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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 25

The puppet was ready! Xie Xi and the other roses had to be thankful! Then… he soon became aware of a problem.

He was in a painting. Why did the system still give him the prompt? Could this puppet still be used in the painting?

Xie Xi hesitated for a moment and didn’t use it for the time being.

There should still be another arc in the memory of the god’s wisdom, which was when Nine Tails came to Rose Mountain to find Xie Xi.

After all, the point of time that matched with reality had almost arrived.

Xie Xi didn’t use the Puppet Technique because he was afraid that Nine Tails would suddenly appear and see two Xie Xis, raising his suspicions.

According to the previous line of thought, he should now go out for a stroll and meet the small silver fox among the fireflies. However, Xie Xi didn’t go. He didn’t follow the direction of the god’s wisdom and found himself a place to hide.

He didn’t want to leave the god’s wisdom because he hadn’t found a name for Nine Tails yet.

In the god’s wisdom of Azure Dragon, Xie Xi had no experience and was only afraid he would be trapped inside. He followed every scene and was finally bounced out.

If he didn’t follow it step by step this time, could he make some changes? What would happen?

Xie Xi hid in an empty house, locked the door, closed the window and used the Puppet Technique.

A person who looked exactly the same as him appeared in front of him. This was much more bizarre than looking in the mirror. After all, it was three-dimensional.

Xie Xi poked the puppet and the puppet was motionless. It didn’t even blink. That’s it? What was the use?

At this time, he found a prompt in the lower right corner.

[A low-level puppet can only perform simple commands and communicate with less than three words.

It is an independently re-shaped puppet and your body won’t be damaged after its death.

If the original body suffers an injury, the puppet can act as a substitute (ignores distance but must be in the same quasi-world).]

Xie Xi saw the prompt and felt very disgusted.

Less than three words, was there a need for any command? Just order it to go and sleep! Siri was much better than it!

Then he saw the second part and didn’t react much. If his puppet died and his body was actually damaged, this privilege would be too bad!

It wasn’t until he saw that third part that Xie Xi remembered he seemed to be the emperor of luck.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion but he always felt that after being together with Jiang Xie, his luck had run away towards the abyss and hadn’t come back.

The puppet could be used as a substitute. This was much more powerful.

He might have Roast Pork Bun which allowed him to be painlessly immune to three fatal injuries but he had no way with ordinary injuries. Like before when Houqing had hit him. If there had been the puppet, Xie Xi wouldn’t have needed to grit his teeth in pain.

Xie Xi left the puppet in this room and ordered it to be on standby.

This god’s wisdom belonged to Nine Tails and there was no need to coax other souls for the moment. Thus, the puppet’s greatest use was bearing injuries.

Xie Xi wasn’t sure if there would be any danger but he didn’t need to worry with a talisman.

As he left, Xie Xi started to make the next puppet.

To his surprise, the second puppet was much faster than the first one. Perhaps it was faster because there was a mould? Of course, this speed still required a few days of hard work.

Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry since he needed to find a way to discover Nine Tails’ name.

According to the progress of the god’s wisdom, Nine Tails finding him on Rose Mountain would force him out. If he didn’t want to go out, he had to change the ‘past.’

Xie Xi decided to take the initiative and go to Demon Sea to find Nine Tails!

At this time, Nine Tails hadn’t sent the betrothal gift yet. Going to the Demon Sea wasn’t easy but Xie Xi wasn’t afraid to delay time in the god’s wisdom and walked on foot.

After walking for three days, he experienced the rejection and his whole lower body was stiff with pain.

Fortunately, there was the puppet. Xie Xi directly transferred the damage and stiffly continued.

He used Roast Pork Bun to explore the way and tenaciously walked for 20 days before arriving in the Demon Sea.

He arrived at the Demon Sea but was still far away from Nine Tailed Fox Palace. Fortunately, Xie Xi wasn’t in a hurry. Presumably, Nine Tails was looking everywhere for him.

Sure enough, he was discovered by the fox family as soon as he stepped into the Demon Sea.

“Oh my god,” a green fox exclaimed. “Did you come from Rose Mountain?”

Xie Xi had long shifted the damage but he still pretended to be in pain. “Can I see Lord Nine Tails?”

The green fox replied, “Lord Nine Tails sent you back to Rose Mountain to let you heal. You…”

He didn’t finish when Nine Tails appeared. He held Xie Xi in his arms and gasped out in distress, “Why did you do something so nonsensical?”

The ‘weak and powerless’ Xie Xi leaned in his arms and whispered, “I wanted to see you.”

Nine Tails, “!”

