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Collapsed God 23

Xie Xi was confused by Big Jiang’s request at first but he soon understood.

The premise of the movie ‘Disguise’ was that Xie Xi was a rational who didn’t understand love. The plot unfolded around this, showing how miserable the emotional disguised as a rational was.

Then the memories of Xie Xi’s first round shook Jiang Xie’s locked string. If Xie Xi was a different type of rational who knew how to love…

Xie Xi could speculate on another interpretation of the movie’s plot without looking at his own memories.

This was called Schrodinger’s love.

The soul thought that Xie Xi knew love and loved him or the soul thought that Xie Xi didn’t know love and didn’t love him.

In any case, the souls were the bigshots of this quasi-world and what they said was what happened.

Xie Xi pretended not to understand. “Why look at the erased memories?”

Big Jiang’s voice was light as he hid the strings in his heart. “I want to see.”

Xie Xi nodded. “Okay.” The memories of the president were important pieces of intelligence but in the face of the collapsing universe, there were no secrets.

Jiang Xie requested this and Xie Xi would satisfy him. These were Xie Xi’s memories and the other two also wanted to see. Xie Xi was curious as well.

He contacted Li Su because Li Su was responsible for the memory storage. Li Su heard Xie Xi’s words and was shocked. Of course, this was the president’s order and he had to unconditionally comply.

Xie Xi considered that the memories had many bed scenes and took the play button. He quickly skipped these scenes otherwise… watching it together with the four people would be too embarrassing!

His memory capacity was much larger than Xie Xi thought and there were more trivial things. This was a selective erasure. It was like movie clips that were cut off instead of showing the entire thing.

The first memory was when Xie Xi was 14 years old and met Jiang Xie for the first time.

The man in the military uniform was full of a heroic air and the shining badge on his shoulder was the supreme glory of every soldier.

Xie Xi was stunned when he saw this person and then the man turned around. The dark grey eyes that were like an empty void instantly shrank, showing a bit of starburst.

Xie Xi saluted and the man smiled. “Train well.”

The teenager stood upright and his voice was very powerful. “Yes!”

Next, Xie Xi was transferred to Jiang Xie’s side and became his guard. The 15 year old boy was in his most youthful and tender time, his white face full of excitement and anticipation.

He met his senior, who told him, “This isn’t the outside and you can’t mess around.”

Xie Xi replied. “I know, the colonel is notoriously strict in the army!”

“You shouldn’t underestimate the word strict. One of the most important rules here is that s*x is prohibited.”

Xie Xi’s eyes widened. “Eh?”

His senior had long been used to the expression of newcomers and explained calmly, “The colonel thinks that s*x will empty out the body’s energy and it is forbidden to engage in such behaviour during the march. Of course, no one will manage it during the off-season.”

“it turned out to be like this.”

The senior added, “I know that people your age have impulses. If you can’t help it then apply for a transfer. Don’t engage in any mischief in the Fourth Army, understood?”

Xie Xi saluted. “Understood!”

The moment his senior left, Xie Xi’s eyes curved and he muttered, “Great!”

The army unit he had previously stayed in was too messy and the dormitory was so annoying that he couldn’t sleep well. He didn’t like to freely vent his desires. In this place, nobody would invite him and he didn’t have to refuse others. It was too suitable for him!

Xie Xi was very grateful to the colonel, thinking this person was really rational and far-sighted!

There were many trivial memories afterwards, such as Xie Xi falling from a high altitude during training and Jiang Xie catching him. In addition, Xie Xi went to the cafeteria to eat and met Jiang Xie. There was also an incident where Xie Xi took a shower and Jiang Xie entered.

All of these intermittent encounters were cut into sections, as if he only carefully eliminated Jiang Xie’s memories.

Next up was a whole piece of a big memory.

By the time Xie Xi reached adulthood, the Fourth Army’s battle against the Morita Star also ended. Once the army returned, Jiang Xie asked Xie Xi, “What are your plans after going back?”

Xie Xi really didn’t know.

Jiang Xie smiled and wondered, “Don’t you want to find a partner?”

Xie Xi was getting older and he replied, “I’ve thought of it.”

