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Open World 12

The four people left were all male. If they hadn’t lost their arms or legs then they would be great teammates.

Xie Xi thought about the nature of this game field and wasn’t surprised. These people had just finished the I love you VS shameless game.

This was also to prevent people from exchanging information about the games.

However, Miss Yun just said that she had enough intelligence. Perhaps she met an acquaintance who played more than one game like Xie Xi meeting Kong Ronglian.

In general, these odds were very small.

First of all, this person had to complete two games and the second game had to be the same as her so that they appeared in the same rest area. They also had to be familiar enough to exchange information.

Even if they exchanged information, she had to be lucky enough to pick this project.

The odds of this were so small that it was negligible. The game field didn’t have so much luck.

For example, Xie Xi received information on the carousel but he didn’t pick that project. Of course, Xie Xi didn’t want to piece the brain-breaking game that was riding on the zombie horses!

The man without a left arm gazed at Jiang Xie in a dejected manner, “You are too stupid. The two of you will die if you stay here.”

The famous figure in the Central Government and the SS-grade designer X was called stupid twice in one day. Xie Xi actually felt a bit… happy.

The brother without a right arm also said, “There is no point in being sentimental. Brotherhood is good but…”

Jiang Xie interrupted, “We aren’t brothers.”

This was the point! He was somewhat annoyed with the missing arm brothers who analyzed his life problem.

Jiang Xie calmly told them, “We are…”

Xie Xi always thought that X had no brains and quickly said, “He is my master! We are student and teacher!”

Jiang Xie stared at him.

Xie Xi raised a smiling face. “Master, you as so kind. I knew you wouldn’t leave me.”

Jiang Xie smiled at him. “I can leave anything but I can’t live without you.”

Xie Xi, “…”

The no arm brothers heard this thick and impure taste and had the same expression. The teacher and student were in love, no wonder why they had to die together.

Xie Xi was furious and didn’t want to find arms for them!

“You are going to die yet you are still in the mood to smile.” The one who said this was a short-haired man without a leg. He was thinner than the people present and his expression was the ugliest.

The I love you VS shameless game gave him a huge shock and the group of people just now had broken his hope. Thus, his spirit was very unstable. “Do you know who that woman is?”

Xie Xi thought, ‘Who can it be? In any case, she can’t be a female version of X.’

The short-haired man exclaimed in a tone that scared them to death. “She is Miss Yunge! Don’t you know Yunge? The largest organization in Central, filled with senior players and even excellent designers!”

Oh… them…

He spoke such sensational news but Jiang Xie and Xie Xi were indifferent. Then the man became annoyed, “You are newcomers who know nothing!”

The man who hadn’t spoken seemed to be afraid of pain and he whispered, “Her name is Yun Die. This time, she brought a dozen elites to open the world together. There is also an intermediate explorer. I have seen him and he should’ve received all the intermediate qualifications. He is very strong!”

How strong could he be? Could he string up a group of zombies?

The man without a left arm spoke up. “It is no use saying this. They have got on the car so let’s go.”

The short-haired man without a leg resisted, “I won’t go! I would rather wait here to die than be fed to zombies.”

The man without a left arm raised his eyebrow. “If you don’t go, we will be missing a person and the car won’t start. Do you want us to die here with you?”

Xie Xi heard this and knew why Yun Die waited for them to arrive. The rules of the game stated that the car had to be full before it started.

The short-haired man sneered. “What’s wrong with this? You will die anyway!”

The other man with no arm had a more explosive temper, “You want to die but we want to fight!”

The short-haired man cursed, “Fu*k, a bunch of cripples will just die!”

The man without a right arm cried out, “How do you know without trying? You might not have a leg but you aren’t even bloody!”

The short-haired man sneered. “In any case…”

Before he could finish, Xie Xi stood before him and asked, “Do you want to die?”

The short-haired man looked up to sweat but became stunned.

The young man who didn’t need to use face cream had a pair of very beautiful eyes. However, at this time, they were filled with an explicit intention to kill. His pale lips were slightly raised and his voice was like an ice blade buried at the bottom of an abyss. “I can help you.”

The short-haired man had a sallow complexion. “You, what are you going to do?” Xie Xi slowly asked, “Isn’t it boring waiting here to die?”

The short-haired man was frightened. “If you kill me, you won’t have enough people. This is also a dead end!”

“You won’t get on the car anyway.”

The short-haired man stuttered, “I… I…”

Xie Xi said, “There are dead ends to the left and right. Since you are anxious to die early, I will help you first.”

After the baptism of the first world, it was easy for Xie Xi to pretend to be crazy and he easily tricked the short-haired man.

They were all players. Xie Xi might seem soft but he couldn’t be regarded as a child. Not to mention that he was missing a limb. It would be easy if this young man really wanted to kill him.

