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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 7

Red Three was very curious when he heard this. “Is the flower god so powerful?”

“Of course!” The old chief was obviously a fanboy of the flower god as he spoke excitedly, “At the time, the Holy Mountain and the Demon Sea weren’t split. The mountain and sea were integrated. The sages and demon ancestors had their own pursuits but they all respected the flower god. They often had exchanges and learnt from each other under the flower god’s organization. It is far from the current state.”

Xie Xi was very concerned about this setting.

Of course, it didn’t exist in the world before. It was the so-called past being generated by the mind of the souls.

Still, even if it didn’t exist before, it was absolutely true now. It was necessary for Xie Xi to understand it.

The old chief continued, “The flower god is the guardian of the god’s wisdom. He knows astronomical and geographical knowledge. He is almost omnipotent!

Of course, his most powerful ability is to be able to heal all things. No matter what type of injury, he can treat it!”

Red Three had a look of expectations on his face as he asked, “If the flower god is so powerful, how did he fall?”

The old chief shook his head. “It is probably because it is difficult to heal himself. He saved countless people but no one could save him. The flower god fell and the god’s wisdom was lost.”

Xie Xi heard this as the truth while Red Three knew a bit more. “Isn’t the god’s wisdom on the Holy Mountain?”

The old chief explained, “Whether it is the Holy Mountain or the Demon Sea, the only thing left behind is a remnant.”

Red Three was stunned. “It’s like this…”

Xie Xi was still thinking about Purple Nine’s words and asked, “Since it is a remnant, does the god’s wisdom still have the power to deprive people of their existence?”

He remembered that if he lost the name of the flower god, his existence would be obliterated. The old chief replied, “The so-called loss might just be because no one can understand it.”

Xie Xi froze. “Do you mean, only the flower god can understand the god’s wisdom?”

The old chief shook his head. “How can we know this?”

At this time, Purple Nine Woke up and changed back to her human form. Her face might be haggard but there was no need to worry about her life. “Chief? I am…”

Red Three was very happy to see her wake up. “It is thanks to 99 or you would’ve… you…”

Xie Xi asked, “How does your body feel?”

Purple Nine was stunned and moved her hands and feet. “99 saved me?” She had been determined to die when she fought against the worm. She didn’t expect to survive.

The old chief told her, “99 has the power of the flower god and repaired your body.”

“The power of the flower god?” Purple Nine stared at Xie Xi in a dazed manner.

Xie Xi actually had the Beginner Repair skill but unfortunately couldn’t explain this. He could only say, “I don’t know too well either. I inexplicably got this ability.”

The chief pulled out the reincarnation word again.

Purple Nine was startled. “Speaking of which… the other day 99 said that he forgot the past…”

Everyone looked at Xie Xi with shock.

My god, they were afraid that he really was the reincarnation of the flower god.

“I might’ve forgotten some things but I don’t have the memories of a god.” Xie Xi looked at Purple Nine. “In addition, how can the flower god be a rose?”

The old chief replied, “No one knows the ontology of the flower god.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Purple Nine’s feelings for 99 were deep and she shook her head. “In any case, this is 99. I can feel it.”

The old chief sighed. “Well, there is no need to say these things. It’s fine as long as your body is good!”

Red Three nodded. “Yes, we are fortunate!”

Purple Nine needed to rest. The old chief and Red Three left first while Xie Xi was the last one.

Purple Nine told him, “You don’t need to think too much. I know you are you.”

She was worried about him. Xie Xi’s heart warmed and he nodded. “Yes!”

He was indeed him. Whether it was this world’s White 99 or Xie Xi, it was really him.

Xie Xi came out of Purple Nine’s room and asked about the worm.

Red Three told him, “The worms are our national enemy and even Lord Azure Dragon can’t kill all the worms. If the altar wasn’t damaged, we would have enchantments to guard the nursery. Now…”

Xie Xi wondered, “How did the alter get damaged?” In any case, he had forgotten many things and it was natural not to know. Red Three replied, “From a few decades ago, the new guardian couldn’t activate the altar. Lord Azure Dragon helped us check but couldn’t find a reason.”

Xie Xi thought about his promotion task. Was it related to this altar?

Xie Xi requested, “Can you take me to see the altar?”

Red Three was now very convinced about him and answered, “Of course, I will take you to see it.”

Rose Mountain wasn’t very big. The mountainside was the home of the roses and the highest point of the mountain contained an altar.

The altar was very simple. There was a square table with a censer on it. The incense burner was filled with five incense sticks.

Xie Xi asked, “Why are the five incense sticks extinguished?”

“If ignited, the enchantments will start.”