Jiang Xie joked, “Are you looking for an emotional?”

This was a joke in the Fourth Army. Under normal circumstances, a rational definitely wouldn’t look for an emotional but the Fourth Army was special. The group of rational people had forbidden desires banned and someone cried out, “ I am now an emotional. Please call me an emotional when we get back.”

Thus, the meaning of ‘finding an emotional’ in the Fourth Army meant finding a companion.

Xie Xi had a ghost in his heart and after hearing this, he inexplicably felt guilty. He didn’t understand it so he replied seriously, “Finding an emotional is too troublesome. A rational should find a rational.”

Jiang Xie’s smile became smaller and he continued the topic. “Are you looking for a partner to solve physical problems?”

“What else?” These were the words of a rational and even the tone was the sound.

Who knew that Jiang Xie would actually say, “Let’s be together.”

Xie Xi was stunned for a long time before finally finding his voice. “You are my boss…”

Jiang Xie raised an eyebrow. “Do you think I am old?”

Xie Xi hurriedly shook his head. “How can that be, it’s just…” They didn’t match.

Jiang Xie touched his soft, short hair. “Don’t worry, I won’t bother you.”

Xie Xi’s senses returned and he calmed down.

Yes, his boss was a rational and Xie Xi was also a rational. A rational and rational got together when they were pleasing to the eyes and separated when the other person wasn’t pleasing. How could there be any scruples?

Xie Xi smiled. “Please advise me more in the future.”

The moment he finished speaking, Jiang Xie leaned over and kissed him. It was tentative but it quickly became a stormy kiss. Xie Xi had never kissed anyone before. He was so nervous that his heart jumped and he didn’t know to close his eyes.

Jiang Xie’s low laugh entered his ears. “Is this your first time?”

Xie Xi, “……”

Jiang Xie seemed to remember something. “Ah, you followed me since you were 15 years old.”

Xie Xi whispered in his heart, ‘No, I met you when I was 14 years old.’

This rational and rational being together, Xie Xi pinched himself. In fact, up to here, Big Jiang was already standing like a stone statue, a motional figure with eyes that were out of focus.

The next scenes echoed the plot of the movie. In the movie, the rational Xie Xi passed through the fresh period and gradually drifted away from the emotional, making the emotion Jiang Xie painful and sad.

However, Xie Xi’s memories contained another scene.

After two years of being together, the rational Xie Xi suddenly awakened thanks to a joke from his colleagues. “Aren’t you being too sticky to the general? How come you aren’t giving him space? We are rational, not emotional. Isn’t it tiring being together every day?”

Xie Xi was frozen.

Someone said, “I always feel that you are weird.”

Xie Xi was woken up. The word ‘weird’ was the thing Xie Xi was most reluctant to hear. Before joining the Fourth Army, Xie Xi was often told by other rationals that he was weird. Xie Xi also felt that he was weird but since joining the abstinent Fourth Army, he was no longer weird.

Now the battle was over, they would return to the Capital Star and start to serve in the government. There was no s*x while marching and he was an ordinary rational. Then he was once again called weird and he even got his boss involved.

Xie Xi reflected on it for an afternoon and decided to restrain himself. He couldn’t follow Jiang Xie everywhere, he couldn’t go home together every day and he couldn’t stay with Jiang Xie all the time…

He had to maintain his distance and give the other person enough space, putting work first just like all rational people.

Correct! Work was the most important thing!

Xie Xi’s sighed and he felt that it was fortunate he had found it in a timely manner, allowing him to pull back from the brink!

However, in the eyes of the emotional Jiang Xie, he became a young rational person who finally passed through the fresh period and was tired.

This rational method of getting along lasted two months before Jiang Xie proposed to break up.

Xie Xi was startled before making a relaxed expression.

A rational and rational were like this. They suddenly got together and their separation was also sudden. He was a rational and could understand.

Jiang Xie told him, “You don’t have to worry. Your future won’t be affected by our breakup.”

Xie Xi smiled. “Ah, rational should really be with other rational.”

In addition, a person like him shouldn’t be with anyone. Jiang Xie’s face was calm as he asked casually, “Are you going to find another rational?”

