GL: Chapter 144

Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 24

Xie Xi fell into Nine Tails’ arms but it was Houqing who coughed up blood.

The moment Xie Xi rushed up, Houqing forcibly stopped and suffered a counterattack, causing double of Nine Tails’ injuries to fall on his own body.

If he hadn’t done this, the rose would’ve long died. Even so, Xie Xi was falling apart and was half-dead.

The difference in strength was too big. The little aftermath alone quickly turned the fragile rose into a dead flower.

Nine Tails panicked. He trembled uncontrollably as he held Xie Xi’s hand. “How are you, 99…”

Xie Xi was still able to speak. “It’s great that you’re okay.”

Houqing’s body shook when he heard these words. The sharp colours of his eyes were amazing, showing his obvious emotional fluctuations.

Nine Tails’ heart was stabbed. “You… aren’t afraid of death. Thanks to the enchantment, he was post-Houqing in Xie Xi’s eyes. How much did Xie Xi love Houqing that he was willing to die without fear?

Houqing staggered forward in order to say something to Xie Xi. Xie Xi grasped Nine Tails’ clothes, eyes full of wariness. Houqing stood still, his bleakness blending in with the world of ice and snow.

Nine Tails held Xie Xi and whispered, “it’s fine, don’t worry.”

He picked up the little rose and walked towards Houqing. He was staggering past when Houqing stated, “…Give him to me.”

Nine Tails’ hoarse voice was no better than Houqing. “What qualifications do you have?”

Houqing grabbed Nine Tails’ arm, his hand red with rage as he sounded like a dying lion, “Take him…”

Before he could finish, Xie Xi spoke weakly, “Ancestor Houqing… please let us go?”

The words completely swept away all of Houqing’s strength. He stared at Xie Xi with blood eyes. “Let you… you told me to let you go…”

Xie Xi closed his eyes in a tired manner. He was still holding onto Nine Tails’ clothes, clinging to him tightly like he was afraid Nine Tails would disappear.

Nine Tails realized what it meant to self-inflict a wound. He was obviously holding Xie Xi but his identity was replaced. He was post-Houqing and Houqing was him. Well, his identity wasn’t actually replaced.

Xie Xi only deeply loved Houqing. Nine Tails was the one with nothing. Nine Tails lost his soul as he left with Xie Xi.

Houqing stayed in place, staring after them in a stunned manner as his thin lips moved. “Xie Xi…”

Nine Tails heard this name and his back stiffened. He absolutely couldn’t hand over the little rose to Houqing. That man’s heart only had the dead flower god!

Xie Xi heard it too and froze…

He guessed that Houqing’s white moonlight might be the flower god but… well… wasn’t he the flower god in this setting? He became his own substitute… he must’ve been infected by Jiang Xie!

By the time Nine Tails took Xie Xi back to the palace, Xie Xi had passed out. It was a miracle that he could still breathe with such a heavy injury.

He didn’t know how long he had been sleeping. Once Xie Xi woke up again, he heard the conversation outside.

The red fox who was Nine Tails’ personal attendant cried out, “Your Excellency, this is absolutely impossible!”

Nine Tails didn’t say anything.

A green fox doctor added, “You only have two tails remaining. If you tear one of them off on your own…”

Nine Tails opened his mouth. “It isn’t a real tail. I can restore it later after cultivating.”

The red fox protested, “You are a pure-blooded nine-tails, how can…”

He seemed to be glared at and the red fox shut up.

The fox family did have such a practice. Ordinary foxes devoted themselves to cultivation. The higher their cultivation, the more tails they had. However, looking at all of Demon Sea, there was never a fox who had cultivated to nine tails.

Their Ancestor Nine Tails was unique in the world. He was born with nine tails and didn’t obtain them through cultivation!

Xie Xi wasn’t surprised when hearing this.

Before entering the painting, he knew that Nine Tails had sacrificed his eighth tail to save Xie Xi’s life. Now he knew the original story.

Another fox said, “If you cut off the eighth tail, I’m afraid the enchantment…”

Nine Tails’ enchantment would be released if he was seriously injured. Losing his eighth tail, wasn’t this a serious injury? It was having only one breath left!

