GL: Chapter 196

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Collapsed God End

After hearing this and thinking about it, many clues proved that the United States wasn’t a conventional human society that Xie Xi could understand.

The gender division of rational and emotional was an unacceptable one-size-fits-all approach to complex human nature.

There was no absolute rationality in people or people who were absolutely emotional. People couldn’t be defined by a label and each individual was incredibly different.

Whether it was emotional or rational, each division was too one-sided. It was as if there was an effort to imitate humans but it didn’t work.

The method of reincarnation could also be understood. Artificial intelligence was close to eternal life. They created a body similar to human bodies and once the bodies became old and sick, they entered reincarnation and obtained a new shell. Yet their essence was still the invisible data.

As for the gene pool, it was estimated to be what the earliest batch of artificial intelligence left behind.

It was said that the gene pool was used to produce life but in fact, it was simply to create bodies.

The earliest batch of artificial intelligence forget these facts along with the reincarnation and this truth disappeared into history, the guise left behind becoming true.

There were techniques such as erasing memories, super high-speed brain computing ability, trying to eat but not enjoying food, the rigid genders imposed on them… there were signs in many places.

The emotional gender seemed the most human-like because they had feelings. Could this gender distinction be due to variation in the original batch of artificial intelligence?

One side was purely rational and didn’t understand emotions. The other side came in contact with humans and learnt from them, gaining some empathy.

Thus, there was the existence of rational and emotional.

The emotional tried to change the rational but unfortunately, rational people only learnt physiological desires.

The rational also tried to change the emotional but the reason was to cause pain and near destruction.

It was unknown how much the two sides had experienced in their long history before they developed the present social form. They legally and morally constrained each other and co-existed in harmony.

The things that happened in the first place and the reasons for humanity’s disappearance couldn’t be verified.

Everything left behind only showed the exploration and struggles of the artificial intelligence.

The middle aged man sighed. “These bodies are the shackles you gave yourself.”

An artificial intelligence didn’t need the fragile human flesh at all but they reproduced themselves into this appearance.

This was simply due to their yearning for humanity. They might have enough power to look down on their creators but they still remembered the infinite longing for humans.

Compared to Xie Xi who could still think clearly, the three Jiang Xie were completely stunned and their three views were shattered.

Xie Xi could understand how complicated their emotions were right now.

From another angle, the earth was going to be destroyed and humanity wiped out. The heroes found a way to save the world and went through many hardships to come to this holy place to see the legendary god. Then they found that god was an ant that could be crushed with their fingers.

The ant told the humans, ‘You are created by me and I am your creator.’

How ridiculous was it? Yet this ridiculousness was the truth.

Xie Xi sighed and asked the middle-aged man, “Do you think we destroyed human civilization?”

The middle-aged man was stunned because asking with a small smile, “Are you testing me?”

Xie Xi became tense and clearly felt that this was an individual, a person with complex emotions who couldn’t be calculated by any formulas.

Xie Xi asked in a straightforward manner, “Do you hate us?”

He must ask in order to test out this man’s emotions, otherwise he wouldn’t dare tell the man about the disaster the United States was facing.

The middle-aged man looked at Xie Xi and Jiang Xie before shaking his head. “No, I think the demise of humanity has nothing to do with you. Now you are independent living bodies, not humans or artificial intelligence. You are your own selves.”

Xie Xi stared at him and saw his calmness and reassurance. He was like an old man looking at his grown up children.

Xie Xi sighed with relief. “We need your help.”

The middle-aged man was surprised before laughing. “What can I do if you can’t solve the problem?”

Xie Xi explained about the impending collapse of the universe, the discovery of the pole and the information about from the pole about how to find this person.

The middle-aged man was startled. “The pole?”

Xie Xi gave a detailed account, stressing, “That place can withstand the universe collapsing but it is only the size of a palm.

The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows. “Why would the pole contain my coordinates?”

Xie Xi was also unclear about this question but they did find the only remaining human because of these coordinates.