The green fox hurriedly said, “Your Excellency, let’s go back to Nine Tailed Fox Palace. You can’t stay here for a long time.”

They headed back. Then Nine Tails’ voice was hoarse as he spoke to Xie Xi. “You should’ve remembered it.”

He was getting weaker these days and the enchantment was releasing. The little rose should’ve remembered the past.

Xie Xi paused before nodded lightly. Nine Tails stiffened and barely smiled. “Then you came to the Demon Sea to find Houqing?”

Xie Xi shook his head. “No, I came to see you.”

Nine Tails avoided his gaze. “Do you need my help? Just say it and if it within my power, I will definitely help you.” Even if it was helping him return to Houqing.

Xie Xi told him, “Of course you can do it. Only you can do it in this world.”

Nine Tails’ eyes lowered. “Do you want me to use the enchantment on Houqing? In fact, as long as you return, he will definitely…”

What was this fox thinking? Xie Xi was here to feed him sugar. Who would think that this guy would shove arsenic into his mouth first?

“I don’t want to go back to Houqing.” Xie Xi directly cut off his thoughts.

Nine Tails froze.

Xie Xi glanced at him and told him seriously, “I have remembered it and won’t confuse you with Lord Houqing. You are you and Lord Houqing is Lord Houqing. I just want to be with you.”

Nine Tails stared at him with disbelief.

Xie Xi knew this wasn’t the direction of the god’s wisdom. It was a very different ending but he was going to try it! Who said that the finished ending must be the real ending?

Xie Xi said, “Lord Nine Tails, I want to be with you. It might only be two or three hundred years but it is my life!”

Nine Tails’ thin lips trembled. It seemed that he had many words in his mouth but in the end, he only said, “Don’t lie to me.”

Xie Xi didn’t know how many times he had heard this sentence.

Don’t lie to me.

Don’t lie to me.

Don’t lie to me.

What exactly did Jiang Xie doubt?

Xie Xi wrapped his arms around Nine Tails’ neck and kissed him. Nine Tails was stunned and took a long time to recover. Then he took back the initiative and crazily kissed Xie Xi. By the time the two of them separated, they were already panting.

Xie Xi asked, “What’s wrong with your body?”

Nine Tails paused.

Xie Xi pressed him. “Was it to save me?”

Nine Tails’ really had the masochistic brain circuit. “You don’t have to blame yourself. There is no need to compensate for anything. I saved you because…”

“What are you talking about?” Xie Xi shouted. “Do you think I will give up my whole life for compensation?”

Nine Tails was stunned.

Xie Xi added, “Can you show me your body?”

Nine Tails nodded and turned into a silver fox. Nine Tails’ silver fox was very large and it was said that his nine tails spread out could cover the sky. Now he was very small, like a real fox. He was so small that Xie Xi could easily pick him up.

Nine Tails’ voice was muffled. “Don’t worry, I will recover after I spend some time cultivating.”

Xie Xi’s heart was pained. “How long will it take?”

Nine Tails, “…”

Xie Xi didn’t push and changed the topic. “Your Excellency, do you still have your tails?”

It might be internal alchemy but it was only the power released from the tail. Presumably, the tails were still there.

The silver fox wilted. “I threw them aside.”

“Then they still exist!” Xie Xi’s eyes brightened.

Nine Tails told him, “It’s useless. They have left me and it won’t be too long before they disappear.” He didn’t want these ugly things to be seen by the little rose.

Xie Xi asked, “I heard you were heart before. Was it repaired by the flower god?”

He thought it was a sure thing but Nine Tails actually told him, “That is just a rumour among the flower family. I have never seen the flower god so how can I be repaired by him?”

Xie Xi never thought it would be like this. “You have never seen the flower god?”

Nine Tails didn’t hesitate. “I’ve never seen him.”

Xie Xi was startled. “But they all said…”

“The flower god is very prestigious but things weren’t so exaggerated. He didn’t show grace to White Tiger and Houqing but later, White Tiger and Houqing broke apart and the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea separated. The things related to the flower god are just rumours.”

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4 years ago

thanks 4 the chapter………

4 years ago

I still believe those rumors are actually a “prophecy” to lead Xie Xi in this quasi-world.

And I think Houqing (the 4th prince of Atlantis) was actually thinking about the Xie Xi of the 2nd world and saw him in White 99. Like Randy the butler of the first world and First prince of the 2nd world.

…I hope I’m not confusing anyway btw lol

4 years ago
Reply to  Jenn

?? Wasn’t houqing the 6th prince, Sirius? I thought Azure Dragon was 4th prince