sitting beside him with a white neck, focused eyes and slender fingers… Gars was afraid that the slender fingers would melt like soft tofu when touching his rough legs.

This thought caused Gars head to become hot and he wanted to pour a bucket of water on his head!

Xie Xi had no idea what the third prince was smoking but he finally got up with sore fingers.

He changed his clothes and met the third prince, who said calmly, “Your Highness, I will go back first.”

“Have breakfast before you go.”

The third prince muttered, “If someone comes over…”

Xie Xi hadn’t opened his mouth when the attendant spoke, “Mr. Gars, His Highness is in better spirits and you should accompany him to eat breakfast. What if he doesn’t eat again?”

Xie Xie could originally eat at least three crescent fruits but after hearing the attendant’s words, he couldn’t eat half.

The third prince started to struggle again.

Xie Xi could only say, “No one will come at breakfast. Eat before leaving.

“Since it is Your Highness’ wish, I won’t refuse.”

Xie Xi thought, ‘How is it my wish? In your dream, am I qualified to have a wish?’

Breakfast finished and the third prince finally left. Before he did, he urged Xie Xi, “Your Highness, please be sure to eat and sleep well.”

Xie Xi nodded while thinking that it wouldn’t be this simple.

As he thought this, the third prince said again, “Your Highness, you should pay attention these days. I’m always worried that the dragon won’t let you go.”

Xie Xi told him, “I won’t leave the palace and the dragon won’t dare to break in.”

The third prince was worried. “I hope so.”

The prince was reluctant to leave and glanced at Xie Xi several more times.

Xie Xi wasn’t on the same wavelength as him and wasn’t sure what he wanted.

Fortunately, there was the attendant who understood this person. “Mr. Gars, if you have time, please be sure to sneak in and see His Highness. His Highness is shy and can’t say it but after you leave, he will be sad again.”

Xie Xi, “…” He wasn’t shy and really couldn’t say this!

The third prince heard what he wanted to hear and whispered to Xie Xi, “Your Highness, rest assured that I will find a way to see you.”

Xie Xi was afraid he would break the act as soon as he opened his mouth and barely maintained an awkward and polite smile.

Fortunately, the third prince couldn’t tell it was a fake smile. He felt sweet in his heart and very great…

The third prince left and time passed quickly for Xie Xi. In the blink of an eye, it was noon.

The attendant urged him, “Your Highness, it is time to eat.”

Xie Xi had just finished breakfast and now he had to eat again.

The attendant sighed. “Sure enough, you don’t want to eat after Mr. Gars left.”

Xie Xi, “…” He guessed that such a sentence would emerge.

The attendant said, “You don’t cherish yourself. If Mr. Gars knows this, he will feel bad.”

Xie Xi spoke sincerely, “I’m not hungry.” He really wasn’t hungry.

The attendant complained, “You are so infatuated that the gods must be touched. Fortunately, Mr. Gars feels the same way as you. The two of you are really…”

He started to monologue again. Xie Xi started to suspect that the third prince had seen too much Shakespeare!

“Since you don’t want to eat, go to the garden and relax.”

Xie Xi didn’t refuse. The dream hadn’t ended yet and there was likely to be more things.

He went to the garden and had just sat in the small pavilion when the sharp-eyed attendant called out, “Your Highness, it is Mr. Gars!”

Xie Xi was somewhat puzzled. Wasn’t this too soon?  He was already back?

The attendant told him, “Mr. Gars is definitely worried about you and came back to see you.”

Xie Xi followed him while thinking about what the third prince wanted to do this time.

He had just approached and hadn’t spoken yet when the ‘Gars’ in front of him smiled and whispered, “No one can save you this time.”

Xie Xi, “…”

This voice was the second prince and this evil charm was the same, causing him to have a toothache.

‘Third Prince, your brain is too broken! This is your brother, your brother!’

The attendant shouted, “Ah, it is the dragon! The dragon broke into the palace disguised as Mr. Gars!”

Xie Xi was caught by the dragon who flew up.

In Gars absence, the soldiers of the palace were like rotten cabbages.

Xie Xi was blown by the wind again and unexpectedly missed the underwater world.

The third prince didn’t know much about the land and was ignorant about the wind. Therefore, the land world in this dream was very high. There was no wind on the land and there was a huge wind in the air. Third Prince, what was this misunderstanding about the land?

The dragon indiscriminately bombarded the royal palace and then arrogantly took Xie Xi away.

Xie Xi was uncomfortable because of the wind and passed out in the third prince’s dream.

He woke up in a dark cave. It was a dark and damp place with a large pile of gold in front of him.

Well, he was taken away by a dragon…

The third prince was addicted to being a hero and saving him once wasn’t enough.

Xie Xi got up and saw the second prince sitting on a pile of gold and silver.

The second prince had become a ‘living image’ and his laughing appearance was generally the same as reality.

Xie Xi could understand this.

In the eyes of the third prince, his older brother was a dragon who monopolized a huge amount of wealth!

The second prince said, “I have already sent a letter to your father. If he wants to save you then he must give all the gold and silver in the palace to me!”

Xie Xi understood. This was a kidnapping.

He was too lazy to care about this fake dragon and just waited for the third prince to save him.

Unexpectedly, this fake dragon still had a lot of drama. The second prince told him, “Stay away from my gold. If you touch it, I will cut off your hand!”

Xie Xi, “…” Psychopath.

After a while, the second prince added, “The jewels on your body are mine as well.” Then he took away Xie Xi’s belt buttons and even a small piece of gold on his shoes.

Xie Xi, “…” Psychopath!!

More time passed before the second prince threw him two crescent fruits. “You can only eat this. If you don’t eat then you will go hungry.”

Xie Xi glanced at the two crescent fruits and understood.

It was no wonder why the second prince had so many lines… the third prince didn’t forget to blacken his own brother in the dream!

A miser, always calculating costs, haggler and only let others eat crescent fruits…

Well, this was truly the second prince in the eyes of the third prince.

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