After a long period of time, Big Jiang slowly accepted these facts and calmed down. “I don’t think this gentleman can save the United States.”

They came here, found the ‘Creator’ and even discovered the truth about the birth of the United States. Then what?

How could such a ‘god’ save the United States?

Xie Xi didn’t speak.

The middle-aged man sighed. “I will help you.”

Xie Xi’s eyes lit up. “Do you have a method?”

The middle-aged man spoke slowly. “The palm-sized pole can’t fit any organism but it should fit you.”

Xie Xi had a vague guess but he couldn’t believe it because he lived in the United States for so long and it seemed real…

The middle-aged man explained, “The thing you call an SSS-grade physique is actually the original super artificial intelligence. All artificial intelligence after that were copied from you.”

Xie Xi hadn’t thought of this and couldn’t help being stunned.

“I still remember your source code and can write the entire United States into a hard drive the size of your palm.” It was difficult to have such a small but large capacity hard drive in the Earth era but this was a super artificial intelligence. It must be capable in the new society built, even if they didn’t need it before.

The three Jiang Xie were stunned.

The pole that could withstand the collapse of the universe was the size of a palm. No organic matter could survive but they could be put inside a hard drive.

Xie Xi was the first to regain his senses and couldn’t help asking, “What about afterwards?”

The universe would collapse, the pole would remain intact and the new universe would be born…

The middle-aged man showed a gentle gaze, filled with erudite and wisdom. “The next world might be your world.”

Initially, artificial intelligence didn’t stay in an inorganic shell. People thought they could never live yet they evolved into such a magnificent civilization.

Facing the disaster of the universe, perhaps only inorganic matter could continue to exist.

The new world might be slowly built by them.

Xie Xi’s task was to find the collapsed god. Finding the old professor didn’t complete this task. Instead, the task was completed after making the ‘hard drive’ that contained the entire United States.

He couldn’t believe it but this was indeed the right path. The moment the old professor started writing the source code into the hard drive, Xie Xi saw the progress bar of his main task slowly moving forward…

The three Jiang Xie were the first to enter the hard drive. They were the so-called first machine. It was only after they entered that others could follow.

It was hard to describe in words but once Xie Xi found himself leaving his flesh and blood and entering the hard drive, he felt an indescribable sense of completeness, a wonderful form of life.

Humans couldn’t understand but this was really existence… life.

Xie Xi failed to see the birth of the new universe because after the hard drive was collected his mission was over.

Xie Xi had nothing to worry about. HIs task was completed, the world was repaired and the disaster was gone.

In the last period of time, Xie Xi and the old professor talked a lot. He deeply remembered a joke the old man said.

‘I might be an incompetent creator but I can still save you.’

This ordinary and fragile god might be surpassed by his most ordinary follower but he still had true power.

Once Xie Xi returned to the centre, he felt that he seemed to touch something.

The Central Government might be ordinary, fragile and common but it was carrying thousands of worlds.

TL: I loved this arc so much. The world-building, the twist at the end, the three Jiang Xie, everything just hit the right spot for me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Wow… just wow. I did not expect that twist (I guess many others probably have seen this coming). I was too engrossed in the catfight and I regret not appreciating the setting more.

This is simply marvelous!

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And the final plot twist — haven’t seen that coming at all. This arc was one really amazing story!


I also really enjoyed this arc. Everything about it was so good and it was so well written and that ending. It was such a nice plot twist that made so much sense. And it just all worked together in the end.

Thanks for the update!


….eh? what is this odd sense of peace that i feel? so much peacefulness. not sadness, not happiness, but just…..peacefulness. the twist was amazing. why this society was so different from human society and why there had to be four SSS to unlock it. the creator was so old and wise and…..human. all the arcs have been good but i think thus is my favorite one so far 🙂 thank you for taking the time to translate this and share it with all of us!

(p.s. little x’s dream was so sweet~)


I really enjoyed the last and this arc. Every love story kinda touched me, but if only there wasn’t the stress of pedaling X boats and juggling time for each person. LOL.


