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Collapsing 12 Boundaries 3

The young Aries was energetic. How could the young Jiang Xie in front of him give off such an indifferent and cold feeling?

Despite the sun shining, it was completely cold and chilly.

Xie Xi didn’t forget about his strangeness. He raised his head and cried out, “Jiang Xie?” but he only let out an embarrassing meow.

How did he become a cat? Roast Pork Bun couldn’t come out. How did he become Roast Pork Bun?

A bit of temperature filled Jiang Xie’s cold eyes as he patted Xie Xi’s little head. “So dirty.”

Xie Xi, “…”

He felt incredible dislike and it was fortunate that Cat Xie couldn’t speak. Jiang Xie saw the drooping cat ears and smiled lightly. “You are so dirty that no one would want to raise you.”

Xie Xi muttered, “There is no need for people to raise me.” The sound was a pathetic meow.

Jiang Xie didn’t say anything else and held him. Xie Xi was quite concerned. Was he really that dirty? He bowed his head and only saw a pair of small paws.

He seemed to be a black and white cat? The front paws were regular white gloves while the other fur was black. Just based on these little paws… well, he was pretty dirty.

After all, he was a stray cat chased by wild dogs. It was normal to be dirty.

Xie Xi hadn’t adapted to the cat’s body yet so it was quite comfortable for Jiang Xie to hold him. He used this chance to look around.

They were walking along a small riverside path. The wind in early spring was still cold from winter and the trees by the river were dry. It seemed that hadn’t yet woken up from a deep winter sleep.

Naturally, there was no ice on the river. It was just that the water wasn’t too clear and the flow was very slow. It was a type of river that every city would try to control but this wouldn’t last long.

There was a ramp on the left side of the trail and a road above. Vehicles passed by and the traffic wasn’t blocked at all since it wasn’t the peak period.

It was around 10 o’clock in the morning? Cat Xie looked up at the sun. If the teenage Jiang Xie was wearing a watch on his wrist then Xie Xi could directly tell the time.

It was a pity that Jiang Xie looked very plain. Forget a watch, even the clothes were white from being washed too much. It seemed that Aries’ situation wasn’t too good?

Xie Xi wasn’t clear about it but it didn’t matter. Xie Xi would definitely let him live well and have a blessed life.

Xie Xi could do such a little thing. Wait… Xie Xi became aware of a serious question. Could he really paint in the god’s wisdom with his cat paws? He was afraid that he couldn’t even hold the pen!

The only golden finger couldn’t be used. Don’t talk about raising the teenager, Cat Xie might end up being the one raised.

Well, don’t be discouraged. It was best to wait and try it. Who said that cats couldn’t draw? The paws might not work but he had his mouth. Couldn’t he hold the pen with it? This problem wasn’t big!

Xie Xi still had some doubts about the scene in front of him. He agreed to the light group’s invitation and entered the light group.

Was the light group a boundary? Then the 12 light groups were 12 boundaries? Was this the structure of the world?

What was he supposed to do after entering here? The true spirit must be Jiang Xie so had he found it?

Of course not.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. He had done a few tasks and understood that anxiety wouldn’t solve the problem. The clues needed to be gradually discovered.

In this mood, Aries took him to an apartment. Xie Xi glanced around and found that the community’s environment wasn’t bad. It was much better than Xie Xi’s previous home.

Jiang Xie used his access control card and went upstairs after walking through a neat garden.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xie didn’t take the elevator but walked straight up the stairs. Fortunately, there were only four floors. The youth’s legs were fast and his breathing wasn’t messed up at all.

Xie Xi didn’t expect Aries to love sports. Sure enough, he was energetic inside despite looking indifferent on the surface.

Later, Xie Xi knew that Jiang Xie didn’t take the elevator purely because he didn’t want to meet people.

Inside the house, Xie Xi looked around again. Of course, this action turned into a cat sticking his head out and looking around.

Jiang Xie thought he was afraid and spoke softly, “There is no dog at home.”

Who would be afraid of dogs? Then the giant dog’s head flashed through his mind and Cat Xie was silent. The big dog was a bit surprising.

Xie Xi generally understood.

This was a one bedroom single apartment. The decorations were okay and all the necessary furniture was present. It was quite good, apart from being a bit small.

Still, it could be seen from this household that Jiang Xie was living on his own. A young man of 16 or 17 was living on his own?

Xie Xi wasn’t clear about Jiang Xie’s family situation since he never asked in Central.

