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Collapsing 11 Boundaries 2

Despicable Xie wanted to know where he was despicable but based on this Jiang Xie’s appearance, he didn’t want to mention it.

He didn’t mention it and Xie Xi couldn’t ask. Wasn’t it more despicable to ask?

Xie Xi still had to work hard to survive the ‘previous synopsis.’

It was obviously Jiang Xie who pressed Xie Xi against the sofa and kissed him into a mess. He felt like he had been terribly wronged as this person got up and silently returned to his bedroom.

Xie Xi saw the hair dryer on the ground and could only bend to collect it. Perhaps the fall had broken it. He turned it on and wind no longer came out.

In such a tense situation, it wasn’t good for Xie Xi to study the hairdryer. He could only put it in the bathroom first. Jiang Xie’s hair still wasn’t dry but he wouldn’t let Xie Xi help anymore.

Xie Xi sat outside for a while and didn’t know what to do. It was obvious that this place had one bedroom and the two of them were sleeping together.

Jiang Xie was currently in the bedroom. Despicable Xie didn’t know if he should go in or not.

It was also strange to waste time. Xie Xi went to the bookshelf and casually grabbed a book, ready to rummage through it.

Perhaps he could go into the room to sleep once Jiang Xie had calmed down.

After all, he had no experience being at loggerheads with his husband and had to fumble around.

The book he grabbed had an interesting name. It was called ‘Chicken Conquers the World.’

Xie Xi opened the first page and found that it contained a shocking series of data. The number of chickens was so large that it turned out that humans were too dependent on this most common poultry.

The contents of the book were interesting but Xie Xi was distracted by the occasional notes on the edge of the book.

There were a few words written in black pen and Xie Xi could see that this was his own handwriting.

Had he read this book? Or had he read it in the previous summary?

Xie Xi’s mind moved. He put down the book and went to the bookshelf. This time, he casually grabbed a book of poems. He opened it and saw his own handwriting. Then he grabbed a social sciences book. After opening it, he once again saw the words he wrote.

After opening more than 10 books in succession, it wasn’t surprising for Xie Xi to see his own words.

The contents were mostly the impression he got when reading, identification of satire. The elegant words were written casually.

What did this mean? Previously, most of these books had been read by Xie Xi.

Xie Xi took advantage of the time while Jiang Xie didn’t come out to open several more books.

The handwriting varied greatly. It wasn’t written in a short period of time and some even had the date written. It wasn’t until Xie Xi saw some words he left five years ago that a fact was established.

This revamped and unusual office had a great chance of being his own. What the hell happened? He and Jiang Xie were living in an office? What happened between them that he was close to being Jiang Xie’s prisoner. Was he imprisoned and controlled here?

It would be impossible to guess the truth out of thin air, even if Xie Xi’s brain hole was bigger than the sky. Not to mention, his brain hole couldn’t be as big as Jiang Xie.

Once it was 9 o’clock, Xie Xi went to take a bath and slowly went to the bedroom. There was only one bed and they had been living together for a while. He shouldn’t be affected and should just go to sleep.

After pushing open the door, Xie Xi saw Jiang Xie lying on the left side. This person was lying on the side of the door, blanket lying around his waist and most of his back exposed to the outside.

‘Isn’t it cold?’ Xie Xi muttered in his heart. He wasn’t sure if his despicable self was qualified to cover Jiang Xie with the blanket…

Well, this person seemed to be asleep? Xie Xi went over to look and found that this guy was really asleep. HIs left hand was placed under the pillow as always and his brow was wrinkled as he fell asleep.

Xie Xi was deeply versed in the art of dreams and concluded that this guy was drowning. He couldn’t summon Roast Pork Bun, which meant he couldn’t use Dreaming.

In theory, he could draw Roast Pork Bun with the god’s wisdom but Xie Xi didn’t want to create an existing life. It was too weird and didn’t show respect to Roast Pork Bun.