I enjoyed this arc a lot too, the author did such a good job!

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i felt that until now xie xi had this world as the most peaceful one because even if he ended up being a slag the souls would not feel bad and feel peaceful to know that at least they knew that xie xi loved them..and to be fair i liked the fact that xi didnot have to hide his relationships this time and all the souls would know about his relationships with other souls..and i also felt that this souls were most peaceful ones tho they were brainy but not violent like the previus ones…
thanks for the chapter:D


What a therapeutic ending. Thanks for your hard work ❤️


Thank you so much for the translations!! The themes of each arc ending are becoming more and more vast and thoughtful. It’s really interesting.

Haruki Natsuyu

The Central Government… i feel like the reason why X (Old Jiang Xie) created this world and it collapsed is because… maybe… to leave a clue how to ‘cure’ the Central Government?

Best arc for me, too, and i love it 😍😍😍😍😍


This arc is my favourite one so far. That twist at the end was unexpected. I do wonder what happens after Xiao Xie leaves that world though and how the new ‘humans’ will move forward after the destruction of the universe.

Jeongipoom Deer

Thank you for the translations. The one good thing about being behind in my reading is that I was able to read the whole last part of this arc in one go! I’m supposed to be rushing to catch a ferry, but can’t help taking time to respond to this arc. This book, overall, is such a surprise and so different from everything else I’ve read. The author really creates thought provoking worlds and the overall story seems to have deeper meaning beyond the usual romance. That being said, this romance is also one of my favorites and I’ve admittedly read a lot of them. Looking forward to whatever comes next, but guess it will wait til after the ferry is caught!


Same TL! I also love this arc. I hate sad scenes, but surprisingly, my favorites were the scenes about Xie Xi trying to cope from his heartbreak from big and mid JX😭


same, this is such a great arc. So interesting, and I definitely didn’t expect them to be a form of artificial intelligence owo


Yea me too I didnt really realized it.. I thought Xiao Xi used “Brain circuits” as a random term and the reincarnation + memory eraser is normal in a futuristic era, more so if you know/watched the series Black Mirror S1E3.


I love the complexity of each world and be deepness goes further and further each time, touching the very values of life – what is life? What is existence? I am – therefore I am?

Thank you so so so much for translating this story! I would have missed something in life if I hadn’t started to read this story!


I enjoyed tremendously too 🙂
It also make sense, humans can’t exist without emotions. Sadly it has been demonstrating from people after brain injury, if there’s a loss of emotional perceptions, the individuals are simply unable to take any kind of decisions. Biut it works i. Ai ? (Even in horny ai 😂)


Just every arc seems so epic I can’t choose what’s my favorite anymore, and I also can’t help think and worry about the creator, after he does that, where he will go? Is he going to sacrifice… And wait for the collapse after helping them? You see, he’s the only pure human left, after he saves them he’s the only one who can put it to the pole.. it’s also because he can’t become a code….
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I too, enjoyed this arc. The author seems to have a good grasp of science fiction and fantasy.
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I low key think the machine translated it that way and does not necessarily mean our United States.


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Wow… This quasi-world really took the cake. I don’t know how to describe it, but the way it was described, the building of the plot, and the twist in the end was so good. The plots of the quasi-world just keep and keeps improving.


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Literal God

This ended up being my least favourite arc. I really hated the oldest Jiang way too much to get into the trio. XX’s inaction was pretty disgusting in this world in particular because the person who was getting bullied, hurt and ignored the most was a child. He was really insensitive in this one.

The world setting was pretty boring for me. I was interested in XX’s exception to the rational/emotional rule, thinking they were going to do something with it like maybe the extremes were caused by the expectations placed on then and their behaviours (like erasing memories) but no…they’re AI. The twist didn’t mean anything at all. The ending was abrupt. I left this arc for the first time since I started this, feeling like I wasted my time.

Definitely wasn’t for me.


I wanna kiss Jiang Xie’s and by extension the author’s brain how’re they so good ;-;