GL: Chapter 93

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Open World 18

These eyes…

The teacher had such beautiful eyes? These colours were really…

It was really fancy!

Xie Xi lowered his head and only hoped that the teacher didn’t have the chuuni disease while teaching.

Fortunately, the class was quite normal and the classroom discipline was particularly good. It was probably because Professor Jiang’s charm was too big. The females who gathered on weekdays to discuss cosmetics and Korean dramas or variety shows were now sitting straight and listening extremely seriously. The boys sitting in the back didn’t even sleep or play games.

The quality of the class was particularly good so Xie Xi was in a good mood. He didn’t despite the flamboyant Professor Jiang as much.

The students who originally ran out after class were now unusually studious and started to ask questions.

This Teacher Jiang wasn’t an ordinary person. It was estimated that he had encountered many storms. Once he encountered an idiotic question raised by a female student, he smiled, “If you don’t understand this question, it is recommended not to waste time and change majors as soon as possible.”

The female classmate, “…”

His one sentence caused many female students to at least ask real questions.

Xie Xi had a question to ask the teacher but the new professor was too eye-catching. Xie Xi didn’t want to attract attention and let it go.

It was lunchtime once this class finished. Xie Xi headed to the library first and waited an hour before walking to the cafeteria.

He had only 20 yuan left on his meal card and the money for working wouldn’t arrive until Saturday. He had to eat less and less in the next two days in order to survive.

20 yuan was one meal for the other students but Xie Xi had to use it for two days.

If he didn’t eat breakfast, he would have four meals. He could only use five yuan for a meal and this wasn’t enough for ordinary girls.

Xie Xi was very hungry. He could smell all types of scents as he approached the cafeteria and gulped.

He wanted to eat spicy food, bacon, ham and meat! He also wanted hot and sour noodles, pancakes with fruit… the oily cake was also nice to see but unfortunately, it was four yuan for a cake and it was only palm-size. This was too inefficient to eat.

Xie Xi’s goal was the rice and vegetables in the centre of the canteen.

Compared with the variety of snacks, the school-subsidized meals were the most affordable. They might be unpalatable and there was occasionally the smell of tomatoes and eggs but overall, this was the most cost-effective!

A dish that cost two yuan also contained rice. Xie Xi smiled as the aunty gave an extra spoonful. It would be no problem to become full if he ate this much.

His meal was controlled at three yuan and the remaining extra would be for breakfast!

Xie Xi came so late because the fish and meat had been basically swept up in the first hour. There was no need to line up and Xie Xi could buy the cheapest vegetarian food without scruples.

His life was getting tighter but Xie Xi wasn’t willing to let others know. He wanted to finish university normally instead of becoming a special existence under the gaze of others.

As usual, today Xie Xi bought cabbage stew with tofu, two spoonfuls of rice for a total of two and a half yuan.

He found the most remote corner and sat down to eat. People who were very hungry would feel that everything was fragrant, even if the rice was sticky and lumpy.

Xie Xi was eating seriously when someone sat opposite him.

He was slightly stunned. The first thing he saw was golden fried shrimp, a whole silvery pomfret, potato stew with brisket and even the soup was a small pot of good mushroom soup!

Xiao Xie had never seen such a good canteen meal in his life! He couldn’t help looking up and saw the man whose eyelids were drooping.

Xie Xi immediately said, “Hello Teacher.”

It was the fancy new teacher! Jiang Xie looked at his plate and frowned slightly. “How come you are eating so little?”

Xie Xi tightened his grip on the chopsticks and got a slight cramp.

Jiang Xie didn’t agree with this. “Your body is growing so don’t think about losing weight.”

Xie Xi stared blankly.

Jiang Xie pushed the shrimp and pomfret fish to Xie Xi. “Young people these days, your aesthetics are really problematic. Why do you want to be thin? A man should be strong.”

Xie Xi looked at the golden shrimp and the fish with a rich aroma and his hungry stomach hurt. He swallowed his saliva and said, “Teacher, you eat. I don’t like to eat these things.”

Jiang Xie told him, “Fish and shrimp are high in protein. Eating them won’t make you fat.” The misunderstanding made Xie Xi very comfortable but he didn’t want to accept it. He shook his head and said, “I’m allergic to seafood.”

“Okay.” Jiang Xie pushed the potato stew with beef brisket and mushroom soup over. “Then eat this.”

Xie Xi hadn’t eaten meat for a long time. He saw that it was real beef and hesitated. “I…”

Jiang Xie interrupted him. “This is homework. You must eat up.”

Xie Xi didn’t move. If he ate this meal, the next meal would be even more uncomfortable.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xie stood up and said, “Those little girls saw me again. I will leave first.”

Xie Xi’s mouth dropped open. “Teacher, your dish…”

Jiang Xie had already left at a very fast pace.

The person had gone and the potatoes stew with brisket, the mushroom soup, the pomfret fish and the shrimp looked pitifully at him.

Xie Xi’s Adam’s Apple moved up and down. If he didn’t eat then these dishes would be wasted. Waste was shameful. He also couldn’t carry them to chase after Professor Jiang.

Sure enough…

Xie Xi picked up his chopsticks and poked the beef brisket. The beautiful beef brisket bounced and a fragrant scent came from it. The sauce covered the potatoes and everything was just right.