Moreover, this situation wasn’t suitable for Dreaming. Dreaming didn’t dream of the real past and this was what Xie Xi needed to know the most. Love in the dream was useless. He had to unravel Jiang Xie’s heart knot in reality.

Xie Xi gently covered Jiang Xie and took off his shoes to go to bed.

There was no hurry. He would first observe, understand the status quo and study the situation.

It wasn’t too early. Xie Xi was tired from a day of thinking and he fell asleep soon after lying on the comfortable bed.

In his daze, Xie Xi vaguely felt the familiar embrace. He definitely wouldn’t hide and instead found a comfortable position.

The two people were used to sleeping together and this had long been instinctive.

The man holding him seemed to be stiff but in the end, he carefully protected Xie Xi and made him sleep comfortably.

Xie Xi slept all night and felt a hundred times more energetic. He could clean up Taurus in one breath… well, that was the illusion.

There were large windows in the lounge that wasn’t visible at night. The light was really strong during the day and this meant people couldn’t sleep late.

OF course, Xie Xi also didn’t have the habit of sleeping late. He got out of bed and didn’t see Jiang Xie.

There was no one in the bedroom. The kitchen… the door was locked and no one could enter.

The office was only a few rooms and he searched it several times. Xie Xi confirmed that Jiang Xie had left and also locked the kitchen door. Was he planning to starve Jiang Xie?

Xie Xi first went to the bathroom to wash and when he finished, he found a dining cart beside the door.

What the hell? He looked down and found that breakfast was quite rich.

Despite knowing that the wooden door was definitely locked, Xie Xi still pushed it with a disbelieving expression. It couldn’t be pushed open.

‘Jiang Xie, you have become more and more advanced. You are into the prisoner X play!’

Of course, it was impossible to trap Xie Xi. He could easily escape even without the god’s wisdom and sketch pen.

Still, what was the use of going out? He had to coax the soul, not speed up the rate of collapse?

Xie Xi first ate breakfast. The kitchen door was locked so he could only place the tableware on the dining cart.

It was estimated that there were cameras around. By the time Xie Xi entered the bedroom and went out, the dining cart had already been removed.

No one came all morning but Xie Xi wasn’t bored. He read and wrote, acting quite leisurely.

Lunch was sent the same way. This was much richer than breakfast. There were seven or eight different dishes and it was enough for three or four people to eat casually.

Xie Xi didn’t exercise much and he didn’t have a big appetite. After eating a bit, he pushed it away. By the way, he hated Jiang Xie’s wasteful actions.

There was still no one in the afternoon. Xie Xi took a nap and woke up to read. Fortunately, the books were very interesting. He read them and weren’t bored.

In the evening, Jiang Xie returned. He was still a peaceful and steady elite when entering the house. However, once he and Xie Xi met, the shadows would appear.

Xie Xi really wanted to know what he done to make Jiang Xie crazy like this.

Jiang Xie’s gaze didn’t change and his voice was still calm. “What do you want to eat?”

Xie Xi had no appetite. “Anything is fine.”

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else. He silently opened the kitchen door and went in to cook. Breakfast and lunch were clearly made by famous chefs then Jiang Xie came back to cook in the evening.

It made Xie Xi very puzzled. He could understand the closed kitchen door. After all, it was full of knives and was very dangerous.

Then why did Jiang Xie want to cook for himself? Wasn’t it easier to have someone deliver dinner like they did breakfast and lunch?

In addition, why live together if he hated a person? Wasn’t this self-torture? Self-torture…

Xie Xi felt like he had touched something.

Jiang Xie was busy in the kitchen. This time, Xie Xi didn’t wait outside but walked in and said, “Let me help you.”

Jiang Xie was cutting vegetables for a dish and whispered, “No.”

Xie Xi told him, “I will give you a hand by washing the vegetables…”

Then he picked up the tomatoes.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xie grabbed him, eyes falling on his fingers. Then Jiang Xie spoke sarcastically, “You always use these fingers to be tricky. What can they do?”