“Probably not.”

Jiang Xie wondered, “Why?”

“How to say it?” Xie Xi tried to find an answer in his confused mind before finally finding it. “For a rational, it is enough to have the work.”

Yes, a rational most needed work. It was enough to have work and things like a partner, s*x and love were irrelevant.

They broke up and Xie Xi placed up his focus into his job. This section was reflected in the movie. They broke up and Jiang Xie could no longer stand to see this person. He was promoted to Minister of Defense and left this place.

After knowing that Jiang Xie would leave, Xie Xi spent the whole day sitting at his desk. He worked like a machine, numb and inorganic…

During this period, some people came to give invitations to Xie Xi and Xie Xi refused. At first, people thought that Xie Xi didn’t want a partner right after breaking up but eventually, they found that Xie Xi was ‘weird.’

He was isolated again. Xie Xi was a bit dazed and didn’t understand. Jiang Xie also banned desires but why wasn’t he isolated like Xie Xi? It was… Jiang Xie stood at the top and the top never had a partner. Thus, he wasn’t afraid of loneliness.

This inexplicably gave the chaotic Xie Xi motivation. He had to work hard and stand at the highest peak. Then he didn’t need to be afraid of being isolated.

Thanks to Xie Xi’s efforts and the fact that he had once worked under Jiang Xie, he was assigned to the Ministry of Defense and became Jiang Xie’s assistant.

They saw each other again and Xie Xi had indescribable joy in his heart. He stood upright and saluted this person. “Mr. Minister, I am happy to help you!”

Jiang Xie was startled before smiling with reluctant and helplessness. “Welcome.”

These places in the movie were all from Jiang Xie’s perspective. He looked at Xie Xi, acknowledged Xie Xi’s excellence, enthusiasm for work, rationality and recognized that they were different genders.

Looking at this passage from Xie Xi’s memory, they could see how happy Xie Xi was. He was back at Jiang Xie’s side as his subordinate and the isolated feeling instantly disappeared.

There was the role model in Jiang Xie and Xie Xi wasn’t ‘weird.’ This strengthened Xie Xi’s efforts to advance. He couldn’t lazily rely on Jiang Xie. He wanted to stand on his own so he wouldn’t be isolated.

After a period of time, the drunk incident occurred. Jiang Xie was drunk and as his assistant, Xie Xi naturally received the task of sending him home.

They had bought new apartments after splitting up. Their previous home was sold by Jiang Xie and the money rationally divided. Xie Xi’s spending was very small and the money had been placed in his account, untouched. Of course, in the movie, Jiang Xie didn’t sell the house but he didn’t dare live there.

Xie Xi helped the drunk Jiang Xie to bed and was about to get up to leave. Then Jiang Xie grabbed his wrist.

Xie Xi turned and gazed at him nervously. Jiang Xie pulled Xie Xi over and pressed Xie Xi under his body.

Then the broadcast was skipped.

Once he woke up the next day, Xie Xi was a bit upset and also a bit happy. He would be very happy if they could continue to be together.

This time, he would act perfectly as a partner, not stick to this person too much and respect his personal space…

Xie Xi took a shower and thought a lot. He demonstrated to himself back and forth before finally acting well.

By the time he came out, Jiang Xie had already woken up. Xie Xi smiled and asked, “Do you want to be with me?”

The hungover Jiang Xie was somewhat confused but flames soon burned in his eyes.

This gave Xie Xi courage. He knew Jiang Xie’s expression. Whenever Jiang Xie was like this, he always… always…

Xie Xi took a deep breath and wrapped an arm around his Jiang Xie’s neck, asking, “I was very happy last night. Shall we be together for a while?”

Suddenly, the flames in Jiang Xie’s eyes were extinguished. The silver grey became cold and silent.

Xie Xi saw it.

Jiang Xi expressed a hand to his temple and replied, “No.”

Xie Xi’s thin lips trembled lightly. “Why? I thought you were very interested last night.”

Jiang Xie told him, “I am very busy lately and don’t have time to do these things.”

“Oh.” Xie Xi remembered. “The campaign is about to begin. I wish you a great victory.”

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GHost reader
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