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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 5

Purple Nine’s voice was heard. “Who does he want to get engaged with? Which rose actually provoked the nine tailed demon ancestor?”

Red Three replied, “I don’t know. Everyone went to the lobby and the chief is greeting him.”

Purple Nine said, “Let’s go and take a look.”

They left and Xie Xi tried not to panic.

There was no doubt that this was definitely a soul. it was 10,000% certain that the betrothal gift was for him!

He hadn’t escaped one marriage and another marriage had arrived?

Xie Xi couldn’t sit down and hurriedly put on a coat to see the situation.

His past status meant he wasn’t qualified to participate in such a thing but now it was different. He had the favour of Azure Dragon and the name of the flower god. He could go anywhere and no one would dare stop him.

Xie Xi quietly went to the lobby and had just entered when he heard a gorgeous red-haired fox demon speak, “Our lord said it was a small white rose, cute and beautiful with a nine in his name.”

Xie Xi heard that the last name for himself was White 99! This was definitely him! He didn’t have the courage to enter.

Who knew that the roses would look at each other before Red Three spoke, “Is it Auntie White Nine?”

Purple Nine replied, “Impossible! Auntie White NIne has already married into the white tiger clan. How can she go provoke Lord Nine Tails?”

The red-haired demon spoke again. “It is a small rose, young and tender.”

This adjective startled the roses in the hall. Why did it seem like they were going to be eaten?

There was a green fox behind the red fox and the green fox slapped him. “What youth, what tender?”

The red fox cried out, “Oh right, It is the meaning of cute tenderness, not delicious.”

The roses weren’t comforted.

The elderly rose chief said, “Marriage is a matter of mutual affection. We understand the mind of Lord Nine Tails but we don’t know this rose…”

The red fox explained, “Our lord naturally asked him. Look, this is the token of affection that he left for our lord.” He took out a small leaf.

The elders of the rose family came forward and gazed at it before crying out, “Yes, this is indeed a rose leaf!”

If ordinary humans gave a leaf as a sign of love, it was estimated that they would be single forever.

However, the rose family was strange. The leaves that fell off were very treasured and this leaf was almost equivalent to a human woman cutting off a lock of hair.

The red fox took back the lead and put it in his clothes in a treasured manner. “Your rose family might be attached to the Holy Mountain but as long as this rose fairy marries our lord, your rose family will be famous in the mountain and sea.”

Xie Xi scolded in his heart, ‘You are the rose fairy, your family is the rose fairy!’

The elders of the rose family glanced at each other and were slightly embarrassed.

Purple Nine spoke, “I don’t know. We have an important event in a few days. Sage Azure Dragon of the Holy Mountain is marrying a small rose of our family…”

“So what?”” The fox wondered. “If your family marries into the Holy Mountain and to our lord, there is no conflict.”

Xie Xi thought, ‘I’m sorry but there is a real conflict!’

He was afraid to go out for fear that the red fox who knew the truth would take him away. He could only hope that the rose family held onto their dignity and didn’t agree to this marriage.

The red fox asked again, “How about it? Do you think our nine-tailed lord is inferior to an old dragon?”

The rose family, “…”

The red fox was very arrogant. “I advise you not to ask for trouble. This rose has long been fascinated by our lord and our lord cherishes him. We came to ask out of politeness but it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree. In any case, this marriage is settled!”

The old and young roses felt it was very difficult.

They belonged to the Holy Mountain but their family was really weak. How could they provoke the Lord Nine Tails of the Demon Sea?

Even if Xie Xi and Lord Azure Dragon married, Lord Azure Dragon might not necessarily protect them from Lord Nine Tails.

Moreover, Lord Nine Tails was graciously proposing. Refusing would offend him and was there anything good in it?

Not to mention that they couldn’t stop it.

What was the personality of Lord Nine Tails? One look could hook the world. How could a small rose resist? If the rose wasn’t being played with and actually got married to Lord Nine tails, this would create a stir through the entire mountain and sea.

The group weighed it before finally compromising. The old chief said, “It is just that we don’t know where this little rose is. If we accept the betrothal gift…”

“You don’t need to worry about this.” The red fox spoke arrogantly. “As long as you accept the gift, you are acknowledging this marriage and just need to wait for prosperity in the future!”