Xie Xi, “…” Thorns flew from these words, not allowing people to answer.

Jiang Xie told him, “You can’t help. Go out and wait.”

Xie Xi could only obediently leave. Under Taurus’ gentle surface was a hedgehog with spikes. It was really difficult to start.

Dinner finished and they slept silently. Apart from being hugged in the middle of the night, Xie Xi wasn’t close to Jiang Xie at all.

After three days of the same routine, Xie Xi couldn’t stand it. His energy was being consumed and Taurus’ state would only get worse. Xie Xi had to know what happened between them previously.

How could he do this? Xie Xi suddenly remembered the eraser of the last world.

This was the machine that rational people used to erase memories but it could also be used to view memories.

The so-called erasure was to extract the memories and then destroy them. However, as long as the last step was omitted, couldn’t he extract the memories and then return them after seeing them?

Xie Xi thought about it carefully and felt it was feasible. It wasn’t possible to directly erase Jiang Xie’s bad memories. This wouldn’t cure the problem and would only increase the difficulty of the repair. If he wanted this person to recover, he had to get rid of the roots.

Xie Xi knew there was a camera in the place but he could easily disrupt this type of thing. He made an eraser during the day and waited until Jiang Xie fell asleep at night to use it.

After extracting the memories, he should put them back as soon as possible or Jiang Xie would notice.

Xie Xi drew a memory copying machine and first copied the memories. It was done and Xie Xi sighed with relief.

He didn’t hurry to look at them now and went to sleep first. No one was present during the day and there were plenty of times to watch the memories.

He opened his eyes the next day and Jiang Xie was gone. Xie Xi breathed out and used a small palm detector. He found there was only one camera in the bedroom and was relieved.

There were many memories and it would probably take a while to watch all of them.

Xie Xi put on the helmet and entered the pre-existing summary.

These were Jiang Xie’s memories and were supposed to be from Jiang Xie’s perspective. However, he could correct the angle of view of the memories. He could choose a god’s perspective or choose a single person perspective.

Xie Xi chose the perspective of ‘himself.’ This would allow him to see more details that were ignored by Jiang Xie.

Xie Xi vision changed and he found himself standing in a gorgeously lit banquet hall.

The people were dressed up, especially the ladies. They wore beautiful evening dressed with gorgeous jewellery that was more eye-catching than the crystal lights suspended in midair.

Xi held a red wine glass in his hand and his eyes fell on a tall woman in a long dress with a high collar.

The woman seemed aware of his gaze and turned her head. The familiar facial features stunned Xie Xi.

J-Jiang Xie?

Xie Xi was full of surprise but he wasn’t afraid of showing it. After all, these memories were like a TV show. They were set up a long time ago and would keep continuing.

Xie Xi ‘saw’  himself walk to Jiang Xie and opened his mouth. “Miss Jiang.”

‘Miss Jiang’ has a polite smile that was a bit unnatural as she touched her cup to his.

Xie Xi’s lips curved in a slight smile. “Is your throat still not good?”

‘Miss Jiang’ nodded with some apologies on her face. Xie Xi suggested, “If that’s the case, don’t drink alcohol.”

Then he took Jiang Xie’s cup and drank from it. Jiang Xie was stunned. Xie Xi snapped his fingers and a waiter brought a glass of grape juice. This was very similar to the colour of red wine and its identity would be unknown without drinking it.

Xie Xi skillfully picked up the empty glass, poured the grape juice into it and politely handed it to Jiang Xie. “Drink this.”

‘Miss Jiang’ took the glass with her gloved hand and slightly nodded as a form of thanks.

At this time, Xie Xi suddenly opened his mouth. “I heard your younger brother has returned to China…”

‘Miss Jiang’ heard these words and clearly tensed.

Xie Xi smiled. “Your brother is truly excellent. He is only 17 years old yet he got a double degree. He must be the pillar of Jiang in the future.”

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