GL: Chapter 78

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Open World 3

Xie Xi shared the new side task with Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie raised his eyebrows after seeing it and clarified for the confused Xie Xi. “You have to make a choice. Different choices will lead to different outcomes.”

Xie Xi asked, “They are players. Why is there a task assigned about them?”

Jiang Xie replied, “This is a real world. Why can’t players become tasks?”

Xie Xi sobered up.

A quasi-world was a real world and players were also real. There was no difference between then in the centre.

Everything in the quasi-world could be used to publish tasks and players could also be assigned as tasks,

Xie Xi stared at the four people in the distance and his mind worked quickly.

The task was to save them or kill them. Xie Xi eyed these words.

Who was the ‘them’ referring to? Chen Qing and Kong Rongliang? Or was it to save all four people?

Based on the current situation, they were still safe.

Chen Qing was bitten but hadn’t become a zombie. Even if he did become a zombie, a zombie with no legs would have very low fighting power. Kong Rongliang might not act but the man and woman behind him wouldn’t sit idly by.

Then what was exactly the danger? Why was it ‘save them’ instead of ‘save Chen Qing’?

Xie Xi couldn’t see far with his current vision. He asked Jiang Xie, “Master, are there zombies behind them?”

“I will take a look.” Jiang Xie looked around and couldn’t see anything. Then his eyes narrowed and he stared at something in the back. “The black fog of the forest is spreading outward. If this continues, the zombies inside will be close to them.”

Xie Xi understood the words. It seemed that in order to save them, he had to take this group of people away from the black fog and zombies!

Jiang Xie knew that Xie Xi had made a decision but he still questioned, “What will you choose?”

It didn’t matter if he saved or killed them. Jiang Xie had seen this multiple choice question and clearly knew what the focus was.

The most important thing was to look at your heart and make a decision. There was no saviour or demon here. Not regretting was the true creed.

Xie Xi replied, “First save them if possible!”

He was an ordinary people. He couldn’t kill people for no reason and it was impossible for him to ignore the life of strangers. All he could do was his best. If he couldn’t save them then he would give up on the task. The side task wasn’t impossible and there was no need to bear the guilt of killing for a small reward!

Jiang Xie wasn’t surprised and his lips curved. “Yes.”

Xie Xi had an idea about how to save them. The zombies were numerous and fierce but they were also easy to deal with. They didn’t have a brain and only knew how to follow the heat source. To save these people, they just needed to light a fire in the opposite direction.

At this time, Kong Rongliang had already arrived by Chen Qing’s side. He ignored the pus and rancid smell of the lower body and carried the person.

Chen Qing still scolded him. “You damn mindless Kong Rongliang. Why are you saving me?

I can’t live. I have no legs and I can’t use any props. I can only die!”

Kong Rongliang was silent as he kept carrying the person.

“Stupid, you are a big fool!” Chen Qing scolded, tears and snot running down his face, making it even uglier.

Then the woman screamed, “Zombies… zombies are coming again!”

The black fog of the forest suddenly accelerated. The zombies inside smelt prey and issued low roars.

The last man was pale and couldn’t endure it anymore. “Cheng Han, don’t worry about Kong Rongliang. Let’s go!”

The woman named Cheng Han watched the approaching dark fog and then the body covered with pus and blood. Kong Rongliang wasn’t willing to leave Chen Qing…

She gritted her teeth and finally succumbed to her heart. “I can’t control them. Tian Tao, we will go first!” Then she followed the man and ran towards the brightness.

They were well-qualified and their legs were extremely fast. They only ran a bit before disappearing. Kong Rongliang was focused on strength. He was holding Chen Qing and was probably afraid that too many bumps would aggravate his injuries. Thus, he ran very slowly.

He saw the black fog approaching and the zombies nearing.

Chen Qing’s voice was hoarse. “Kong Rongliang, you are stupid. Those selected by the Central Government are wastes abandoned by their original world. I have long been damned and it isn’t worth it…”

“No.” Kong Rongliang scoffed. “You aren’t a waste. I would’ve died in the last world if it wasn’t for you.”

Chen Qing roared, “Then cherish your damn life! I didn’t save you for you to die!”

Kong Rongliang didn’t say anything and kept running.

Xie Xi was setting a fire and couldn’t hear their words. He only vaguely heard Chen Qing’s loud voice saying those selected by the Central Government were abandoned wastes.

X also told him that he was selected because no one needed him and he no longer needed that world. Were all players like this?

Then what about X? Sixth Prince Sirius flashed through Xie Xi’s mind. It was impossible for Xie Xi to forget his words.

‘Sein, there is no light at the bottom of the sea.’

The fire was lit and Xie Xi no longer thought about it as he focused on spreading the fire.

Jiang Xie told him, “Give it to me. You go first.”

They had lit the fire in the opposite direction of Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing, so that the zombies would give up on those heat sources and rush to this side.  Jiang Xie urged Xie Xi to go to Kong Rongliang first since it was safer.

Xie Xi answered, “We will do it together.”

“Why are you being polite?” Jiang Xie’s lips curved. “I am your Master, right?”

His smiling appearance made Xie Xi feel guilty. X definitely knew that Xie Xi was lying to him and knew they weren’t in a teacher-student relationship!