Xie Xi eavesdropping outside thought that ‘righteous’ rose family would refuse the ‘evil’ foxes. Who knew… they would surrender?

Couldn’t they have more backbone?

You are the Holy Mountain and they are the Demon Sea. Shouldn’t you vow to never stand together?

Xie Xi really thought a lot. The Holy Mountain and Demon Sea weren’t hostile to each other, nor had they ever fought. They just had different ideals.

The foxes left in a mighty manner and didn’t need to see the person involved. It was obvious how confident they were in this marriage.

Xie Xi didn’t stop them. He didn’t even dare to show his face!

The rose chief ordered, “Hurry and find every rose with the word ‘nine’ in their names. See which child provoked…”

Rose Three stated, “This isn’t a bad thing. The nine-tailed ancestor might be acting arrogantly but if he didn’t value the rose, he couldn’t come with such a big fanfare.”

The chief of the rose family replied, “Our family is free to marry anyone they want. As long as there is affection, we don’t have the right to interfere.”

Purple Nine added, “Our chief should feel relieved. The child has such good luck and should be happy.”

The chief sighed. “Go and find them. I have to know who it is.”

A woman in blue said, “It is really weird. It is a white rose again.”

Red Three nodded. “Yes, there is also a nine in the name.”

Everyone said this but no one suspected that it was the same person!

It wasn’t that they were stupid and naive. There were many white roses in the rose family. Apart from White Nine, the others freely named themselves and there were many people with nine in their name. White 19, White 29, White 39 and even White 99.

It was like Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong among humans. There were many people with the same name.

Besides, who would dare to think that the little rose who promised to marry Azure Dragon would dare to let the nine-tailed demon ancestor come to give a betrothal gift?

Normal people couldn’t believe it!

Tragically, Xie Xi not only agreed to both proposals but there might be another and another…

Xie Xi didn’t want to be exposed for a while and he had to find a chance to talk to Jiang Xie!

The news of the betrothal gift spread and the entire rose family was busy for a while. Purple Rose was busy but found time to speak to Xie Xi.

She told him, “I didn’t expect our rose family to have two marriages in one breath. I can only hope that the wedding date of the nine-tailed demon ancestor can be staggered with you or we will be too busy.”

Xie Xi stumbled and nearly fell.

Busy, he was afraid that he was busier than anyone else.

Purple Nine didn’t think anything of it. “What’s wrong with you?”

Xie Xi was a man who experienced heavy winds and rain and remained steady. “Nothing, my sleeping posture wasn’t good and my legs are numb.”

“You are going to be married yet you are still like a child.” Purple Nine looked after him like a big sister. “Go to bed and I’ll give you a massage.”

Xie Xi was fine and said, “I’m okay. I’ll be fine in a moment…”

Purple Nine smiled. “Okay, you’re grown up and have become shy.”

Xie Xi, “…” Who was shy?

Purple Nine still had things to do and couldn’t delay any longer. “Lord Azure Dragon might come over later. You shouldn’t be so messy. Quickly clean up.”

Xie Xi was afraid that not only Lord Azure Dragon would come…

In any case, he had to take it step by step. Xie Xi said, “I will clean up.”

Purple Nine left. Xie Xi cleaned up while silently praying, ‘Please come one at a time!’

His privilege had been chosen and he had long looked at the effect.

This Puppet technique was very powerful. It could create a puppet that was exactly the same as he and he could operate it remotely. The only drawback was that it wasn’t as flexible as him and could only do simple responses. The best thing was that it could lie down to sleep and it slept better than him!

It took time to make a puppet. Xie Xi had done it early in the morning but unfortunately, it took a long time to get the first puppet. Once it was fully operational, it was necessary to see if Xie Xi could master it.

In short, the current Xie Xi absolutely couldn’t cope with two souls!’

It had just become dark when Azure Dragon came over.

The entire rose family welcomed him. Azure Dragon probably knew his lover’s family was poor so he brought a bunch of servants who were holding delicacies.

Don’t mention the small roses, the elders of the rose family had never seen this. They felt amazement and were full of thoughts.