“They can’t be ignited?”

“They were originally meant to be ignited by the Five Colour Elders but now it doesn’t work.”

The rose family had five colours, which were red, purple, white, blue and yellow. Each colour had an elder.

Why didn’t the incense sticks burn? Xie Xi examined it carefully but didn’t find any clues.

Red Three took him back to the mountainside and Xie Xi remembered something, going back to his room first. He just opened his roster when a prompt appeared in the lower right corner.

[Promotion Task: The purple rose has been repaired and the illustration is missing a name.]

Purple? Was it Purple Nine?

Xie Xi hurriedly checked the roster and saw a blooming purple rose in the back.

This wasn’t a simple painting and was extremely lifelike. Xie Xi couldn’t help touching it, only to feel paper. It was so-lifelike and the three dimensions looked even more real than a photo. It was magical.

Xie Xi looked at the box below the rose. It was empty and seemed to be missing the name.

Was it the name of Purple Nine?

Xie Xi went to find a pen and tried to write down Purple Nine. He didn’t know if it was the pen or the wrong name but unfortunately, he couldn’t write it down.

Nevertheless, this image gave him many clues.

The rose family had five colours. Was it possible to complete the promotion task by repairing five different coloured roses?

Just repairing it wasn’t enough. If he needed the names, where could he find them? It definitely wasn’t as simple as writing one.

Xie Xi thought of the god’s wisdom.

The name of the flower god came from the god’s wisdom and Purple Nine said that the god’s wisdom recorded everything in the mountains and seas. Did it also have the names of the five coloured roses?

It wasn’t difficult to infer that the altar might be related to the illustration.

Would the alter be repaired once he finished the illustrations?

He might not be a real rose flower but Xie Xi was happy at the thought of helping them.

There were clues about the promotion task and it also inspired Xie Xi regarding the main task.

The so-called collecting the illustrations of the sacred beasts and demon beasts. Wasn’t this repairing them? Or was it seeing the ontology in a simple sense? Did he need to know their names?

Azure Dragon wasn’t called Azure Dragon?

Unfortunately, Jiang Xie wasn’t here or Xie Xi could ask him. Then Xie Xi thought, ‘It is highly likely he won’t know even if I ask!’

His heart was disgusted but the corners of his mouth curved at the thought of Jiang Xie.

In the evening, Azure Dragon didn’t come. He sent an attendant over to inform Xie Xi.

Xie Xi nodded. “His Excellency is so busy. He doesn’t have to go back and forth.”

There was still some disappointment. After all, there were many things to discuss with Jiang Xie.

However, there was no urgency. This person would definitely come the day after tomorrow.

Xie Xi didn’t hurry to sleep. He wandered Rose Mountain to see if there were any roses who needed him to repair them.

As he walked around, he didn’t find a wounded rose but he met a small silver fox.

The little fox sprang out of the fireflies and scared Xie Xi.

Roast Pork Bun yelled, “Where did this thing come from?”

The kitten had been locked in the pets bar last night because the sight wasn’t suitable for children. Once it was dawn, Xie Xi saw he was still sleeping and didn’t call him. Thus, Roast Pork Bun didn’t run out until the evening.

Of course, the little fox couldn’t see Roast Pork Bun and rushed into Xie Xi’s arms, the small head rubbing against his chest.

Roast Pork Bun was deeply insecure about his position and also rushed over.

Xie Xi was fought over by two furry creatures and felt itchy. “Don’t rub it.”

As soon as he spoke, the little fox looked up and blinked at him. “Baby, did you miss me?”

Xie Xi vaguely felt that this was a certain soul but wasn’t sure. After all, Nine Tails should be a fox with nine tails.

Xie Xi stared at the little silver fox for a while and couldn’t help tapping his head.

This action was intimate and playful, but wasn’t too big or too small.

The little fox jumped out of his arms and a tall silver-haired man appeared before him.

He wore a robe and the neckline was adorned with fox fur. He had a gorgeous and delicate face, the smiling eyes giving off an amazing charm.

It was Aix-en, the vampire of Love to the Left or Right and the second prince of Atlantis.

Xie Xi felt it was funny now. The dog blood dreams of the second prince and third prince had impressed him.

Xie Xi was smiling and the silver fox was obviously used to this. He leaned over and whispered, “My betrothal gift has been sent. Little lady, come back with me to the Demon Sea.”

Xie Xi was smiling while inwardly wanting to punch him. What damn little lady?!

Suddenly, the ambiguous atmosphere dropped to the freezing point and the gorgeous voice of Nine Tails was full of ice. “Is that a hickey?”

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