It would become cold if he didn’t eat and this was also wasteful. Xie Xi’s chopsticks were suspended for three seconds before finally making up his mind.

Eat it! He didn’t need to eat but since it was here, he would eat! In any case, the teacher was gone and it was better to satisfy his stomach than a cheap trash can.

Xie Xi picked up a beef brisket and ate it in one bite. The taste of the meat made him happy enough to die.

Really tasty! So delicious! By the time Xie Xi’s spirit returned, he had swept up everything on the table. Even the soup had been eaten with the rice.

At the age of 18, it was just right to eat more. Xie Xi was often hungry and he rarely had such a satisfying meal. He felt that he didn’t need to eat at night and could save three yuan. If he went to work, it wouldn’t be too late to go home with the night bus!

Xie Xi’s heart was beautiful and his impression of Jiang Xie changed by 360 degrees. Teacher Jiang might be born fancy but this teacher was still good!

In the afternoon, a senior of the school Sun Muqing found Xie Xi. “Xiao Xie, are you free recently?”

Sun Muqing was a new receptionist when Xie Xi entered the school and took great care of Xie Xi. He was grateful to this enthusiastic brother.

“Brother, what is it?”

Sun Muqing’s eyes brightened. “I have recently received a job. If you have time to help, I will pay you a salary!” He knew that Xie Xi lived alone and wasn’t well-off. This was no different from a timely rain for Xie Xi. He quickly responded, “Good!”

He had to save tuition fees for the next semester and was willing to do 10 jobs! Sun Muqing patted him on the shoulder. “Rest assured, I won’t treat you badly.”

Xie Xi told him, “Brother has always taken good care of me. I am very happy to help you.”

Today was a really lucky day. Xie Xi sat in the classroom with a full stomach, fully satisfied.

The afternoon classes finished and Xie Xi questioned Sun Muqing once they were over. Sun Muqing said there was no need to rush and he would tell Xie Xi after two days. Xie Xi nodded and returned home.

He didn’t live on campus. The accommodation fee might be very cheap but Xie Xi couldn’t afford to spend the money. He didn’t mind wasting half an hour running home.

Other people had to find the time to run while this was his workout! He was the only one had home since his mother Xie Su had long since moved out. He was accustomed to living by himself.

The old building was shabby and the sanitary conditions were extremely poor. If there was time, Xie Xi would clean the hallway, clear the small advertisements and do what he could.

However, he had been too busy recently and hadn’t cleaned it for a long time.

Xie Xi was breathless from the run. He looked at the time and saw it was still early, plus he had eaten enough at noon. He grabbed a broom and started sweeping the hallway.

There was no time to clear the small advertisements. He went back to the house to grab his glasses, wiped his face and walked out the door.

Xie Xi was covered with sweat. Once he walked into the winter weather, he couldn’t help shivering. He wanted to take a shower but the water heater at home consumed too much power and he couldn’t bear it.

It would be hot as soon as he ran. He would wash up once he arrived!

Xie Xi breathed lightly as he ran to the Light Smoke Bar. This was a job he had found a month ago, serving as a waiter at the bar.

This job was quite suitable for Xie Xi because the time period was good. It was from 6 p.m. to midnight and wouldn’t affect his normal classes. The salary also wasn’t bad. He just needed to wait for this week’s pay and his living expenses wouldn’t be so tight!

Xie Xi entered the bar from the back door and a youth he worked with, Xiao Li told him, “You are working too hard. You can take the bus. Since you have a student ID, isn’t it only a few yuan?”

Unfortunately, Xie Xi didn’t have the money to recharge his bus card.

Xie Xi replied, “I’ve been busy recently. Wait for next week and I will renew my bus card.”

Xiao Li continued, “It is also okay without a bus card. Isn’t it just one more yuan?”

Xie Xi didn’t say anything more about the topic. “I’ll go change my clothes.”

“Go and take a shower first. Remember to blow dry your hair.”

Xie Xi headed to the locker room. He felt much more comfortable after a hot shower. It must be the lunch that was giving him plenty of strength!

He changed into a small suit and pushed back the hair covering his eyes, revealing a smooth forehead.

Xiao Li came over and cried out, “This face, really…” He had seen it so many times but it was still so good!

Xie Xi smiled at him. “You’re also handsome.”

“I only feel handsome when I’m not with you. Once you come…geez…”

Xie Xi didn’t like his face. It hadn’t brought him anything good since he was a child.

“Come on, it’s almost time.” Xie Xi distracted him. “It is time to change shifts with Brother Chen.”

The bar had a clean and elegant style with a good atmosphere. The elite workers liked to come here to relax.

Xie Xi was particularly low-key and invisible in school. It was just that working here meant he had to expose his whole face. The moment the exposed his face, he would always get into trouble.

A middle-aged man who came here for nearly a month had already set his eyes on Xie Xi. Xie Xi was uncomfortable but couldn’t do anything. The person just watched him and ordered him to deliver wine, nothing else.

At 8 o’clock, Xie Xi went to the sixth booth to deliver wine and froze as soon as he arrived.

The man in the middle of the sixth booth was also startled.

Xie Xi quickly bowed his head while his hands were sweaty. It was the new professor who came today, Teacher Jiang!

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mahi lancelot
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mahi lancelot
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