Xie Xi was full of fear that someone would mention the nine tailed demon ancestor bringing a betrothal gift.

Fortunately, none of the roses said a thing.

The dinner ended and Xie Xi approached Azure Dragon. “Your Excellency, let’s go first.”

Azure Dragon looked at him. “There’s no hurry. I have nothing to do tonight.”

Xie Xi wanted to be alone with him to talk to Jiang Xie and had to say, “They aren’t comfortable if you are here.”

The Azure Dragon was slightly stunned. “Then what about you?”

Xie Xi was afraid he wouldn’t leave and took the initiative to hold his hand. “Of course, I want to be with you.”

Azure Dragon gripped his hand tightly and whispered, “Go to your room?”

Xie Xi nodded. “Yes.”

This was tantamount to an invitation. Azure Dragon stared at this face and his heart slightly trembled.

He liked this person and cherished him. He had waited so long and could wait a bit longer…

The colour of Azure Dragon’s eyes deepened and there was a faint smile on his face. “Xiao Xie.”

Xie Xi wondered, “Your Excellency?”

Azure Dragon didn’t continue speaking. He held Xie Xi’s hand and got up. “Let’s go, I’m also tired.”

As soon as he got up, the roses put down their chopsticks and looked up.

Azure Dragon told them, “You guys can play. I won’t drink tonight.”

Everyone was happy and bowed to the Azure Dragon.

Xie Xi and Azure Dragon walked hand in hand to Xie Xi’s room.

Xie Xi had spent the morning cleaning so his room was neat and filled with a quiet atmosphere.

The Azure Dragon was followed by an attendant. Xie Xi glanced at him and Azure Dragon waved his hand. “Leave.”

“Yes,” the attendant replied politely.

He had just left when Azure Dragon unexpectedly picked up Xie Xi.

Xie Xi was startled as Azure Dragon held him by the waist and placed Xie Xi on his lap.

This action was intimate and Xie Xi’s face slightly reddened as he whispered, “Your Excellency…”

Azure Dragon kissed him on the lips.

Xie Xi, “!”

Yes, everyone was gone and what else could he do?

They were about to be married and no one could stop themselves from doing something intimate.

Xie Xi had done everything in Dream Come True with Jiang Xie but in reality…

He was flushed and his head was dizzy.

There was a light sound and Xie Xi sobered up a bit.

He held down the hand touching his waist and trembled. “Okay, okay!”

Jiang Xie let out a low laugh.

Xie Xi stared at the different coloured eyes. “Let go!”

Jiang Xie refused and buried his head in Xie Xi’s neck. “You smell good.”

Xie Xi was tickled by his nose. “I want to talk business with you.”

Jiang Xie’s hand was very dishonest. “Is there something more important than this?”

Xie Xi bit him on the shoulder.

Jiang Xie sucked in a breath. “Little…” He didn’t dare say cat.

He had spoken words of love in bed before. He didn’t have to finish for Xie Xi to know what he was going to say!

Xie Xi was angry and committed domestic violent!

“Okay, okay.” Jiang Xie was afraid that this person was truly angry and hurriedly let go. “No trouble.”

Xie Xi moved away from him. “If you, if you do this again, my next world… I won’t let you in!” He had nothing else to threaten Jiang Xie with.

Jiang Xie raised his hand and surrendered. “No nonsense! I won’t mess up!”

Xie Xi didn’t dare delay the time and hurriedly asked, “Tell me, how many souls are in this quasi-world and what are their identities?”

He hurriedly prepared to memorize it so he would know the situation.

Jiang Xie leaned down and replied, “If I knew, I would’ve told you during the day.”

Xie Xi blinked. “How could you not know? Aren’t you in the bodies of the souls?”

Jiang Xie sighed. “However, if we don’t meet then I won’t have the memories of the other souls.”

Xie Xi didn’t understand. Jiang Xie explained, “I entered the body of every soul but my memories can’t be shared at the same time.”

“Then you don’t even know how many bodies you are divided into?”

Jiang Xie looked innocent. “I really don’t know.”

After all, he was originally a god who didn’t even know how many souls pieces were separated from him.

Xie Xi angrily exclaimed, “How are you useful?”

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