This was the ‘etiquette’ between players. Only those who were abandoned by their original world and gave up on their original world would enter Central. For many people, they were unwilling to recall their original world.

For whatever reason, being abandoned was a bad memory.

What’s more, Jiang Xie had been in Central for so long and had probably almost completely forgotten his original world. Xie Xi didn’t want to ask him about it.

It was good to put it down and look forward. It was very painful to pursue the past.

Xie Xi wasn’t sure about Jiang Xie’s past but this was a simple new world. In any case, it didn’t matter. It was considered to be true once he met and encountered it.

As the summary stated, things weren’t true because people believed in it. It was because they believed in it that it became true.

Jiang Xie placed the kitten on the sofa. “Wait for me.”

Xie Xi saw his dirty paws leave muddy prints on the grey-white sofa.

He was really dirty… Xie Xi wanted to jump off the sofa and stay on the ground but Jiang Xie pressed on his small head and told him, “Don’t run away. Stay here.”

Xie Xi, “…” This sofa was really dirty, wouldn’t cleaning it up be troublesome?

Jiang Xie obviously couldn’t imagine a cat would care about this and ordered, “Don’t run away.” His tone was meant to coax the kitten.

Xie Xi was too lazy to take care of this person who was stupid enough to place him on the sofa. In any case, it was already dirty. Xie Xi lay down and didn’t move.

There was a small smile on the youth’s face, who clearly didn’t laugh often. Jiang Xie’s voice also warmed up a bit. “Good, I’ll be back soon.”

Xie Xi wasn’t a real cat. How could he run away? Not only would Xie Xi not run away, he would bring Jiang Xie to a happy life in the future.

Cat Xie thought this and subconsciously took a very dignified posture.

Jiang Xie was really fast and came back in around two or three minutes. Xie Xi saw him going into the bathroom and thought he was relieving himself. The problem wasn’t too serious.

Who knew that Jiang Xie would take him into the bathroom? It wasn’t until Xie Xi saw the full basin of water that he understood.

It turned out to be a bath for him. Okay, he was really dirty and couldn’t lick his fur. It was best to take a bath.

Jiang Xie held him a bit tighter and his voice was gentle. “Don’t be afraid. It is just a bath.”

Cat Xie turned a blind eye. “Nonsense.” Unfortunately, it became a meow.

Jiang Xie spoke to himself. “Sure enough, it is afraid of water.”

Xie Xi said, “I’m not afraid, let me go into the water.”

The meowing became more intense…

Jiang Xie coaxed him. “You are too dirty and need to be washed.”

“Don’t talk nonsense and wash me!”

Jiang Xie muttered, “It seems to be even more tragic.”

Xie Xi, “……..” A cat speaking didn’t work!

Jiang Xie was worried as he placed the kitten in the water. Xie Xi certainly wasn’t afraid of water but perhaps it was the instincts of his body that made him shrink back. Jiang Xie immediately covered him with water.

Xie Xi was a bit ashamed. He really wasn’t afraid of water…

However, this water didn’t feel the same as before. A cat’s fur was heavy and it was so uncomfortable when the fur stuck to the body. It felt like a person wearing a down jacket in the bath. It really wasn’t comfortable!

Xie Xi realized why pets were so resistant to bathing. Being afraid of water was one thing, the uncomfortable feeling was also an important factor! Fortunately, he wasn’t a real cat and could hold back.

Jiang Xie saw the kitten shivering with fear and softly reassured him. “Don’t be afraid, it’ll be good soon.”

“Don’t talk nonsense and wash me quickly. It is uncomfortable.”

The meows just sounded petulant. The teenager’s eyes warmed but there was a lingering desolation in the depths of his eyes. He spoke like a child. “Good kitten, it will soon be fine.”

Xie Xi was very uncomfortable but he heard the gentleness in Jiang Xie’s voice and combined with Jiang Xie’s light hands, he adapted more and more.

The danger of washing was over and then there was the blow drying. Jiang Xie told him again, “I have to blow dry you or you will catch a cold.”

Xie Xi really wasn’t afraid and it was uncomfortable to be wet. It was better to blow dry him.

He lay on Jiang Xie’s leg and wet his clothes but the teenager didn’t care. He just patiently blew Xie Xi’s fur from left to right and inside and outside. It was very thorough.

Xie Xi almost fell asleep. The hairdryer stopped and Jiang Xie stared at the kitten in his arms, whispering, “You’re so cute after washing.”