However, Xie Xi couldn’t let him think about it.

Xie Xi told him, “It is because you are my master that we have to be together.”

Jiang Xie, “…”

“Isn’t it natural for an apprentice to follow their master?”

Jiang Xie knew this little liar was trying to coax him and couldn’t help smiling slightly. Then he looked at the goodwill value to wake himself up.

There was a raging fire and the attention of the zombies was diverted. One by one, they came to this side, causing the dark fog to spread over here. Jiang Xie and Xie Xi immediately left and caught up with Kong Rongliang.

Kong Rongliang wasn’t stupid. Once he saw the fire, he knew it was artificially created. Then Xie Xi and Jiang Xie appeared at this time and he instantly understood. “Thank you!”

Xie Xi told him, “The fire will soon go out. We have to quickly find a place to hide!”

Kong Rongliang nodded again while the Chen Qing in his arms started scolding him, “Put me down! Stop dragging down other people!”

Xie Xi glanced at him and quickly looked away. Sure enough, this appearance was terrible… there were pus and decaying flesh but Kong Rongliang didn’t care.

Jiang Xie knew what Xie Xi was thinking and felt this person was funny and cute. He moved a bit faster, quietly separating Xie Xi and Kong Rongliang and blocking Chen Qing from view.

Xie Xi was startled and glanced at him.

Jiang Xie winked with his left eye.

Xie Xi stiffened and turned away. He thought in his heart, ‘Too flashy!’

Since this was disrespectful towards his teacher, he held back and didn’t say it.

Jiang Xie and Xie Xi’s fire wasn’t small. It burned for seven or eight minutes. This was enough time for them to distance themselves from the zombie tide and they temporarily hid at the foot of a mountain.

Zombies chased after heat sources but they were afraid of the light of the world. It was relatively safe under this bright rock.

Kong Rongliang put down Chen Qing and thanked Xie Xi and Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi shook his head and said, “It is nothing.” He didn’t do anything other than lighting a fire.

Jiang Xie stared at him and didn’t speak. Xie Xi knew he was asking about the progress of the task.

Xie Xi took a look and froze.

Jiang Xie, “?”

Xie Xi directly shared the side task.

(6) Find him a pair of legs.

(6) Kill them.

It was a multiple choice question again. What was searching for legs? Who were they for? Chen Qing? What about after finding them? Could they be restored?

The other option was more toxic. If he didn’t want to look for legs then he wouldn’t look. Why did he need to kill someone? He still needed to kill them? Was it because Chen Qing would die and Kong Rongliang would retaliate? That’s why he needed to kill both of them?

How was this side task so unfair?

Xie Xi watched Jiang Xie and Jiang Xie watched him back.

Xie Xi’s mouth moved, ‘I want to look for legs.’

Jiang Xie, ‘Wait, I will go quickly.’

Xie Xi, ‘I’ll go.’

Jiang Xie, ‘The apprentice should be obedient.’

Xie Xi, “…” He suddenly regretted pretending to be teacher and apprentice. He should’ve said that he was Jiang Xie’s saviour and Jiang Xie accompanied him to pay him back. Then Jiang Xie would be obedient!

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

However, it wasn’t difficult to find a pair of legs. There were zombies everyone and Jiang Xie could easily find a pair of legs.

Xie Xi was somewhat disgusted by the zombies…

Kong Rongliang was saying, “What should I do? How can I help you with this injury?”

Chen Qing cursed. “What fu*king help? I am dead. Even a god can’t save me!”

“You can be cured as long as you go back to the centre.”

“How can I go back when I can’t accomplish the task?”

Kong Rongliang told him, “I will help you do it.”

Chen Qing shouted, “You are dreaming. Wait for me to become a zombie and I will kill you first!”

Xie Xi glanced at Chen Qing. Chen Qing was fierce towards Kong Rongliang but he was more normal towards Xie Xi. “This little brother, quickly take this idiot and leave. I really will drag you down!”

Xie Xi knew that he would have to face more disgusting zombies in the future and forced himself to look at his half zombie. “What will you do when we leave?”

Chen Qing told him, “It isn’t a big deal to die.” Xie Xi replied, “Death is easy. What if you want to die but can’t die?”

Chen Qing was stunned.

Xie Xi emphasized, “Seeing you like this, you haven’t lost your mind, which means you won’t be a mindless zombie. If you become a new species, what if you still keep your mind but you’re filled with a desire to eat people?”

Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing, “!”

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” Xie Xi’s eyes narrowed. “At that time, you won’t be able to die even if you want to.”

The foolish man and half zombie was stupefied.

Jiang Xie’s ears were so good that he heard this even when he was collecting legs.

He smiled. “This little liar.”

Jiang Xie dragged back the legs where he saw that Kong Rongliang and Chen Qing were quiet and a bit stunned.

Xie Xi was cleaning his ears.

Jiang Xie thought he would be afraid of this disgusting thing and placed the legs behind him. “I found it.”

Xie Xi’s eyes lit up and he flattered, “Master, you are really fast.”

Wasn’t he also quick to compliment? Jiang Xie placed the legs next to Chen Qing and took advantage of this to block the zombie.

He motioned to Xie Xi to look at the next task.

(7) Put the legs on him.

(7) Kill them.

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Sakura Natsume
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