Nine Tails replied, “It doesn’t matter anymore. He will live and live well.”

Xie Xi felt distressed and helplessly. Fortunately, Jiang Xie never experienced this in reality. Xie Xi wasn’t weak enough for Jiang Xie to give up his life to save Xie Xi.

He would work harder to understand Jiang Xie and make real connections on the basis of mutual affection.

The next time Xie Xi woke up, he opened his eyes to see Nine Tails.

Nine Tails didn’t look strange apart from being slightly pale. His silver eyes were gentle as he softly asked, “Are you feeling better?”

Xie Xi felt that his body was a bit heavy but it shouldn’t be anything serious. “I’m much better.”

Nine Tails kissed him on the forehead. “Don’t do this in the future.”

“I don’t care. If Lord Houqing died, I will also…” He didn’t finish talking and stopped.

Nine Tails clearly heard it and the blood in his face disappeared without a trace. Xie Xi was startled. He clearly wanted to say Nine Tails but it ended up as Houqing. Nine Tails’ injury was too heavy and he was barely holding onto the enchantment.

Nine Tails acted like he didn’t hear and changed the topic. “You are too badly injured and your meridians were almost completely broken. You have basically recovered but the strength of the medicine means your body might reject it. It will take time to merge.”

Xie Xi frowned.

Nine Tails couldn’t stay and reluctantly smiled. “You rest. Call me if you need anything.”

Xie Xi avoided mentioning a name again and asked, “Your Excellency, how did you cure me?”

Nine Tail’s body stiffened. “I have many treasures here that managed to cure a small rose.”

He didn’t say it and Xie Xi couldn’t bear to ask. Xie Xi knew how much Jiang Xie loved saving face.

From that day onwards, Xie Xi didn’t see Nine Tails when he was awake. Nine Tails hid from him in the daytime and only guarded his side at night.

Xie Xi knew he was there but couldn’t open his eyes. He wanted to say words to comfort Nine Tails but didn’t dare open his mouth, afraid his words would make Nine Tails sadder.

After seven or eight days, Xie Xi suddenly felt a pain in his chest. This was followed by a numbness in his lower body and he lost consciousness.

He heard someone come in and Nine Tails asked hoarsely, “What the hell is going on? Didn’t you say that the rejection period has passed?”

The green fox replied nervously, “He is a stranger after all. Your Excellency, your strength is too strong and he can’t adapt so quickly.”

“Is there any way for him to adapt?”

After a series of exchanges, a black fox suggested, “You should send him back to Rose Mountain. Rose Mountain is his birthplace and the soil elements there are homologous to him. It will definitely help his origin adapt to your strength.”

Nine Tails was stunned.

The green fox added, “Your Excellency, you absolutely can’t go to Rose Mountain. Your current body…”

At this point, Xie Xi was basically clear about what happened.

The white rose and Houqing fell in love. The rose found out that he was a substitute and fled Houqing before Nine Tails found him in the ice and snow.

Nine Tails used the enchantment on him to let him forget Houqing and the white rose fell in love with him.

Later, this was discovered by Houqing and the two men had a big fight. In order to save Nine Tails, the white rose almost died.

Nine Tails sacrificed his eighth tail to save the white rose, becoming extremely weak. However, the strength of the holy beast was too strong and the body of the white rose couldn’t stand it. There was a rejection and Nine Tails had to send him back to Rose Mountain.

There was probably no rejection after returning to Rose Mountain but Nine Tails couldn’t stay by his side.

The gradual decline of the Enchantment led to the white rose remembering Houqing. He left Rose Mountain to attend the Hundred Flowers event, suffering from the rejection of Nine Tails’ strength again, was seriously injured and then rescued by Azure Dragon…

In order to save him, Azure Dragon used a medicine and the side effect gave him amnesia. Thus, the white rose forgot the past and went to the Holy Mountain.

This script… there were no problems. Xie Xi felt that the souls didn’t have it easy. They also had to work hard to rationalize Xie Xi’s slag behaviour.

What should Xie Xi do now? Just leave the god’s wisdom? At this time, a prompt appeared in Xie Xi’s lower right corner.

[The first puppet is completed and is ready to be used.]



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