Xie Xi raised his eyelids and stared at this person. “Meow.” Nonsense.

Jiang Xie pressed a hand to his head. “You should suppress your temper.”

Xie Xi, “…” What type of joke was this? He was bad-tempered? Jiang Xie placed him on the sofa again. It was naturally the clean side.

He said, “I’ll get some food for you.”

Xie Xi was a bit hungry but he didn’t want to eat cat food! Jiang Xie had no cat food at home. He went online and found that cats could eat rice and cooked chicken breasts. Then he made Xie Xi some food.

Xie Xi gazed at this ‘rice’ and reluctantly ate after feeling his stomach growling. After eating and drinking enough, Jiang Xie rubbed his furry head. “Are you full?”

“Meow.” He was full. Jiang Xie smiled but the desolation in his eyes was more obvious.

At this point, Xie Xi didn’t know what was going on. Jiang Xie picked him up and went out with a paper box.

Xie Xi was full after eating and he was a bit sleepy. He was warm in Jiang Xie’s arm and felt quite comfortable. He was dazed the entire way and as he was about to fall asleep, Jiang Xie placed down.

Xie Xi wondered, “Hrmm?”

Jiang Xie carefully padded the box and placed him inside. What was this? How could Xie Xi expect that Jiang Xie would give him away?

Jiang Xie patted him again. “This family is great and they will surely take good care of you.”

Xie Xi, “???”

Jiang Xie smiled at him. “You became very beautiful after washing. Rest assured, they will adopt you.”

Then he got up and left.

Xie Xi finally reacted. This person worked hard to bring him home, bathe him and feed it. It was just to make him fat for other hands?

How could Xie Xi let him go? He rushed out and struck Jiang Xie’s shoes. Painful! “Meow, meow!”

This cry was very tragic and Jiang Xie’s footsteps slowed. He turned around to see the little cat grabbing his leg. His eyes flashed slightly as he crouched down. “Be obedient. You will be very happy to be their pet.”

“Who was going to be a pet?” Meow meow meow!

Jiang Xie frowned. Xie Xi held this person’s leg tightly, small claws hooked into the pants. It was an appearance that showed he didn’t intend to let go.

Jiang Xie stared at him for a while, voice full of difficulty. “If you follow me, you will suffer.”

Xie Xi told him, “Follow me and you won’t suffer.”

Jiang Xie was still cruel and removed Xie Xi’s claws, his face fiercely cold. “I don’t like cats and will never keep a cat. Don’t haunt me.”

Xie Xi, “…”

Jiang Xie saw the cat let go and immediately strode away like a flood of beasts was chasing him.

Xie Xi froze for a moment before running after him. Want to run! No way! Cat Xie chased after Jiang Xie but couldn’t find him after a few steps…

Xie Xi stopped as rain poured on his head. He wanted to scent Jiang Xie but the rain blocked his smell.

Xie Xi was stunned and stood in the rain in a daze. What should he do? He might know Jiang Xie’s home but he didn’t know how to find the community.

He was unprepared when Jiang Xie brought him out of the house. He didn’t expect to be thrown away and was completely confused about the route. He didn’t even know how far he had been brought out.

The originally washed clean cat fur was dirty again. It was also wet and sticky.

However, Xie Xi couldn’t care about this. He had to find Jiang Xie! The condition of the teenage Jiang Xie worried him and he couldn’t leave this person alone.

Xie Xi ran for a long time like a headless fly in the rain. Once he was tired, he was finally picked up by big hands.

Xie Xi felt it was Jiang Xie and was a bit angry. “How could you run?!” The sound that emerged was a weak and poor meow.

Jiang Xie held him and spoke in a hoarse voice, “If you are with me, you will die.”

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4 years ago

😭😭 tiny Jiang is so angsty

4 years ago

I think the reason why Jiang Xie wa sable to cut his soul was because he didn’t value his life as much as others. That’s why he thought to himself, if I can do good by offering myself, then why not.

2 years ago

“As the summary stated, things weren’t true because people believed in it. It was because they believed in it that it became true.”

This is contradoctary.. The previous statement made sense which was “Remember, you don’t believe in things because they are real. It is because you believe in them that they are real.”

However now this new sentence, it states that believing in things didn’t mean it’s true. “Things weren’t true bc ppl believed in it”. They are true bc ppl believe in it! People believe in it so it’s real and became true, why say the opposite now?

2 years ago

I`m not crying…..