Putting aside this short-haired man, the other three also felt awkward.

Only Jiang Xie had an almost uncontrollable smile on his face. How was this child so cute?

“Fu*k!” The short-haired man burst out before getting up. “You’re a damn lunatic.” He jumped pretty fast on one leg and got into the car.

Xie Xi glanced at the other three and they also got on the car without speaking.

Not all of the four people were frightened and even felt some hope. These two able-bodied people seemed confident. Could they be strong enough to act for six people?

They spoke about death but who actually wanted to die? They might lack an arm or leg but they had tenaciously arrived at this second project. Who would be willing to wait for death?

They got on the car and the game begun.

A voice was heard in their ears, “Welcome to chicken mobilization. Please try to defeat these nasty chickens! The high scoring team in the first round will be able to upgrade their car and the second round will be safer! Come on! These chickens are too annoying. Be sure to kill them all!”

Xie Xi quickly thought about the message.

The task was to defeat the chickens and the clearance conditions might be to kill. At present, it seemed that there were two rounds and it was a team competition mode. The team with the higher score could upgrade their car, which was more advantageous in the second round of combat…

Yun Die had already set off early and had probably gained a lot of points already. Xie Xi thought there would be a scoreboard and sure enough, he looked in front and saw a fluorescent card. The words on it were simple and rough.

First Car: 22 points.

Second Car: 0 points.

Xie Xi’s group was obviously in the second car. The short-haired man started to speak frustrated words, “How can we fu*king survive?”

He was already in the car so Xie Xi was too lazy to care about him and sat down next to Jiang Xie.

The four disabled people still wanted to live. They took their seats according to the serial number and were responsible for one direction.

The car was round and had six seats facing six directions. Each seat had a long knife. Based on this, it was obvious that the chickens would come from six directions and one person was responsible for one side. That’s why Yun Die hoped to find a strong person.

Since attacks were coming from six directions, one gap was fatal. It was best to have six steady people so the survival rate was the highest.

Xie Xi’s combat effectiveness was ordinary and he might not be able to beat a chicken.

That’s why he sat next to Jiang Xie, so they could take care of each other. The thing he wasn’t sure about was…

“Can I put chicken legs on them?”

Jiang Xie muffled a laugh. “If the chickens are big then it should be easy.”

Xie Xi thought of that image and felt complicated. “Won’t they be too ugly?”

“They are afraid of death.”

“That’s right.” Xie Xi was relieved. “I hope they are big chickens!”

Jiang Xie, “…”

Xie Xi noticed his strange expression and asked, ”What’s wrong?”

Jiang Xie coughed and replied, “Apprentice, I taught you well.”


The stinky Teacher Jiang, “Don’t say chicken. You are I are civilized.”

Xie Xi, “………………………………”

It was good that Jiang Xie couldn’t see the goodwill refreshing or he would probably flinch and zip up his mouth.

The car started and Xie Xi was able to see the chicken…

Unfortunately, the chickens were very small. They looked like normal, fierce roosters. Their chicken crown was colourful and they didn’t seem seriously strong at first glance!

The chickens were small but the surprising thing was they were riding a zombie alone. It seemed they could manipulate these zombies as they rushed towards the car!

The four people with limbs missing were pale and shivering.

This game really wasn’t simple. The chickens were simply fixtures while the real mobilization was the zombies!

So many zombies… there were no end to them. Even if they weren’t seriously injured and had limbs missing, they wouldn’t be able to kill so many zombies!

What about the two people who were physically sound? It was impossible even if they had full intermediate qualifications. They could only run away from the zombie tide!

It was over, it was over. A real dead end.

The short-haired man said, “I fu*king said it already. Getting on the car is…”

The man beside him cut off a zombie’s arm. The angle was just right and push sprayed all over him.

The short-haired man stiffened and turned to look at Jiang Xie.

Jiang Xie had long been annoyed with him. Could this person stop polluting the child’s ears with swear words?

Xie Xi also cut a zombie on his side and told Jiang Xie, “Help me stop them for a while.”

It was easy with the zombies. The four disabled people could be resurrected full of blood!

The first car.

Yun Die looked at the counter.

Zhou Wuwei spoke from beside her, “Miss, rest assured. We will definitely win the first round.”

They had 26 points while the second car had 0 points. It was estimated that those people didn’t even have the courage to get on the car!

Yun Die thought of that handsome and extraordinary man and lamented, “…I didn’t think he was a fool.”

“The second car has points!”

“Why are you yelling? So what if they have points? With four crippled people, they can only cut off a few heads…” Zhou Wuwei couldn’t finish his words because he was gobsmacked.

Yun Die asked, “What’s the problem?” She looked up at the scoreboard and froze.

How could this be?

Why did the second car suddenly have 25 points?

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